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#1. You can't have a belief system on Sunday and not live it the other six days. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#3. If you have anything, or if I have anything, it's because it's been given to us by our Creator. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#4. Giving is above what we owe God, and that is our tithes. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#5. There's no question in my mind that we cannot be the best in our field if we're sloppy at anything we do. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David       Green
#6. To succeed in retail, you have to love it. The process of bringing items in, displaying them attractively, and seeing them miraculously change into actual cash in the drawer has to get your blood racing. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#7. When I take a risk, I like it to be a calculated risk, meaning I make it as small as possible. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#8. Our Heavenly Father is pleased when we don't compromise our faith and principles in times of desperation. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#9. If customers don't find enjoyment and satisfaction by coming into your store, it won't matter if you have the greatest, fanciest, most sophisticated business model in the world. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David       Green
#10. Hobby Lobby has always been a tool for the Lord's work. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#11. Business owners should not have to choose between violating their faith and violating the law. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#12. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, a successful business, and outstanding employees. I do not take these blessings lightly. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#13. David Greene was kind, and he had a sense of humor. He made your mother laugh."

That was all Gran could muster up? "Did you not like him?"

"He wasn't a big believer in Tarot. Humor aside, he was a very practical man. From New England," she added, as if that explained everything. "I'd been wearing Karen down about the Arcana - until she met him. Before I knew it, your mother was pregnant. Even then, I sensed you were the Empress."

"He didn't want us to live up north?"

"David planned to move there." Her gaze went distant. "To move you - the great Empress - away from her Haven." That must have gone over well. "In the end, I convinced them not to go."
I opened up the family albums. As I scrolled through them, her eyes appeared dazed, as if she wasn't seeing the images. Yet then she stared at a large picture of my father.

I said, "I wish I could remember him."

"David used to carry you around the farm on his shoulders," she said. "He read to you every night and took you to the river to skip stones. He drove you around to pet every baby animal born in a ten-mile radius. Lambs, kittens, puppies." She drew a labored breath. "He brought you to the crops and the gardens. Even then, you would pet the bark of an oak and kiss a rose bloom. If the cane was sighing that day, you'd fall asleep in his arms."

