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#1. If you want to change your story, you have to go back to the beginning and change the script - Author: Kimmy Seltzer
Dating Tayo quotes by Kimmy Seltzer
#2. Though I was more than willing to share my man sexually, I couldn't imagine him dating, holding hands, and courting another woman. - Author: Jessica N. Watkins
Dating Tayo quotes by Jessica N. Watkins
#3. Two birds went for dating. The male bird was killed and the female bird is being murdered. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
Dating Tayo quotes by Santosh Kalwar
#4. Jase and I made a deliberate decision while we were dating to remain sexually pure until we were married. Keeping that commitment was not easy, but we did it. We decided to trust God, and we were determined to honor His Word no matter how much of a struggle it was. The important thing is we made it! Two years, ten months, and two days, but who was counting? The first sexual experience either one of us ever had took place with each other on our wedding night. Jase often says it was more like an exploratory biological experiment! We have remained faithful to one another and our marriage vows since that day. - Author: Missy Robertson
Dating Tayo quotes by Missy Robertson
#5. Yeah, we've become really good friends. Our characters start dating in the book, and um, yeah, I think we - and we made up little back stories to our characters and little outtakes that we'd bring up to Edgar as a joke, and you know, kind of see different sides of stuff. So yeah, we have a really good time. - Author: Johnny Simmons
Dating Tayo quotes by Johnny Simmons
#6. People could rationally decide that prolonged relationships take up too much time and effort and that they'd much rather do other kinds of things. But most people are afraid of rejection. - Author: Albert Ellis
Dating Tayo quotes by Albert Ellis
#7. I bet he's an actual good guy. The kind that I desperately need in my life. The thing of it is, he'll never be mine because he's a good guy. By nature alone, a good guy would never cheat on his girlfriend, hence the impossibility of anything happening between Nash and me. Even if they were to break up, he'd probably be too nice a guy to hurt her like that, by dating her cousin. - Author: M. Leighton
Dating Tayo quotes by M. Leighton
#8. Dating is a social brain teaser, as it requires constantly changing ratios of intimacy and distance, an erotic mental cha-cha choreographed by chemistry, insight, and fear. - Author: Marilyn Suzanne Miller
Dating Tayo quotes by Marilyn Suzanne Miller
#9. While you wait for your godly man, you should maintain the posture of a well-kept woman [ ... ] The person should add to, not take away from, your life. You maintain who you are and allow God to be picky for you. - Author: Michelle McKinney Hammond
Dating Tayo quotes by Michelle McKinney Hammond
#10. I don't have a girlfriend. But I do know a woman who'd be mad at me for saying that. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
Dating Tayo quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#11. When I stopped viewing girls as potential girlfriends and started treating them as sisters in Christ, I discovered the richness of true friendship. When I stopped worrying about who I was going to marry and began to trust God's timing, I uncovered the incredible potential of serving God as a single. . . .

I believe the time has come for Christians, male and female, to own up to the mess we've left behind in our selfish pursuit of short-term romance. Dating may seem an innocent game, but as I see it, we are sinning against each other. What excuse will we have when God asks us to account for our actions and attitudes in relationships? If God sees a sparrow fall (Matthew 10:29), do you think He could possibly overlook the broken hearts and scarred emotions we cause in relationships based on selfishness?

Everyone around us may be playing the dating game. But at the end of our lives, we won't answer to everyone. We'll answer to God. . . .

Long before Seventeen magazine ever gave teenagers tips on dating, people did things very differently.

At the turn of the twentieth century, a guy and girl became romantically involved only if they planned to marry. If a young man spent time at a girl's home, family and friends assumed that he intended to propose to her. But shifting attitudes in culture and the arrival of the automobile brought radical changes. The new "rules" allowed people to indulge in all the thrills of romantic love without having - Author: Joshua Harris
Dating Tayo quotes by Joshua Harris

When there's only condiments left in the fridge
and you join a free online dating service
so men will buy you dinner.

When you've shucked the night with the dull blade
of indecision and gulped down everything,
even the pearls.
When some old, left-handed love has left
your guitar strung backwards
and you can't find any songs
for rain in its frets.

