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WARNING: This novel deals with undead and crazy murderous cannibalistic people. There are no depictions of ponies gaily prancing across pastures as cute bunnies nibble on carrots contained herein. BUT there are numerous depictions of violence, murder, blood, mayhem, and yes, even gore. ~ William Bebb
Cute Maryland quotes by William Bebb
I had a lot of friends who were boys. I played ball with them, but we didn't date. They didn't ask me that much because I wasn't cute enough or because I didn't drink or party. ~ Sheri L. Dew
Cute Maryland quotes by Sheri L. Dew
It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside. ~ Maud Hart Lovelace
Cute Maryland quotes by Maud Hart Lovelace
Now, I've got the taste for steak," she changed the subject. "What do you have the taste for?" Straight up, he had the taste for cute, klutzy, classy pussy, eating her and listening to her moan. ~ Kristen Ashley
Cute Maryland quotes by Kristen Ashley
I want you back, Annabelle." This time my laughter is full of nothing but genuine humor. It's that 'oh my god, I can't believe that' kind of humor. I lean forward and put my face in my palms, still laughing. "Holy crap," I say in-between laughs, "that's hilarious." I peek up at him to see his disgruntled expression and then bust up laughing again. "I'm serious," he grunts out, looking cute in his exasperation, damn him. Not done, I hold up a hand. "Oh, oh, wait. Just let me go get my gun so you can shoot me again. Of course I want to get back together with you, Gabriel." Putting on a serious face, I say earnestly, "He shoots me because he loves me. ~ April Brookshire
Cute Maryland quotes by April Brookshire
At the University of Maryland, my first year I started off planning to major in art because I was interested in theatre design, stage design or television design. ~ Jim Henson
Cute Maryland quotes by Jim Henson
He's sweet enough. ~ Harry Styles
Cute Maryland quotes by Harry Styles
Story of her life. The first cute guy she'd seen in what felt like ages and she met him at a dive bar located in another state hours away from where she lived. ~ Cat Johnson
Cute Maryland quotes by Cat Johnson
Honestly, if a girl's wearing, like, a Gucci shirt with a Gucci belt and a purse and a visor, that's not cute at all. You can't get away with that - with me - but you can always sprinkle it in there with your own stuff, and it's all good. ~ Kreayshawn
Cute Maryland quotes by Kreayshawn
Alright, good night," he said, his words a little slurred. "But before I pass out, I want you to know that you're the hottest biscuit this side of the gravy boat. ~ Erin McCarthy
Cute Maryland quotes by Erin McCarthy
If I programmed my own TV network, it would air good news! Just positive stories. Heroic stories. Cute puppy dogs doin' stuff. ~ Jennifer Aniston
Cute Maryland quotes by Jennifer Aniston
The '80s were fabulous. The '90s sucked, and the '70s were just a sad, sad time in human history. Go 1980s! There's something that's just so cute about that time. And not just yellow nail polish and 'I'm a loner.' ~ Jennifer Sky
Cute Maryland quotes by Jennifer Sky
It was really fun and intimate in a way. Working with George Miller is exquisite. Gloria is different from anything I've ever played before. The first time I saw the characters in the studio I remember thinking that Mumble looked just like Elijah, with such a cute and endearing face. I don't think Gloria looks that much like me. ~ Brittany Murphy
Cute Maryland quotes by Brittany Murphy
Kyo Sohma: angrily pointing at Yuki Just like I'll beat you one of these days
Yuki: looking bored Wait wait I think I've heard this one before ~ Natsuki Takaya
Cute Maryland quotes by Natsuki Takaya
As hard as I try to sound tough and dark, I still sound cute. ~ Jenny Lewis
Cute Maryland quotes by Jenny Lewis
Similarly, when Lincoln insisted the Civil War was about the union, not about slavery, this is understood by competent historians to reflect Lincoln's determination to keep border states - Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri - within the union. These states had slavery, and if Lincoln framed the war as one to end slavery, the border states would have seceded. If they seceded, Lincoln believed the union cause was lost. Once again, Lincoln acted in statesmanlike fashion to hold the border states, and he was successful in doing so, thus shortening the war and ending slavery more quickly. ~ Dinesh D'Souza
