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#1. The prairies were dust. Day after day, summer after summer, the scorching winds blew the dust and the sun was brassy in a yellow sky. Crop after crop failed. Again and again the barren land must be mortgaged for taxes and food and next year's seed. The agony of hope ended when there was not harvest and no more credit, no money to pay interest and taxes; the banker took the land. Then the bank failed. - Author: Rose Wilder Lane
Darlene Rose quotes by Rose Wilder Lane
#2. Let's walk to the beach
Let's cast the net in the water
And catch freshness from water

Let's pick up a pebble from the ground
Feel the weight of existence

Let's not abuse moonshine if we suffer from fever
(Occasionally I have observed the moon descending during fever
And reaching the hand of the roof of heaven
I have noticed the goldfinch singing better
Sometimes the wound beneath my foot
Has taught the ups and downs of earth
Sometimes in my sickbed the dimension of the rose has multiplied
And the diameter of orange has increased, the radius of lantern too) - Author: Sohrab Sepehri
Darlene Rose quotes by Sohrab Sepehri
#3. At 2:00 sharp on the afternoon of his internment, with his body resting in a casket in the front room of his home, the pallbearers--all bridge players--stuck a deck of cards in Mr. Hampton's cold hands, shut the lid over his head, and played bridge. - Author: Brenda Sutton Rose
Darlene Rose quotes by Brenda Sutton Rose
#4. We all agree now - by 'we' I mean intelligent people under sixty - that a work of art is like a rose. A rose is not beautiful because it is like something else. Neither is a work of art. Roses and works of art are beautiful in themselves. - Author: Clive Bell
Darlene Rose quotes by Clive Bell
#5. In the centre of a spacious table rose a pastry as large as a church, flanked on the north by a quarter of cold veal, on the south by an enormous ham, on the east by a monumental pile of butter, and on the west by an enormous dish of artichokes, with a hot sauce. - Author: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Darlene Rose quotes by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
#6. Atheism, true 'existential' atheism burning with hatred of a seemingly unjust or unmerciful God, is a spiritual state; it is a real attempt to grapple with the true God. ... Nietzsche, in calling himself Antichrist, proved thereby his intense hunger for Christ. - Author: Seraphim Rose
Darlene Rose quotes by Seraphim Rose
#7. She thought about all the things she would like to say to him. Thank you for wanting to defend me. Thank you for thinking Rupert is a rogue. Thank you for being a man of integrity. Oh, Lord Hamlin, if you were mine, I'd make you so happy. Rose stifled a laugh at the stupid, outrageous thought. - Author: Melanie Dickerson
Darlene Rose quotes by Melanie Dickerson
#8. Beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger. There is really nothing to be said about it. It is like the perfume of a rose: you can smell it and that is all. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Darlene Rose quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#9. Did you know I blush purple? Jamal's teasing me about it."
"Is he reading this?" I asked, horrified.
"Sorry I made you blush."
"I'm not. Good night, Briar Rose."
"Good night, blue-skinned alien. - Author: Anna Sheehan
Darlene Rose quotes by Anna Sheehan
#10. Sometimes we can't enjoy the bloom of a rose because we're too busy crying over being pricked by the thorn. - Author: Suzannah Daniels
Darlene Rose quotes by Suzannah Daniels
#11. I am beautiful and I deserve to be loved! - Author: Crystal Rose
Darlene Rose quotes by Crystal Rose
#12. The comet's tail spread across the dawn, a red slash that bled above the crags of Dragonstone like a wound in the pink and purple sky. The maester stood on the windswept balcony outside his chambers. It was here the ravens came, after long flight. Their droppings speckled the gargoyles that rose twelve feet tall on either side of him, - Author: George R R Martin
Darlene Rose quotes by George R R Martin
#13. I've fallen into your life, like a red ROSE from another world. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Darlene Rose quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#14. Rose okay with closing tonight? - Author: Maya Banks
Darlene Rose quotes by Maya Banks
#15. Playing all of these games, getting to know everything about the NBA, you realize that you are your own business. You have business meetings to go to, signings to go to. Like, I'm only 20, but the stuff I'm doing the average 20-year-old isn't doing. - Author: Derrick Rose
Darlene Rose quotes by Derrick Rose
#16. Like an ice in a spring river.
I melt and stay.
Sun will vaporise us.
It will take us up into clouds.
And then we both will fall.
Drop by drop.
We'll fall out of the sky.
We'll raise from dew to fog.
Every sunny warm morning.
We'll let the wind pull us with him.
Cooling our selves in forest shadows.
There in silence we'll cool off
One from another.
But in stormy days and nights.
We'll billow and crash.
One to another.
Like crazy and wild.
We'll churn into white foam.
Ashore in sands we'll wait
For the yellow october leaves
Into them we'll fall asleep.
We'll fall into and freeze.

