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#1. Honestly, the pair of you" was Edward's response. I brushed cracker crumbs off my homework folder; I'd needed a snack after giving up most of my lunch. "Silly infants. Don't you know the way people see you has absolutely nothing to do with the way you actually look? Beauty is all sleight of hand. Just ask Holbein. Or Bobbi Brown."
"I thought Beauty was Truth," I said wearily. I had a headache, and three pages of French to translate.
"That is Keats. I am not overly fond of Keats. Had he not died so poetically early, people might have realized he was not quite what they thought he was."
"The same could be said of you," I shot back. I was a little annoyed by the "silly infants" comment.
"Oh, so clever. What's the worst-case scenario, should you give the Bainbridge boy a try?"
"Well,gosh.Lemme see." I ticked off a few possibilites on my fingers. "Humilation, humiliation, mortification, and humiliation."
Edward sniffed. "Qui craint de souffrir, il souffre deja de ce qu'il craint."
"And what does that mean?" I recognized it from the second page of my homework.
"Well,gosh,darling Ella.You'll just have to ask your new tutor, won't you?" he said silkily. Right before he went back to emulating a lump of metal. - Author: Melissa Jensen
Detectores De Metal quotes by Melissa Jensen
#2. Where does it all begin? History has no beginnings, for everything that happens becomes the cause or pretext for what occurs afterwards, and this chain of cause and pretext stretches back to the Palaeolithic age, when the first Cain of one tribe murdered the first Abel of another. All war is fratricide, and there is therefore an infinite chain of blame that winds its circuitous route back and forth across the path and under the feet of every people and every nation, so that a people who are the victims of one time become the victimisers a generation later, and newly liberated nations resort immediately to the means of their former oppressors. The triple contagions of nationalism, utopianism and religious absolutism effervesce together into an acid that corrodes the moral metal of a race, and it shamelessly and even proudly performs deeds that it would deem vile if they were done by any other. - Author: Louis De Bernieres
Detectores De Metal quotes by Louis De Bernieres
#3. No, when the stresses are too great for the tired metal, when the ground mechanic who checks the de-icing equipment is crossed in love and skimps his job, way back in London, Idlewild, Gander, Montreal; when those or many things happen, then the little warm room with propellers in front falls straight down out of the sky into the sea or on to the land, heavier than air, fallible, vain. And the forty little heavier-than-air people, fallible within the plane's fallibility, vain within its larger vanity, fall down with it and make little holes in the land or little splashes in the sea. Which is anyway their destiny, so why worry? You are linked to the ground mechanic's careless fingers in Nassau just as you are linked to the weak head of the little man in the family saloon who mistakes the red light for the green and meets you head-on, for the first and last time, as you are motoring quietly home from some private sin. There's nothing to do about it. You start to die the moment you are born. The whole of life is cutting through the pack with death. So take it easy. Light a cigarette and be grateful you are still alive as you suck the smoke deep into your lungs. Your stars have already let you come quite a long way since you left your mother's womb and whimpered at the cold air of the world. Perhaps they'll even let you go to Jamaica tonight. Can't you hear those cheerful voices in the control tower that have said quietly all day long, 'Come in BOAC. Come in Panam. Come in KLM'? - Author: Ian Fleming
Detectores De Metal quotes by Ian Fleming
#4. Then Chameroy spoke. 'You always put the blame on opium, but as I see it the case of Freneuse is much more complicated. Him, an invalid? No - a character from the tales of Hoffmann! Have you never taken the trouble to look at him carefully? That pallor of decay; the twitching of his bony hands, more Japanese than chrysanthemums; the arabesque profile; that vampiric emaciation - has all of that never given you cause to reflect? In spite of his supple body and his callow face Freneuse is a hundred thousand years old. That man has lived before, in ancient times under the reigns of Heliogabalus, Alexander IV and the last of the Valois. What am I saying? That man is Henri III himself. I have in my library an edition of Ronsard - a rare edition, bound in pigskin with metal trimmings - which contains a portrait of Henri engraved on vellum. One of these nights I will bring the volume here to show you, and you may judge for yourselves. Apart from the ruff, the doublet and the earrings, you would believe that you were looking at the Due de Freneuse. As far as I'm concerned, his presence here inevitably makes me ill - and so long as he is present, there is such an oppression, such a heaviness... - Author: Jean Lorrain
Detectores De Metal quotes by Jean Lorrain
#5. It is a communion at once mystic & real, in the guise of metal.
Money which is liberty, is also fecundation. It is the universal sperm without which human societies would remain but barren wombs. Paganism, which knew & understood everything, opens to a shower of gold from on high the conquered thighs of Danae. That is what we should see on our coins, instead of a meaningless head, if we were capable of contemplating without embarrassment that religious tableau. - Author: Remy De Gourmont
