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#1. Whether you're on a diet, or you're looking for a go-to one bowl dinner recipe, salads should be thought of as crowd-pleasers, not a dreaded component of a meal. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
#2. All the masters have those weak points that are called masterpieces; and besides, they do them as crowd pleasers
to prove that they have the know-how. - Author: Paul Gauguin
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Paul Gauguin
#3. A big, sweeping, and rapturous Hollywood love story that could turn out to be the most revolutionary movie of the year! A film in which love feels almost as if it were being invented. It is also a rare crowd-pleaser with the potential to change hearts and minds. - Author: Owen Gleiberman
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Owen Gleiberman
#4. The fun little proofs that you can do with algebra - they are sort of like crowd pleasers in a way. Like, the .9 repeating equaling one. It doesn't take a lot of algebra to prove that, and it's really fun. It kind of wows people. It's like they're watching magic happen right before their eyes. - Author: Danica McKellar
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Danica McKellar
#5. The main problem in any democracy is that crowd-pleasers are generally brainless swine who can go out on a stage & whup their supporters into an orgiastic frenzy - then go back to the office & sell every one of the poor bastards down the tube for a nickel apiece. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#6. The Italian neofascists were learning from the U.S. reactionaries how to achieve fascism's class goals within the confines of quasi-democratic forms: use an upbeat, Reaganesque optimism; replace the jackbooted militarists with media-hyped crowd pleasers; convince people that government is the enemy - especially its social service sector - while strengthening the repressive capacities of the state; instigate racist hostility and antagonisms between the resident population and immigrants; preach the mythical virtues of the free market; and pursue tax and spending measures that redistribute income upward. - Author: Michael Parenti
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Michael Parenti
#7. Arnold Palmer is the biggest crowd pleaser since the invention of the portable sanitary facility. - Author: Bob Hope
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Bob Hope
#8. He said that academia reminded him of a badly run circus. The faculty members were like underfed animals
weary of their cages, which were never large enough to begin with
and they responded sluggishly to the whip. The trapeze artists fell with monotonous regularity into poorly strung nets. The clowns looked hungry. The tent leaked. The crowd was inattentive, shouting incoherently at inappropriate moments. And when the show was over, no one cheered. - Author: Susan Hubbard
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Susan Hubbard
#9. I fell a bit in love with Celtic, because the atmosphere was amazing and the crowd was magnificent, the way they behaved with the Porto fans. - Author: Jose Mourinho
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Jose Mourinho
#10. He'd never seen a lady's hair down in a public place, and here was Miss Jerningham - Gabby - blithely shaking her curls, as if the crowd of stevedores, sailors, and boatmen around her were naught.
'A lady does not groom herself in public!'
'I'm afraid I'm used to being on display,' she said brightly. 'In the village, my father and I were the only Europeans. My hair was considered to be a good-luck charm- - Author: Eloisa James
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Eloisa James
#11. I've always loved empty stadiums, none more than this one. It feels alive when it's packed and now it looks like it's resting, waiting for next week. This building has seen a lot of things. Billy Cannon's punt return, a crowd so loud it registered on the Richter Scale up the street at the geology department. It's as if all that history leaves Tiger Stadium tired and so it needs to recharge until it's time to wake and do it again. - Author: Wright Thompson
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Wright Thompson
#12. We were tempted to have T-shirts made that said on the front: "We May Not Be Hip Enough To Drink Here, But We Are Rich Enough To Live Here," and on the back in larger letters: "Fuck Off Back To Clapham." Like giving the finger to the bridge-and-tunnel crowd. - Author: Simon Majumdar
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Simon Majumdar
#13. Comic-Con is interesting because there's so much going on at once, it's literally impossible to do everything. You need clones and some sort of hoverboard so you can surf over the crowd of packed-in nerds. - Author: Chris Hardwick
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Chris Hardwick
#14. The things we see," Pistorius said softly, "are the same things that are within us. There is no reality except the one contained within us. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself. You can be happy that way. But once you know the other interpretation you no longer have the choice of following the crowd. Sinclair, the majority's path is an easy one, ours is difficult. - Author: Hermann Hesse
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Hermann Hesse
#15. In a way, watching an attractive, potentially dangerous guy play guitar is a little like watching a tiger agree to do tricks for his trainer. You know that they could just turn and kill you. But you're so flattered and pleased that instead they agreed to stand on a decorative box and wave and count for the crowd that for a while you forget how big the scary part of them really is. - Author: Merrill Markoe
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Merrill Markoe
#16. Never count on the crowd to take care of you. - Author: Eddie Rickenbacker
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Eddie Rickenbacker
