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But maybe it's the laboring that gives you shape. Might the most fulfilling times be those spent solo at your tasks, literally immersed or not, when you are able to uncover the smallest surprises and unlikely details of some process or operation that in turn exposes your proclivities and prejudices both? ~ Chang-rae Lee
Dawnie Rae quotes by Chang-rae Lee
For there has never been a story nearly as tragic as the one of Frankenstein, except for that of Johnny Heart and his Francesca Valentine. ~ Rae Hachton
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Hachton
I've never been an all-black girl. I like pinks and blues and greens. If you come over to my closet, you'll be able to find a rainbow of things to wear. ~ Carly Rae Jepsen
Dawnie Rae quotes by Carly Rae Jepsen
Cats know that a warm body is more comforting than a thousand condolences. ~ Rae D. Magdon
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae D. Magdon
Widow Joyner is repacking a trunk with clean clothes when I return. She looks up as I approach, and her expectant smile instantly disappears. "What happened?" "The reverend and I had a theological disagreement that ended in a permanent schism." "So ... no congratulations are in order? ~ Rae Carson
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Carson
Sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong. Even with the things that are wrong already. ~ Rae Earl
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Earl
Yes, well, everyone is ignorant when it comes to their own life and love. ~ Rae Carson
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Carson
And every historic effort to forge a democratic project has been undermined by two fundamental realities: poverty and paranoia. The persistence of poverty generates levels of despair that deepen social conflict the escalation of paranoia produces levels of distrust that reinforce cultural division. Rae is the most explosive issue in American life precisely because it forces us to confront the tragic facts of poverty and paranoia despair, and distrust. In short, a candid examination of race matters takes us to the core of the crisis of American democracy (p. 107). ~ Cornel West
Dawnie Rae quotes by Cornel West
Why don't people understand that nobody wants to hear what they should have done when something has already happened? ~ Issa Rae
Dawnie Rae quotes by Issa Rae
I'm more interested in the psychic intricacies that they build up and try to run away from, and how they self-construct. A lot of my work is about self-construction. Here, it's those folks who are deeply wounded and bewildered. They're not just victims of trauma; they've been shaken so forcefully that they don't quite know how or where to stand. ~ Chang-rae Lee
Dawnie Rae quotes by Chang-rae Lee
People are tired of mainstream media's limited and confined portrayal of people of color. ~ Issa Rae
Dawnie Rae quotes by Issa Rae
In The Jaguar's Children we enter the dangerous borderlands between countries and generations; myth and magic; human community and the vast, infinitely mysterious, wild environment. Here, John Vaillant proves that his heart and imagination are as expansive and fierce as his radiant intellect. Never have I encountered a writer with more energy or compassion. ~ Melanie Rae Thon
Dawnie Rae quotes by Melanie Rae Thon
People who care nothing about money probably exist or we wouldn't hear so much about them. But I've never encountered one in the flesh. ~ Rae Foley
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Foley
Josh Hanagarne has an astonishing story to tell, and he does so with insight, humor, grace, and wonder. All human beings suffer and struggle. Through the lens of his own miraculous experiences, Mr. Hanagarne illuminates the path to joy and the infinite possibilities of transcendence. ~ Melanie Rae Thon
Dawnie Rae quotes by Melanie Rae Thon
There are some fights none of us can win. ~ Amy Rae Durreson
Dawnie Rae quotes by Amy Rae Durreson
There is secrecy and betrayal but that's more part and parcel of the kind of anguish that the people go through. And maybe that's modes of survival, rather than modes of consciousness. ~ Chang-rae Lee
Dawnie Rae quotes by Chang-rae Lee
MISSION ONE ACCOMPLISHED. The next challenge was bringing in online gamers to join him on his crusade. How was he going to convince online gamers to leave the privacy of their virtual world to work with others in the real world?
Harry Doubt ~ Anne-Rae Vasquez
Dawnie Rae quotes by Anne-Rae Vasquez
There are rules to the game but I don't believe that we need to be bound by them. If it feels appropriate to follow the rules, then by all means, follow them. If it feels better to break the rules, be creative and do it. ~ Anne-Rae Vasquez
Dawnie Rae quotes by Anne-Rae Vasquez
Anything that makes you in that way, anything that makes you hurt and hungry in that way, is worth investigating. No matter how disgusting the source. ~ Kayla Rae Whitaker
Dawnie Rae quotes by Kayla Rae Whitaker
If people really grew up, there would be no crime, no divorce, no Civil War reenactors ... it's not like you think it will be, that one day you'll wake up and realize that you've got things figured out. You never figure it out. Ever. - Isabel Spellman attempting to explain growing up to her sister Rae ~ Lisa Lutz
Dawnie Rae quotes by Lisa Lutz
If I may say, Rich, your wife is looking lovelier with each passing day."

