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We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community - and this nation. ~ Cesar Chavez
Cultural Diversity quotes by Cesar Chavez
The bond of love, we unite the world. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Cultural Diversity quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
We are increasingly recognising and accepting, respecting and celebrating, our cultural diversity. ~ Julie Bishop
Cultural Diversity quotes by Julie Bishop
Making all effort resist absorption into American cult of the individual, traditional method entrenched oligarchy so maintain own power: Fracture citizen isolated into different religion, different race, different family. Label as rich cultural diversity. Cleave as unique until each citizen stand alone. Until each vote invested no value. Single citizen celebrated as special-in actual, remaining no power. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Cultural Diversity quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
If you currently travel abroad or plan to in the future, make sure you understand the cultural convention of the country that you are visiting. Particularly with regard to greetings. If someone gives you a weak hand-shake, don't grimace. If anyone takes your arm, don't wince. If you are in the Middle East and a person wants to hold your hand, hold it. If you are a man visiting Russia, don't be surprised when your male host kisses your cheek, rather than hand. All of these greetings are as natural as way to express genuine sentiments as an American handshake. I am honored when an Arab or Asian man offers to take my hand because I know that it is a sign of high respect and trust. Accepting these cultural differences is the first step to better understanding and embracing diversity. ~ Joe Navarro
Cultural Diversity quotes by Joe Navarro
The problem is that those of us sympathetic with the plight of indigenous people view them as quaint and colorful, but somehow reduced to margins of history as the real world [(our world)] moves on We will be known as an era in which we stood by and either actively endorsed or passively accepted the massive destruction of both biological and cultural diversity on the planet. ~ Wade Davis
Cultural Diversity quotes by Wade Davis
New Orleans is unlike any city in America. Its cultural diversity is woven into the food, the music, the architecture - even the local superstitions. It's a sensory experience on all levels and there's a story lurking around every corner. ~ Ruta Sepetys
Cultural Diversity quotes by Ruta Sepetys
Right to peace stands on the pillars of freedom of expression, respect for human rights, cultural diversity and scientific cooperation. Right to peace transform culture of war to a culture of peace. It is also saving humanity from the dangers of dark democracy, which exploits innocent citizens by implementing wrong law, purchased press and digital surveillance. ~ Amit Ray
Cultural Diversity quotes by Amit Ray
Real cultural diversity results from the interchange of ideas, products, and influences, not from the insular development of a single national style. ~ Tyler Cowen
Cultural Diversity quotes by Tyler Cowen
America is grappling with cultural diversity, and I just want to put a show on that represents the world in which I live. ~ David Alan Grier
Cultural Diversity quotes by David Alan Grier
the United States has managed its cultural diversity through a collective determination among its people to be at once pluralistic and civil. As difficult as pluralism and civility are for both red and blue today, that is the way for America to be truest to itself. If secular and religious Americans can respect one another, avoid believing each other to be dangerous, and avoid being dangerous to each other - engage in what philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff calls dialogical pluralism - America also can set an example that is germane to the Middle East's ongoing struggle. ~ John M. Owen IV
Cultural Diversity quotes by John M. Owen IV
The uniqueness of individuals is the diversity of life. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Cultural Diversity quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Both biological and cultural diversity are now severely threatened and working for their preservation is a critical task. ~ Murray Gell-Mann
Cultural Diversity quotes by Murray Gell-Mann
If we were to select the most intelligent, imaginative, energetic, and emotionally stable third of mankind, all races would be present. ~ Franz Boas
Cultural Diversity quotes by Franz Boas
This is a crucial point, because it alerts us to the fact that, no matter how high-minded, idealistic, or altruistic a cause might appear - from ecology to cultural diversity to spirituality to world peace - the simple mouthing of intense support for that cause is not enough to determine why, in fact, that cause is being embraced. ~ Ken Wilber
Cultural Diversity quotes by Ken Wilber
It is remarkable that those who plead for more cultural diversity in our societies support a process that will eradicate most cultures and that we therefore, in the not so distant future, will live in a world with no cultural diversity at all. ~ Fons Jena
Cultural Diversity quotes by Fons Jena
Line of control should be a garden, a place of art and cultural festival. ~ Amit Ray
Cultural Diversity quotes by Amit Ray
When I see the cultural diversity that exists today, I feel that we must defend it, and we need Europe, because otherwise we are going to live in a society with a single model, the Anglo-American model. ~ Jean-Pierre Raffarin
Cultural Diversity quotes by Jean-Pierre Raffarin
Culture has become one of the last elements of our identity. We have to act in favor of cultural diversity abroad as well as at home, we need strong cultural diplomacy but we have to create it. ~ Frederic Martel?