Cute Maryland quotes by Dinesh D'Souza
You got an ass of gold and a heart that won't quit. ~ Ananth Hirsh
Cute Maryland quotes by Ananth Hirsh
He smiles at me. It's a shy smile and it's so cute, it makes me smile. ~ Colleen Hoover
Cute Maryland quotes by Colleen Hoover
Out there, all around them to the last fringes of occupancy, were Toobfreex at play in the video universe, the tropic isle, the Long Branch Saloon, the Starship Enterprise, Hawaiian crime fantasies, cute kids in make-believe living rooms with invisible audiences to laugh at everything they did, baseball highlights, Vietnam footage, helicopter gunships and firefights, and midnight jokes, and talking celebrities, and a slave girl in a bottle, and Arnold the pig, and here was Doc, on the natch, caught in a low-level bummer he couldn't find a way out of, about how the Psychedelic Sixties, this little parenthesis of light, might close after all, and all be lost, taken back into darkness . . . how a certain hand might reach terribly out of darkness and reclaim the time, easy as taking a joint from a doper and stubbing it out for good. ~ Thomas Pynchon
Cute Maryland quotes by Thomas Pynchon
Wasn't it what her father always warned her about? Don't jump off a bridge because a cute guy tells you to? ~ Joannah Miley
Cute Maryland quotes by Joannah Miley
A moment of reserve. "That was it? The whole story?"
"Yes. God, you're right. That was pants."
I sidestep another aggressive couscous vendor. "Pants?"
"Rubbish. Crap. Shite."
Pants. Oh heavens, that's cute. ~ Stephanie Perkins
Cute Maryland quotes by Stephanie Perkins
In entertainment, I adore Ricky Gervais in 'Derek.' His performance is unbelievably charming, funny and poignant. In life, I adore my girlfriend. She is the most adorable person I have ever met - from her silly jokes to her cute teeth to her little drawings. ~ Josh Zuckerman
Cute Maryland quotes by Josh Zuckerman
I can't wait for him to visit me again. He's just so handsome, don't you think?" she asked.
I paused. "Yeah, he's cute."
"Come on, America! You have to have noticed those eyes and his voice..."
"Except when he laughs!" Just remembering Maxon's laugh had me grinning. It was cute but awkward. He pushed his breaths out, and then made a jagged noise when he inhaled, almost like another laugh in itself.
"Yes, okay, he does have a funny laugh, but it's cute."
"Sure, if you like the lovable sound of an asthma attack in your ear every time you tell a joke."
Marlee lost it and doubled over in laughter.
"All right, all right," she said, coming up for air. "You have to think there's something attractive about him."
I opened my mouth and shut it two or three times. I was tempted to take another jab at Maxon, but I didn't want Marlee to see him in a negative light. So I thought about it.
What was attractive about Maxon?
"Well, when he lets his guard down, he's okay. Like when he just talks without checking his words or you catch him just looking at something he's really looking for the beauty in it."
Marlee smiled, and I knew she'd seen that in him, too.
"And I like that he seems genuinely involved when he's there, you know? Like even though he's got a country to run and a thousand things to do, it's like he forgets it all when he's with you. He just dedicates himself to what's right in front of him. I like that.
Kiera Cass
Cute Maryland quotes by Kiera Cass
Frankly, I've worked my whole life to not be adorable with only limited success, and two adorable people dating is waaaay too cute for me. ~ Hank Green
Cute Maryland quotes by Hank Green
Life is impermanent and in the face of that impermanence, cavort! Look death in the eye, tell him you're as cute as a button, flash a little deviant guile his way, and tell him to go feast on somebody's else's sweet flesh. ~ Nancy Milford
Cute Maryland quotes by Nancy Milford
You're very charismatic," she says.
Jesus. Her voice completely slays me. "Thanks. You're pretty cute yourself. ~ Colleen Hoover
Cute Maryland quotes by Colleen Hoover
Early in the boob-emerging years, I had no boobs, and I was touchy about it. Remember in middle school algebra class, you'd type 55378008 on your calculator, turn it upside down, and hand it to the flat-chested girl across the aisle? I was that girl, you bi-yotch. I would have died twice if any of the boys had mentioned my booblets.
