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#1. My parents taught me honesty, truth, compassion, kindness and how to care for people. Also, they encouraged me to take risks, to boldly go. They taught me that the greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure. - Author: Brian Blessed
Danger In Life quotes by Brian Blessed
#2. One of the greatest source of danger in life is to find the right path and stand on it. If you find the right way, run on it, don't stand on it. Something may be coming from behind; it will surely crush you when you are static. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Danger In Life quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#3. The greatest danger in life is not to take the adventure. - Author: George Leigh Mallory
Danger In Life quotes by George Leigh Mallory
#4. The real danger in life is not death, but living an evil life. - Author: Socrates
Danger In Life quotes by Socrates
#5. The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions. - Author: Alfred Adler
Danger In Life quotes by Alfred Adler
#6. The worst thing that happens in life is not death. The worst thing would be to miss it ... I think the great danger in life is not showing up. - Author: Rachel Naomi Remen
Danger In Life quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
#7. The greatest danger in life is not taking chances. There are so many negative people wanting to grind you down, but you can't let them. If people say you are mad, you know you're on the right track. - Author: Brian Blessed
Danger In Life quotes by Brian Blessed
#8. You can't call it an adventure unless it's tinged with danger. The greatest danger in life, though, is not taking the adventure at all. To have the objective of a life of ease is death. I think we've all got to go after our own Everest. - Author: Brian Blessed
Danger In Life quotes by Brian Blessed
#9. I think that anytime you get clear about what your mission is or what your focus wants to be, things start to come together in your life. - Author: Eve Ensler
Danger In Life quotes by Eve Ensler
#10. In every Christian's life there comes a time when he or she needs to know the precise circumstances under which God is willing to heal the sick. - Author: Michel Faber
Danger In Life quotes by Michel Faber
#11. It is regret for the absence of his loved one which causes a mourner to grieve: yet it is clear that this in itself is bearable enough; for we do not weep at their being absent or intending to be absent during their lifetime, although when they leave our sight we have no more pleasure in them. What tortures us, therefore, is an idea. - Author: Seneca
Danger In Life quotes by Seneca
#12. The fullness of life is in the hazards of life. - Author: Edith Hamilton
Danger In Life quotes by Edith Hamilton
#13. By forces seemingly antagonistic and destructive Nature accomplishes her beneficent designs - now a flood of fire, now a flood of ice, now a flood of water; and again in the fullness of time an outburst of organic life ... - Author: John Muir
Danger In Life quotes by John Muir
#14. She looked out the window; in her eyes was the light that you see only in children arriving at a new place, or in young people still open to new influences, still curious about the world because they have not yet been scarred by life. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
Danger In Life quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#15. What, did you think," she asked, laughing as he struggled up the bank, "that I, a Gaulish maiden, could not swim?"
"I did not think anything about it," Malchus said; "I saw you pushed in and followed without thinking at all."
Although they imperfectly understood each other's words the meaning was clear; the girl put her hand on his shoulder and looked frankly up in his face.
"I thank you," she said, "just the same as if you had saved my life. You meant to do so, and it was very good of you, a great chief of this army, to hazard your life for a Gaulish maiden. Clotilde will never forget. - Author: G.A. Henty
Danger In Life quotes by G.A. Henty
#16. Another question I am frequently asked is, "What do you mean by recovery?" It has taken me a while to answer that one. I had been depending on other people's definitions of recovery until I developed one that worked for me (just as you must come to one that makes sense for you.) Mine is simple. For me, it is about freedom.
Recovery is the freedom to make choices in your life that aren't determined by the abuse.
The specific choices will be different for each of you; the freedom to choose is your birthright. - Author: Mike Lew
Danger In Life quotes by Mike Lew
#17. Our life is like th' unstable wave, Our bloom of youth decays. Our joys are brief as lightning flash In summer's cloudy days, Our riches fleet as swift as thought; Faith in the One Supreme Alone will bear us o'er the gulfs Of Being's stormy stream. - Author: Bhartrhari
Danger In Life quotes by Bhartrhari
#18. There Comes the Strangest Moment

There comes the strangest moment in your life,
when everything you thought before breaks free--
what you relied upon, as ground-rule and as rite
looks upside down from how it used to be.