I imagined it all: the sugarcane, the farm, the majestic oaks, the lazy river that always had - Author: Kresley Cole
David Green quotes by Kresley Cole
#14. I want to know that I have affected people for eternity. I believe I am. I believe once someone knows Christ as their personal savior, I've affected eternity. I matter 10 billion years from now. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#15. When I met David Green at film school he always used to offer free haircuts - he was kind of an artisan. In a lot of our films, he's constantly trying to give me weird looks. - Author: Danny McBride
David Green quotes by Danny McBride
#16. The Health and Human Services preventive services mandate forces businesses to provide the morning-after and the week-after pills in our health insurance plans. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#17. Coming from a family of preachers, the idea of giving back has been part of my life as long as I can remember. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#18. I can't help but tell people of the greatest story ever told - God's love and our eternal life. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#19. I try to approach every day with hands that are open, not grasping. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#20. When Hobby Lobby was created in the early 1970s, I was committed to use profits to help ministry work. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#21. A legacy of true value is a legacy made of more than money. It's a legacy conceived in wisdom, nurtured by principle, and sustained by character. - Author: David Green
David Green quotes by David Green
#22. A recent study by David Green and Laura Casper, 'Delay, Denial and Dilution,' written for the London-based Institute of Economic Affairs, concludes that the World Health Organization calculated that Britain has as many as 25,000 unnecessary cancer deaths a year because of under-provision of care. - Author: Walter E. Williams
David Green quotes by Walter E. Williams
#23. I feel like something important has happened to meIs this possible? - Author: David Mitchell
David Green quotes by David Mitchell
#24. A private face behind every public mask, a hidden meaning peeking through whatever words they choose to share with you. - Author: Simon R. Green
David Green quotes by Simon R. Green
#25. Ethel said: "Lloyd, there's someone here you may remember-"
Daisy could not restrain herself. She ran to Lloyd and threw herself into his arms. She hugged him. She looked into his green eyes, then kissed his brown cheeks and his broken nose and then his mouth. "I love you, Lloyd," she sad madly. "I love you, I love you, I love you."
"I love you, too, Daisy," he said.
Behind her, Daisy heard Ethel's wry voice. "You do remember, I see. - Author: Ken Follett
David Green quotes by Ken Follett
#26. I'm not in love with David Petraeus. But I think he does present a terrific role model. - Author: Paula Broadwell
David Green quotes by Paula Broadwell
#27. we are forever changed when we abide with the Shepherd. We find provision as He leads us to the green pastures He has prepared. We find strength as we draw from the still waters of His grace. When we walk with Him and rest in His provision, we grow. And the blessing of this intimate relationship is the most satisfying peace that our hearts will ever enjoy! - Author: Stephen Chappell
David Green quotes by Stephen Chappell
#28. Papa was no longer fixing a carburetor: he was setting up a greasy little Cuban missile base smack-dab in the middle of Mama's immaculate Washington, D.C. It was a flagrant act of war. - Author: David James Duncan
David Green quotes by David James Duncan
#29. I tend to play in a way that feels natural to me. To me that's authentic for myself. I play by where I'm led by some sense of where I feel I'm supposed to be. - Author: David Sanborn
David Green quotes by David Sanborn
#30. The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress (Joseph Joubert). - Author: David Webb
David Green quotes by David Webb
#31. Letting go of the need to control things doesn't mean letting go of responsibility. It means embracing life. - Author: Marc David
David Green quotes by Marc David
#32. You are too young to know how the world changes everyday,' said Mrs Creakle, 'and how the people in it pass away. But we all have to learn it, David; some of us when we are young, some of us when we are old, some of us at all times in our lives. - Author: Charles Dickens
David Green quotes by Charles Dickens
#33. Well, the manhunt continues for that elusive evil mastermind, but I'm telling you Enron CEO Kenneth Lay remains at large. - Author: David Letterman
David Green quotes by David Letterman
#34. With classic sitcoms like MASH, the characters all drove each other crazy, and that's what you loved to see. - Author: David Alan Basche
David Green quotes by David Alan Basche
#35. No one really believes in the gods of the New Age; they are deities not of the celestial hierarchy above but of the ornamental etagere in the corner, and their only "divine" office is to give symbolic expression to the dreamier sides of their votaries' personalities. They are purchased gods, gods as accessories, and hence are merely masks by means of which the one true god-the will-at once conceals and reveals itself.
It - Author: David Bentley Hart
David Green quotes by David Bentley Hart
#36. A change in personal circumstances, even a positive one, can trigger anxiety. - Author: John Green
David Green quotes by John Green
#37. Nothing surprises me on 'Happy Endings,' because the show - I think one of the awesome things about the show is that it's so open to doing anything. We could do a genre episode. We have the green light to do whatever we want. Mostly because no one's watching. - Author: Adam Pally
David Green quotes by Adam Pally
#38. I like to think that Not For Sale is the Juniper Networks of the social section, a disruptive innovator. - Author: David Batstone
David Green quotes by David Batstone
#39. Webster never goes behind government, and so cannot speak with authority about it. His words are wisdom to those legislators who contemplate no essential reform in the existing government; but for thinkers, and those who legislate for all time, he never once glances at the subject ... Comparatively, he is always strong, original, and, above all, practical. Still, his quality is not wisdom, but prudence. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
David Green quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#40. People only speak to get something. - Author: David Mamet
David Green quotes by David Mamet
#41. How to be bored while the sky is blue, and the Earth is green, and the flowers have this wonderful aroma, and the heart has this wonderful ability to love, and the soul has this infinite energy to believe. How to be bored while in this world there are those whom we love and like .and those who love us and like us - Author: Naguib Mahfouz
David Green quotes by Naguib Mahfouz
#42. There is a certain perfection in accident which we never consciously attain. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
David Green quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#43. He [David Foster Wallace] compares raising children to raising books, you should take pride in the work you do inside a family and not from how they make out in the world. "It's good to want a child to do well, but it's bad to want that glory to reflect back on you," is what he says. - Author: David Lipsky
David Green quotes by David Lipsky
#44. Jerusalem is a festival and a lamentation. Its song is a sigh across the ages, a delicate, robust, mournful psalm at the great junction of spiritual cultures. - Author: David K. Shipler
David Green quotes by David K. Shipler
#45. [The public intellectual] will also describe how she can work a pop culture reference into her essay, comparing the Supreme Court to the creature in the number-one box office movie of the moment. Editors like this sort of mass-media integration, first, because it gives them a way to illustrate the piece, and second because they are under the delusion that pop-culture references will propel a piece's readership into the five-digit area. - Author: David Brooks
David Green quotes by David Brooks
#46. Fear drains us, while love empowers us. - Author: David Jeremiah
David Green quotes by David Jeremiah
#47. the big things that make a good speaker: knowledge of what he's going to talk about and an intense desire to tell it to other people. - Author: David J. Schwartz
David Green quotes by David J. Schwartz
#48. When people consider the trolley problem, here's what brain imaging reveals: In the footbridge scenario, areas involved in motor planning and emotion become active. In contrast, in the track-switch scenario, only lateral areas involved in rational thinking become active. People register emotionally when they have to push someone; when they only have to tip a lever, their brain behaves like Star Trek's Mr. Spock. - Author: David Eagleman
David Green quotes by David Eagleman
#49. Each humblest plant, or weed, as we call it, stands there to express some thought or mood of ours; and yet how long it stands in vain! ... Beauty and true wealth are always thus cheap and despised. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
David Green quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#50. Don't break my heart," he heard her whisper, making him stop for just a second to look her in the eyes.
"I won't. Don't break mine," he responded, making her smile as she pulled him back to her. She wanted his lips on hers again. - Author: Kat Green
David Green quotes by Kat Green
#51. Do you have a Wish?' he asked, referring to this organization, The Genie Foundation, which is in the business of granting sick kids one wish.
'No' I said. 'I used my Wish pre-Miracle.'
'What'd you do?'
I sighed loudly. 'I was thirteen,' I said.
'Not Disney,' he said.
I said nothing.
'You did not go to Disney World.'
I said nothing.
'HAZEL GRACE!' he shouted. 'You did not use your one dying Wish to go to Disney World with your parents.'
'Also Epcot Center,' I mumbled.
'Oh, my God,' Augustus said. 'I can't believe I had a crush on a girl with such cliché wishes. - Author: John Green
David Green quotes by John Green
#52. David Hasselhoff was hospitalized after falling off the wagon again. He probably got used to drinking too much, because for years he never had to worry about driving anywhere - his car drove itself. - Author: Chelsea Handler
David Green quotes by Chelsea Handler
#53. Wife has put me on a strict diet so I am only allowed fruit for breakfast now, announced Raj as he unwrapped a Terry - Author: David Walliams
David Green quotes by David Walliams

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