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#1. You are not indebted to us because you were born. Your life is your own. However long or short you decide that is. - Author: M.A. Grant
Darkest Court quotes by M.A. Grant
#2. I am deeply honored to have been nominated for a position on the Supreme Court. And I an humbled to have been nominated for the seat that is now held by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. - Author: Samuel Alito
Darkest Court quotes by Samuel Alito
#3. An invitation to a wedding invokes more trouble than a summons to a police court. - Author: William Feather
Darkest Court quotes by William Feather
#4. Do you always wear Malaysian imitations of Brooks Brothers blue oxford button-downs, Mr. Laney?"

Laney had looked down at his shirt, or tried to.


"The stitch-count's dead on, but they still haven't mastered the thread-tension."


"Never mind. A little prototypic nerd chic could actually lend a certain frisson, around here. You could lose the tie, though. Definitely lose the tie. And keep a collection of felt-tipped pens in your pocket. Unchewed, please. Plus one of those fat flat highlighters, in a really nasty fluorescent shade."

"Are you joking?"

"Probably, Mr. Laney. May I call you Colin?"


She never did call him "Colin," then or ever. "You'll find that humor is essential at Slitscan, Laney. A necessary survival tool. You'll find the type that's most viable here is fairly oblique."

"How do you mean, Ms. Torrance?"

"Kathy. I mean difficult to quote effectively in a memo. Or a court of law. - Author: William Gibson
Darkest Court quotes by William Gibson
#5. He was struck dumb by her brilliant blue eyes. Eyes that could drag a man out of the darkest hole and into the light. - Author: J.K. Coi
Darkest Court quotes by J.K. Coi
#6. Take her back to Court? That´s easy. I was going to do that anyway, whether you liked it or not. Comes with the whole rescue thing, you know... - Author: Julie Kagawa
Darkest Court quotes by Julie Kagawa
#7. I'm a little skeptical about using the Constitution this way, but I also believe marriage is between a man and a woman and that the courts shouldn't legislate this matter. - Author: Pete Coors
Darkest Court quotes by Pete Coors
#8. At the Foxhole Court "family" was a fantasy invented to make books and Hollywood movies more interesting. - Author: Nora Sakavic
Darkest Court quotes by Nora Sakavic
#9. She shows up everywhere, at any time, like she can guess
what we're going to do before we do it."
"The lady is good at what she does," Liam confirmed.
"Can you please not compliment the person trying to drag our asses back to camp? - Author: Alexandra Bracken
Darkest Court quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#10. Experiencing grief and pain is like falling off a cliff. Everything has been turned upside down, and we are no longer in control. As we fall, we see one and only one tree that is growing out from the rock face. So we grab hold of it and cling to it with all our might. This tree is our holy God. He alone can keep us from falling headfirst to our doom. There simply aren't any other trees to grab. So we cling to this tree (the holy God) with all our might.
But what we didn't realize is that when we fell and grabbed the tree our arm actually became entangled in the branches, so that in reality, the tree is holding us. We hold on to keep from falling, but what we don't realize is that we can't fall because the tree has us. We are safe. God, in his holiness, is keeping us and showing mercy to us. We may not be aware of it, but it is true. He is with us even in the deepest and darkest pit. - Author: Dustin Shramek
Darkest Court quotes by Dustin Shramek
#11. By shooting the darkest areas three zones lighter, you turned a black, lifeless max black zone 0 into a zone 3.
I think, in life, most of us did this all the time. - Author: A.S. King
Darkest Court quotes by A.S. King
#12. Black ia the color that is no color at all.
Black is the color of a child's still, empty bedroom. The heaviest hour of night - the one that traps you in your bunk, suffocating in another nightmare. It is a uniform stretched over the broad shoulders of an angry young man. Black is the mud, the lidless eye watching your every breath, the low vibrations of the fence that stretches up to tear at the sky. - Author: Alexandra Bracken
Darkest Court quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#13. To be true to its constitutional role, the Supreme Court should refuse to be drawn into making public policy, and it should strike down legislation only when a clear constitutional violation exists. When judicial activists resort to various inventions and theories to impose their personal views on privacy and liberty, they jeopardize the legitimacy of the judiciary as an institution and undermine the role of the other branches of government. - Author: Mark Levin
Darkest Court quotes by Mark Levin
#14. There are people who love you and people who hate you, but for me, more so, people only think they know me by how I act or perform on a tennis court. - Author: Lleyton Hewitt
Darkest Court quotes by Lleyton Hewitt
#15. I can't tell you how many home businesses are almost in bankruptcy court over a Yellow Pages ad only to find out that the Yellow Pages ad isn't where their market will look for them, and it cost more than they thought. - Author: Dave Ramsey
Darkest Court quotes by Dave Ramsey
#16. After the longest night, tomorrow we sing up the dawn. There is a rejoicing that, even in the darkest time, the sun is not vanquished. As of tomorrow, the days begin to get longer as the light of day grows. While the gentle winter sun slowly opens its eyes, let us all bring more light and compassion into the world. - Author: Dacha Avelin
Darkest Court quotes by Dacha Avelin
#17. Wandering back into the bedroom, my gaze immediately strayed to the large bed along the wall and the lump beneath the covers. Pale light streamed through the half-open curtains, settling around the still-sleeping form of a Winter sidhe. Or a former Winter sidhe. Pausing in the doorframe, I took advantage of the serene moment just to watch him, a tiny flutter going through my stomach. Sometimes, it was still hard to believe that he was here, that this wasn't a dream or a mirage or a figment of my imagination. That he was mine forever: my husband, my knight.
My faery with a soul.

