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No owl is afraid of the night, no snake of the swamp and no traitor of the treason! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Darksome Night quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Last time you called me late at night you were naked and chained to your shower curtain rod. I hope this isn't going to be disappointing. ~ Janet Evanovich
Darksome Night quotes by Janet Evanovich
What is love? Is it a lightning bolt that instantaneously unites two souls in utter infatuation and admiration through the meeting of a simple innocent stare? Or is it a lustful seed that is sown in a dark dingy bar one sweaty summer's night only to be nurtured with romantic rendezvous as it matures into a beautiful flower? Is it a river springing forth, creating lifelong bonds through experiences, heartaches, and missed opportunities? Or is it a thunderstorm that slowly rolls in, climaxing with an awesome display of unbridled passion, only to succumb to its inevitable fade into the distance? I define love as education....
It teaches us to learn from our opportunities, and made the stupidest of decisions for the rightest of reasons. It gives us a hint of what "it" should be and feel like, but then encourages us to think outside the box and develop our own understanding of what "it" could be. Those that choose to embrace and learn from love's educational peaks and valleys are the ones that will eventually find true love, that one in a million. Those that don't are destined to be consumed with the inevitable ring around the rosy of fake I love you's and failed relationships. I have been lucky enough to have some of the most amazing teachers throughout my romantic evolution and it is to them that I dedicate this book. The lessons in life, passion and love they taught me have helped shape who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. To the love that stains my heart, but define ~ Ivan Rusilko
Darksome Night quotes by Ivan Rusilko
Och, my potion is boiling. I need to say good night and keep an eye on the pot. Ye canna overboil newt's eyeballs. ~ Vonnie Davis
Darksome Night quotes by Vonnie Davis
The prime minister's final flourish, Honour your country, for the eyes of the country are upon you, complete with drumrolls and bungle blasts, unearthed from the attics of the mustiest of nationalistic rhetoric, was ruined by a Good night that rang entirely false, but then that is the great thing about ordinary words, they are incapable of deceit. ~ Jose Saramago
Darksome Night quotes by Jose Saramago
Sometimes while gazing at the night's sky, I imagine stars looking down making wishes on the brightest of us. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Darksome Night quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
What's next to my bed? One night stand, though personally I find them morally outrageous, not to mention the danger from STDs. ~ Jarod Kintz
Darksome Night quotes by Jarod Kintz
Dude...you were together. Night and day for four years, so what was wasted exactly. ~ Kahlen Aymes
Darksome Night quotes by Kahlen Aymes
In my dreams, I kill him every night,' Robert admitted. 'A thousand deaths will still be less than he deserves'. ~ George R R Martin
Darksome Night quotes by George R R Martin
We woke up before the sun, hitched the oxen to the wagon, herded the cattle out of the Platt's pasture where they had spent the night, and started off again on the road toward Peekskill. Peekskill was on the Hudson River. We would turn south there and go down the river about five miles to Verplancks Point. From North Salem to Peekskill was more than twenty miles. It would take us all day to make fifteen miles to our next stop, Father's friends south of Mohegan. We were supposed to pick up another escort. I hoped we would find it soon. I didn't like traveling through this country alone, and I kept looking around all the time for galloping horsemen. ~ James Lincoln Collier
Darksome Night quotes by James Lincoln Collier
It shouldn't make any difference, but Friday and Saturday nights are the worst. They're the worst because the loneliness is magnified. The best you can do is hope that there is someone else like you out there, but if there is, you will never meet this person because she doesn't get out either.
