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#1. Puta, really, that's the best insult you got? I've been called the Whore of Babylon on national TV; puta just doesn't quite cut it. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Crennel Tv quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#2. chest in a sensation of gut-punching fear. My hand caught me and I bounced back to my feet. So that's ice? I thought. Until now I had only seen it on TV and in the freezer. There was a black sedan in the driveway that looked like something I'd seen on a Buick commercial. My hand brushed against it as I ran down the driveway and stopped at the end. I heard the - Author: Robert J. Crane
Crennel Tv quotes by Robert J. Crane
#3. My TV ain't HD, that's too real - Author: Frank Ocean
Crennel Tv quotes by Frank Ocean
#4. Basically, growing up, and being a teenage kid, I've always been interested in charity. And one of the benefits of being on a TV show and having a fan base, you kind of have the power to spread news around. - Author: Gregg Sulkin
Crennel Tv quotes by Gregg Sulkin
#5. I worked on Crash, the TV series, some Disney shows like Get Connected, Brain Surge & iCarly on Nickelodeon, but Make It Pop is my very first lead role in a series. - Author: Megan Lee
Crennel Tv quotes by Megan Lee
#6. It's amazing how many people you see on TV. I did my first television show a month ago, and the next day five million television sets were sold. The people who couldn't sell theirs threw them away. - Author: Bob Hope
Crennel Tv quotes by Bob Hope
#7. The 'Night Train' has already been a crazy ride for me. We flew around making TV appearances and stadium announcements all over the country, fueled by little more than coffee and adrenaline ... so many fans jumped on board with us, and I couldn't be more thankful. - Author: Jason Aldean
Crennel Tv quotes by Jason Aldean
#8. I just loved Bette Davis and the fact that I had a chance to work with her [on the 1979 TV movie Strangers: The Story of a Mother and Daughter] was momentous. - Author: Gena Rowlands
Crennel Tv quotes by Gena Rowlands
#9. This situation nailed why reality TV was such a hit. The human appetite to witness tragedy, to observe the subtle difference between pain and anguish, to see each emotion twist the features of a normally smiling face, was irresistible. It wasn't their fault. A certain amount of morbidity was innate in each of us, part of our biological makeup, our DNA. - Author: Darynda Jones
Crennel Tv quotes by Darynda Jones
#10. The claim that SpongeBob makes your child dumber is a causal claim. If you do X, Y will happen. To prove that, you'd have to show that if you forced the children in the no-TV households to watch SpongeBob and changed nothing else about their lives, they would do worse in school. - Author: Emily Oster
Crennel Tv quotes by Emily Oster
#11. The television was on. It had been on for hours. Years. It was there. TV on demand, a great freedom. Hadn't Burroughs said there was more freedom today than ever before. Wasn't that like saying things were more like today than they've ever been. - Author: Lynne Tillman
Crennel Tv quotes by Lynne Tillman
#12. By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded. - Author: Eric Schmidt
Crennel Tv quotes by Eric Schmidt
#13. TV and film were always governing passions of mine, and that first wave of great HBO shows in the early years of the millennium was feeding my desire for fiction more than the books I was reading. - Author: Nic Pizzolatto
Crennel Tv quotes by Nic Pizzolatto
#14. When I watch TV I can tell when someone is punching the joke and telling me when to laugh. I'll decide when to laugh, thank you very much. - Author: Nathan Fillion
Crennel Tv quotes by Nathan Fillion
#15. But now we live in a time and in a culture when mystery tends to mean something more answerable, it means a crime novel, a thriller, a drama on TV, usually one where we'll find out - and where the whole point of reading it or watching it will be that we will find out - what happened. - Author: Ali Smith
Crennel Tv quotes by Ali Smith
#16. ho' was one I hadn't heard before," I admitted as we pushed through the door, gently popping an eavesdropping Dick in the side of the head. Dick cursed. Aunt Jettie shrugged. "You leave the TV on during the day. I've watched a lot of Maury Povich. - Author: Molly Harper
Crennel Tv quotes by Molly Harper
#17. As far as I can tell, the only unambiguous consequence of the claimed invasion of Earth by beings from another star system has been a nonstop torrent of TV specials. So if you're one of the many who believe the aliens are here, you really do have to admit this: They're the best houseguests ever. - Author: Seth Shostak
Crennel Tv quotes by Seth Shostak
#18. I'm very interested in politics, and I feel TV is a more political medium than film. - Author: Doug Liman
Crennel Tv quotes by Doug Liman
#19. I want to keep working. I want to step away from young adult fiction. I want to do theater periodically - Farragut North reminded me how great it is. I started out in theater. I trained in theater and then I kind of fell into film and TV. I want to work with interesting artists, talented actors, talented directors, and talented scripts. Not necessarily leading roles. - Author: Max Irons
Crennel Tv quotes by Max Irons
#20. My first few years as TV critic, I would go to parties and people (usually older Posties or ex-Posties who seemed to pride themselves on not watching very much television) would take me by the arm and insist that I watch this show they'd recently starting watching on DVD, about drug dealers in Baltimore. - Author: Hank Stuever
Crennel Tv quotes by Hank Stuever
#21. In effect, terrorists now have the power to ignite war. They almost have their finger on the nuclear button. They almost have the status of heads of state. And that has enhanced the effectiveness and romance of terrorism.