When you wake up next to the body
of your past and it looks ready
to wrinkle and bald.

When the last burn of summer is peeling
from your breasts and there's nothing to husk
the pale, raw of new flesh.

When the woman who wears her hair
in the old way quits mumbling about Jesus
on the street corner and takes her salvation
pamphlets to a pauper's grave.

When you're too ugly to pray,
but pray
and the only voice
on the drunk subway wails
good grief. - Author: Stevie Edwards
Dating Tayo quotes by Stevie Edwards
#13. When you make things too easy on someone, you're giving them a discount on your worth; and this causes them to regard you as inferior. - Author: K.M.Docherty
Dating Tayo quotes by K.M.Docherty
#14. She is resisting the Internet idea...because she doesn't want to one day tell her children that she posted an ad on the Internet, interviewed twenty-five hopeful candidates, and finally their father turned up and looked good in comparison with the rest of them. It just doesn't seem right. - Author: Jenny Colgan
Dating Tayo quotes by Jenny Colgan
#15. Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind. - Author: Taylor Swift
Dating Tayo quotes by Taylor Swift
#16. They say women have intuition, but men can smell a competitor across state lines. - Author: Lily King
Dating Tayo quotes by Lily King
#17. > First, move out of that big Manhattan loft and head upstate. You'll find a little place you can afford and start a new life. Maybe get a job teaching at a community college. Maybe meet a girl at Best Buy, start dating. She'll put up with your crazy habits. You'll put up with her musical tastes.

> I don't understand. What's going on here?

> Time will pass. You'll make it official. You'll settle down, get a starter house. Two boys. Yellow Lab. Minivan.

> That. . . That isn't me.

> Why not? It could be. You'll make art in the basement for yourself for a while. The boys'll get married. Have kids of their own. Maybe y'get divorced. Meet someone new. And yeah, you'll wonder what could have been. But less, as the years go by. "Just wasn't meant to be," you'll say. And there'll be good times along the way. Sweet memories. Until it starts to wind down. Until your body fails. Until you don't recognize the world around you. Until it's time to go.

> That. . . isn't me. It can't be.

> Why not? It's a decent life. Food, sex, running water, a roof. Not to mention love and family. Those aren't small things.

> But it's not enough.

> You kids, you're so spoiled! Y'know billions would kill for a life like that. So what if the art thing didn't work out? Is it really that important?

> It's all I have. - Author: Scott McCloud
Dating Tayo quotes by Scott McCloud
#18. Meeting someone you like and dating him is supposed to make you feel better, not worse. - Author: Greg Behrendt
Dating Tayo quotes by Greg Behrendt
#19. We have Kenjii. We have my cell phone. Since we aren't officially dating, I'm sure you'll agree that's all the protection we need. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Dating Tayo quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#20. I will not date a woman from China, because that is a big red flag. - Author: Daniel Tosh
Dating Tayo quotes by Daniel Tosh
#21. A disastrous flaw in our design is that the heart always defies the brain. - Author: Piper Payne
Dating Tayo quotes by Piper Payne
#22. Do you ever think about being with someone but realize it's impossible and then get really sad so you bake a pie instead. - Author: Ngozi Ukazu
Dating Tayo quotes by Ngozi Ukazu
#23. We [me and Jennifer Salke] talked about the characters and different kinds of families and where are we today. We certainly pitched the gay couple, but we also talked about what it was like to be a single mother with a young daughter, what is it like to be a woman in your 50's who is completely starting over and dating again and having to go online to date again. We talked about the whole spectrum of the characters, but I don't think it ever came up about whether people are ready for it or not. - Author: Ryan T. Murphy
Dating Tayo quotes by Ryan T. Murphy
#24. Waiting might be hard,
Waiting might be tough,

