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This excerpt includes both a cautionary tale of being caught en flagrante and a stirring defense of getting fucked.

Redeeming social value, indeed. ~ Simon Sheppard
Delicto Flagrante quotes by Simon Sheppard
That was your brilliant plan?" I whispered. I turned my T-shirt so the spatter of blood faced my back, then slipped my jacket on over the top.
"You," he said, sitting on the bed, "were in a state of déshabillé.¨
¨Since when do you speak French?"
"I did suffer through two solid years of class with Monsieur Cann," he said. "I wasn't sleeping the whole time."
"No, of course not. You woke up during the lesson on how to describe the scandalously underdressed."
"I also know in flagrante," he said, "and coitus interruptus -"
"That's Latin," I protested, but he was laughing.
"I hope it was worth it." He swept a hand across the room. "Did you find what you needed?"
"I always do."
Watson's eyes crinkled at the corners. He didn't pry further. How glorious that was; it gave my mind time to sort and contextualize what I'd found. ~ Brittany Cavallaro
Delicto Flagrante quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
All right, I had been seen in flagrante iugulo and had every right to expect that I would be instantly outed and arrested. ~ Jeff Lindsay
Delicto Flagrante quotes by Jeff Lindsay
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