#17. London wasn't the first city I'd lived in, but it was certainly the largest. Anywhere else there is always the chance of seeing someone you know or, at the very least, a smiling face. Not here. Commuters crowd the trains, eager to outdo their fellow travelers in an escalating privacy war of paperbacks, headphones and newspapers. A woman next to me on the Northern Line on day held the Metro just inches from her face; it was only three stops later that I noticed she was not reading but crying. It was hard not to offer sympathy and harder still to not start crying myself. - Author: Belle De Jour
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Belle De Jour
#18. This supreme instance of Troy's goodness fell upon Gabriel's ears like the thirteenth stroke of a crazy clock. - Author: Thomas Hardy
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Thomas Hardy
#19. Mr. Keith, by means of some mysterious formula, soon procured two seats in the front row, the occupants of which smilingly took their places among the crowd at the back. - Author: Norman Douglas
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Norman Douglas
#20. I like getting up in front of an audience. It's fun when you go to a baseball game and the crowd is cheering you. I can't deny it. And it's very funny, too. Sometimes you're shy; you go somewhere and everyone's looking at you, so you feel a little self-conscious. - Author: Jon Lovitz
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Jon Lovitz
#21. C'mon, Alec," Damien said. "Sung just wants us to win." "No," I said. "Sung only wants us to win. There's a difference." Damien and the others looked at me blankly. This was not, I remembered, a word-choice crowd. - Author: Holly Black
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Holly Black
#22. But this does not take away the fact that Luke sees the frustrations women face, including the constant discipline of being quietly useful while others crowd in to take the more obviously attractive roles. Furthermore, he remembers Jesus as a teacher who was willing to recognize the value of women's contribution. Working in partnership with a man also protected the women from being bothered by other men who resented their independent activity or simply wanted to meddle. For the women of Galilee, Jesus was invaluable as a sympathetic male focal point around which their activity could be organized. The presence of such a person in their midst would have been a godsend even if the man in question had not been a miracle-worker. - Author: Kate Cooper
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Kate Cooper
#23. If you go to a party populated by the NPR crowd and you start talking about JonBenet Ramsey, people will look at you as if you had forgotten your pants. - Author: Bill James
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Bill James
#24. I've borne my isolation with me through the crowd as the snail bears its house. For some people isolation isn't a circumstance in which they find themselves, it's an innate characteristic. - Author: Hjalmar Soderberg
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Hjalmar Soderberg
#25. Despite the huge crowd, He speaks to His disciples as though no one else is there. - Author: Roma Downey
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Roma Downey
#26. The roar of the crowd has always been the sweetest music. It's intoxicating. - Author: Vin Scully
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Vin Scully
#27. A crowd of men stood in front of them. Of all ages, with expressions of sex-wonder in their eyes, gazing curiously as men who cannot solve a mystery that populates graveyards and through the ages has sent poets, popes, kings and fools to the junk heap. - Author: Jim Tully
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Jim Tully
#28. Odd coincidence – he had just been wishing that very thing. They plunged like divers into the dark eddying crowd and emerging in the cool Fifties sauntered indolently homeward, infinitely romantic to each other… both were walking alone in a dispassionate garden with a ghost found in a dream. Halcyon days like boats drifting along slow-moving rivers; spring evenings full of a plaintive melancholy that made the past beautiful and bitter, bidding them look back and see that the loves of other summers long one were dead with the forgotten waltzes of their years. - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Crowd Pleasers quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald
#29. Vince sneered at me with bloody teeth and dropped the twenties at my feet as security herded him through the crowd. I didn't pick them up. A shoulder bumped against me, and I looked up into Reece's expressionless face as security marched him past.
He didn't even look at me, his words cold enough to burn.
"I hope you're worth it. - Author: Elle Cosimano
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Elle Cosimano
#30. Let but thy wicked men from out thee go,
And all the fools that crowd thee so,
Even thou, who dost thy millions boast,
A village less than Islington wilt grow,
A solitude almost. - Author: Abraham Cowley
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Abraham Cowley
#31. As they passed through the crowd, people blinked at them until finally Lily Chen, looking annoyed, stood up and said, in a loud, bored voice, "I cannot believe my own eyes. Isn't that Jace Herondale and Clary Fairchild, back from THE DEAD? - Author: Cassandra Clare
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Cassandra Clare
#32. The challenge of being authentic for people pleasers is that we really want people to like and accept us. Being vulnerable, however, requires that we come to terms with the fact that not everyone is going to like us, and that it is okay. Not everyone needs to like us. - Author: Susan C. Young
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Susan C. Young
#33. I never turn on the crowd. Sometimes, you think it's a terrible show, and then afterward, sometimes people say they really liked it. So turning on the crowd is only going to alienate the few people who might like it. - Author: John Mulaney
Crowd Pleasers quotes by John Mulaney
#34. Something dangerous is beginning:
I am coming late to my own self.
I made an appointment with my thoughts-
the thoughts were snatched from me.
I made an appointment with Faulkner-
but they made me go to a banquet.