He lay on his stomach, arms beneath the pillow, breathing peacefully, his dark hair falling over his eyes. The covers had slipped off his lean, muscular shoulders, and the early morning rays caressed his pale skin. Normally, I didn't get to watch him sleep; he was usually up before me, in the courtyard sparring with Glitch or just prowling the halls of the castle. In the early days of our marriage, especially, I'd wake up in the middle of the night to find him gone, the hyper-awareness of his warrior days making it impossible for him to stay in one place, even to sleep. He'd grown up in the Unseelie Court, where you had to watch your back every second of every day, and centuries of fey survival could not be forgotten so easily. That paranoia would never really fade, but he was gradually starting to relax now, to the point where sometimes, though not often, I would wake with him still be - Author: Julie Kagawa
Darkest Court quotes by Julie Kagawa
#18. Even in the darkest moments, light exists if you have faith to see it. - Author: Dean Koontz
Darkest Court quotes by Dean Koontz
#19. I do not wonder that, where the monastick life is permitted, every order finds votaries, and every monastery inhabitants. Men will submit to any rule, by which they may be exempted from the tyranny of caprice and of chance. They are glad to supply by external authority their own want of constancy and resolution, and court the government of others, when long experience has convinced them of their own inability to govern themselves. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Darkest Court quotes by Samuel Johnson
#20. In the societies of the highly industrialized western world, the workplace is the only remaining battlefield where people can "kill" each other without running the risk of being taken to court. - Heinz Leymann, MD - Author: Gary Namie
Darkest Court quotes by Gary Namie
#21. The theatre is an attack on mankind carried on by magic: to victimize an audience every night, to make them laugh and cry and suffer and miss their trains. Of course actors regard audiences as enemies, to be deceived, drugged, incarcerated, stupefied. This is partly because the audience is also a court against which there is no appeal. - Author: Iris Murdoch
Darkest Court quotes by Iris Murdoch
#22. The darkest experiences in a human being's life allow that person to either go deeper and stay depressed or get the strength to stand up stronger than ever, and that's my case. - Author: Thalia
Darkest Court quotes by Thalia
#23. The American people should be the one to decide which direction the Supreme Court will go. - Author: Jeff Sessions
Darkest Court quotes by Jeff Sessions
#24. I WANT her though, to take the same from me.
She touches me as if I were herself, her own.
She has not realized yet, that fearful thing, that
I am the other,
she thinks we are all of one piece.
It is painfully untrue.