Detectores De Metal quotes by Remy De Gourmont
#6. Every time a man dies, a child dies too, and an adolescent and a young man as well; everyone weeps for the one who was dear to him. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
Detectores De Metal quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#7. Everybody feels the evil, but no one has courage or energy enough to seek the cure - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Detectores De Metal quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#8. Lily knew what he meant. She loved places that people had forgotten, like the old gas station rotting on the edge of the forest in Pelt, all gray wood and brown metal. She liked to walk there sometimes and imagine that during tempests the king of the forest, dry leaves swirling around his motorcycle, would skid to a halt and demand unleaded gas from shadowy attendants while a mossy-faced knight sat in his sidecar. - Author: M T Anderson
Detectores De Metal quotes by M T Anderson
#9. The invention of printing radically changed ways of thinking ¾ not just how things are communicated, but what can be thought - Author: Derrick De Kerckhove
Detectores De Metal quotes by Derrick De Kerckhove
#10. Don't go," he said, and his voice was so soft and imploring that it took my breath away. But I was already going. I barely heard him call out to me: "I need you. You're the only friend I have." How tragic those words! I wanted to say I was sorry, sorry for all of it. But it was too late now for that. And besides, I think he knew. All life seemed utterly unbearable to me now. - Author: Anne Rice
Detectores De Metal quotes by Anne Rice
#11. What shall I say of the gallantry with which these Marines have fought! Of the slopes of Hill 142; of the Mares Farm; of the Bois de Belleau and the Village of Bouresches stained with their blood, and not only taken away from the Germans in the full tide of their advance against the French, but held by my boys against counter attacks day after day and night after night. I cannot write of their splendid gallantry without tears coming to my eyes. - Author: James Harbord
Detectores De Metal quotes by James Harbord
#12. I read used books because fingerprint-smudged and dog-eared pages are heavier on the eye. Because every book can belong to many lives. Books should be kept in public places and step out with passersby who'll onto them for a spell. Books should die like people, consumed by aches and pains, infected, drowning off a bridge together with the suicides, poked into a potbellied stove, torn apart by children to make paper boats. They should die of anything, in other words, except boredom, as private property condemned to a life sentence on a shelf. - Author: Erri De Luca
Detectores De Metal quotes by Erri De Luca
#13. The public business must be carried on with a certain motion, neither too quick nor too slow. - Author: Baron De Montesquieu
Detectores De Metal quotes by Baron De Montesquieu
#14. The years that a woman subtracts from her age are not lost. They are added to other women's. - Author: Diane De Poitiers
Detectores De Metal quotes by Diane De Poitiers
#15. The entire stock of relationships which suited in war - militiae - was regarded as inadmissible and improper in peace - domi. We have the measure of how right the Romans were in this respect in the experience of the intellectual and moral impoverishment brought about by total mobilisation. - Author: Bertrand De Jouvenel
Detectores De Metal quotes by Bertrand De Jouvenel
#16. Partition is after all only an old fortress of crumbled masonry - held together with the plaster of fiction. - Author: Eamon De Valera
Detectores De Metal quotes by Eamon De Valera
#17. You start out giving your hat, then you give your coat, then your shirt, then your skin and finally your soul. - Author: Charles De Gaulle
Detectores De Metal quotes by Charles De Gaulle
#18. It is easier to sacrifice great than little things. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
Detectores De Metal quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#19. As regards your government of yourself and your household, Sancho, my first piece of advice is to be clean and to cut your fingernails, and not to let them grow long, as some people do, moved by ignorance to believe that long nails make their hand look beautiful, as if those appendages, those excrescences that they leave uncut have any right to be called fingernails at all, because they are more like talons of a kestrel: a monstrous and filthy abuse. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Detectores De Metal quotes by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
#20. If I were of the trade, I should naturalize art as much as they "artialize" nature. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
Detectores De Metal quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#21. Many times I've called for Marius, but there was no answer. Just the endless procession of days, months, years ... My teacher left me to my darkest lesson, that in the end, we are alone, and there is nothing but the cold, dark wasteland of eternity. - Author: Stuart Townsend
Detectores De Metal quotes by Stuart Townsend
#22. Like hunger, physical love is a necessity. But man's appetite for amour is never so regular or so sustained as his appetite for the delights of the table. - Author: Honore De Balzac
Detectores De Metal quotes by Honore De Balzac
#23. Some day you will find out that there is far more happiness in another's happiness than in your own. - Author: Honore De Balzac
Detectores De Metal quotes by Honore De Balzac
#24. No, Dan."