So, you're left with your thoughts, and your thoughts are living people in your brain who call and hang up and lounge around like armed security guards who happen to be beautiful. In between these thoughts, you think about what's going on out there. The girl of your dreams is being ravaged by a man who doesn't have a care in the world. Just to hear her voice would make you happy for a week, but he gets to spend the day and night with her and thinks nothing of it. (…), there are boyfriends and girlfriends, people in love, wide awake. They hang out. They hang out. They hang out. They do nothing worthwhile except each other. Friends, friends, friends. Fiends. Inside jokes. There are so many stupid conversations going on right now. You could be having a meaningful conversation with a taxi driver. You could talk to him about how Travis Bickle's taxi was a metaphor for loneliness. (…) You have a gray tint on your contact lenses. But you have your work. They don't have that. They are cowards. Everyone seems so afraid to be alone. It takes strength to lie there alone and take it. They just want to copulate, and that's their biggest concern of the night. You want a tragedy. An assassination ~ Joey Goebel
Darksome Night quotes by Joey Goebel
Night. Heavenly delicious sweet night of the desert that calls all of us to love her. The night is our comfort with her coolness and darkness. On wings, on feet, on our bellies, out we all come to glory in the night. ~ Leslie Marmon Silko
Darksome Night quotes by Leslie Marmon Silko
C'mon, Tabitha. You stabbed me the night we met without even blinking. (Valerius)
Yeah, but you were a dirtbag then. (Tabitha)
I think I'm offended. (Valerius) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Darksome Night quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Every night I fold myself into her, every night she comes into my life and I feel her hand on my heart and she is saying, I am here ... I am here. ~ Robert Olmstead
Darksome Night quotes by Robert Olmstead
Life is a narrow vale between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities. We strive in vain to look beyond the heights. We cry aloud-and the only answer is the echo of our wailing cry. From the voiceless lips of the unreplying dead there comes no word. But in the night of Death Hope sees a star and listening Love can hear the rustling of a wing. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
Darksome Night quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
The tears I feel today
I'll wait to shed tomorrow.
Though I'll not sleep this night
Nor find surcease from sorrow.
My eyes must keep their sight:
I dare not be tear-blinded.
I must be free to talk
Not choked with grief, clear-minded.
My mouth cannot betray
The anguish that I know.
Yes, I'll keep my tears til later:
But my grief will never go. ~ Anne McCaffrey
Darksome Night quotes by Anne McCaffrey
Elle Remembered Yorkshire road and the flat he shared with Caitlin and their daughter, and she almost stopped and turned back, and then she hardened herself against it.
It's his problem if he wants to sleep with someone and he shouldn't, she told herself. It's a one night thing. I'm in the clear. It's sex, nothing else. ~ Harriet Evans
Darksome Night quotes by Harriet Evans
They stood on the porch
and were ready to knock,
when they heard heavy footsteps,
and a turn of the lock.

When what to their
curious eyes should loom,
but a wicked old witch
holding a broom.
Her cape--how it shimmered!
Her face--oh, how scary!
Her hat was so pointy,
it frightened the fairy!

The wicked witch said,
"Welcome. We have a surprise."
And the children yelled,
"Run! It's not a disguise!"

The monsters were sad
when the kids ran away.
They wanted the children
to come in and play.

The wicked witch said,
"We can have our own fun!
Come on, little monsters,
the night's just begun!"

The monsters all cheered
as they danced with delight,
"Happy Halloween to all--
and to all a fright night! ~ Natasha Wing
Darksome Night quotes by Natasha Wing
It's a big formless, arctic night, the stars so bright they seem to hiss. I walk with my hands in pockets, arms pressed to my sides. Even in my down parka, the cold is still there. I feel as though my blood is crackling in it, my bones conducting cold like wires. My toes are curled in their boots. ~ Diana Abu-Jaber
Darksome Night quotes by Diana Abu-Jaber
A person waiting for you somewhere is like a match you strike at night in the couuntryside. It may not be able to light up everything, but it does show you the way back home. ~ Antonio Iturbe
Darksome Night quotes by Antonio Iturbe
Quote from "The Whole World Is Gone"
" ... It's sensual, though, too, and interestingly mental. What
I do alone, loving him in my mind. Trying not to
let imagination win over reality. Hurtling through the night
passions so spent become facts one observes. Not tempered,
just momentarily out of view by the body that perceives them.
Turning that into my prayer: to be deprived. ~ Jennifer Grotz
Darksome Night quotes by Jennifer Grotz
The cold gods," she said. "The ones in the night. The white shadows. ~ George R R Martin
Darksome Night quotes by George R R Martin
With our collective shock, what we saw seemed to be frozen into a state of suspended animation. Indelibly etched into our memories in terror, forever! My life was in slow motion, it was as if I was no longer in my body and this was a rather bad dream! It is almost impossible to describe with words what I saw, but I will try. This very experience is the one that has continued to shake me awake during the dense night of my lifetime. ~ Alfred Nestor
Darksome Night quotes by Alfred Nestor
Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who'll give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness? It means you're in the wrong house, that's what it means. ~ Henny Youngman
Darksome Night quotes by Henny Youngman
I seem to remember a certain someone swearing that she couldn't dance at all. Obviously I must have been with her twin sister, because i was expecting you to step on my toes all night. Been taking lessons, Princess?