Skin's gone pale, your brain is shedding cells;
you question every tenet you set down;
obedient thoughts have turned to infidels
and every verb desires to be a noun.

I want--my want. I love--my love. I'll stay
with you. I thought transitions were the best,
but I want what's here to never go away.
I'll make my peace, my bed, and kiss this breast…

Your heart's in retrograde. You simply have no choice.
Things people told you turn out to be true.
You have to hold that body, hear that voice.
You'd have sworn no one knew you more than you.

How many people thought you'd never change?
But here you have. It's beautiful. It's strange. - Author: Kate Light
Danger In Life quotes by Kate Light
#19. Have a lived life instead of a career. Put yourself in the safekeeping of good taste. Lived freedom will compensate you for a few losses ... If you don't like the style of others, cultivate your own. Get to know the tricks of reproduction, be a self-publisher even in conversation, and then the joy of working can fill your days. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Danger In Life quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#20. I believe that the choice not to have a choice is a choice in itself. - Author: Kcat Yarza
Danger In Life quotes by Kcat Yarza
#21. Anarchists are opposed to violence; everyone knows that. The main plank of anarchism is the removal of violence from human relations. It is life based on freedom of the individual, without the intervention of the gendarme. For this reason we are the enemies of capitalism which depends on the protection of the gendarme to oblige workers to allow themselves to be exploited
or even to remain idle and go hungry when it is not in the interest of the bosses to exploit them. We are therefore enemies of the State which is the coercive violent organization of society. - Author: Errico Malatesta
Danger In Life quotes by Errico Malatesta
#22. Dean had never quite imagined his life might end like this. Naked in a Tijuana brothel with an eighty-year-old woman dressed like Janine from Spinal Tap sizing up his junk and looking distinctly unimpressed. He really wished the room wasn't so heavily air-conditioned. - Author: Christa Faust
Danger In Life quotes by Christa Faust
#23. Awareness is the greatest alchemy there is.
Just go on becoming more and more aware
you will find your life changing for the better in every possible dimension.
It will bring great fulfilment - Author: Rajneesh
Danger In Life quotes by Rajneesh
#24. A totalitarian society which succeeded in perpetuating itself would probably set us a schizophrenic system of thought, in which the laws of common sense held good in everyday life and in certain exact sciences, but could be disregarded by the politician, the historian, and the sociologist. Already there are countless people who would think it scandalous to falsify a scientific text-book, but would see nothing wrong in falsifying an historical fact. - Author: George Orwell
Danger In Life quotes by George Orwell
#25. I have earned enough money in my life. When I started my career, for about 10 years, I told myself I want to make money. Now, I just want to do different roles. - Author: Akshay Kumar
Danger In Life quotes by Akshay Kumar
#26. For the life of me, I did not understand how he[Atticus] could sit there in cold blood and read a newspaper when his only son stood an excellent chance of being murdered with a Confederate Army relic. - Author: Harper Lee
Danger In Life quotes by Harper Lee
#27. Learn to see the beauty in and around you. Learn to observe the beauty inside the mind. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Danger In Life quotes by Debasish Mridha
#28. Bad habits are spiraling slides that drag you round and round down the narrowing end of a cone that eventually ends up in a dark, tight, confining spot.

Good habits are hooked wings that steadily grow in girth and strength. At first, they grasp and climb until those beautiful wings can lift the bearer out of the darkness and above the clouds to heights few ever experience. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Danger In Life quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#29. In a world where poverty is a crime and where people are yearning for some crumbs of affection, they can only dance on the brim of the volcano and wait for an eruption of compassion. ("New life in Schengen") - Author: Erik Pevernagie
Danger In Life quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#30. Everything in life has some good in it. And when something awful happens, the goodness stands out even more
it's sad, but that's the truth. - Author: Banana Yoshimoto
Danger In Life quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#31. What would it be like, I marveled, to go through life so utterly unwary? So wholly certain of your belonging to a place that it was never necessary to consider how your next move would be perceived?

Timing was everything.