I made an appointment with history,
but a grass-widow dragged me into bed.
Worse than barbed wire
are birthday parties, mine and others',
and roasted suckling pigs hold me
like a sprig of parsley between their teeth!
Led away for good
to a life absolutely not my own,
everything that I eat, eats me,
everything that I drink, drinks me.
I made an appointment with myself,
but they invite me to feast on my own spareribs.
I am garlanded from all sides
not by strings of bagels, but by the holes of bagels,
and I look like an anthology of zeros.
Life gets broken into hundreds of lifelets,
that exhaust and execute me.
In order to get through to myself
I had to smash my body against others',
and my fragments, my smithereens,
are trampled by the roaring crowd.
I am trying to glue myself together,
but my arms are still severed.
I'd write with my left leg,
but both the left and the right
have run off, in different directions.
I don't know- where is my body?
And soul? Did it really fly off,
without a murmured 'good-bye! '?
How do I break through to a faraway namesake,
waiting for me in the cold somewhere - Author: Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
#35. I think most artists would agree, it's one thing to be playing in front of a crowd that's loving it, it's another thing to add cameras, but it's a really cool trade off to be on television. - Author: Brett Dennen
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Brett Dennen
#36. There are so many rappers now that it's cluttering our culture. 90% of the time at a show there are more artists in the crowd than there are fans - it's too much. Too many people try to give you CD's. - Author: Statik Selektah
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Statik Selektah
#37. A crowd exists so long as it has an unattained goal. - Author: Elias Canetti
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Elias Canetti
#38. He was a solitary figure in a vast landscape while she was a face in a nameless crowd. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#39. Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance. - Author: Henri Bergson
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Henri Bergson
#40. The roar of an angry crowd is one of the most terrifying sounds in the world. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Elizabeth Peters
#41. No one was a stranger in that crowd. We had all heard FDR's "Fireside Chats" and Edward R. Murrow's "This is London," listened to H.V. Kaltenborn for the evening news, and watched the newsreels before the movies. We'd read Ernie Pyle's columns, planted victory gardens, written V mails, sent care packages, gathered phonograph records for the USO, given up nylon for parachutes, saved bacon grease for explosives, and turned in tin foil, saved from gum wrappers, for ammunition. Most of all, we'd prayed that our loved ones would be safe. - Author: Marjorie Hart
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Marjorie Hart
#42. In the next room, perhaps twenty people were sitting around, drinking what looked like wine out of wine-glasses. They were the sort of people William and Louisa used to be in the habit of knowing, a crowd of elegant furniture, like the legs of a herd of gazelle taken together, and equally useless, when all things are considered. - Author: Jesse Ball
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Jesse Ball
#43. Club DJs don't talk to the crowd. - Author: Rhys Ifans
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Rhys Ifans
#44. You need courage to be creative. You need the courage to see things differently, courage to go against the crowd, courage to take a different approach, courage to stand alone, if you have to, courage to choose activity over inactivity. - Author: Jim Rohn
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Jim Rohn
#45. Caenis surveyed the celebrating crowd with naked disgust. Vaelin couldn't hear the word he mouthed but the shape of his lips carried the meaning clearly enough: "Scum. - Author: Anthony Ryan
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Anthony Ryan
#46. Among the people to whom he belonged, nothing was written or talked about at that time except the Serbian war. Everything that the idle crowd usually does to kill time, it now did for the benefit of the Slavs: balls, concerts, dinners, speeches, ladies' dresses, beer, restaurants - all bore witness to our sympathy with the Slavs.

With much that was spoken and written on the subject Konyshev did not agree in detail. He saw that the Slav question had become one of those fashionable diversions which, ever succeeding one another, serve to occupy Society; he saw that too many people took up the question from interested motives. He admitted that the papers published much that was unnecessary and exaggerated with the sole aim of drawing attention to themselves, each outcrying the other. He saw that amid this general elation in Society those who were unsuccessful or discontented leapt to the front and shouted louder than anyone else: Commanders-in-Chief without armies, Ministers without portfolios, journalists without papers, and party leaders without followers. He saw that there was much that was frivolous and ridiculous; but he also saw and admitted the unquestionable and ever-growing enthusiasm which was uniting all classes of society, and with which one could not help sympathizing. The massacre of our coreligionists and brother Slavs evoked sympathy for the sufferers and indignation against their oppressors. And the heroism of the Serbs and Montenegrins, fighting for a - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Crowd Pleasers quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#47. Michael Bloomfield came in after rock n roll started, and he was a great guitarist. He idolized me - I know that. What else can I say ? he was a young, excitable man. To him, drugs were plentiful, and that was no good. I talked to him like he was a son of mine. He was a great and he was gonna be greater. But he was part of the "in-crowd" and so he never got there - Author: B.B. King
Crowd Pleasers quotes by B.B. King

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