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#1. I like to joke that you usually write more books before death than after death, so that's why I'm doing it. But really, I remain engaged with ideas. There are so many things happening that turn me on and I just want to examine them. - Author: T.C. Boyle
Death Jokes quotes by T.C. Boyle
#2. I frowned as my fingers throbbed. "Wait a sec. There's a chance I can't work with fire and you let me do that?""How else am I going to figure out your limitations?"
"What the hell!" I pulled my hand free, furious. "That's not cool, Blake. What's next? Trying to stop a moving vehicle by standing in front of it, but whoops, I can't do that and now I'm dead? - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Death Jokes quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#3. I believe [ ... ] that while all human life is sacred there's nothing wrong with the death penalty if you can trust the legal system implicitly, and that no one but a moron would ever trust the legal system. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Death Jokes quotes by Neil Gaiman
#4. Brave soldier, never fear. Even though your death is near. - Author: Hans Christian Andersen
Death Jokes quotes by Hans Christian Andersen
#5. Asked what love is, some reply: It is only a wind whispering among the roses and dying away. But often it is an inviolable seal that endures for life, endures till death. God has fashioned it of many kinds and seen it endure or perish. - Author: Knut Hamsun
Death Jokes quotes by Knut Hamsun
#6. It's simple guy logic: If a woman is angry? It means she cares. If you're in a relationship and a chick can't even be bothered to yell at you? You're screwed. Indifference is a woman's kiss of death. It's the equivalent of a man not interested in sex. In either case - it's over. You're done. - Author: Emma Chase
Death Jokes quotes by Emma Chase
#7. Dead people put on weight, it seems to me; both in their flesh and in our minds, they put on weight. - Author: Stephen King
Death Jokes quotes by Stephen King
#8. Bodies lay strewn all around. Turkish and Wallachian warriors caught in the intimate indiscriminate embrace of death. - Author: Shane K.P. O'Neill
Death Jokes quotes by Shane K.P. O'Neill
#9. At twenty-nine, life no longer held any brightness for him, but Voltaire supplied him with man-made wings.
Spreading these man-made wings, he soared with ease into the sky. The higher he flew, the farther below him sank the joys and sorrows of a life bathed in the light of the intellect. Dropping ironies and smiles upon the shabby towns below, he climbed through the open sky, straight for the sun
as if he had forgotten about that ancient Greek who plunged to his death in the ocean when his man-made wings were singed by the sun."
-from "The Life of a Stupid Man - Author: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Death Jokes quotes by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
#10. others swapped lewd jokes and fictitious tales of several kinds of booty scored. - Author: Hugh Howey
Death Jokes quotes by Hugh Howey
#11. Death doesn't end our devotion. It only makes it stronger. - Author: James W. Bodden
Death Jokes quotes by James W. Bodden
#12. Child of lightning, beware the earth,
The giants' revenge the seven shall birth,
The forge and the dove shall break the cage,
And death unleash through Hera's rage. - Author: Rick Riordan
Death Jokes quotes by Rick Riordan
#13. This was a normal town once, and we were normal people. Most of us worked at the plastics factory on the outskirts of town. Then one day there was an accident ... something escaped from the factory, a yellow gas. It floated over the town so fast that we didn't see it, didn't realize ... and then it was too late, and Dark Falls wasn't a normal town anymore. - Author: R.L. Stine
Death Jokes quotes by R.L. Stine
#14. It was a joke, okay? If we thought it would actually be used, we wouldn't have written it! - Author: Marc Andreessen
Death Jokes quotes by Marc Andreessen
#15. If I can't face my accusers, that's a joke. We did that in medieval times. - Author: Lance Armstrong
Death Jokes quotes by Lance Armstrong
#16. So an autobiography about death should include, in my case, an account of European Jewry and of Russian and Jewish events - pogroms and flights and murders and the revolution that drove my mother to come here. - Author: Harold Brodkey
