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The Pavlik fight was the first time I heard the masses put the word knockout attached to my opponent. I'm real keen on what people say. Ninety percent of it might be garbage, but something in there might be the plan. That woke me up and I knew I wanted to destroy. ~ Bernard Hopkins
Dde Opponent quotes by Bernard Hopkins
My evanescent anarchistic tendencies are purely classical. I use the word anarchist in the sense in which it was understood by the ancient Greeks. They, of course, accepted the anarchist as a fairly respectable--if somewhat vehement--opponent of government encroachment on the individual's rights to think and act freely. It is in this sense that I glimpse myself as an anarchist--regretting the growth of government and the ever-increasing trend toward regulation and, worst of all, standardization of human activity. ~ J. Paul Getty
Dde Opponent quotes by J. Paul Getty
I'm a strong opponent of all religious belief.
... And supposedly 95% of Americans say they believe in God - that's worrying.
... Religions are Trojan horses which conceal profoundly strange psychopathy strains. There's no other explanation for them. The sheer fear of death has been the main engine of religions for a very long time. ~ J.G. Ballard
Dde Opponent quotes by J.G. Ballard
I was just glad I've got an opponent, to be honest. This is my third opponent for this fight prep. [I'm over the moon] to be fighting in my hometown and I just didn't want that taken away. The fact that they've got me a new opponent, I'm not bothered who it is. I just focus on what I can control in my preparation and that's all I've got to worry about. My opponent changes but they're all great fighters in the UFC. Doesn't matter who you step in there with, it's going to be a tough fight. ~ Richie Vaculik
Dde Opponent quotes by Richie Vaculik
I'm trying to keep the face of my opponent more or less not damaged but eventually to execute the plan and knock him out. ~ Wladimir Klitschko
Dde Opponent quotes by Wladimir Klitschko
Winning is nothing unless the opponent is worthy ~ Carole Nelson Douglas
Dde Opponent quotes by Carole Nelson Douglas
I'm not envious of many things in the world, but I wish I would have come up with that maneuver That is a perfect way to finish off an opponent. ~ William Regal
Dde Opponent quotes by William Regal
I definitely miss the rush from wiping out an opponent. ~ Bruce Pandolfini
Dde Opponent quotes by Bruce Pandolfini
I like to grasp the initiative and not give my opponent peace of mind. ~ Mikhail Tal
Dde Opponent quotes by Mikhail Tal
If you are constrained to playing by the rules while your opponent is not, then you are certain to lose. ~ Gary T. Smith
Dde Opponent quotes by Gary T. Smith
In any form of attack it is essential to assail your opponent from behind. ~ Oswald Boelcke
Dde Opponent quotes by Oswald Boelcke
A last trick is to become personal, insulting and rude as soon as you perceive that your opponent has the upper hand. In becoming personal you leave the subject altogether, and turn your attack on the person by remarks of an offensive and spiteful character. This is a very popular trick, because everyone is able to carry it into effect. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Dde Opponent quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
Kestrel felt a slow, slight throb, a shimmer in the blood. She knew it well.
Her worst trait. Her best trait.
The desire to come out on top, to set her opponent under her thumb.
A streak of pride. Her mind ringed with hungry rows of foxlike teeth. ~ Marie Rutkoski
Dde Opponent quotes by Marie Rutkoski
We have all been guilty of bending over backwards to be nice to an unworthy but powerful opponent, ~ Richard Dawkins
Dde Opponent quotes by Richard Dawkins
That answer was such a simple one that I could not imagine why I had not guessed it without having to be told. Those very obvious tactical victories are always the victories least foreseen by the onlooker, still less the opponent. ~ Anthony Powell
Dde Opponent quotes by Anthony Powell
Whilst in the process of losing all his money, Cardano noticed that his opponent had marked the cards. Whereupon he leapt up, slashed his opponent across the face with his dagger and grabbed the money. Outwitting his host's spear-wielding servants, he fled into the night-shrouded maze of the streets, eventually falling into a canal. [Footnote: It is interesting to note that Cardano may well have been rector of the University of Padua at the time.] ~ Paul Strathern
Dde Opponent quotes by Paul Strathern
A lot of the techniques are similar in MMA. You just have to look at your opponent and their technique and tweak your game plan a little bit. ~ Dan Henderson
Dde Opponent quotes by Dan Henderson
A good chessplayer having lost a game is sincerely convinced that his loss resulted from a mistake he made and looks for that mistake in the opening, but forgets that at each stage of the game there were similar mistakes and that none of his moves were perfect. He only notices the mistake to which he pays attention, because his opponent took advantage of it. How much more complex than this is the game of war, which occurs under certain limits of time, and where it is not one will that manipulates lifeless objects, but everything results from innumerable conflicts of various wills! ~ Leo Tolstoy
Dde Opponent quotes by Leo Tolstoy
Assessing existence while failing to embrace the insights of modern physics would be like wrestling in the dark with an unknown opponent. ~ Brian Greene
Dde Opponent quotes by Brian Greene
True strength isn't in killing - or ignoring - your opponent, it's in having the will to shield those who need your protection. ~ Ilona Andrews
Dde Opponent quotes by Ilona Andrews
God dramatically slew one monstrous opponent and then threw us into the arena against a stronger and more vicious foe. ~ K. Howard Joslin
Dde Opponent quotes by K. Howard Joslin
What is Love compared with holing out before your opponent? ~ P.G. Wodehouse
Dde Opponent quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
My next fight would not be measured in rounds, but throughout a lifetime. It would sustain and fulfill me longer than anything in the cage could. My opponent, my fight, would be against the slipping aspects of American society. ~ Cameron Conaway