We'll freeze and melt again
And flow and raise and fall again.
Over and over again

Even if we were in separete glasses of water.
We would moove together and whisper.
Even if in the oceans mixed.
We would moove together and sing.

I'm comming to You.
You are blazing.
I'm giving You a rose
It embalms sweet.


If I'll ever meet You.
I' ll take our time...
To dance dance dance dance with You... - Author: Martins Paparde
Darlene Rose quotes by Martins Paparde
#17. Beauty is the garden scent of roses, murmuring water flowing gently ... Can words describe the indescribable? - Author: Rumi
Darlene Rose quotes by Rumi
#18. A rose petal so soft I can't feel where it begins. - Author: Bridget Collins
Darlene Rose quotes by Bridget Collins
#19. It also occurred to him, like a well-aimed kick to the head, that the idea of watching Rose marry anyone was something he looked forward to about as much as he would castration.
Possibly less. - Author: Kathryn Smith
Darlene Rose quotes by Kathryn Smith
#20. Do you know what love is like, Rose? It's like having a sky, a whole sky racing inside you. Four seasons' worth of sky. One minute you are soaring and then you are all thunderclouds and then you are deep with stars and then you are empty. - Author: Karen Foxlee
Darlene Rose quotes by Karen Foxlee
#21. After ripping through The Hobbit, I read The Lord of the Rings, and the darkness of that story enveloped me in a way that is impossible to explain. I was THERE, in a very real sense. The fear was palpable in the presence of the black-cloaked Ringwraiths, and I could taste the sulfurous fumes of Mt. Doom. I could smell the sweat of horses and hot leather and hear the clash of battle as I rode with the Rohan on the fields of the Pelennor. I bled and died with the sun-king, Theoden. I rose again with Eowyn's defiance of the Witch King. I soared with the Eagles as they swept the broken and bloody body of Frodo and his companion Samwise the Brave from the smoking crags of the fiery mountain. There has never been such a story, and I don't think there ever shall be again. - Author: Steve Bivans
Darlene Rose quotes by Steve Bivans
#22. The guards at the gate nodded and smiled at them.

"I hate that," Royce muttered as they passed.


"They didn't even think to stop us, and they actually smiled. They know us by sight now - by sight. Alric used to have the decency to send word discreetly and receive us unannounced. Now uniformed soldiers knock on the door in daylight, waving and saying, 'Hello, we have a job for you.'"

"He didn't wave."

"Give it time, he will be - waving and grinning. One day Jeremy will be buying drinks for his soldier buddies at The Rose and Thorn. They'll all be there, the entire sentry squad, laughing, smiling, throwing their arms over our shoulders and asking us to sing 'Calide Portmore' with them - 'Once more, with gusto!' And at some point one particularly sweaty ox will give me a hug and say how honored he is to be in our company."


"What? That's his name."

"You know the name of the soldier at the gate?"

Royce scowled. "You see my point? Yes, I know his name and they know ours. We might as well wear uniforms and move into Arista's old room."

They climbed the stone steps to the main entrance, where a soldier quickly opened a door for them and gave a slight bow. "Master Melborn, Master Blackwater."

"Hey, Digby." Hadrian waved as he passed. When he caught Royce scowling, he added, "Sorry."

