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#1. Don't be afraid to shine. The world needs your light. - Author: Timi Nadela
Davlin Light quotes by Timi Nadela
#2. A man with a gun may hunt a tiger during the day with some expectation of success. Turn out his light, put the man in the jungle at night, surround him with the unknown and all his primitive fears return. Advantage to the tiger. - Author: Alan Dean Foster
Davlin Light quotes by Alan Dean Foster
#3. By the light which the Holy Ghost will give you by His dear Spouse, Mary, you will understand your own evil, your corruption, and your incapacity for anything good, which is not God's free gift to us, either as Author of nature or of grace. In consequence of this knowledge, you will despise yourself. You will only think of yourself with horror. You will regard yourself as a snail, that spoils everything with its slime; or a toad, that poisons everything with its venom; or as a spiteful serpent, only seeking to deceive. In other words, the humble Mary will communicate to you a portion of her profound humility, which will make you despise yourself, despise nobody else, but love to be despised yourself. - Author: Louis De Montfort
Davlin Light quotes by Louis De Montfort
#4. ...I owed her a debt of gratitude. More than gratitude, much more.
I could finally see what had always been there. She had been more than an attendant, more than a friend, more than a sister. She had been a mother to me. She had worried, sought to protect me from danger, guided me toward the best. She had looked out for my future, assessed the worthiness of everyone to be in my life. And in that way, she had taken me as her purpose in life, the one who gave her meaning. I had a constant love all along. And in recognizing that, I felt moved to tears.
"How could you step out of my life?" I told her. "if you do don't join me, I will be lost. No one would worry about me as much as you. No one knows me better, knows my past and what this new life means. I should have told you a long time ago." I became teary-eyed. She kept her lips sealed, but her jaw was trembling. "You are the only loyal person in my life, the only one I can trust."
Tears fell from her eyes. "Now you know. I was always the only one."
"We love each other," I said with a light laugh. "In spite of all the trouble I've given you, you stayed with me. So it must be that you loved me like a mother. - Author: Amy Tan
Davlin Light quotes by Amy Tan
#5. Difference in their ages. The elder was bareheaded. A loose tunic, dropping to the knees, was his attire complete, except sandals and a light-blue mantle spread under him on the seat. The costume left his arms and legs exposed, and they were brown as the face; nevertheless, a certain grace of manner, refinement of features, and culture of voice decided his rank. The tunic, of softest woollen, gray-tinted, at the neck, sleeves, and edge of the skirt bordered with red, and bound to the waist by a - Author: Lew Wallace
Davlin Light quotes by Lew Wallace
#6. A lot of me is very up, and you have to have light and shade. They are both important and you have to be able to balance them. You have to admit that sadness is part of you and that it enriches you. I use it in my work. - Author: Imelda Staunton
Davlin Light quotes by Imelda Staunton
#7. 1 1-2 The Word was first, the Word present to God, God present to the Word. The Word was God, in readiness for God from day one. 3-5 Everything was created through him; nothing - not one thing! - came into being without him. What came into existence was Life, and the Life was Light to live by. The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn't put it out. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Davlin Light quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#8. Tyson McCabe, my bad boy, my tortured soul, my little piece of dark with bits of light that glimmer like stars. - Author: C.M. Stunich
Davlin Light quotes by C.M. Stunich
#9. Please remember that your twin flame connection is not about fulfilling your own romantic needs, it's about reflecting the light to others in the world.
If you are having problems with your twin, just back off, send your twin good thoughts, or none, and allow the purity of the twin flame shine and illuminate others you come into contact with. THAT IS WHAT THE TWIN FLAME IS FOR. Rise above your own personal desires and serve the good of all humanity. - Author: Sienna McQuillen
Davlin Light quotes by Sienna McQuillen
#10. He opened a window in my heart, and the light of the world shined in. - Author: David Letterman
Davlin Light quotes by David Letterman
#11. The Buhha was a monastic, but the practice of mindfulness in the context of any lifestyle is one of renunciation. Every moment of mindfulness renounces the reflexive, self-protecting response of the mind in favor of clear and balanced understanding. In the light of the wisdom that comes from balanced undertanding, attachment to having things be other than what they ar falls away. - Author: Sylvia Boorstein
Davlin Light quotes by Sylvia Boorstein
#12. Having told the truth for years as a first-rate reporter, Jason Leopold now comes completely clean about himself and also sheds light on his imperiled profession. A riveting account of just how hard the truth can be. - Author: Mark Crispin Miller
Davlin Light quotes by Mark Crispin Miller
#13. What are the publications that succeed? Those that pretend to teach the public that the persons they have been accustomed unwittingly to look up to as the lights of the earth are no better than themselves. - Author: William Hazlitt
Davlin Light quotes by William Hazlitt
#14. I empty myself with light
Until I become morning. - Author: Charles Wright
Davlin Light quotes by Charles Wright
#15. Go to a forest and kiss the stream, kiss the tree, kiss the light leaking through the trees! Give your love to those that give life to you! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Davlin Light quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#16. And he took me home and kissed me
till my heart looked like pulp
and we undressed each other from the inside out
and we loved till it was brimming
and mama, it was a disaster
and it was devastating
and it was light. - Author: Azra T.
Davlin Light quotes by Azra T.
#17. Should you see the light of your future, within the shadows of your present,
The resilience of life dancing over vast deserts of death,
Witness if you so shall, the majesty of Creation.
