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Too old for dolls. Too ill for tablets. ~ Carla H. Krueger
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Carla H. Krueger
His face is like a waxwork, and I realize suddenly with startling clarity that the body and the person are two different things. Two different entities, somehow fused. The body is the one I am looking at now, attached to all these machines, the heart still struggling to pump, the lungs still struggling to breathe, valiantly fighting to stay alive. The person is another being entirely, the perpetrator of this crime, the one who ruthlessly swallowed forty tablets sometime in the middle of the night, then lay down beside his girlfriend to die. The person tried to kill itself, tried to kill its own body. I understand for the first time why attempted suicide used to be an imprisonable offence. It is, after all, attempted murder. The person against the body. ~ Tabitha Suzuma
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Tabitha Suzuma
Tablets generally have made it pretty obvious that magazines have a new lease on life. ~ Jeffrey Bewkes
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Jeffrey Bewkes
I'm no online whiz, but I'm not a Luddite, either. I love that we have these laptops and tablets and smart phones; they're awesome and convenient and all that. It's more about maintaining balance. Technology should always be a predicate of the true subject: our individual humanity, our examined lives. ~ Paul Harding
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Paul Harding
One cannot properly drink without self-deception: the lips have to deny the liquor that just passed down the throat. It was surely for the relief of drunkards that the Lord God did not write upon the stone tablets the commandment: thou shalt not lie. The word has to deny the addiction. Among the tribe of alcoholics, lying is a badge of honor - the truth is first an indiscretion, later an affront, and finally a source of despair. If you truly drink, you have to announce to all and sundry that you do not drink; if you admit you drink, that means you do not truly drink. True all-out drinking has to be concealed; anyone who reveals it is giving in, confessing to helplessness, and all that remains for him is weeping, the gnashing of teeth, and the 12 step program. ~ Jerzy Pilch
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Jerzy Pilch
Why should this girl have crossed Stephen's path, or indeed Stephen hers, if it came to that matter? Was not the world large enough for them both? Perhaps not - or perhaps the event of their meeting had already been written upon tablets of stone by some wise if relentless recording finger. ~ Radclyffe Hall
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Radclyffe Hall
Things difficult - almost to impossibility - can always be accomplished. Write that upon your tablets, for it is a valuable truth. ~ E.D.E.N. Southworth
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by E.D.E.N. Southworth
In your dream you call for Chaplain Charlie. You met the Navy chaplain when you interviewed him for a feature article you were writing. Chaplain Charlie was an amateur magician. With his magic, Chaplain Charlie entertained Marines in sick bays and distributed spiritual tourniquets to men who were still alive, but weaponless. To brutal, godless children Chaplain Charlie spoke about how God is merciful, despite appearances, about how the Ten Commandments lack detail because when you're writing on stone tablets with lightning bolts you've got to be brief, about how the Free World will conquer Communism with aid of God and a few Marines, and about free fish. One day a Vietnamese child booby-trapped Chaplain Charlie's black bag of tricks. Chaplain Charlie reached in and pulled out a bright ball of death... ~ Gustav Hasford
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Gustav Hasford
to say that they have learning difficulties or that they have special needs. But this is stupid because everyone has learning difficulties because learning to speak French or understanding Relativity is difficult, and also everyone has special needs, like father who has to carry a little packet of artificial sweetening tablets around with him to put in his coffee to stop him getting fat, or Mrs peters who wears a beige-coloured hearing aid, or Siobhan who has glasses so thick that they give you a headache if you borrow them, and none of these people are Special Needs, even if they have special needs. ~ Mark Haddon
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Mark Haddon
small bottle of penicillin tablets. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Diana Gabaldon
Future is mobile computing - smartphones and tablets are just elements of it. The industry is on the verge of a whole new paradigm. ~ Thorsten Heins
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Thorsten Heins
Over the past two decades screens have proliferated, filling our purses, pockets, and bedside tables. The living room is no longer configured around a single blazing digital fireplace, the television; instead it flashes with decentralized brushfires: ereaders, tablets, laptops, desktops, smartphones, televisions, refrigerator screens. As for the radios and bookshelves that were supposed to vanish with the digitalization of the American home, they've stubbornly remained. ~ Virginia Heffernan
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Virginia Heffernan
According to the English scholar Richard Lloyd-Jones, some of the clay tablets deciphered from ancient Sumerian include complaints about the deteriorating writing skills of the young. ~ Steven Pinker
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Steven Pinker
Tom grabbed his arm and pointed gasping, at the dime-store window. They stood there, unable to move because of the things from another world displayed so neatly, so innocently, so frighteningly, there.