"It's a good thing we're both retired. You know, there's - Author: Michael J. Sullivan
Darlene Rose quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#23. I think diversity for most actors is such a blessing. It's something definitely I've strived for. - Author: Rose Byrne
Darlene Rose quotes by Rose Byrne
#24. I had started out with the intent to make a love story and something not so grave or so dark.So I went into this saying, "I want to do a love story, not to be seen with rose-colored glasses, but not as heavy." As it turned out, it surprised me the place where it led actually was something so painful. I identified so much with them that I experienced a lot of that suffering as well. - Author: Abdellatif Kechiche
Darlene Rose quotes by Abdellatif Kechiche
#25. Hey, have you ever heard of the Alchemists? "
"Sure, " he said.
"Of course you have. "
"Why? Did you run into them? "
"Kind of. "
"What'd you do? "
"Why do you think I did anything? "
He laughed. "Alchemists only show up when trouble happens, and you bring trouble wherever you go. Be careful, though. They're religious nuts."
"That's kind of extreme," I said.
"Just don't let them convert you." He winked. "I like you being the sinner you are. - Author: Richelle Mead
Darlene Rose quotes by Richelle Mead
#26. When Rose came up to me today in Potions and called me Bread Head I almost hugged her. No, there's no almost about it, I actually tried to hug her, and then she kicked me in the shin. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Darlene Rose quotes by J.K. Rowling
#27. His gaze fixed on her chest as he rose, and she realized, with mortification, that her dress was askew. She turned her back, but his arms came around her.
"Let me." His hands steady again, he ran his palms up her bodice to smooth her gown back into place. He took his time, his cheek against her temple, and Eliza tried not to shake like a leaf when his fingers brushed her nipple one last time before his hands drifted to rest on her hips.
He put his mouth next to her ear. "Should I apologize for what happened?"
The tiniest shake of her head.
His lips touched the sensitive skin behind her ear. "May I call on you- just you, not your father?"
Her heart was about to stop. She would faint and slide through his arms to land in a senseless heap on the ground. "Yes," she whispered.
"Thank you." Gently, he turned her around. Eliza gazed up at him, wondering if he could tell from looking at her that she was about to fall headlong in love with him. A small smile touched his lips, bemused but reassuring. - Author: Caroline Linden
Darlene Rose quotes by Caroline Linden
#28. I did as he asked without meaning to. I was still trying to accept that the first time wasn't a fluke - Dylan sucked in bed. Either he didn't get the concept of satisfying a woman, or he didn't care. - Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Darlene Rose quotes by Alyssa Rose Ivy
#29. When you're not winning it's about how you're not getting it done. - Author: Jalen Rose
Darlene Rose quotes by Jalen Rose
#30. We found ourselves on a smooth, spacious but narrow track of ice or glass. We floated along it, as if on marvellous skates, and we were dancing too, for like a wave the track rose and fell beneath us. It was delightful. I had never seen anything like it and I shouted for joy, 'How glorious!' And overhead the stars were shimmering, in a sky that was strangely all pale blue and yet dark, and the moon with its unearthly light was shining down on us skaters. 'This is freedom,' said the instructress, 'it's something very wintry, and cannot be borne for long. One must always keep moving, as we are doing here, one must dance in freedom. It is cold and beautiful. Never fall in love with it. That would only make you sad afterwards, for one can only be in the realm of freedom for a moment, no longer. Look how the wonderful track we are floating on is slowly melting away. Now you can watch freedom dying, if you open your eyes... - Author: Robert Walser
Darlene Rose quotes by Robert Walser
#31. He sent Nelson a quotation that he attributed to Aristotle, instructing him in the importance of philanthropy, not money indiscriminately handed out but carefully considered giving. He advised, "Things which admit of use may be used either well or badly.... Anybody can give or spend money but to give the right amount of it at the right time and for the right cause and in the right way, that is not what anybody can do, nor is it easy. That is the reason why it is rare and laudable and noble to do well."8 - Author: Darlene Rivas
Darlene Rose quotes by Darlene Rivas
#32. A noble soul is not the one that can manage the highest flights but the one that rises very little and falls very little but always dwells in a free, resplendent atmosphere and altitude. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Darlene Rose quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#33. I didn't feel very powerful. as a matter of fact, with every word, it got harder and harder to breathe. I couldn't pretend any longer, and now a great hopelessness rose inside me, an uncontrollable tide... and as it threatened to swallow me... I threatened to let it. - Author: Margaret Stohl
Darlene Rose quotes by Margaret Stohl
#34. He gazed intently at a sheet of paper, breath suspended, a word on the quivering point of his pen poised and waiting to fall. Monoliths of books and manuscripts rose around him. All were crammed with words; words packed as solidly as bricks in a wall. Armies of them; marching on from one page to the next without pause.
He forced the pen in his tight grip a hairs'-breadth closer to the paper, so that the word stubbornly clinging to it might yield finally; flow onto the vast emptiness. Point and paper met, kissed, froze.
He sat back, breath spilling abruptly out of him, the pen laden with unformed words dangling now over the floor in his lax fingers. How, he wondered incredulously, did all those books and papers come into existence? In what faceted jewel of amber secreted in what invisible compartment of what hidden casket did others find that one word to begin the sentence, that layered itself into a paragraph, that built itself into a page, that went on to the next page, and on, and on? ~The Bards of Bone Plain - Author: Patricia A. McKillip
Darlene Rose quotes by Patricia A. McKillip
#35. With movies, they have a certain person or style that they're looking for. It's not that they don't like you, but maybe you're not the person that's right for their movie. That happens a lot. - Author: Darlene Love
Darlene Rose quotes by Darlene Love

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