Cultural Diversity quotes by Frederic Martel?
Not to Learn Irish is to miss the opportunity of understanding what life in this country has meant and could mean in a better future. It is to cut oneself off from ways of being at home. If we regard self-understanding, mutual understanding, imaginative enhancement, cultural diversity and a tolerant political atmosphereas a desirable attainments, we should remember that a knowledge of the Irish language is an essential element in their realisation. ~ Seamus Heaney
Cultural Diversity quotes by Seamus Heaney
The purpose of those who argue for cultural diversity is to impose ideological uniformity. ~ Theodore Dalrymple
Cultural Diversity quotes by Theodore Dalrymple
God bless all people. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Cultural Diversity quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Our role is to hand over a safe and beautiful world to the next generations full with human rights and cultural diversity. ~ Amit Ray
Cultural Diversity quotes by Amit Ray
Cultural diversity and territorial flexibility give empires not only their unique character, but also their central role in history. It's thanks to these two characteristics that empires have managed to unite diverse ethnic groups and ecological zones under a single political umbrella, thereby fusing together larger and larger segments of the human species and of planet Earth. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Cultural Diversity quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
Philanthropy, like Red Cross voluntarism, is realizing the enhancing influence of cultural diversity. Inviting the full participation of all the community's resources leads to win-win situations. ~ Gwen Jackson
Cultural Diversity quotes by Gwen Jackson
Cultural diversity and cultural change are desirable and inevitable. We are cultural animals, someone without a culture is not human. But the cultures we possess vary enormously. Indeed, the variability, over time and space is the great evolutionary advantage of humanity. Instead of changing biologically over millennia, human beings can change culturally over decades ~ Martin Wolf
Cultural Diversity quotes by Martin Wolf
Of the 6,000 languages spoken on Earth right now, 3,000 aren't spoken by the children. In one generation, we're going to halve our cultural diversity. ~ Phil Borges
Cultural Diversity quotes by Phil Borges
The war we have to wage today has only one goal and that is to make the world safe for diversity. ~ U Thant
Cultural Diversity quotes by U Thant
I think that the scienti?c way of looking at the world, and the humanistic way of looking at the world are complementary. There are important differences which should be preserved, and in trying to do away with those differences we would lose something the same way as if we tried to make all religions one religion or all races one race. There is a cultural diversity that's very valuable, and it's valuable to have different ways of looking at the world. ~ Alan Lightman
Cultural Diversity quotes by Alan Lightman
The 'low' quality of many American films, and of much American popular culture, induces many art lovers to support cultural protectionism. Few people wish to see the cultural diversity of the world disappear under a wave of American market dominance. ~ Tyler Cowen
Cultural Diversity quotes by Tyler Cowen
It strikes me as hubris that Universal will buy EMI. What it will do is create a super-major that will have far too much power ... I think when Universal goes up over 40 percent market share, I don't see how reasonable regulators can countenance. It will impact not just labels, but artists and cultural diversity. ~ Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
Cultural Diversity quotes by Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
It is quite clear that as long as the nations of the world spend most of their energy, money, and emotional strength in quarreling with words and weapons, a true offensive against the common problems that threaten human survival is not very likely. A world government that can channel human efforts in the direction of the great solutions seems desirable, even essential. Naturally, such a world government should be a federal one, with regional and local autonomy safeguarded and with cultural diversity promoted. ~ Isaac Asimov
Cultural Diversity quotes by Isaac Asimov
Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated, not annihilated, not absorbed. ~ Mary Parker Follett
Cultural Diversity quotes by Mary Parker Follett
I abhor the human stupidity and vanity that takes pride in forcing tigers, lions, and leopards to sit nicely side by side. It reminds me of the government choreography that displays brightly garbed minorities in a parade, minorities granted a crumb of political autonomy in exchange for providing an optical simulation of cultural diversity in their country of residence. But wild animals (as opposed to humans) form groups according to species to enjoy specific benefits. ~ Yōko Tawada