I want her to touch me at last, ah, on the root and
quick of my darkness
and perish on me, as I have perished on her.

Then, we shall be two and distinct, we shall have
each our separate being.
And that will be pure existence, real liberty.
Till then, we are confused, a mixture, unresolved,
unextricated one from the other.
It is in pure, unutterable resolvedness, distinction
of being, that one is free,
not in mixing, merging, not in similarity.
When she has put her hand on my secret, darkest
sources, the darkest outgoings,
when it has struck home to her, like a death, "this is _him!_"
she has no part in it, no part whatever,
it is the terrible _other_,
when she knows the fearful _other flesh_, ah, dark-
ness unfathomable and fearful, contiguous and concrete,
when she is slain against me, and lies in a heap
like one outside the house,
when she passes away as I have passed away
being pressed up against the _other_,
then I shall be glad, I shall not be confused with her,
I shall be cleared, distinct, single as if burnished in silver,
having no adherence, no adhesion anywhere,
one clear, burnished, isol - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Darkest Court quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#25. So, what did you think of the Unseelie Court?"
A slow, wicked smile spread on his face. "Oh, Kaye," he breathed. "It was marvelous. It was perfect."
She narrowed her gaze. "I was joking. They were killing things, Corny. For fun. Things like us."
He didn't seem to hear her, his eyes looking past her to the bright window. "There was this knight, not yours. He ... " Corny shivered and seemed to abruptly change the direction of his sentence. "He had a cloak all lined with thorns."
"I saw him talking to the Queen," Kaye said.
Corny shrugged off his jacket. There were long scratches along his arms.
"What happened to you?"
Corny's smile widened, but his gaze was locked in some memory. He shifted it back to her. "Well, obviously I got inside the cloak."
She snorted. "What a euphemism. - Author: Holly Black
Darkest Court quotes by Holly Black
#26. Dear Sixpence,
I saved them all, you know. Every letter you ever sent, even those to which I never replied. I'm sorry for so many things, my love: that I left
you; that I never came home; that it took me so long to realize that you were my home and that, with you by my side, none of the rest
But in the darkest hours, on the coldest nights, when I felt I'd lost everything, I still had your letters. And through them, in some small way,
I still had you.
I loved you then, my darling Penelope, more than I could imagine - just as I love you now, more than you can know.
Hell House, February 1831 - Author: Sarah MacLean
Darkest Court quotes by Sarah MacLean
#27. thought of Dr. Court and was sorry that she was going to be disappointed. Joey knew his mother would be upset, but she had Donald and the new baby. It wouldn't take her long to see that it was all for the best. And his father. His father would just get drunk again. Joey kept his eyes open. He wanted to see the trees rush up at him. He took a long breath, held it, and dove. - Author: Nora Roberts
Darkest Court quotes by Nora Roberts
#28. I realized that people had an unreal image of me, that somehow I was a god on Mount Olympus. I decided that if I were going to make use of my role as a Supreme Court Justice, it would be to inspire people to realize that, first, I was just like them and second, if I could do it, so could they. - Author: Sonia Sotomayor
Darkest Court quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#29. A Court has no right to strain the law because it causes hardship. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Darkest Court quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#30. TOUCHSTONE Truly, shepherd, in respect of itself, it is a good life; but in respect that it is a shepherd's life, it is naught. In respect that it is solitary, I like it very well; but in respect that it is private, it is a very vile life. Now in respect it is in the fields, it pleaseth me well; but in respect it is not in the court, it is tedious. As it is a spare life, look you, it fits my humour well; but as there is no more plenty in it, it goes much against my stomach. Hast any philosophy in thee, shepherd? - Author: William Shakespeare
Darkest Court quotes by William Shakespeare
#31. Fear is a beast that haunts darkest of nights
And swallows our minds one by one
But hope is a light that takes root in the heart
And can grow to be strong as the sun - Author: Lisa Lueddecke
Darkest Court quotes by Lisa Lueddecke
#32. Exclusion [of evidence] exacts a heavy toll on both the judicial system and society at large. It almost always requires courts to ignore reliable, trustworthy evidence bearing on guilt or innocence. And its bottom-line effect, in many cases, is to suppress the truth and set the criminal loose in the community without punishment. [internal citations omitted] - Author: Samuel Alito