Death Jokes quotes by Harold Brodkey
#17. But is there not something strange about any room that has been occupied through generations? Death has lurked in it ... love has been rosy red in it ... births have been here ... all the passions ... all the hopes. It is full of wraths. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Death Jokes quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#18. Her hand gripped his, and even amid the fear and danger he marveled at the feeling that came with the contact. If we die holding hands in this way, will we enter the next dream together? - Author: Jack Campbell
Death Jokes quotes by Jack Campbell
#19. it was life and death. Both you and Sawyer brought guns, but you didn't tell the rest of us." Sawyer shifted. "Shit. Combat knife, too." Riley pulled a wicked blade out of her boot. "Throwing knife." "Which only - Author: Nora Roberts
Death Jokes quotes by Nora Roberts
#20. We're all in it together, Harry. We're all pieces of the fisherman. I know that sounds like a bullshit answer, but you'll see, when you start to work with the dead. Everyone's complicit: the most innocent little kiddies; babies who live a day, an hour - they still have a hand in things, even their own deaths. I know that's very hard for you to get your head around right now, but take it from someone that's spent a lot of time with death. - Author: Clive Barker
Death Jokes quotes by Clive Barker
#21. There is no doubt that the United States has much to atone for, both domestically and abroad ... To produce this horrible confection at home, start with our genocidal treatment of the Native Americans, add a couple hundred years of slavery, along with our denial of entry to Jewish refugees fleeing the death camps of the Third Reich, stir in our collusion with a long list of modern despots and our subsequent disregard for their appalling human rights records, add our bombing of Cambodia and the Pentagon Papers to taste, and then top with our recent refusals to sign the Kyoto protocol for greenhouse emissions, to support any ban on land mines, and to submit ourselves to the rulings of the International Criminal Court. The result should smell of death, hypocrisy, and fresh brimstone. - Author: Sam Harris
Death Jokes quotes by Sam Harris
#22. Either a peaceful old age awaits me, or death flies round me with black wings.
[Lat., Seu me tranquilla senectus
Exspectat, seu mors atris circumvolat alis.] - Author: Horace
Death Jokes quotes by Horace
#23. विपद: सन्तु ता: शश्वत्तत्र तत्र जगद्गुरो।
भवतो दर्शनं यत्स्यादपुनर्भवदर्शनम्॥८॥
Master of Universe I pray for calamities,
So I do remember You ever constantly,
Remembering You means freedom be,
From cycle of births and death finally.
- 201 - - Author: Munindra Misra
Death Jokes quotes by Munindra Misra
#24. The messages of a prophet...affect the decisions of kings. The decisions of kings determine not just the course of nations but also the life and death of individuals in those countries. If we become so enamored with our own little world that we disregard the nations, we are no better than those who focus on nations and ruthlessly disregard human life. - Author: Mesu Andrews
Death Jokes quotes by Mesu Andrews
#25. There is a Reaper, whose name is Death,
And, with his sickle keen,
He reaps the bearded grain at a breath,
And the flowers that grow between. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Death Jokes quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#26. Life as we know it is a death sentence. - Author: Joseph Curiale
Death Jokes quotes by Joseph Curiale
#27. Love is undying,of that I feel certain.I mean deep,abiding,cherishing love.The love that gives protection even as you,my guardian angel,gave me protection long after you had gone-and continue to give this very day ...
A love beyond Death-a love that makes Life alive! - Author: Ruskin Bond
Death Jokes quotes by Ruskin Bond
#28. We Americans want peace, and it is now evident that we must be prepared to demand it. For other peoples have wanted peace, and the peace they received was the peace of death. - Author: Francis Spellman
Death Jokes quotes by Francis Spellman
#29. What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we've never met. - Author: David Levithan
Death Jokes quotes by David Levithan
#30. The Ancient Egyptians postulated seven souls."