But when a man meets a woman he loves, waiting becomes merely an exercise - of self-discipline, patience, respect and devotion for building an all-round intimacy, one that exists beyond the physical. - Author: Temi O’Sola
Dating Tayo quotes by Temi O’Sola
#25. If you have nothing in common with the person you are dating and his parents hate you and your friends hate him, this is not romantic; it's a bad idea. - Author: Amy E. Spiegel
Dating Tayo quotes by Amy E. Spiegel
#26. So if I was dating somebody now and the relationship didn't work out, I'd take that as failing. - Author: Gavin DeGraw
Dating Tayo quotes by Gavin DeGraw
#27. Sometimes I was so bored that I started arguments just to experience the rush of almost losing him. - Author: Lena Dunham
Dating Tayo quotes by Lena Dunham
#28. Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I get bored. And sometimes all I want, more than anything else in the world, is to go on a freaking date. - Author: Kiersten White
Dating Tayo quotes by Kiersten White
#29. i find you
in every echo,
i find you in every
dream, i find you
in every feeling
in the depths
of my inner
being. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Dating Tayo quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#30. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tell people we're an item. It was nice of you to take me to dinner and I had a good time, but I don't think we'll be dating."
"Do you find me attractive?"
"I thought so," he said. "Already told you tonight you were beautiful. So since we've got some major fucking chemistry and we get along, how about we cut the bullshit and see where this goes? - Author: Devney Perry
Dating Tayo quotes by Devney Perry
#31. You should smile, look her in the eyes, and give her a small complement when you ask her out. - Author: Auliq Ice
Dating Tayo quotes by Auliq Ice
#32. I could be a party girl, dating whoever I want and being reckless, but I like being in a relationship. When you have somebody who grounds you and keeps you sane, it helps. - Author: Eva Longoria
Dating Tayo quotes by Eva Longoria
#33. You know, I do not know, I just want to date someone who makes me happy. - Author: Caprice Bourret
Dating Tayo quotes by Caprice Bourret
#34. I thought it would feel empowering to just sleep with whomever I wanted to, but I wasn't built that way. I just wasn't honest enough with myself to know that at the time. - Author: Teresa Lo
Dating Tayo quotes by Teresa Lo
#35. Dating is about grand romantic gestures that mean little over the long term. Marriage is about small acts of kindness that bond you over a lifetime. - Author: Lori Gottlieb
Dating Tayo quotes by Lori Gottlieb
#36. Love one another. Love yourself. Then love will find you whole not half. - Author: K. Taylor
Dating Tayo quotes by K. Taylor
#37. My boyfriend calls me 'princess', but I think of myself more along the lines of 'monkey' and 'retard'. - Author: Alicia Silverstone
Dating Tayo quotes by Alicia Silverstone
#38. If I want a man I'll go to a cheap bar, like any other sane woman. I, for one, haven't hit rock bottom. - Author: Eleanor Prescott
Dating Tayo quotes by Eleanor Prescott
#39. It doesn't matter. We could never date anyway. Doesn't the FBI have rules against partners dating? Even if I am just an unpaid consultant.'
'I'd certainly never want to date Gerard, so I never asked. - Author: Rosemary Clement-Moore
Dating Tayo quotes by Rosemary Clement-Moore
#40. Why am I the expert all of a sudden?"
"Of the two of us, you have more stalking experience."
He leaned back. "Really?"
"Yes. When you let yourself into my apartment before we were dating, did you fidget while you watched me?"
"Will you let it go?" he growled.
"I didn't fidget. I checked on you to make sure you hadn't gotten yourself killed. I wanted to know that you weren't dying slowly of your wounds, because you have no sense and half of the time you couldn't afford a medmage. I didn't stand there and watch you. I came in, made sure you were okay, and left. It wasn't creepy."
"It was a little creepy."
"It worked, didn't it?"
"Worked how?"
"You're still alive."
"Yes, of course, take all the credit. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Dating Tayo quotes by Ilona Andrews
#41. It's a woman's prerogative to take her time about getting ready for a date," Loving Summer by Kailin Gow - Author: Kailin Gow
Dating Tayo quotes by Kailin Gow
#42. The Suitors Ball is fast approaching and it's a nasty reminder that my suitor will be chosen shortly. I feel sorry for the poor unfortunate guy, whichever one of them it happens to be. - Author: Siobhan Davis
Dating Tayo quotes by Siobhan Davis

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