The US government's response to September 11 has actually privileged terrorism. It has given it a huge impetus, and made it look like terrorism is the only effective way to be heard. Over the years, every kind of nonviolent resistance movement has been crushed, ignored, kicked aside. But if you're a terrorist, you have a great chance of being negotiated with, of being on TV, of getting all the attention you couldn't have dreamt of earlier. - Author: Arundhati Roy
Crennel Tv quotes by Arundhati Roy
#22. There are a lot of explorations on TV of romantic relationships, and some are good and some are bad. I think there are very few explorations of male friendship that' s not just a wingman type friendship and not just an opportunity for humor, but that really explores two friends and their relationship. - Author: David Shore
Crennel Tv quotes by David Shore
#23. Reality TV is set up to make people entertaining. A good person with values and principles is not good television. - Author: Ronda Rousey
Crennel Tv quotes by Ronda Rousey
#24. When I watch films or tv that I've done, I get very restless and tend to not sit still. - Author: Eric Mabius
Crennel Tv quotes by Eric Mabius
#25. I forget sometimes that I'm in the HBO stable because I am such a fan of so much of their programming. Like, 'The Wire' is my favorite TV show of all time. - Author: John Gallagher, Jr.
Crennel Tv quotes by John Gallagher, Jr.
#26. How do you get into magazines? How can you get on TV or in your local newspaper? What can you do so others will take notice of your art? When I was first trying to get noticed, all of these questions went through my mind. After a lot of trial of error and a lot of reading, I began to understand the world of public relations. - Author: Mark Edward
Crennel Tv quotes by Mark Edward
#27. He imagines the plane exploding as it touches down, ignited by one of its glints, in a ball of red flame shadowed in black like you see on TV all the time, and he is shocked to find within himself, imagining this, not much emotion, just a cold thrill at being a witness, a kind of bleak wonder at the fury of chemicals, and relief that he hadn't been on the plane himself but was instead safe on this side of the glass, with his faint pronged sense of doom. - Author: John Updike
Crennel Tv quotes by John Updike
#28. To all my soap fans out there, my horror fanatics, comedy lovers, I will tell you this: 'Death Valley' is an action-packed drama, comedic, horror TV series that has a non-stop adventure in each episode. It's like a huge pot of Texas gumbo. If you like all four of those genres, then you'll love this show. - Author: Texas Battle
Crennel Tv quotes by Texas Battle
#29. People can sense when someone is fake or real on TV. - Author: Joey Fatone
Crennel Tv quotes by Joey Fatone
#30. If I'm going to continue to be any kind of spiritual teacher, I've got to go deeper myself. And so for me, [I am] preserving long periods of solitude, silence, prayer, journaling, study, writing. I don't turn on music or the TV unless I really need to. - Author: Richard Rohr
Crennel Tv quotes by Richard Rohr
#31. I can't say that I have ever been fanatical about a show. To be honest, I'm not a big TV watcher. When I do watch TV, I watch the news. - Author: Matthew Davis
Crennel Tv quotes by Matthew Davis
#32. The old Televisions had an off switch. - Author: Chris Bachelder
Crennel Tv quotes by Chris Bachelder
#33. I set the vodka glasses on the table, and we become gently drunk in the foetal warmth. The Australian woman doesn't quite get the picture. We have a brief exchange in English. 'Do you have a car?' she asks. 'No,' I reply. 'A TV?' 'No.' 'What if you have a problem?' 'I walk.' 'Do you go to the village for food?' 'There is no village.' 'Do you wait for a car on the road?' 'There is no road.' 'Are those your books?' 'Yes.' 'Did you write all of them?' I prefer people whose character resembles a frozen lake to those who are more like marshes. - Author: Sylvain Tesson
Crennel Tv quotes by Sylvain Tesson
#34. I wanted people to see that I really am a real person. I'm not just some guy who was on a TV show, some guy engulfed in the Hollywood life. I'm just a normal guy when it comes down to it. - Author: Scotty McCreery
Crennel Tv quotes by Scotty McCreery
#35. She spent the entire day at the house, debating the issue with herself. First, she watched TV. British television seemed to consist mostly of makeover shows. Garden makeovers. Fashion makeovers. House makeovers. Everything relating to change. It seemed like a hint. Change something. Make a move. She - Author: Maureen Johnson
Crennel Tv quotes by Maureen Johnson
#36. No-tech tourism is a form of temporal eco-tourism in which one reads books or watches film and TV precisely because of the absence of 21st-century technologies. - Author: Douglas Coupland
Crennel Tv quotes by Douglas Coupland
#37. I remember when I first came to America and I saw posters for TV shows and I was like, "What?! Why does a television show deserve space on a billboard?" - Author: Jamie Bell
Crennel Tv quotes by Jamie Bell
#38. Joe Budden TV is life through the eyes of Joe Budden. You've gotta go check it out - it's pretty fun. - Author: Joe Budden
Crennel Tv quotes by Joe Budden
#39. Nature's what it's all about, but our people have been brainwashed into thinking that life is a cell phone against your head and the TV on a beer commercial with hot chicks. - Author: Tim Dorsey
Crennel Tv quotes by Tim Dorsey
#40. I've got to get my body back. While I like wearing you, I'd rather wear you as a blanket on top of me and not the skin I'm walking around in. It has this whole Hannibal Lecter aspect that's really creeping me out."Jo
"Hannibal Lecter?" Cadegan
"It's a TV show and book character. Not really important. Like a wombat in a blender." Jo
"I'm not sure what this blender is, but I think I should be feeling bad for that poor wombat." Cadegan - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Crennel Tv quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#41. There was a TV show called Thank Your Lucky Stars, with the catchphrase "I'll give it five!" The Beatles and Stones were so popular when they were on it. One week The Beatles were number one and then the Stones were right on their heels. - Author: Gordon Lightfoot
Crennel Tv quotes by Gordon Lightfoot

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