'Pencils, Doug, ten thousand pencils!'
'Oh, my gosh!'
'Nickel tablets, dime tablets, notebooks, erasers, water colors, rulers, compasses, a hundred thousand of them!'
'Don't look. Maybe it's just a mirage. ~ Ray Bradbury
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Ray Bradbury
I don't think there should be apps specific to a tablet ... if someone makes an ICS app it's going to run on phones and it's going to run on tablets. ~ Andy Rubin
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Andy Rubin
I began writing eight or ten words of my own on a sheet of paper, in very large letters that I could read without any trouble. I did that for over a month, filling a couple of small, dime-store writing tablets. Then suddenly I quit. For no particular reason. Chiefly, I was saddened by my own ignorance, I think. Then, too, I was a little afraid I was going blind. There's never just one reason for anything. But, anyway, I quit. ~ J.D. Salinger
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by J.D. Salinger
THe world now has so many problems that if Moses had come down from Mount Sinai today, the two tablets he'd carry would be aspirin. ~ Robert Orben
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Robert Orben
If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds and instill into them just principles, we are then engraving that upon tablets which no time will efface, but will brighten and brighten to all eternity.
~ ~ Daniel Webster
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Daniel Webster
She had been an untamed mestiza of the so-called shopkeeper aristocracy: seductive, rapacious, brazen, with a hunger in her womb that could have satisfied an entire barracks. In a few short years, however, she had been erased from the world by her abuse of fermented honey and cacao tablets. Her Gypsy eyes were extinguished and her wits dulled, she shat blood and vomited bile, her sirens body became as bloated and coppery as a three-day-old corpse, and she broke wind in pestilential explosions that startled the mastiffs. She almost never left her bedroom, and when she did she was nude or wearing a silk tunic with nothing underneath, which made her seem more naked than if she wore nothing at all. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Unto each one hath been prescribed a preordained measure, as decreed in God's mighty and guarded Tablets. All that which ye potentially possess can, however, be manifested only as a result of your own volition. ~ Bahaullah
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Bahaullah
This, therefore, is a law not found in books, but written on the fleshly tablets of the heart, which we have not learned from man, received or read, but which we have caught up from Nature herself, sucked in and imbibed; the knowledge of which we were not taught, but for which we were made; we received it not by education, but by intuition. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Aisles and aisles of absolventina, theopathine, genuflix, orisol. An enormous place; organ music in the background while you shop. All the faiths are represented too - there's chistendine and antichristendine, ormuzal, arymanol, anabaptiban, methadone, brahmax, supralapsarian suppositories, and zoroaspics, quaker oats, yogart, mishnameal and apocryphal dip. Pills, tablets, syrups, elixirs, powders, gums - they even have lollipops for the children. Many of the boxes come with halos. ~ Stanislaw Lem
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Stanislaw Lem
The Moral Law is summarily contained in the Decalogue or Ten Commandments; written by the finger of God on two tablets of stone, and delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai. ~ Noah Webster
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Noah Webster
Travel gives a character of experience to our knowledge, and brings the figures on the tablet of memory into strong relief. ~ Henry Theodore Tuckerman
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Henry Theodore Tuckerman
A 2011 report produced by Forrester Research estimated that the revenue generated through the sales of smartphone and tablet applications will reach $38 billion annually by 2015. Think about that: An industry that did not exist in 2006 will be generating $38 billion in revenues within a decade ... ~ Thomas Friedman
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Thomas Friedman
Among the clay tablets brought back by Rassam from Ashurbanipal's library, were fragments of the Babylonian story of the Deluge. These, as translated by George Smith, aroused immense interest, which led to the desire that search be made for the missing fragments. The explorers of the Heroic Period had uncovered palaces, bas-reliefs, and statues, but had given the insignificant tablets secondary consideration. From the library chamber of Ashurbanipal's palace Rassam had extracted only those tablets which could be conveniently reached. With the power to read attained meanwhile, the tablets had become fully as important as the sculptures, if not more so. George Smith's expedition indicated, therefore, that the Modern Scientific Period of excavation had begun. Its end is not yet in sight, since its goal is the investigation of all feasible localities in the Mesopotamian valley, with the purpose of throwing all available light upon the history and life of these ancient peoples. ~ George Stephen Goodspeed
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by George Stephen Goodspeed
All men are evil, that's what I was talking to my father about.