Last year, I thought my boobs had progressed quite nicely. And I progressed from the one-piece into a tankini. But I wasn't quite ready for any more exposure. I didn't want the boys to treat me like a girl.
Now I did. So today I'd worn a cute little bikini. Over that, I still wore Adam's cutoff jeans. Amazingly, they looked sexy, riding low on my hips, when I traded the football T-shirt for a pink tank that ended above my belly button and hugged my figure. I even had a little cleavage. I was so proud. Sean was going to love it.
Mrs. Vader stared at my chest, perplexed. Finally she said, "Oh, I get it. You're trying to look hot."
"Thank you!" Mission accomplished.
"Here's a hint. Close your legs."
I snapped my thighs together on the stool. People always scolded me for sitting like a boy. Then I slid off the stool and stomped to the door in a huff. "Where do you want me?"
She'd turned back to the computer. "You've got gas."
Oh, goody. I headed out the office door, toward the front dock to man the gas pumps. This meant at some point during the day, one of the boys would look around the marina office and ask, " ~ Jennifer Echols
Cute Maryland quotes by Jennifer Echols
I'm determined to disagree with people without being disagreeable. That's part of the empathy. Empathy doesn't just extend to cute little kids. You have to have empathy when you're talking to some guy who doesn't like black people. ~ Barack Obama
Cute Maryland quotes by Barack Obama
Well, what do you think you're doing, then? Spying?"

"I told you, it's the unfortunate hotness of evil. Hotness that burns like the flames of cute, cute hell." Rusty placed his hand on his heart. "But like I said, don't worry. I will overcome temptation, no matter how temptacious. ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Cute Maryland quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
Damn. I never should have agreed to this. What is he thinking? Here we are in a piece of crap pickup truck on our way to sit outside of a supermarket to kidnap this girl. Damn. He'd better not be falling for her. Sure she's cute, but I can't think about that. ~ Jenna-Lynne Duncan
Cute Maryland quotes by Jenna-Lynne Duncan
What kind of woman tells all her secrets?" my mother continued, flabbergasted and disappointed in me. "Especially anything that has to do with your body making babies! I know a woman who had no ovaries when she got married. Her husband found out only years later that they couldn't have children. The two of them are happy together still; they live in a big house, and have a cute dog. ~ Inna Swinton
Cute Maryland quotes by Inna Swinton
Look, this is an odd question, but you're kind of cute and you're pretty nice to me. Are you drunk? It's OK if you are. ~ Drew Carey
Cute Maryland quotes by Drew Carey
Disney and I were a bad mix. For a year I was probably more depressed than I have ever been in my life. I worked for a great animator, Glenn Kean. He was nice, he was good to me, he's a really strong animator and he helped me. But he also kind of tortured me because I got all the cute fox scenes to draw, and I couldn't draw all those four-legged Disney foxes. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't even fake the Disney style. Mine looked like road kills. ~ Tim Burton
Cute Maryland quotes by Tim Burton
When the second hour of Fiji's open house was almost at an end, a mother from Davy said, "How on earth do you get it to look like the cat is talking?" "Oh, did it look realistic?" Fiji had to struggle to keep a smile on her face. "It was so cute! It said, 'Get off my tail or I'll smother you in your sleep.'" "Just some batteries and a CD!" Fiji said. "And isn't that just what a cat should say? ~ Charlaine Harris
Cute Maryland quotes by Charlaine Harris
Animals are not cute. They are disturbing. Pigs do eat their young. Actually, I hate pigs. I just happen to have some who are friends of mine. ~ Jamie Wyeth
Cute Maryland quotes by Jamie Wyeth
I have a theory that the world is broken up into two kinds of people."
"Yep. On the one side are the people who love the Harry Pottery books and wish that they could attend Hogwarts and have Ron and Hermione for best friends and vanquish Death Eaters and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."
She's smiling at me, and she's just so fucking cute. I have to ask: "And the other side?"
Aimee shrugs. "Douchebags. ~ Autumn Doughton
Cute Maryland quotes by Autumn Doughton
Sire," Oliver said as he helped Petunia to her feet, "I'd like to marry Petunia.