"And you want me to go."

I looked into his eyes. "No. I don't."

He moved closer, encouraged, and put his hand on my shoulder. "Then what do you want, Elle?"

"I want you not to have to settle," I told him.

"Is that what you think I'm doing?"

"I know that's what you'll be doing. Because if you want more from me, you're not going to get it."

He said nothing for a long time. "When I readThe Little Prince, I thought you must be the rose. You with your four thorns, convincing me you're able to defend yourself. But now I know you hate roses. So you must be the fox instead.

So maybe what you really want is for me to tame you."

From a lot of men, that speech would have made me laugh, or roll my eyes. Then again, a lot of men wouldn't have

read Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's classic story ofThe Little Prince, or bothered to try and understand it.

I reached for his hand and held it between both of mine. "The fox tells the Little Prince he is a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. Just like the flower was like a hundred thousand other flowers."

Dan tucked a strand of hair behind my ear with the hand I wasn't holding. "But the fox asked the prince to tame him.

To make it so they'd need each other and be unique to each other. And he did it."

"And then the prince went away, Dan, and left the fox bereft." I looked down at my hands - Author: Megan Hart
Detectores De Metal quotes by Megan Hart
#25. We must never undervalue any person. The workman loves not that his work should be despised in his presence. Now God is present everywhere, and every person is His work. - Author: Francis De Sales
Detectores De Metal quotes by Francis De Sales
#26. I planted my self in the middle of a great many Glasses full of Dew, tied fast about me, upon which the Sun so violently darted his Rays, that the Heat, which attracted them, as it does the thickest Clouds, carried me up so high, that at length I found my self above the middle Region of the Air. - Author: Cyrano De Bergerac
Detectores De Metal quotes by Cyrano De Bergerac
#27. Consciousness (conscientia) is participated knowledge, is co-feeling, and co-feeling is com-passion. Love personalizes all that it loves. Only by personalizing it can we fall in love with an idea. And when love is so great and so vital, so strong and so overflowing, that it loves everything, then it personalizes everything and discovers that the total All, that the Universe, is also a person possessing a Consciousness, a Consciousness which in its turn suffers, pities, and loves, and therefore is consciousness. And this Consciousness of the Universe, which a love, personalizing all that it loves, discovers, is what we call God. - Author: Miguel De Unamuno
Detectores De Metal quotes by Miguel De Unamuno
#28. They wonder much to hear that gold which in itself is so useless a thing, should be everywhere so much esteemed, that even men for whom it was made, and by whom it has value, should yet be thought of less value than this metal. That a man of lead, who has no more sense than a log of wood, and is as bad as he is foolish, should have many wise and good men to serve him, only because he has a great heap of that metal ... - Author: Thomas More
Detectores De Metal quotes by Thomas More
#29. Facts are certainly the solid and true foundation of all sectors of nature study ... Reasoning must never find itself contradicting definite facts; but reasoning must allow us to distinguish, among facts that have been reported, those that we can fully believe, those that are questionable, and those that are false. It will not allow us to lend faith to those that are directly contrary to others whose certainty is known to us; it will not allow us to accept as true those that fly in the face of unquestionable principles. - Author: Rene Antoine Ferchault De Reaumur