Things always seem to look so much brighter in the fall. Remember you used to tell me that? - Author: Helen Wan
Danger In Life quotes by Helen Wan
#32. nothing in life is sacred except laughter. - Author: Twinkle Khanna
Danger In Life quotes by Twinkle Khanna
#33. I've moved around so much my whole life, and I've gotten so used to being the Other in situations - the foreigner, the outsider. The first time I've ever felt like there was no separation between me and the other elements was in music. - Author: Abigail Washburn
Danger In Life quotes by Abigail Washburn
#34. People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.
A true soul mate is probably the most important person you'll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave.
A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master ... - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Danger In Life quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#35. So, if people didn't settle down to take up farming, why then did they embark on this entirely new way of living? We have no idea – or actually, we have lots of ideas, but we don't know if any of them are right. According to Felipe Fernández-Armesto, at least thirty-eight theories have been put forward to explain why people took to living in communities: that they were driven to it by climatic change, or by a wish to stay near their dead, or by a powerful desire to brew and drink beer, which could only be indulged by staying in one place. - Author: Bill Bryson
Danger In Life quotes by Bill Bryson
#36. Kneeling in the keeping room where she usually went to talk-think it was clear why Baby Suggs was so starved for color. There was't any except for two orange squares in a quilt that made the absence shout. The walls of the room were slate-colored, the floor earth-brown, the wooden dresser the color of itself, curtains white, and the dominating feature, the quilt over an iron cot, was made up of scraps of blue serge, black, brown and gray wool–the full range of the dark and the muted that thrift and modesty allowed. In that sober field, two patches of orange looked wild–like life in the raw. - Author: Toni Morrison
Danger In Life quotes by Toni Morrison
O You wild adept at throwing!
Like a spear by other things, I'd lain
there beside my next of kin. Your strain
flung me far. To where's beyond my knowing.
None can bring me back again.
Sisters think upon me as they twine,
and the house is full of warm relation.
I alone am out of the design,
and I tremble like a supplication;
for the lovely goddess all creation
bowers in legend lives this life of mine.
With unrest I want to inundate you,
want to brandish you, you vine-wreathed stave.
Want, like death itself, to penetrate you
and to pass you onwards like the grave
to the All: to all these things that wait you. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Danger In Life quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#38. You have moments of grief in life, and if you can put pen to paper and capture that, that's something wonderful. I can revisit actual songs about past deaths, and I know that emotion is as true now as it was then. - Author: John Lydon
Danger In Life quotes by John Lydon
#39. Suddenly, in my mind I hear my father say, 'Mind over matter, son. You can do this. You can accomplish anything as long as you really want to. - Author: Marc Ashton
Danger In Life quotes by Marc Ashton
#40. Progressives and Islamists are indeed on the same side. Their common disdain for Christianity explains why left-wing judges in America find any inkling of Christianity in the public square unconstitutional, while Islamist judges in the Middle East deem it executable. Their common view that life is expendable explains the left's embrace abortion-on-demand and why the Islamists don't hesitate to deploy their own children for homicide bombings. - Author: Gary Bauer
Danger In Life quotes by Gary Bauer
#41. We're not gods, Julia. We're helpers. That's all. People have called us terrible things in the past. But that was only because they didn't understand us. That understanding is for the future, a time not long from now. You may live to see it. Then perhaps you can work openly, but for now, keep your gifts to yourself. Never flaunt your abilities. Never think you hold the power of life and death. Only God has that power. When it's a person's time, nothing can save them. - Author: Christopher Pike
Danger In Life quotes by Christopher Pike
#42. As I worked I continued to be a bit terrified in the back of my mind that it would be awful in the end, a big mishmash of nothing in particular, and there I would be, having wasted a whole week of my life destroying things I wanted to keep.

But I should have trusted the long history of women who've come before me making rag rugs from everything that wasn't nailed down because it wasn't like that at all. Instead it was like a big, incredible tapestry that just happened to--if you could decipher it--tell a million little stories from my life. I could look at it and see my old lace slip and the girls' party dresses and my high school rainbow tie-dyes, the Irish kilt and the Halloween clown pants and so many, many other things. It was all in there somewhere.

