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Here is the kind of thought pattern that runs through the mind of the child in the alcoholic family system: "If I feel guilty, then I am responsible. And if I am responsible, then I can do something to fix it, to change it, to make it different." Giving up your guilt also means giving up your sense that you have control over the situation. And, of course, loss of control is a disaster. You have grown up to be the perfect doormat for an inconsiderate person. Often you end up in a perfect give-and-take relationship . . . you give, they take. ~ Janet Geringer Woititz
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Janet Geringer Woititz
I look at the stars again. Daddy says he named me Starr because I was his light in the darkness. I need some light in my own darkness right about now. ~ Angie Thomas
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Angie Thomas
My thoughts and love go out to the Mandela family. Rest in peace Madiba. You will be missed, but your impact on this world will live forever. ~ Charlize Theron
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Charlize Theron
Technically, I'm a knight. My family goes back a thousand years in the Naples area. We're a titled, noble people. ~ Paul Sorvino
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Paul Sorvino
Looking back, I got the bed I wanted and I lay in it. I didn't want to go to America. If you want to join that world, you have to go and live there, and that was something I could not have done. I am very much about family. It doesn't matter where I live, but I feel very needful of my people around me. Besides, theatre is my first love. ~ Felicity Kendal
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Felicity Kendal
I almost lost you."
"No, never. I would've fought. However long it took. I'd never give up until I was free. You're my life, Jonah. My family, my love, my best friend. Nothing, not even destiny, could keep me from you."
He leans forward and brushes his lips against mine.
"Okay. ~ J.B. Salsbury
Dacyczyn Family quotes by J.B. Salsbury
Who we are takes generations to create and doesn't end with death. ~ Stanley Siegel
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Stanley Siegel
Brando's a family friend. His mother gave my father a shot to be in a play at the Omaha Community Playhouse. That was the first production he was in. ~ Peter Fonda
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Peter Fonda
You can't just abandon your family because they did something horrible. ~ Rick Riordan
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Rick Riordan
People who were close to me - family and friends - they knew about my sexuality. ~ Greg Louganis
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Greg Louganis
What we need is someone to abolish the House Of Lords, get rid of the Royal Family ... ~ John Boorman
Dacyczyn Family quotes by John Boorman
No one was perfect. But we all did the best we could. I guessed you had to forgive when you could, move on when you couldn't, and love your family and friends for who they were instead of punishing them for who they weren't. ~ Sarah Mlynowski
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Sarah Mlynowski
Pray daily for your family. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Well I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. And, you know what, in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there. But that's how I was raised and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman. ~ Carrie Prejean
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Carrie Prejean
... rarely missed her family - her family had created their own realm of problems - but at times like this, having someone to turn to would have made life easier. ~ Gail Gaymer Martin
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Gail Gaymer Martin
Money is human kind's greatest invention. Money doesn't discriminate. Money doesn't care whether a person is poor, whether a person comes from a good family, or what his skin color is. Anybody can make money. ~ Takafumi Horie
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Takafumi Horie
She spoke about her family she'd lost. She spoke about her secret hopes and fears and longings. She had love to give, and no one to give it to. ~ Katherine Applegate
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Katherine Applegate
Well, while I didn't have the more extreme experiences of some of my characters, I didn't exactly come from the most normal of households. Or rather, it was normal, in that dysfunctional families appear to be the norm. ~ Charles De Lint
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Charles De Lint
I swear if that's a pair of demon horns digging into my belly and stabbing me right now, Ash, I'm going to beat you after it's born.
'Cause face it, horns on the head didn't come from my side of the family or genetic code. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I come from a working-class family in Pittsburgh, whereas 'Mike & Molly' deals with the working class in Chicago. I swear a little, but I pretty much talk the same. It's not like when you see someone like Tim Allen and he's a lot bluer onstage. ~ Billy Gardell
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Billy Gardell
No man, even if he is sixty yrs of age ought to live more than three months at a time from his family... ~ Lynne Withey
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Lynne Withey
A person who is worth nothing must introduce you to a person worth next-to-nothing, and that person to another, and so on and so forth until finally you can step across the threshold, almost one of the family. ~ Michel Faber
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Michel Faber
One thing that happens often times in family life is that people think maybe the challenge you are having with a child when they are a teenager or even in adolescence that this is going to go on forever and it doesn't. They get to their 20s, they change dramatically in their 20s. So sometimes it's just holding on for the ride, and just being there and holding on for the ride. ~ Michele Bachmann
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Michele Bachmann
Now Kate is a senior member of the royal family and on the brink of motherhood, it is time to look at the woman behind the name. She is the first person for 350 years without aristocratic blood to marry an heir to the throne, and if it wasn't for tragedy on both sides of her family, she would probably not be in the position she is today. However, circumstances before she was born and the support her parents gave her only got her so far - the rest has been up to her.