Top soul (Vicarious), and the first to leave at the moment of death, is Ren the Secret name. This corresponds to my Director. He directs the film of your life from conception to death. The Secret Name is the title of your film. When you die, that's where Ren came in.

Second soul (Jambi), and second one off the sinking ship, is Sekem: Energy, Power. LIGHT. The Director gives the orders, Sekem presses the right buttons.

Number three (Wings/Days) is Khu, the Guardian Angel. He, she or it is third man out...depicted as flying away across a full moon, a bird with luminous wings and head of light. The sort of thing you might see on a screen in an Indian restaurant in Panama. The Khu is responsible for the subject and can be injured in his defense - but not permanently, since the first three souls are eternal. They go back to Heaven for another vessel. The four remaining souls must take their chances with the subject in the land of the dead.

Number four (The Pot) is Ba, the Heart, often treacherous. This is a hawk's body with your face on it, shrunk down to the size of a fist. Many a hero has been brought down, like Samson, by a perfidious Ba.

Number five (L.C., Lost Keys, Rosetta Stoned) is Ka, the double, most closely associated with the subject. The Ka, which usually reaches adolescence at the time of bodily death, is the only reliable guide through the Land of the Dead to the We - Author: William S. Burroughs
Death Jokes quotes by William S. Burroughs
#31. Life should be good - Life should be very, very good - and the only duty we have to the dead is to make it good for ourselves and other people. - Author: Jackie French
Death Jokes quotes by Jackie French
#32. Man is literally split in two: he has an awareness of his own splendid uniqueness in that he sticks out of nature with a towering majesty, and yet he goes back into the ground a few feet in order blindly and dumbly to rot and disappear forever. - Author: Ernest Becker
Death Jokes quotes by Ernest Becker
#33. Most of these university types are total phonies. They're scared to death somebody's gonna find they don't know something. They all read the same books and they all throw around the same words, and they get off listening to John Coltrane and seeing Pasolini movies. You call that 'revolution'? That does it for me, then. I'm not going to believe in any damned revolution. Love is all I'm going to believe in. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Death Jokes quotes by Haruki Murakami
#34. Upon the shoulders of you mothers rests; in a great measure, the responsibility of correctly developing the mental and moral powers of the rising generation ... I have often said it is the mother who forms the mind of the child. Take men anywhere, at sea, sinking with their ship, dying in battle, lying down in death almost under any circumstances, and the last thing they think if, the last word they say is "mother." Such is the influence of woman. - Author: Wilford Woodruff
Death Jokes quotes by Wilford Woodruff
#35. So long as you believe yourself to be 'only human' you have accepted life in a prison cell whose door remains locked only by your own mind.
By saying, 'well, I'm only human', you have blindly submitted to all the limitations, fears, pettiness, greed and hatreds which make the common person weak and fragile.
Most never become aware that another way is possible.
You are human, but much more, too.
The much-moreness is the vast, brilliant freedom and power which has confined itself in your humanity.
If you are willing (and not everyone is, which is also a perfectly valid choice), you can begin to explore your native powers and experience freedom within limitation. When you do this, you live fully while you are here and you are no longer afraid to die.
When you are not afraid of death but seek to live in a state of always-discovering, this is when life is transformed and you accept your birthright to choose and create in extraordinary fashion. - Author: Jacob Nordby
Death Jokes quotes by Jacob Nordby
#36. As I'm coming to realize more and more, God holds everything together in a mysterious quantum entanglement. With each breath we participate in the life-death-life pattern that always ends in resurrection. My hope is that each of us will choose to participate consciously, aware of this privilege and delight in being co-creators with God. Just pray that I can do whatever God wants me to do. - Author: Richard Rohr
Death Jokes quotes by Richard Rohr
#37. A Great Rabbi stands, teaching in the marketplace. It happens that a husband finds proof that morning of his wife's adultery, and a mob carries her to the marketplace to stone her to death.

There is a familiar version of this story, but a friend of mine - a Speaker for the Dead - has told me of two other Rabbis that faced the same situation. Those are the ones I'm going to tell you.

The Rabbi walks forward and stands beside the woman. Out of respect for him the mob forbears and waits with the stones heavy in their hands. 'Is there any man here,' he says to them, 'who has not desired another man's wife, another woman's husband?'
They murmur and say, 'We all know the desire, but Rabbi none of us has acted on it.'

The Rabbi says, 'Then kneel down and give thanks that God has made you strong.' He takes the woman by the hand and leads her out of the market. Just before he lets her go, he whispers to her, 'Tell the Lord Magistrate who saved his mistress, then he'll know I am his loyal servant.'

So the woman lives because the community is too corrupt to protect itself from disorder.

Another Rabbi. Another city. He goes to her and stops the mob as in the other story and says, 'Which of you is without sin? Let him cast the first stone.'

The people are abashed, and they forget their unity of purpose in the memory of their own individual sins. 'Someday,' they think, 'I may be like this woman. And I'll hope for forgiv - Author: Orson Scott Card
Death Jokes quotes by Orson Scott Card

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