-Puck ~ Julie Kagawa
Darksome Night quotes by Julie Kagawa
I was really lucky. I had a really great opportunity. I went to an all girls, very small private school from seventh grade all the way to graduating. It was so wonderful because the focus was school at school ... and during the week I could be that nerdy bookworm of a girl, and do six hours of homework at night. ~ Sophia Bush
Darksome Night quotes by Sophia Bush
She let them go all night and in the mornings would find them coming toward her where she slept, with that alert and nervous air unridden horses always have at dawn. They are remembering some far time when predators came for them at first light. So they came toward her with the strange and painful air of fallen angels, treading carefully and slowly as if the earth were foreign soil. ~ Paulette Jiles
Darksome Night quotes by Paulette Jiles
My new friend," she said. "I met him at the farmers' market."
Friend? Now there was some code. Suddenly, I realized why Patricia [his grandma] had sex on her mind, and then, just as suddenly, I had this whole new batch of unwanted images and thoughts.
"So what do you think, hon? Saturday night, maybe?" Patricia asked my back.
I leaned farther into the refrigerator. "Uhhh..." Milk, orange juice, pickles, mustard, canola oil, cream cheese, my grandmother having sex, please God, make it stop--
Hon? ~ Lisa Papademetriou
Darksome Night quotes by Lisa Papademetriou
Meanwhile, NBC and I plan to continue our relationship with several new co-ventures including a new music show, while we also explore our ideas for me to create and host a new show of my own. I will not go quietly into the night ... expect more great music and entertainment done in my own unique unmistakable and undeniable way. The Voice has given me all the altitude and incentive to do just that. Thanks for the memories and make way for many more! ~ Cee Lo Green
Darksome Night quotes by Cee Lo Green
Some songs, some nights won't do anything for you, but people enjoy them and that's the job. The magic is finding those places to stand in the song and gain perspective. ~ Justin Vernon
Darksome Night quotes by Justin Vernon
Because..." he used to cradle his daughter in his arms every morning and often they would exchange soft nuances "...if you can dream it, if you can see it in your visions at night, if you can feel it in your soul, it's yours! And it never really belonged to anyone else, in the first place! It was always yours!" Viera returned her scroll to the drawer and closed it, she kissed the compass around her neck and climbed into her bed under the warm quilts, the candle flame crackled and the memories of her father's arms around her embraced her there in bed and his deep, hoarse voice resounded in her ears; "... and if you chance upon a treasure that is yours and it happens to be in the possession of someone else, it's not very wrong to take what is yours, to take what you dreamed, what you saw in your visions at night, what you felt visit you in your spirit! Sure, it's not lawful, but aye aye my little one, listen to me when I tell you that the best things in life are not under the laws of any sort! For which law created love? Which law created courage? The best things, the real things, are the things that are not measured by any man's laws! Fear is the only thing that any law has ever created! And what kind of pirates would we all be if we were afraid of any of our fears, even a little! ~ C. JoyBell C.
Darksome Night quotes by C. JoyBell C.
He fills me with horror and I do not hate him. How can I hate him, Raoul? Think of Erik at my feet, in the house on the lake, underground. He accuses himself, he curses himself, he implores my forgiveness! ... He confesses his cheat. He loves me! He lays at my feet an immense and tragic love ... He has carried me off for love! ... He has imprisoned me with him, underground, for love! ... But he respects me: he crawls, he moans, he weeps! ... And, when I stood up, Raoul, and told him that I could only despise him if he did not, then and there, give me my liberty ... he offered it ... he offered to show me the mysterious road ... Only ... only he rose too ... and I was made to remember that, though he was not an angel, nor a ghost, nor a genius, he remained the voice ... for he sang. And I listened ... and stayed! ... That night, we did not exchange another word. He sang me to sleep. ~ Gaston Leroux
Darksome Night quotes by Gaston Leroux
Or a stuffed animal. I would've cuddled with it at night." I sighed heavily. "Oh well. I guess that's never going to happen." Arabella giggled. Grandma pointed the breaker bar at her. "Quiet in the peanut gallery. ~ Ilona Andrews
Darksome Night quotes by Ilona Andrews
Prayer is never out of season: in summer and in winter its merchandize is precious. Prayer gains audience with heaven in the dead of night, in the midst of business, in the heat of noonday, in the shades of evening. In every condition, whether of poverty, or sickness, or obscurity, or slander, or doubt, your covenant God will welcome your prayer and answer it from His holy place. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Darksome Night quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
As a novelist, you have to pick your battles. You are tired. You have begun to experience the first ominous tinglings of carpal tunnel syndrome. You wake up in the middle of the night with both hands lying across your chest like a couple of plucked bird carcasses, dead of all sensation. ~ Lynn Coady
Darksome Night quotes by Lynn Coady
Damn you to tell," she hissed.