Although she was christened Catherine, she started to be called Kate at university and Kate is what William calls her. It became how she was referred to in the press, and therefore how she is known all around the world, and so that is how she will be referred to in this book. One day she will be Queen Catherine, but for now, she is known and loved as Kate. ~ Marcia Moody
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Marcia Moody
I'm working on poems about work, I guess. Or related to work. Which sounds dull as drywall but I'm having great fun working the vernacular of work into poems. I'm also writing some poems about family. And I don't know, just writing. Taking breaks. Writing some more. ~ Randall Mann
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Randall Mann
No marriage or family, no ward or stake is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, men and women work together in unity of purpose. ~ Sheri L. Dew
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Sheri L. Dew
I'm putting my life at risk, literally! And if I slipped ... You never know. And I think about it. I think about my family and I'm like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something. ~ Kanye West
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Kanye West
Every morning I wake up, it's kind of like wow, I don't know what happened or how it happened, I can't put my finger on it, but I'm grateful. I'm grateful to be alive. To spend one more day with my family. One more day to make my dreams become a reality. One more day to help somebody. So the first thought on my mind is, thank you god for another day. ~ Eric Thomas
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Eric Thomas
I can sue you for harassment".
"Lets play that fucking game." Lo replies "lets see whose lawyers are better. I'm a goddamn Hale. My family eats shitty fucks like you for brunch. Don't you ever force yourself on a girl ever again ~ Krista Ritchie
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Krista Ritchie
Well if being related by internet marriage is family, I suppose we are. ~ Guy Portman
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Guy Portman
Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror, any mirror, and you wonder why that nose looks as it does, or those eyes--what is behind them, what depths can they reach. Your flesh, your skin, your lips--you know that that face which you behold is not yours alone but is already something which belongs to those who love it, to your family and all those who esteem you. But a person is more than a face or a bundle of nerves and a spigot of blood; a person is more than talking and feeling and being sensitive to the changes in the weather, to the opinions of people. A person is part of a clan, a race. And knowing this, you wonder where you came from and who preceded you; you wonder if you are strong, as you know those who lived before you were strong, and then you realize that there is a durable thread which ties you to a past you did not create but which created you. Then you know that you have to be sure about who you are and if you are not sure or if you do not know, you have to go back, trace those who hold the secret to your past. The search may not be fruitful; from this moment of awareness, there is nothing more frustrating than the belief that you have been meaningless. A man who knows himself can live with his imperfections; he knows instinctively that he is part of a wave that started from great, unnavigable expanses. ~ F. Sionil Jose
Dacyczyn Family quotes by F. Sionil Jose
For every wounded warrior, there is a myltitude of family, friends, and communities who are forever changed. ~ Diana Mankin Phelps
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Diana Mankin Phelps
My mum's family would all get together, with guitars, harmonica, mandolins and upright bass and play old blues and folk songs. That was normal to me. ~ Dan Auerbach
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Dan Auerbach
And a noble life is one ordered by, and oriented to, a transcendent moral code, not just one's own concept of existence and meaning and truth ... if we want a society that reveres life, that defends the family, and that discourages delinquency and promotes decency, we cannot force a privatization of religion; we must allow the truth-claims of religious faith to be uttered aloud in the public square. ~ Rick Santorum
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Rick Santorum
The modern individual family is founded on the open or
concealed slavery of the wife…Within the family he is
the bourgeois and his wife represents the proletariat. ~ Friedrich Engels
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Friedrich Engels
When I shoot I'll take my family with me - one movie a year and then the rest of the time at home. ~ Eric Bana
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Eric Bana
Your energy bothers me and your spirit has different shadows of negative ghosts that love misery. ~ Charlena E. Jackson
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family, that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty. ~ Haniel Long
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Haniel Long
I figure heaven will be a scratch-and-sniff sort of place, and one of my first requests will be the Driftwood in its prime, while it was filled with our life. And later I will ask for the smell of my dad's truck, which was a combination of basic truck (nearly universal), plus his cologne (Old Spice), unfiltered Lucky Strikes, and when I was very lucky, leaded gasoline. If I could have gotten my nose close enough I would have inhaled leaded gasoline until I was retarded. The tendency seemed to run in my family; as a boy my uncle Crandall had an ongoing relationship with a gas can he kept in the barn. Later he married and divorced the same woman four times, sometimes marrying other women in between, including one whose name was, honestly, Squirrelly. ~ Haven Kimmel
Dacyczyn Family quotes by Haven Kimmel
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