I felt like the miller's daughter in the fairy tale, the one who stays up all night spinning straw into gold. But who needs yellow metal, anyway? The was way better. - Author: Eve O. Schaub
Danger In Life quotes by Eve O. Schaub
#43. We should expect hope's reciprocity as a natural flowering of the life of hope. Helping others and nurturing hope is expressive of hopefulness itself. It is an extension of the hopeful self to reach out to others, promoting the connection of agency and the enrichment of horizons of meaning. Hope's reciprocity grows out of the very social nature of hope; we thus frequently see it live in family relations, in intimacy, in love. And so hope spreads. This spreading should not surprise us; like love, it is freely given, fostered, and nurtured. - Author: Patrick Shade
Danger In Life quotes by Patrick Shade
#44. She would not say of any one in the world that they were this or were that. She felt very young; at the same time unspeakably aged. She sliced like a knife through everything; at the same time was outside, looking on. She had a perpetual sense, as she watched the taxi cabs, of being out, far out to the sea and alone; she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day. Not that she thought herself clever, or much out of the ordinary. How she had got through life on the few twigs of knowledge Fraulein Daniels gave them she could not think. She knew nothing; no language, no history; she scarcely read a book now, except memoirs in bed; and yet to her it was absolutely absorbing; all this; the cabs passing; and she would not say of Peter, she would not say of herself, I am this, I am that. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Danger In Life quotes by Virginia Woolf
#45. The typical worker who through the whole of his life ... pursues the idea of a certain artificial and elegant repose which he may never arrive at, for which he sacrifices a real tranquility ... It is this deception which rouses and keeps in continual motion the industry of mankind. - Author: Adam Smith
Danger In Life quotes by Adam Smith
#46. In short: Readily available low-cost life insurance would be a threat to the industry, and whatever threatens the life insurance industry threatens America. - Author: Andrew Tobias
Danger In Life quotes by Andrew Tobias
#47. The arts are not simply skills: their concern is the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual maturity of human life. And in a time when religious and political institutions are so busy engraving images of marketable gods and candidates that they lose their vision of human dignity, the arts have become the custodians of those values which most worthily difine humanity, which most sensitively define Divinity. - Author: Robert Shaw
Danger In Life quotes by Robert Shaw
#48. What do you hope girls take away from watching [Agent Carter]?
I would hope that young girls can see that they don't have to sacrifice their femininity to be taken seriously in the workplace. But also they don't have to rely on their physicality or their appearance; that it's just as important, if not a lot more so, to be able to use their intelligence, their wit, their humor and their warmth to be able to get where they want to and to achieve their goals in life. - Author: Hayley Atwell
Danger In Life quotes by Hayley Atwell
#49. When you've lived as long as I have," he said, eyes heavy-lidded but definitely on her, "you learn to appreciate new sensations. They are rare in an immortal's life."
She found she'd moved toward him. He hooked her arm around her waist, pulling her closer until she straddled him as he sat on a ledge below the waterline, her legs wrapped around his waist.
He settled her firmly against him.
Sucking in a breath, she said, "Sex isn't new to you," and rocked her heat over the exquisite hardness of him. Good didn't begin to describe how it felt. How he felt.
"No. But you are."
"Never had a hunter before?" She grinned, nibbling on his lower lip.
But he didn't smile. "I've never had Elena before." The words were husky, his eyes so intent she felt owned. - Author: Nalini Singh
Danger In Life quotes by Nalini Singh
#50. I think you have to be who you truly are and love who you are (to be beautiful). It's also important to be free and honest, enjoying life and having fun. In conclusion, ... I am who I am. - Author: CL
Danger In Life quotes by CL
#51. From Oleg Cassini's memoirs... I learned that Cassini had also suffered from insomnia. One night, he woke from uneasy dreams with the opening of Dante's Inferno setting off 'a clamorous tumult in [his] subconscious: "Midway the journey of our life, I found myself in a dark forest."' When I read these terrible words, chills ran up my arms. I knew 'midway the journey' was supposed to mean midlife crisis. But it seemed to me one had always been midway the journey of our life, and would be maybe right up until the moment of death. - Author: Elif Batuman
Danger In Life quotes by Elif Batuman
#52. And sitting there, sea drifting in around them, Wolf had understood for the first time what kind of life he wanted to live with Faith. Maybe they wouldn't rise up into the sky the way he'd thought, maybe the real thing was doing what his parents had done, pay the rent, read the paper, hell, maybe that was the dare. To live
day in, day out. Just live. - Author: Jennifer Egan
Danger In Life quotes by Jennifer Egan
#53. You can be an atheist three seasons out of the year, but not during spring. Spring makes it mandatory to believe in a Divine Creator. - Author: Toni Sorenson
Danger In Life quotes by Toni Sorenson

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