With each struggle, the wires of her wimple poked his chest, causing him a surprising amount of pain. He was about to yank the horrid thing off when she came to an abrupt halt at Father Morrell's rebuke. "I am shocked, my lady.You have always been a girl of common sense.To use such language, on Christmas, and in the chapel!"
Bronwyn bit down hard on her bottom lip, her fury inflamed further. She forced herself to stand still and succumb to the proceedings. Ranulf may be keeping her here now,but that didn't mean she couldn't escape before night fell.
"And you,Lord Anscombe," Father Morrell huffed, "this is most irregular. How am I to know this lady comes willingly to this marriage carried upon your shoulder?"
"Father,you have one duty in front of you at this moment,and that is to wed me to this woman. The salvation of our souls can wait until tomorrow. ~ Michele Sinclair
Darksome Night quotes by Michele Sinclair
The late-night backyard encounter and kiss induced insomnia. ~ Sarah Ockler
Darksome Night quotes by Sarah Ockler
In the folklore of the British Isles, a bodach is a vile beast that slithers down chimneys at night and carries off children who misbehave. Rather like Inland Revenue agents. ~ Dean Koontz
Darksome Night quotes by Dean Koontz
I want to be the first thing you touch in the morning and the last thing you taste at night. ~ Sade Andria Zabala
Darksome Night quotes by Sade Andria Zabala
One night I saw them kissing at a party, so I kissed some other guy. Johnny jumped up and hit him, cause he still loved me, that's why. ~ Lesley Gore
Darksome Night quotes by Lesley Gore
A people, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul. ~ Victor Hugo
Darksome Night quotes by Victor Hugo
When the silence of the night becomes the chanting of poetry, the departure of con-cavity ~ Goitsemang Mvula
Darksome Night quotes by Goitsemang Mvula
I record that I was born (as I have been informed and believe) on a Friday, at twelve o'clock at night. It was remarked that the clock began to strike, and I began to cry, simultaneously. ~ David Copperfield
Darksome Night quotes by David Copperfield
I want the honest truth about something. Could you really fight with someone who did as much damage to you as my father has done to me? (Urian)
I subjected myself to the goddess who drugged me to the point I couldn't protect my sister and nephew the night they were brutally slaughtered, and they were the only two people in the universe who'd ever given two shits about me. Later that same day, she stood back and let her twin brother butcher me on the floor like an animal, yet within hours after that I sold myself to her to protect mankind. For the sake of the Dark-Hunters, I subjected myself to her cruel whims for eleven thousand years. So, yeah, Urian, I think I could manage to suck it up for an hour to protect the rest of the world. (Acheron) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Darksome Night quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bulgaria, I reflected as I walked back to the hotel, isn't a country; it's a near-death experience. ~ Bill Bryson
Darksome Night quotes by Bill Bryson
If you look back on the breakups that you've had, whether it's a long relationship or a one-night stand, it's always awkward. ~ Patrick Wilson
Darksome Night quotes by Patrick Wilson
Last night I had a nightmare. That me and someone I cared a lot about were playing a game in a pool. We'd take turns submerging ourselves under the water while the other person kept time.
At one point it felt like the other person might be drowning, so I jumped in to pull her up. She smiled and laughed and pushed me away. Then she turned blue and died. I could not resuciate her.
I woke up at 3, sweating, in shock and pain. Frightened. But then I realized it was only a dream. But then I realized it was just like real life ...
Sometimes people we care about play risky games and then don't want our help. There is nothing we can do for them, no matter how much we care ... ~ Jose N Harris
Darksome Night quotes by Jose N Harris
Oh, I will go back to Century House and start again. And go back each night to my small flat and listen to my music and eat my baked beans. And you will go back to Nikki, my friend, and hold her very tight, and write your books and forget all this. ~ Frederick Forsyth
Darksome Night quotes by Frederick Forsyth
I think that maps showing platform details would be useful to visitors, especially to chaperones of school groups, etc. Also useful would be either a compass rose or an arrow pointing North at every metro exit. Emerging from underground is disorienting, especially at night. ~ Robert James Thomson
Darksome Night quotes by Robert James Thomson
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