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#1. Sleep democratizes fear. The terror of a lost shoe or a missed train are as great here as those of guerrilla attack or nuclear war. - Author: Julian Barnes
Democratizes quotes by Julian Barnes
#2. The themes in WordPress drive a lot of design trends. It democratizes design ... You make a theme, and suddenly it's on hundreds and thousands of sites. - Author: Matt Mullenweg
Democratizes quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#3. In all sorts of markets - music, film, art, and politics - the future of popularity will be harder to predict as the broadcast power of radio and television democratizes and the channels of exposure grow.... The gatekeepers had their day. Now there are simply too many gates to keep. - Author: Derek Thompson
Democratizes quotes by Derek Thompson
#4. We do not have free market capitalism in America; we have crony capitalism. There is a huge difference between free market capitalism that democratizes a country and makes us more efficient and prosperous and corporate crony capitalism. - Author: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Democratizes quotes by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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