Cultural Diversity quotes by Yōko Tawada
Given New York City's cultural diversity, it has always attracted creative people. ~ Fred Wilson
Cultural Diversity quotes by Fred Wilson
Please look for a new work of historical fiction, The Black Spaniard by L.L.Holt, to be published by Unsolicited Press during the 2016-2017 season. Set roughly between 1792 and 1804 in Vienna, Austria, the novel explores a creative genius's encounters with cultural diversity, transformation, and the love of a good friend. ~ L.L.Holt
Cultural Diversity quotes by L.L.Holt
... the modern era should not see an end to cultural diversity, but modern people should engage with their traditions in a transformed way: they should be recognized as 'traditions,' rather than as 'truths. ~ Christopher Goto-Jones
Cultural Diversity quotes by Christopher Goto-Jones
Our cultural diversity has most certainly shaped our national character. ~ Julie Bishop
Cultural Diversity quotes by Julie Bishop
Italy advocates the adoption of a legal instrument on cultural diversity, guaranteeing every country the protection of its own historical identity and the uniqueness of its physical and intangible cultural heritage. ~ Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
Cultural Diversity quotes by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
I think the driving force for cultural evolution is this desire for groups to be splitting off and separating and forming subgroups insofar as the environment will allow it. We see great cultural diversity and large numbers of cultures per unit area in regions of the world in which the environment is really rich. ~ Mark Pagel
Cultural Diversity quotes by Mark Pagel
The Earth should not be cut up into hundreds of different sections, each inhabited by a self-defined segment of humanity that considers its own welfare and its own "national security" to be paramount above all other consideration.

I am all for cultural diversity and would be willing to see each recognizable group value its cultural heritage. I am a New York patriot, for instance, and if I lived in Los Angeles, I would love to get together with other New York expatriates and sing "Give My Regards to Broadway."

This sort of thing, however, should remain cultural and benign. I'm against it if it means that each group despises others and lusts to wipe them out. I'm against arming each little self-defined group with weapons with which to enforce its own prides and prejudices.

The Earth faces environmental problems right now that threaten the imminent destruction of civilization and the end of the planet as a livable world. Humanity cannot afford to waste its financial and emotional resources on endless, meaningless quarrels between each group and all others. there must be a sense of globalism in which the world unites to solve the real problems that face all groups alike.

Can that be done? The question is equivalent to: Can humanity survive?

I am not a Zionist, then, because I don't believe in nations, and because Zionism merely sets up one more nation to trouble the world. It sets up one more nation to have "rights" and "dema ~ Isaac Asimov
Cultural Diversity quotes by Isaac Asimov
And make no mistake: irony tyrannizes us. The reason why our pervasive cultural irony is at once so powerful and so unsatisfying is that an ironist is impossible to pin down. All U.S. irony is based on an implicit "I don't really mean what I'm saying." So what does irony as a cultural norm mean to say? That it's impossible to mean what you say? That maybe it's too bad it's impossible, but wake up and smell the coffee already? Most likely, I think, today's irony ends up saying: "How totally banal of you to ask what I really mean. ~ David Foster Wallace
Cultural Diversity quotes by David Foster Wallace
The approach to digital culture I abhor would indeed turn all the world's books into one book, just as Kevin (Kelly) suggested. It might start to happen in the next decade or so. Google and other companies are scanning library books into the cloud in a massive Manhattan Project of cultural digitization. What happens next is what's important. If the books in the cloud are accessed via user interfaces that encourage mashups of fragments that obscure the context and authorship of each fragment, there will be only one book. This is what happens today with a lot of content; often you don't know where a quoted fragment from a news story came from, who wrote a comment, or who shot a video. A continuation of the present trend will make us like various medieval religious empires, or like North Korea, a society with a single book.