Darkest Court quotes by Samuel Alito
#33. The darkest clouds precipitate the most rain. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Darkest Court quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#34. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that serious doubt - the kind that leads to despair - begins not when we start asking God questions but when, out of fear, we stop. In our darkest hours of confusion and in our most glorious moments of clarity, we remain but curious and dependent little children, tugging frantically at God's outstretched hands and pleading with every question and every prayer and every tantrum we can muster, We want to have a conversation with you! - Author: Rachel Held Evans
Darkest Court quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#35. Once people needed heaven and hell, Elysium and Faerie. They believed. Belief is the great creative force, the faith that moves mountains. If Someone had not believed in us, so they say, we would never have been born. I have spent my darkest hours wondering what kind of a Creator would have believed in me. Kal - Author: Jan Siegel
Darkest Court quotes by Jan Siegel
#36. The human element in any system is always prone to error. Why should the courts be any different? They are not. Our blind trust in the system is the product of ignorance ... - Author: William Landay
Darkest Court quotes by William Landay
#37. My mate. Death incarnate. Night triumphant. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Darkest Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#38. Everybody is presumed to know the law except His Majesty's judges, who have a Court of Appeal set over them to put them right. - Author: William Henry Maule
Darkest Court quotes by William Henry Maule
#39. I think the Supreme Court does have the authority, which is not used, to declare a blanket right for all people, all adults. - Author: Jack Kevorkian
Darkest Court quotes by Jack Kevorkian
#40. I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star - Author: Erica Jong
Darkest Court quotes by Erica Jong
#41. Our lawyers had their chat with the Supreme Court Justice, and promised to repast the chat to other members of the Supreme Court to find out whether they wanted to hear us out. - Author: Dashiell Hammett
Darkest Court quotes by Dashiell Hammett
#42. Got good news and bad news for you, Mr. President. The good news is that Chief Justice John Roberts just saved your legacy and, perhaps, your presidency by writing for the Supreme Court majority to rule health care reform constitutional. - Author: Ron Fournier
Darkest Court quotes by Ron Fournier
#43. Mob rule can not be allowed to override the decisions of our courts. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Darkest Court quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#44. I think the Supreme Court has, as an equal branch of government, the ability to overrule Congress and the president. But I also feel it's the role of the Congress and the president to push back. I mean I think it's important that they are understood as equal branches of government. - Author: Rick Santorum
Darkest Court quotes by Rick Santorum
#45. When you have traveled the world, won Olympic gold, and gone through a very public court battle against your parents all by the age of seventeen, surprises don't come easy. - Author: Dominique Moceanu
Darkest Court quotes by Dominique Moceanu
#46. This is what is going to happen, Aleran. You will no longer lie with me. You will treat me in exactly the fashion that you would any proper young lady of the Citizenry. You will court me, and do it well, or so help me I will strangle the life from you."
"Um," Tavi said.
"And," she said, a massively threatening quality in her tone, "you will court me properly after the ways of my people. You will do so with legendary skill and taste. And only when that is done will we share a bed once more. - Author: Jim Butcher
Darkest Court quotes by Jim Butcher
#47. Though this motion for a new trial is an application to the discretion of the Court, it must be remembered that the discretion to be exercised on such an occasion is not a wild but a sound discretion, and to be confined within those limits within which an honest man, competent to discharge the duties of his office, ought to confine himself. And that discretion will be best exercised by not deviating from the rules laid down by our predecessors; for the practice of the Court forms the law of the Court. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Darkest Court quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#48. How an individual's reputation is protected online is too important and subtle a policy matter to be legislated by a high court, which is institutionally mismatched to the evolving intricacies of the online world. - Author: Jonathan Zittrain
Darkest Court quotes by Jonathan Zittrain

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