The connectedness of All was and always will be.
Entanglement? No. We call it Love." ~ Sargon of Akkad 2345 B.C.
Excerpt from Andulairah's upcoming book "The Erunisis Medallion - Author: Andulairah
Davlin Light quotes by Andulairah
#18. How do we break free from the dichotomies that limit God's power in our lives? How can love and service to God become living sparks that light up our whole lives? By discovering a worldview perspective that unifies *both* secular and sacred, public and private, within a single framework. By understanding that all honest work and creative enterprise can be a valid calling from the Lord. And by realizing that there are biblical principles that apply to every field of work. These insights will fill us with purpose, and we will begin to experience the joy that comes from relating to God in and through every dimension of our lives. - Author: Nancy Pearcey
Davlin Light quotes by Nancy Pearcey
#19. For the first time, since swinging her legs on a church pew, she felt a fit with those things around her, and with it came a buoyancy that near lifted her off her feet. Freed. The settling of her fate freed her from that darkened corner where she had sought refuge those past years.... Undoubtly, a thing forever blooming is the soul, no matter how barren the soil. And only through that frightening abyss of the unknown self does the mind root out the light upon which it nourishes. - Author: Donna Morrisey
Davlin Light quotes by Donna Morrisey
#20. Every step I take in light is mine forever. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Davlin Light quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#21. Then she declared loudly, "Smoke break!" and everyone's eyes came to us, some of them shocked seeing as these days you could light up a doobie and no one would blink but if you lit up a smoke, you courted being publicly stoned to death. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Davlin Light quotes by Kristen Ashley
#22. Not my mother. Just a trick. Never deal with the devil - that much he knew. Live like a king. Right. The king of a ruined world. The king of nothing. But down here, he was alive. An agent of chaos. Caca grande. The shit in the Master's soup. Gus's reverie was interrupted by footfalls in the tunnels. He went to the door and saw artificial light coming around the corner. Fet came first, Goodweather behind him. Gus had seen Fet a month or two before, but the doctor he had not seen in quite some time. Goodweather looked the worst he'd - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
Davlin Light quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#23. We prefer the shadows where we feel safe over the light which exposes us and causes us to say 'woe is me!' - Author: R.C. Sproul
Davlin Light quotes by R.C. Sproul
#24. The Warrior of the light knows that when somebody wants something, the whole Universe conspires in their favor. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Davlin Light quotes by Paulo Coelho
#25. Nearly all the evils in the Church have arisen from bishops desiring power more than light. They want authority, not outlook. - Author: John Ruskin
Davlin Light quotes by John Ruskin
#26. Christian theism, to those who believe it, commends itself as fact, not theory, by the sheer multiplicity of its bearings. Were it a speculation, it would surely face a single field of enquiry: it would assign the cause of the world, or the principle of duty, or the aim of existence, or the means of spiritual regeneration. If an equal light falls from a single source in all these directions at once, that source must seem to have the richness of a reality, rather than the abstract poverty of an idea. - Author: Jocelyn Gibb
Davlin Light quotes by Jocelyn Gibb
#27. At lilac evening I walked with every muscle aching among the lights of 27th and Welton in the Denver colored section, wishing I were a Negro, feeling that the best the white world had offered was not enough ecstasy for me, not enough life, joy, kicks, darkness, music, not enough night ... I wished I were a Denver Mexican, or even a poor overworked Jap, anything but what I was so drearily, a "white man" disillusioned. All my life I'd had white ambitions; that was why I'd abandoned a good woman like Terry in the San Joaquin Valley I passed the dark porches of Mexican and Negro homes. - Author: Jack Kerouac
Davlin Light quotes by Jack Kerouac
#28. Men and people will fight you down when you see the light. Let me tell you if you are not wrong than everything is all right. - Author: Bob Marley
Davlin Light quotes by Bob Marley
#29. The father threw up on the ground. In the vomit, there were errors--strings not vomit, but language, light. The bunched up bits were writing something, words at once sunk into the ground. - Author: Blake Butler
Davlin Light quotes by Blake Butler
#30. Let the dream go. Are there not other dreams
In vastness of clouds hid from thy sight
That yet shall gild with beautiful gold gleams,
And shoot the shadows through and through with light?
What matters one lost vision of the night?
Let the dream go! ... - Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Davlin Light quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#31. everybody has a light and a dark side, and neither can exist without the other. - Author: Marilyn Manson
Davlin Light quotes by Marilyn Manson
#32. When you meet a new friend, the world has more light in it, doesn't it? Things become more spontaneous, and more full of laughing and freedom and novelty. - Author: Coleman Barks
Davlin Light quotes by Coleman Barks
#33. The Work is something living in our hearts and minds. Follow the path, see what changes take place within you, and what light begins to dawn in you. - Author: Maurice Nicoll
Davlin Light quotes by Maurice Nicoll
#34. We are all bathed in the same light. - Author: Rumi
Davlin Light quotes by Rumi
#35. Light to a tree is food, to a star is honor, to a sage is truth, and to a universe is life. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Davlin Light quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#36. I wished upon the moon one night, bewitched by how it shone so white. While staring up with some excite my eyes beheld a wondrous sight! The moon so lustrous and white transformed into an armored knight who caused me just a moments fright when he jumped down from such a height. No more a soft, celestial light, he was my lover, day and night.