The Bible can serve as a prototypical example. Like Wikipedia, the Bible's authorship was shared, largely anonymous, and cumulative, and the obscurity of the individual authors served to create an oracle-like ambience for the document as "the literal word of God." If we take a non-metaphysical view of the Bible, it serves as a link to our ancestors, a window. The ethereal, digital replacement technology for the printing press happens to have come of age in a time when the unfortunate ideology I'm criticizing dominates technological culture. Authorship - the very idea of the individual point of view - is not a priority of the new ideology. The digi ~ Jaron Lanier
Cultural Diversity quotes by Jaron Lanier
We can no longer have forbidden areas of the human mind, or cultural machinery. We have taken upon ourselves the acquisition of so much power that we now must understand what we are. We cannot travel much further with the definitions of man that we inherit from the Judeo-Christian tradition. We need to truly explore the problem of consciousness. ~ Terence McKenna
Cultural Diversity quotes by Terence McKenna
In the Episcopal Church I find a healthy sense of unity and diversity. In this tradition we recognize that that which holds the church together is more important than that which divides the church. ~ Robert E. Webber
Cultural Diversity quotes by Robert E. Webber
Every society produces its own cultural conceits, a set of lies and delusions about itself that thrive in the face of all contrary evidence. ~ Jack Weatherford
Cultural Diversity quotes by Jack Weatherford
I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm not obstructing anyone's access. When I have a crowd I make sure that the crowd makes room for people. I'm an artist who cares about the cultural fabric of New York City. I care about New York as a harbor for street culture - and I care about street culture as a base-level populist diffusion of ideas. And I believe in making those ideas accessible to everyone. ~ Kalan Sherrard
Cultural Diversity quotes by Kalan Sherrard
But it was not merely her choice to be a witness of the dirty work on Tier 1A. It was her role. As a woman she was not expected to wrestle prisoners into stress positions or otherwise overpower them, but rather just by her presence, to amplify their sense of powerlessness. She was there as an instrument of humiliation...The MPs knew very little about their prisoners or the culture they came from, and they understood less. But at Fort Lee, before they deployed, they were given a session of "cultural awareness training," from which they'd taken away the understanding - constantly reinforced by MI handlers - that Arab men were sexual prudes, with a particular hang-up about being seen naked in public, especially by women. What better way to break an Arab, then, than to strip him, tie him up, and have a "female bystander," as Graner describer Harman, laugh at him? American women were used on the MI block in the same way that Major David DiNenna spoke of dogs - as "force multipliers." Harman understood. She didn't like being naked in public herself. To the prisoners, being photographed may have seemed an added dash of mortification, but to Harman, taking pictures was a way of deflecting her own humiliation in the transaction - by taking ownership of her position as spectator. ~ Philip Gourevitch
Cultural Diversity quotes by Philip Gourevitch
People who gentrify are usually new transplants to a city, changing it to suit their particular cultural needs and whims. ~ Annalee Newitz
Cultural Diversity quotes by Annalee Newitz
Paradoxically, since gay men rarely have gay parents, cultural transmission must come from friends or strangers (a problem since the generations so seldom mix in gay life). ~ Edmund White
Cultural Diversity quotes by Edmund White
So much of our cultural representation of what an investigative journalist looks like, in movies and pop culture, is about this really testosterone-filled dude screaming, "Give me what you got!" I didn't see myself as someone who would be good at or comfortable with that. ~ Sarah Stillman
Cultural Diversity quotes by Sarah Stillman
A lifelong movie I already knew the ending to ~ Jason Najum
Cultural Diversity quotes by Jason Najum
Devils used to be God's angels that fell from the top. There is no diversity cos we're burnin in the melting pot. ~ Immortal Technique
Cultural Diversity quotes by Immortal Technique
I spent the beginning of my focus on activism by doing what most everyone else was doing; blaming other people and institutions. Don't like the war? Let's blame the president, congress, or lobbyists. Don't like ecological disregard? Let's blame this or that corrupt corporation or some regulatory body for poor performance. Don't like being poor and socially immobile? Let's blame government coercion and interference in this free market utopia everyone keeps talking about.