Dde Opponent quotes by Cameron Conaway
The courts are run on COMMERCIAL CONTRACT LAW and that is has NOTHING to do with any IN-LAW procedures whatsoever. So the nature of the game is to OBTAIN a CONTRACT with your OPPONENT (Adversary) so that the court can acknowledge and RATIFY the contract and SETTLE and CLOSE the case and move on and if you understand that EVERYTHING in there is happening by way of CONTRACTS instead of trying to get the truth out then MAYBE you'll get the truth to prevail by following the CORRECT procedure to get them to acknowledge the truth by CONTRACTUAL CONSENT. ~ Jack Smith
Dde Opponent quotes by Jack Smith
I lost my balance, making my body unstable and falling on top of my opponent. At that moment I hit my face against the player leaving a small bruise on my cheek and a strong pain in my teeth. ~ Luis Suarez
Dde Opponent quotes by Luis Suarez
Keeping your mouth shut is a devastating weapon. Your silence will make your opponent want to babble. ~ Lee Child
Dde Opponent quotes by Lee Child
I can't say that I was my happiest on court, but I felt completely free. Free from family obligations, free from my own torment. In a real sense I was a different person. It was a place where I could not tolerate the idea of being beaten. I psyched myself up into a state where I felt something close to hatred towards my opponent, a state where I detested the idea of someone making his name at the expense of Jimmy Connors. I was in my element on court, measuring myself against someone else. I was not competitive for show. It came from deep within. ~ Jimmy Connors
Dde Opponent quotes by Jimmy Connors
I'm not a crazy horror fan. At that time i wasn't really looking to do something like that. But I thought to put a twist on it to put a werewolf versus vampire ... 'What's the best opponent for a werewolf?' Became the idea of vampires and what about putting those two together? And ultimately it got turned down. But we loved the idea and shopped it around. ~ Len Wiseman
Dde Opponent quotes by Len Wiseman
The only certain rule is the one that Aristotle already gave: do not dispute with anyone and everyone, but only with those people you know who are intelligent enough to avoid saying things that are so stupid as to expose themselves to humiliation, who appreciate the truth, and who gladly listen to good reasons, even when the opponent claims them, and who are balanced enough to bear a defeat when the truth is on the other side. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Dde Opponent quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
It was not a very prepossessing accessory for all it's serviceability, being both outlandish in design and indifferent in shape. It was a drab slate gray color, with cream ruffle trim, and it had a shaft in the new ancient-Egyptian style that looked rather like an elongated pineapple. Despite it's many advanced attributes, Lady Maccon's most common application of the parasol was through brute force enacted directly upon the cranium of an opponent. It was a crude and perhaps undignified modus operandi to be certain but it had worked so well for her in the past that she was loathe to rely too heavily on any of the newfangled aspects of her parasol's character. ~ Gail Carriger
Dde Opponent quotes by Gail Carriger
I don't know if tennis players feel like that but when you have a great opponent - although I didn't feel like he [ Ben Mendelsohn ] was an opponent - you just know your game is going to jack up and it's just going to raise the bar. I couldn't wait for that elevation. ~ John Leguizamo
Dde Opponent quotes by John Leguizamo
Loving your neighbor is easiest when there's very little difference. Loving your neighbor is easiest when there are no contentious issues between you. Loving your neighbor is easiest when their lifestyle matches yours. Loving your neighbor is easiest when they believe like you do, vote like you do, shop where you do, have the same economic status you do, and send their children to the same schools you do. The smaller the gap between you, the easier the bridge is to build. The biggest need for bridge building, however, is where the gap is the biggest. Where you don't understand the other person or when you feel the other person might be your opponent or is even someone who hates you. Yet the degree of difficulty in loving our neighbor doesn't excuse us from loving that neighbor. ~ Timothy J. Keller
Dde Opponent quotes by Timothy J. Keller
All of my life had been spent in the shadow of apartheid. And when South Africa went through its extraordinary change in 1994, it was like having spent a lifetime in a boxing ring with an opponent and suddenly finding yourself in that boxing ring with nobody else and realising you've to take the gloves off and get out, and reinvent yourself. ~ Athol Fugard
Dde Opponent quotes by Athol Fugard
To act intelligently in human affairs is only possible if an attempt is made to understand the thoughts, motives, and apprehensions of one's opponent so fully that one can see the world through his eyes. ~ Albert Einstein
Dde Opponent quotes by Albert Einstein
All I ask is this: Do something. Try something. Speaking out, showing up, writing a letter, a check, a strongly worded e-mail. Pick a cause – there are few unworthy ones. And nudge yourself past the brink of tacit support to action. Once a month, once a year, or just once...Even just learning enough about a subject so you can speak against an opponent eloquently makes you an unusual personage. Start with that. Any one of you would have cried out, would have intervened, had you been in that crowd in Bashiqa. Well thanks to digital technology, you're all in it now. ~ Joss Whedon
Dde Opponent quotes by Joss Whedon
Outrun the people who quit when they feel discomfort, outrun the people who stop because of despair, outrun the people who are delayed because of prejudice, outrun the people who surrender to failure, and outrun the opponent who loses sight of the goal. Because if you want to win, the will can never retire, the race can never stop, and faith can never weaken. ~ Muhammad Ali
Dde Opponent quotes by Muhammad Ali
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