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#1. You got nothin' to lose but your self-respect. - Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
Darla Tressler quotes by Wendelin Van Draanen
#2. I'd spent almost every minute with Darla for the last five weeks; being separated was … uncomfortable. It felt a bit like being naked in a room full of clothed people. - Author: Mike Mullin
Darla Tressler quotes by Mike Mullin
#3. I love you, baby girl. When you're sad, I am too. - Author: Darla Phelps
Darla Tressler quotes by Darla Phelps
#4. By noon everyone had heard that I had spent the night with Marti in a hotel room and when the cops came by, with our mothers, I had asked for time to get dressed. It was also all over the school that I had deliberately provoked Gratz and lived to tell of it, and that Paul had knocked me flat. And on top of that, Spooky Darla had given me a thermonuclear kiss in public.
No getting away from it: I was now Public Madman Number One. - Author: John Barnes
Darla Tressler quotes by John Barnes
#5. I can't rock you on my lap, if you're not here. - Author: Darla Phelps
Darla Tressler quotes by Darla Phelps
#6. We were tired, hungry, and wrapped in multiple layers of filthy winter clothing. None of that mattered to me; I was in love. I thought Darla was, too--but maybe with the bulldozer. - Author: Mike Mullin
Darla Tressler quotes by Mike Mullin
#7. Darla had been doing something by the fire. Now she returned and began stripping the blanket off me. I grabbed it before she could pull it away from my groin, to preserve my modesty.
Let go. There's nothing there I haven't seen. Who do you think undressed you, anyway? And honestly, I've seen better equipment on goats. - Author: Mike Mullin
Darla Tressler quotes by Mike Mullin
#8. Y'all got your heads tucked so far up your rears, she's petrified the kid's gonna need a shrink before he can shit in a dish. - Author: Addison Moore
Darla Tressler quotes by Addison Moore
#9. So I thought I'd feel different afterward, after the visible neon sign proclaiming 'virgin' had blinked out on my forehead. I'd spent years obessessing about it, so it seemed like somthing should have changed. Maybe it would have if I'd still been at Ceder Falls High School surrounded by the gossip and the braggadocio of teenage boys. But on my uncle's farm, nobody noticed, or at least nobody said anything. The next day, like every day, we dug corn, chopped wood, and carried water. And it didn't really change much between Darla and me, either. Yes, making love was fun, but it wasn't really any more fun than anything we'd already been doing together. Just different. - Author: Mike Mullin
Darla Tressler quotes by Mike Mullin
#10. Linh Cinder. Such a pleasure. My master has spoken so highly of you."
Cinder paused and studied her again. "Who are you?"
"I'm called Darla. I am Captain Thorne's mistress."
Cinder blinked. "Excuse me?"
"He asked me to stay and keep watch over the vehicle," she said. "He's just gone inside to be heroic. I'm sure he'll be glad to know you're here. I believe he's under the impression that you're out in space somewhere. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Darla Tressler quotes by Marissa Meyer
#11. How?" asked Mariska. She looked at Darla who was already poised to speak. "I know you can break in Darla, but what if he's home? - Author: Amy Vansant
Darla Tressler quotes by Amy Vansant
#12. Darla shook her head, a small smirk on her lips. "You're such a mom," she told Katherine.
Katherine stared at her, puzzled. "You're a mom, too," she said softly.
"No, I gave birth. That doesn't make me a mom. Not like you."
A look passed between the two women like none they had ever shared before. For a split second, Katherine felt a slight connection. "Well, you rest. I'll check on you later." She turned and left the room, a funny, unexplainable feeling inside her. - Author: Deanna Lynn Sletten
Darla Tressler quotes by Deanna Lynn Sletten
#13. If Darla's question was Why do people take pictures?, then what sort of answer was that? Or were pictures like that why Darla was asking in the first place?
I say to the empty room, "I take pictures because sometimes I can't find the words to say what I want to say. - Author: A.S. King
Darla Tressler quotes by A.S. King
#14. Darla never kept any keepsakes. She said that the memories I needed to keep were the ones in my head. - Author: Tonya Kappes
Darla Tressler quotes by Tonya Kappes
#15. Her tongue flailed around all the questions stammering to get out, and she finally landed on: "When did you have time to take a mistress?"
His smile faltered. "Don't talk about Cress like that."
"Oh - wait! You mean Darla. I won her in a hand of cards."
Cinder gawked.
"I thought she'd make a nice gift for Iko."
"You ... what?"
"For her replacement body?"
"Because Darla's an escort-droid? - Author: Marissa Meyer
Darla Tressler quotes by Marissa Meyer
#16. You didn't do anything. But I won't let anyone talk to you like that.. I don't care who they are."
"You ready to fight the whole town then, darlin'?"
She pursed her lips and said without even a bit of hesitation, "If I have to. - Author: Shelly Laurenston
Darla Tressler quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#17. The most important part of seeing Darla every night wasn't the fooling around. It was the few minutes we talked while holding each other, the feeling of security I got with her, the feeling of being understood and loved. Before the eruption, I wouldn't have believed that I could cuddle up every night with the girl who starred in my dreams and not be totally preoccupied with sex. But the trek across Iowa had changed something. I wanted, needed to see her so badly that it woke me up at night. But making out was incidental to my need – nice when it happened, but secondary to the simple pleasure of sleeping beside her. - Author: Mike Mullin
Darla Tressler quotes by Mike Mullin
#18. What took you so long?" Janie Mae asked as Darla closed the door. "I was torturing your mate." She grinned at her sister "It was surprisingly fun!" "It is, isn't it? - Author: Shelly Laurenston
Darla Tressler quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#19. Lionel was filled with awful remorse. He asked where had Thomas been last seen, and the boy told him he was headed for the church. Lionel nodded and went home to fetch his shotgun. Throughout the crisis he had done no violence, preferring to preach the sanity of pacifism to the flock. This was different. This was a requirement of the father to the son. He prayed over the shotgun while Darla wailed with the children in the living room. He got in his truck and drove to the church. -- From "The South Fork Penance - Author: L. Joseph Shosty
Darla Tressler quotes by L. Joseph Shosty
#20. ,you were the light of a warm, sunny day, Tess. Darla was the dead of a cold, dark fuckin' night" His face got close and his voice got low when he finished, "it felt good to feel the sun again. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Darla Tressler quotes by Kristen Ashley

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