This caused the world a serious plight. How harsh a sting and deep the bite inflicted on the world, alright, to lose their blackest-hour light.

And so I've come to set things right, to offer up without a fight my lover wished for one clear night. I hold him close. He hugs me tight, then climbs again to heaven's height to glow a bluer shade of bright. I stare at my beloved knight, not wanting to be impolite, and in my heart with all my might I wish a wish that isn't right.

Now and then the world still spites a shadowless and moonless night when we steal softly out of sight to hold each other 'til daylight and share in lovers true delight. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Davlin Light quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#37. Through the din and desultoriness of noon, even in the most Oriental city, is seen the fresh and primitive and savage nature, in which Scythians and Ethiopians and Indians dwell. What is echo, what are light and shade, day and night, ocean and stars, earthquake and eclipse, there? The works of man are everywhere swallowed up in the immensity of nature. The AEgean Sea is but Lake Huron still to the Indian. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Davlin Light quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#38. I just got a car, and I gotta say, this car is very cryptic. The very first day I drove it, a light came on out of nowhere: 'Check engine.' Could they be any more vague? What if a light came on and said, 'Problem'? - Author: Arj Barker
Davlin Light quotes by Arj Barker
#39. It is due to justice; due to humanity; due to truth; due to the sympathies of our nature; in fine, to our character as a people, both abroad and at home, that they should be considered, as much as possible, in the light of human beings, and not as mere property. As such, they are acted on by our laws, and have an interest in our laws. They may be considered as making a part, though a degraded part, of the families to which they belong. - Author: James Madison
Davlin Light quotes by James Madison
#40. As the soul leaves the body torn and bruised
As the mind deserts the body it has used.
I should find
Some way incomparably light and deft,
Some way we both should understand,
Simple and faithless as a smile and shake of the hand. - Author: T. S. Eliot
Davlin Light quotes by T. S. Eliot
#41. So across the chaos, the Devil looks at God and falls deeply in love with Her. She looks at Him, and the same thing happens. They get married and have some children - first light, then the dry land, and all the trees, and so on and so forth. Last of all, She gives birth to Adam and Eve. They worship their mother, but not their father. He gets jealous. God and the Devil fight. They agree to split up. She gets to keep heaven, and He has to move in to hell. Then she talks bad about Him to their children, makes them hate Him. - Author: Erin O'Riordan
Davlin Light quotes by Erin O'Riordan
#42. Love doesn't turn on and off like a light switch. - Author: Nora Roberts
Davlin Light quotes by Nora Roberts
#43. I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light. - Author: Ion Keith-Falconer
Davlin Light quotes by Ion Keith-Falconer
#44. You have the sky overhead giving one light; then the reflected light from whatever reflects; then the direct light of the sun; so that, in the blending and suffusing of these several luminations, there is no such thing as a line to be seen anywhere. - Author: Winslow Homer
Davlin Light quotes by Winslow Homer
#45. Get your hopes up

I was talking to a reporter one time, and I could tell he didn't like the fact that my message is so positive and so hopeful. He asked what I would tell a person who lost a job and was about to lose a home and had no place to go and all sorts of other problems. He painted the worst possible situation.
I said, "First of all, I would encourage that person to get up and find something to be grateful for, and secondly, I would encourage the person to expect things to turn around, expect new doors to open, expect breakthroughs."
The scripture says, "When darkness overtakes the righteous, light will come bursting in." When you don't see a way out, and it's dark, you're in prime position for God's favor to come bursting in.
The reporter said, "Wouldn't that be giving them false hope?"
Here's the alternative: I could tell them be negative, bitter, give up, complain, and be depressed. All that would do is make matters worse.
You may be in a difficult situation, but instead of being negative just dig in your heels and say, "I refuse to live with a negative attitude. I'm not giving up on my dreams. I'm not living without passion or zeal. I may not see a way, but I know God has a way. It may be dark, but I'm expecting the light to come bursting in. I'm setting my mind for victory."
That's what allows God to work. It's not just mind over matter. It's not just having a positive attitude. It's your faith being released. When you be - Author: Joel Osteen
Davlin Light quotes by Joel Osteen
#46. Without Shadow
Light has no form.

Laila - Author: Laila Savolainen
Davlin Light quotes by Laila Savolainen

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