"Of course you would," retorted the King Gregor. "But not right now! we just got those two taken care of." He pointed to the twins who were still trying to play Christian's odd game. "And weddings are expensive! ~ Jessica Day George
Cute Maryland quotes by Jessica Day George
I love this simply because it's cute, and I guess it's a sign of the times in many respect. It's pretty much saying you complete me, only in the sweetest way possible. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Cute Maryland quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
And like a funny film, it's kind of cute.
They bought the bullets and there's no one left to shoot. ~ Aztec Camera
Cute Maryland quotes by Aztec Camera
Did the bearded lady get excited when cute guys came to her freak show? ~ Rainbow Rowell
Cute Maryland quotes by Rainbow Rowell
It's amazing", he whispered, "to know that my purpose in life is sitting in front of me. ~ Aurora Rose Reynolds
Cute Maryland quotes by Aurora Rose Reynolds
It's more the way a tough guy who doesn't like cats might look at a kitten and notice for the first time that it can be kind of cute. Sort of a reluctant, private acknowledgment that maybe cats aren't all bad. ~ Susan Ee
Cute Maryland quotes by Susan Ee
Guy between boyfriends #6 and #7
Paul Diaz, Twenty-Something
He was in her watercolor class, so cute and the sweet kind of shy. They obviously clicked, the attraction thrilling between them, inspiring her to relish the infatuation freshman-style and write his name in her notebook in curvy, flowery script. She gave him openings but guessed he was too timid to ask her out. The day after finals, she ran into him at the deli on campus and thought she had nothing to lose.
"My work is having this fancy dinner party next weekend, the food's supposed to be great. Would you like to go with me?"
"Oh, uh, maybe, I'll have to check," he said. Then, "What was your name again?"
There's always something to lose. ~ Shannon Hale
Cute Maryland quotes by Shannon Hale
Cameron Diaz was so cute at the MTV Movie Awards when she pulled her skirt up and wiped her armpits. ~ Pink
Cute Maryland quotes by Pink
Ah, hi. It's Carter. I wonder if you might want to go out to dinner, or maybe the movies. Maybe you like plays better than movies. I should've looked up what might be available before I called. I didn't think of it. Or we could just have coffee again if you want to do that. Or ... I'm not articulate on these things. I can't use a tape recorder either. And why would you care? If you're at all interested in any of the above, please feel free to call me. Thanks. Um. Good-bye."
"Damn you, Carter Maguire, for your insanely cute quotient. You should be annoying. Why aren't I annoyed? Oh God, I'm going to call you back. I know I'm going to call you back. I'm in such trouble. ~ Nora Roberts
Cute Maryland quotes by Nora Roberts
Thankfully, Gabriel was five minutes late, and by the time he knocked on the door I'd just finished putting on lipstick and slipping my feet into sandals. I opened the door.
"I hope I didn't keep you wait . . ." His voice drifted off as he quite blatantly checked me out.
"What?" I asked, hand on my hip.
He flashed me a devilish grin. "The little pink dress. You look cute."
What I found frumpy, he found cute. Wonder what his response would have been to the tight number. My eyes gave him a discreet once-over. He wore jeans and a Yankees T-shirt. It wasn't exactly going to win over the locals, but I had to admit, he filled the shirt out ridiculously well. His short black hair was damp, like he'd just taken a shower. I felt my face behind to flush, so I turned away. "Come on in."
He stopped and surveyed the foyer. "I was only here for a minute when we came to get Joni. I didn't get a chance to check the place out." He paused. "It's not what I was expecting."
"What were you expecting? Voodoo dolls hung from the ceiling?"
He smirked. "Maybe just a little one of me."
"That's hidden under my bed. ~ Kim Harrington
Cute Maryland quotes by Kim Harrington
2. Stutter. I can be on the phone for hours with my best friend, but if confronted by a cute guy, wham! I get power outage, my brain is short circuited. You'd be lucky to get anything out of me besides "" and a ton of blushing.
3.Stumble. I trip over my own feet. Yeah it's easy to do that when you're five feet seven and gangly, but I managed to make the dance teacher cry when I was five years old. Or even worse, I knock things over and spill things over and spill food. ~ Aya Ling
Cute Maryland quotes by Aya Ling
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