"You may," Rich's muffled words fell against the large red apple in his mouth. He carried a plate of various fresh fruit and the bowl of spaghetti Jace had pointed out earlier. He set the plates down and took the apple out of his mouth while he munched on a piece. "She can't hear it enough times with the discomfort, aches, pains, bloating and cramping she feels."

"Why don't you also share the gas, cravings and the sudden violent tendencies I get, honey?" Joanna said flippantly as she reached for the spaghetti.

"Ah!" Rich smacked her hand away and moved the bowl out of her reach. He pushed the fruit bowl forward in its place. "That's healthier for our kids."

"They want messy pasta right now."

"Tell them they don't always get what they want."

"Their mother wants messy pasta right now."

"Tell her she doesn't always get what she wants."

Joanna leaned forward, pursing her lips and raising her eyebrow. "Once the children are born, papa won't be getting what he wants late at night when he gives me that "I'm in heat" look. I'm sure of that."

Rich's hand on the apple froze. Slowly he chewed, looking up at Jace and Gael whose gazes had been volleying back and forth on the couple as they spoke. Reluctantly, he pushed the spaghetti bowl forward. He reached for the fruit bowl but winced when Joanna smacked his hand awa ~ Rae Lori
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Lori
Careful, Rae. So careful. Because Cruz will ask. He'll demand every fucking detail, and I'll tell him. ~ Kit Rocha
Dawnie Rae quotes by Kit Rocha
As Kelly Rae so beautifully demonstrated, boundaries are simply our lists of what's okay and what's not okay. In fact, this is the working definition I use for boundaries today. It's so straightforward and it makes sense for all ages in all situations. When we combine the courage to make clear what works for us and what doesn't with the compassion to assume people are doing their best, our lives change. Yes, there will be people who violate our boundaries, and this will require that we continue to hold those people accountable. But when we're living in our integrity, we're strengthened by the self-respect that comes from the honoring of our boundaries, rather than being flattened by disappointment and resentment. ~ Brene Brown
Dawnie Rae quotes by Brene Brown
Debbie wondered if it was true that there was only one person in the world for every person, and if she had already met him, and she either had to find a way to be around him again someday or always be alone. Romance-wise. She didn't quite believe this. What seemed more likely was that there were at least five or six people scattered around the globe who you could bump into and, wham, it would be the right thing. ~ Lynne Rae Perkins
Dawnie Rae quotes by Lynne Rae Perkins
Are you sure? I know you're all grown up, but you're still only seventeen. There are a lot of fish in the sea," he says as we pull into the driveway.
"I know, but I really like this fish. ~ Leah Rae Miller
Dawnie Rae quotes by Leah Rae Miller
A true artist creates art because they have a passion and desire to do so. ~ Anne-Rae Vasquez
Dawnie Rae quotes by Anne-Rae Vasquez
Don't sanctuaries become prisons, and vice versa, foremost in the mind? ~ Chang-rae Lee
Dawnie Rae quotes by Chang-rae Lee
It was only outside in the sun and heat that she began to feel the weight of what she had done. Her feet were terribly hot and slipping in her shoes, and the sand worked its way in. With each step she fell more into herself, and her stomach roiled with the curdled truth of her betrayal. I can see you, she imagined God saying. The basket of eggs hit her hip and one shell cracked, freeing yolk and white into a slippery mess, which dripped through the wicker and landed in thick shiny drops on her skirt. * ~ Rae Meadows
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Meadows
As a teenager, my blackness was also questioned by some of the life choices I made that weren't considered to be 'black' choices. For example, joining the swim team when it is a known fact that 'black folk don't swim'; or choosing to become a vegetarian when blacks clearly love chicken. ~ Issa Rae
Dawnie Rae quotes by Issa Rae
I squirmed uncomfortable at the thought of the spokes-girl for Time of Your Life teen tampons suggesting more blood in advertising. ~ Rae Mariz
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Mariz
Make no mistake," Enrico says finally. "I never would have accepted your application were it not for the King's order. I expect you will be expelled within the month."
His forthrightness makes me bold. "I expect you will be surprised, my lord. ~ Rae Carson
Dawnie Rae quotes by Rae Carson
She believed that displays of emotion signaled a certain failure between people. The only person who could upset her, make her cry or laugh in the open, was my father. He could always unsettle her face with a stern admonition or an old joke or pun in Korean. Otherwise, I thought she possessed the most exquisite control over the muscles of her face. She seemed to have the subtle power of inflection over them, the way a tongue can move air. ~ Chang-rae Lee
Dawnie Rae quotes by Chang-rae Lee
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