The sobering truth of the matter is that the only thing to blame is the dynamic, causal unfolding of system expression itself on the cultural level. In other words, none of us create or do anything in isolation – it's impossible. We are system-bound both physically and psychologically; a continuum. Therefore our view of causality with respect to societal change can only be truly productive if we seek and source the most relevant sociological influences we can and begin to alter those effects from the root causes. ~ Peter Joseph
Cultural Diversity quotes by Peter Joseph
Those [American Jews] who favor the [Israeli] attack on Gaza are certainly guilty of such overwhelming emotional and cultural attachment to Israel and Israelis, that they long ago ceased viewing this conflict with any remnant of objectivity. ~ Glenn Greenwald
Cultural Diversity quotes by Glenn Greenwald
We all come from somewhere. Born, aborted, extradited, fugitive or even enslaved. But much of what we are, belongs to Mother Africa. We need to respect and have esteem, knowledge and curiosity. Then, open your eyes to understand a little more. Do not accept this cultural void created by that ethnocentric feeling! ~ J.B.Alves
Cultural Diversity quotes by J.B.Alves
It is only as a unity in diversity that the Christian community will become an inviting community in a society which is otherwise pretty uniform. Creation is motley and diverse, and the new creation even more so. ~ Jurgen Moltmann
Cultural Diversity quotes by Jurgen Moltmann
The human race, for all our facets and our institutional stupidity, is something I believe in. I admire our diversity, our stubbornness. The dynamic of conflict is one of our greatest traits. ~ Peter F. Hamilton
Cultural Diversity quotes by Peter F. Hamilton
When I'm critical of modern approaches to ecology, I'm really trying to remind my reader of the long relationship that Western civilization has had to these forests that define the fringe of its place of habitation, and that this relationship is one that has a rich history of symbolism and imagination and myth and literature. So much of the Western imagination has projected itself into this space that when you lose a forest, you're losing more than just the natural phenomenon or biodiversity; you're also losing the great strongholds of cultural memory.

(Source: discussing "Deforestation in a Civilized World.") ~ Robert Pogue Harrison
Cultural Diversity quotes by Robert Pogue Harrison
The diversity of life forms, so numerous that we have yet to identify most of them, is the greatest wonder on this planet. ~ E.O. Wilson
Cultural Diversity quotes by E.O. Wilson
Prejudice comes from being in the dark; sunlight disinfects it. ~ Muhammad Ali
Cultural Diversity quotes by Muhammad Ali
[I] can't actually imagine a time in which the need for more diversity would ever cease. Affirmative action has been an issue since segregation practices. The question is not when does it end, but when does it begin [..] When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled? ~ Eric Holder
Cultural Diversity quotes by Eric Holder
1987: "We cannot assume that young people today know things that were known in the past by almost every literate person in the culture." Hirsch has argued that students are being sent out into the world without the basic level of cultural literacy that is necessary to be a good citizen (what does it say that two thirds of American seventeen-year-olds can't even tell you within fifty years when the Civil War occurred?), and what's needed is a kind of educational counterreformation that reemphasizes hard facts. ~ Joshua Foer
Cultural Diversity quotes by Joshua Foer
Gradually, he didn't doubt, the world would calm down into a gigantic welfare state devoted to sporting, cultural and sexual exchange, with the accepted international currency being items of hifi equipment. ~ Julian Barnes
Cultural Diversity quotes by Julian Barnes
When you work as a day player on a film or a TV thing, like you're visiting a foreign country, where you know a couple of words of the language and a few of the cultural abnormalities, but basically you're a stranger in a strange land. ~ Anthony Heald
Cultural Diversity quotes by Anthony Heald
What I've learned from my travels is that people are more alike than they are different. Yes, I may have a different home or lifestyle than a mom living in Shanghai, but deep down we are still mothers who hope for the best in our children. I always find so much in common with those I meet on my travels – and that provides a genuine connection that cultural differences can't erase. ~ Janna Graber
Cultural Diversity quotes by Janna Graber
But the biggest challenge overall was narrowing down the complex narrative elements into a clean and straightforward story while maintaining a sense of the cultural context that makes the film special. ~ Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Cultural Diversity quotes by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Europe has grown to 27 member states, encompassing an amazing diversity and richness. Some argue this is part of the problem: Europe is simply too big and culturally disparate to be managed properly. But look to India for an example of how social unity can be forged within a culturally, linguistically, and ethnically complex nation. ~ Klaus Schwab
Cultural Diversity quotes by Klaus Schwab
The very moment you understand that being a Muslim and being American or European are not mutually exclusive, you enrich your society. Promote the universal principles of justice and freedom, and leave the societies elsewhere to find their model of democracy based on their collective psychology and cultural heritage. ~ Tariq Ramadan
Cultural Diversity quotes by Tariq Ramadan
Hey Pete. So why the leave from social media? You are an activist, right? It seems like this decision is counterproductive to your message and work."