What did he say?
Fuck 'em.
At least he answered you.
I got the feeling that he thinks it's my problem now.
Makes you wonder why he didn't burn that on one of the tablets. 'HERE, MOSES, HERE'S THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, AND HERE'S AN EXTRA ONE THAT SAYS FUCK 'EM.'
He doesn't sound like that. ~ Christopher Moore
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Christopher Moore
Just before dawn, when the pain became unbearable, he took one of the morphine tablets and fell off into a loud, booming sleep, in which the great sun expanded until it filled the entire universe, the stars themselves jolted by each of its beats. ~ J.G. Ballard
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by J.G. Ballard
TV is just a huge tablet. It's just a platform to consume long-form video. ~ Lloyd Braun
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Lloyd Braun
Something will be gathered from the tablets of the most faultless day for regrets. ~ Lydia Sigourney
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Lydia Sigourney
Having to accept hominoids as real will require having to acknowledge that the prehuman fossil record is comprised entirely of their bones, rather than ours. ~ Lloyd Pye
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Lloyd Pye
When the boy sits up, ... , holds his holy votive tablet up with both hands as if to heaven, up at the level of his head like a priest raising the bread, cause this place is full of people who have eyes and choose to see nothing, who all talk into their hands as they peripatate and carry these votives, some the size of a hand, some the size of a face or a whole head, dedicated to saints perhaps or holy folk, and they look or talk to or pray to these tablets or icons all the while by holding them next to their heads or stroking them with fingers and staring only at them, signifying they must be heavy in their despair to be so consistently looking away from their world and so devoted to their icons. ~ Ali Smith
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Ali Smith
You'll be surprised how infinitely merciful they [these tablets] are. The prescription number is 96814. I think of it as the telephone number of God! ~ Tennessee Williams
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Tennessee Williams
The "joy of discovery" is one of the fundamental joys of play itself. Not just the joy of discovering secrets within the game, but also the joy of uncovering the creator's vision. It's that "Aha!" moment where it all makes sense, and behind the world the player can feel the touch of another creative mind. In order for it to be truly joyful, however, it must remain hidden from plain view - not carved as commandments into stone tablets but revealed, piece by piece, through the player's exploration of the game's rules. ~ Derek Yu
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Derek Yu
Although he was a young and virile man at 37, he was not inexhaustible. In addition to food and drink, he had better lay in a couple thousand tablets of viagra. The drug would probably remain potent if he vacuum packed the pills in groups of 10 and kept them in a freezer. That would work unless civilization completely collapsed and power companies were unable to function. Fortunately, Jim had a propane-powered backup generator with half a dozen tanks of fuel already on hand. If Henry added to the propane supply, and he used the generator only for essential maintenance like keeping the viagra freezer operating in warm weather, he would be happy here on the farm for a looong, looong time. Unless, even now, dead Jim was out there in the generator shed sabotaging the machinery. ~ Dean Koontz
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Dean Koontz
I thought you said something about a wolf' I began.
'Yes. That black beast that gnaws at my bones whenever he gets a chance. He loiters in corners and behind doors most of the time, because he's afraid of these.' She indicated the white pills on the table beside her. 'But they don't last forever. It's nearly twelve and they are wearing off. He is sniffing at my neck. By half past he will be digging his teeth and claws in. Until one, when I can take another tablet and he will have to return to his corner. We are always clockwatching, he and I. He pounces five minutes earlier every day. But I cannot take my tablets five minutes early. That stays the same. ~ Diane Setterfield
Deodorizing Tablets quotes by Diane Setterfield
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