Detectores De Metal quotes by Rene Antoine Ferchault De Reaumur
#30. Fear traps your mind. - Author: Marianne De Pierres
Detectores De Metal quotes by Marianne De Pierres
#31. There is psychological pleasure in this takeoff, too, for the swiftness of the plane's ascent is an exemplary symbol of transformation. The display of power can inspire us to imagine analogous, decisive shifts in our own lives, to imagine that we, too, might one day surge above much that now looms over us. P. 38-39 - Author: Alain De Botton
Detectores De Metal quotes by Alain De Botton
#32. Where your life ends, your being doesn't. Where your being ends, you don't. That is what is able to have and move your forms. - Author: John De Ruiter
Detectores De Metal quotes by John De Ruiter
#33. The pursuit of wealth generally diverts men of great talents and of great passions from the pursuit of power, and it very frequently happens that a man does not undertake to direct the fortune of the State until he has discovered his incompetence to conduct his own affairs. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Detectores De Metal quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#34. Human beings have a natural urge to worship that "something greater" which coheres us, but we, in modernity, are living in a kind of spiritual cul-de-sac where our gifts only serve the human community. Unlike the many shamanic cultures that practice dreamwork, ritual, and thanksgiving, Westerners have forgotten what indigenous people understand to be cardinal: that this world owes its life to the unseen. Every hunt and every harvest, every death, and every birth is distinguished by ceremony for that which we cannot see, feeding back that which feeds us. I believe our epidemic alienation is, in good part, the felt negligence of that reciprocity. - Author: Toko-pa Turner
Detectores De Metal quotes by Toko-pa Turner
#35. When you're an actress you've got to keep your body as your sanctuary and your muscles. - Author: Paz De La Huerta
Detectores De Metal quotes by Paz De La Huerta
#36. Let every man look before he leaps. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes
Detectores De Metal quotes by Miguel De Cervantes
#37. Everyone calls barbarity what he is not accustomed to. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
Detectores De Metal quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#38. I am astonished at the pleasure one experiences in doing good; and I should be tempted to believe that what we call virtuous people have not so much merit as they lead us to suppose. - Author: Pierre-Ambroise Choderlos De Laclos
Detectores De Metal quotes by Pierre-Ambroise Choderlos De Laclos
#39. The benefits of a philosophy of neo-religious pessimism are nowhere more apparent than in relation to marriage, one of modern society's most grief-stricken arrangements, which has been rendered unnecessarily hellish by the astonishing secular supposition that it should be entered into principally for the sake of happiness. Christianity and Judaism present marriage not as a union inspired and governed by subjective enthusiasm but rather, and more modestly, as a mechanism by which individuals can assume an adult position in society and thence, with the help of a close friend, undertake to nurture and educate the next generation under divine guidance. These limited expectations tend to forestall the suspicion, so familiar to secular partners, that there might have been more intense, angelic or less fraught alternatives available elsewhere. Within the religious ideal, friction, disputes and boredom are signs not of error, but of life proceeding according to plan. - Author: Alain De Botton
Detectores De Metal quotes by Alain De Botton

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