A: The short answer is I'm tired of the endless narcissism inherent to the medium. In the commercial society we have, coupled with the consequential sense of insecurity people feel, as they impulsively "package themselves" for public consumption, the expression most dominant in all of this - is vanity. And I find that disheartening, annoying and dangerous. It is a form of cultural violence in many respects. However, please note the difference - that I work to promote just that – a message/idea – not myself… and I honestly loath people who today just promote themselves for the sake of themselves. A sea of humans who have been conditioned into viewing who they are – as how they are seen online. Think about that for a moment. Social identity theory run amok.

People have been conditioned to think "they are" how "others see them". We live in an increasing fictional reality where people are now not only people – they are digital symbols. And those symbols become more important as a matter of "marketing" than people's true personality. Now, one could argue that social perception has always had a communicative symbolism, even before the computer age. But nooooooothing like today. Social media has become a social prison and a strong means of social control, in fact.
Beyond that, as most know, social media is li ~ Peter Joseph
Cultural Diversity quotes by Peter Joseph
A survey of oceanic (i.e. remote) islands found that, as far back as records exist, they have been accumulating alien plants. In 1860 the average oceanic island had less than 1 introduced plant for every 10 natives. By 1940 the ratio was 1 alien for every 2 natives, and today the ratio is about 1:1. Despite all these new arrivals there have been very few extinctions among the original inhabitants, so the number of plant species on such islands has approximately doubled. Thus, although left to themselves remote islands tend to have rather few species (compared to similar continental areas at the same latitude), so many species have been introduced to Hawaii that it now has as many plants as a similar area of Mexico. Moreover, the evidence suggests that remote islands are by no means 'full' of plants, and that there is room for even more alien plants to establish, and thus for total plant diversity to increase: at the current rate the average oceanic island will have 3 aliens for every 2 natives by 2060. Do we have any idea how many different plant species might eventually be able to coexist on an island like Hawaii? No, we don't. Or, to express that conclusion in a more general form, in a report from US ecologists Dov Sax and Steve Gaines: 'we have a relatively poor understanding of the processes that ultimately limit how many species can inhabit any given place or area ~ Ken Thompson
Cultural Diversity quotes by Ken Thompson
It is a very grave matter to be forced to imitate a people for whom you know-which is the price of your performance and survival-you do not exist. It is hard to imitate a people whose existence appears, mainly, to be made tolerable by their bottomless gratitude that they are not, thank heaven, you. ~ James A. Baldwin
Cultural Diversity quotes by James A. Baldwin
If I had any kind of creed in regard to living among strangers, it was this: once could criticize one's own place, indeed one had a duty to do so, but when crossing a cultural border one left behind judgements as to how life should be organized ~ Robyn Davidson
Cultural Diversity quotes by Robyn Davidson
These really are our days, and we can prevail and overcome, even in the midst of trends that are very disturbing. If we are faithful the day will come when those deserving pioneers and ancestors, whom we rightly praise for having overcome the adversities in the wilderness trek, will praise today's faithful for having made their way successfully through a desert of despair and for having passed through a cultural wilderness, while still keeping the faith. ~ Neal A. Maxwell
Cultural Diversity quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
The Community's endorsement of the cultural role of public service broadcasting is useless unless it is guaranteed a central role in the digital platform' (Venturelli, 1998: 215). ~ Anonymous
Cultural Diversity quotes by Anonymous
Translation work involves knowing not just the structure of the language to be translated, but the cultural framework
that surrounds it. ~ Corinne McKay
Cultural Diversity quotes by Corinne McKay
Cultural relevance can be a cruel mistress. ~ Carl R. Trueman
Cultural Diversity quotes by Carl R. Trueman
Make love your religion, and all the citadels of man-made religious conflicts shall disappear from the face of earth once and for all. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Cultural Diversity quotes by Abhijit Naskar
For what a man is in himself, what accompanies him when he is alone, what no one can give or take away, is obviously more essential to him than everything he has in the way of possessions, or even what he may be in the eyes of the world. An intellectual man in complete solitude has excellent entertainment in his own thoughts and fancies, while no amount of diversity or social pleasure, theatres, excursions and amusements, can ward off boredom from a dullard. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Cultural Diversity quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
A Lake Charles-based artist, Sally was a progressive Democrat who in 2016 primary favored Bernie Sanders. Sally's very dear friend and worl-traveling flight attendant from Opelousas, Louisiana, Shirley was an enthusiast for the Tea Party and Donald Trump. Both woman had joined sororities at LSU. Each had married, had three children, lived in homes walking distance apart in Lake Charles, and had keys to each other's houses. Each loved the other's children. Shirley knew Sally's parents and even consulted Sally's mother when the two go to "fussing to much." They exchanged birthday and Christmas gifts and jointly scoured the newspaper for notices of upcoming cultural events they had, when they were neighbors in Lake Charles, attended together. One day when I was staying as Shirley's overnight guest in Opelousas, I noticed a watercolor picture hanging on the guestroom wall, which Sally had painted as a gift for Shirley's eleven-year-old daughter, who aspired to become a ballerina. With one pointed toe on a pudgy, pastel cloud, the other lifted high, the ballerina's head was encircled by yellow star-like butterflies. It was a loving picture of a child's dream--one that came true. Both women followed the news on TV--Sally through MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, and Shirley via Fox News's Charles Krauthammer, and each talked these different reports over with a like-minded husband. The two women talk by phone two or three times a week, and their grown children keep in touch, partly across the ~ Arlie Russell Hochschild
Cultural Diversity quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
New Singapore will be one of the world's finest, most liveable cities. Arts, theatres, museums, music and sports will flourish. Singapore will be a lively and exciting place.. Our city will not only have depth, but also the richness of diversity. But above all, Singapore will a home for Singaporeans. ~ Goh Chok Tong
Cultural Diversity quotes by Goh Chok Tong
Racism has taken over America; discrimination and misogyny are the law. The clash between our better and darker instincts slams home.
It is the year 2037. What is now referred to as "The Great Madness of '16" has set loose moral, economic, and cultural devastation. In the once powerful United States, paranoia and hatred rage at epidemic levels.
Behind "The Great Barrier Walls", Red State citizens suffer near-slavery and dire hunger at the hands of totalitarian leaders calling themselves the PolitiChurch. Family Values Patrols work the streets, raping, maiming, and murdering in the name of Righteousness. Children are corralled and forced to work for the state.
The world is tearing itself apart. Between those who choose to hate, in an us-against-them world; and those who find healing through helping those in need.
Oppressive governments and bullying leaders crush their followers into mindless subservience, herding them like cattle, whipping up fear and hatred against outsiders.
As one side surges into ever more disturbing and twisted violence, some counterforce leading toward caring and truth seems to be awakening in others.
In this war there can be no compromise.
Had ancients predicted these times? Must mankind destroy itself? Is there no hope?
Or is there something we're not seeing?
- Back cover description of "The Soul Hides in Shadows ~ Edward Fahey
Cultural Diversity quotes by Edward Fahey
Stigmatization refers to the association of negative quality with all representatives of a certain group of people, although this relationship is absent or not proven ~ Sunday Adelaja
Cultural Diversity quotes by Sunday Adelaja
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