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#1. Set aside one hour each day to do something that you enjoy a great deal. Don't skip this hour. Don't fill it in with eating, cooking, or television. What you want is an inner sense of creative satisfaction. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Deepak Chopra
#2. That's why moderns have to have hobbies. They can't find satisfaction in their money-earning work, so many seek creative satisfaction in model planes and trains. - Author: Douglas Wilson
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Douglas Wilson
#3. My choice of films has never been governed by money. That is perhaps why I don't have a very fancy bank account. I'd rather get respect and creative satisfaction through my work than just earn money. - Author: Katrina Kaif
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Katrina Kaif
#4. As a customer's man, his best brokerage work was securing the old age of his clients: time for them to do what they wished. - Author: Edward Hoagland
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Edward Hoagland
#5. Let's make Joe Lieberman accountable for his rhetoric. Not a penny more until he 'clarifies' his positions to the satisfaction of our creative freedom. - Author: Joe Eszterhas
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#6. Which, of course, isn't the point of writing - but it would be nice if, along with the creative satisfaction of writing and seeing my work in print, I could do more than merely scrape a living. Okay, moaning over. - Author: Eric Brown
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Eric Brown
#7. Sometimes I know a film might not pull the audience to the theatres and have a great collection at the box office. But I need to do these films for creative satisfaction and give something different to the audience. - Author: Emraan Hashmi
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Emraan Hashmi
#8. If I want to, I can sign 20 films for ridiculous amounts of money, but I really want to do different kinds of cinema. I want creative satisfaction. - Author: Karisma Kapoor
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Karisma Kapoor
#9. In ancient Greek, the word for the highest degree of human happiness is eudaimonia, which basically means "well-daemoned" - that is, nicely taken care of by some external divine creative spirit guide. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#10. I love to exercise my creativity in many ways but as each year of specialization goes by I feel further and further from my other creative selves. I used to be able to see myself doing many things and sometimes I still long for a job that involves less pressure and grappling with people but, as you say, I am one of the lucky ones so I try to just focus on feeling lucky and carry on! - Author: Ani DiFranco
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Ani DiFranco
#11. The central values by which most men have lived, in a great many lands at a great many times - these values, almost if not entirely universal, are not always harmonious with each other. Some are, some are not. Men have always craved for liberty, security, equality, happiness, justice, knowledge, and so on. But complete liberty is not compatible with complete equality - if men were wholly free, the wolves would be free to eat the sheep. Perfect equality means that human liberties must be restrained so that the ablest and the most gifted are not permitted to advance beyond those who would inevitably lose if there were competition. Security, and indeed freedoms, cannot be preserved if freedom to subvert them is permitted. Indeed, not everyone seeks security or peace, otherwise some would not have sought glory in battle or in dangerous sports.
Justice has always been a human ideal, but it is not fully compatible with mercy. Creative imagination and spontaneity, splendid in themselves, cannot be fully reconciled with the need for planning, organization, careful and responsible calculation. Knowledge, the pursuit of truth - the noblest of aims - cannot be fully reconciled with the happiness or the freedom that men desire, for even if I know that I have some incurable disease this will not make me happier or freer. I must always choose: between peace and excitement, or knowledge and blissful ignorance. And so on...
If these ultimate human values by which we live are to be - Author: Isaiah Berlin
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Isaiah Berlin
#12. I got my undergrad in Creative Writing, and then I didn't get my Masters in obsession, because I figured I already had that covered. - Author: Julie Powell
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Julie Powell
#13. Most agree that a useful definition of creative work is that it includes a combination of novelty and value. Creativity requires novelty because tried-and-true solutions are not creative, even if they are ingenious and useful. And creative works must be valuable (useful or illuminating to at least some members of the population) because a work that is merely odd is not creative. This two-pronged definition of creativity also provides an explanation of why the creative can lie close to the insane (unusual but valueless behavior). - Author: Alice W. Flaherty
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Alice W. Flaherty
#14. A true great artist at heart never ceases to create, continuously amazes and keeps sharing his gift despite barriers, judgement, fears and dreaded myths. If you stopped being creative out of fear or loss of self-esteem or pride, you were never an artist first and foremost for you have ran away from your true calling. - Elizabeth's Quotes - Author: Elizabeth E. Castillo
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Elizabeth E. Castillo
#15. Forces of digestion and metabolism are at work within me that are utterly beyond my perception or control. Most of my internal organs may as well not exist for all I know of them directly, and yet I can be reasonably certain that I have them, arranged much as any medical textbook would suggest. The taste of the coffee, my satisfaction at its flavor, the feeling of the warm cup in my hand - while these are immediate facts with which I am acquainted, they reach back into a dark wilderness of facts that I will never come to know... Where am I, that I have such a poor view of things? And what sort of thing am I that both my outside and my inside are so obscure? - Author: Sam Harris
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Sam Harris
#16. I can still remember the miraculous feeling of writing a sentence, then more sentences, telling a story. The first thing I wrote was a one-page summary of Robinson Crusoe and I am so sorry I do not have it any more; it was at that moment I became an author.
[As quoted in the author biography on Mankell's official website.] - Author: Henning Mankell
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Henning Mankell
#17. The ruling class is smarter than you, and they're more creative. And if you forget that lesson, you go down the drain. Because if they weren't, they wouldn't be around as long as they have been and as strong as they have been. - Author: Al Lewis
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Al Lewis
#18. I want to do something creative, not just easy. - Author: Sebastian Bach
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Sebastian Bach
#19. I'm a firm believer in the chaotic nature of the creative process needing to be chaotic. If we put too much structure on it, we will kill it. So there's a fine balance between providing some structure and safety - financial and emotional - but also letting it get messy and stay messy for a while. To do that, you need to assess each situation to see what's called for. And then you need to become what's called for. - Author: Ed Catmull
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Ed Catmull
#20. I'm a believer. I don't go to church. I don't belong to any particular religion, but I do believe in God. I couldn't write what I write about and be creative without a certain form of belief. - Author: Nick Cave
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Nick Cave
#21. There are no limitations to the self
except those you believe in. - Author: Seth
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Seth
#22. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which highlights customer satisfaction, workforce empowerment, and increased productivity, has come to symbolize America's commitment to excellence. - Author: William J. Clinton
Creative Satisfaction quotes by William J. Clinton
#23. Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln never saw a movie, heard a radio or looked at television. They had 'Loneliness' and knew what to do with it. They were not afraid of being lonely because they knew that was when the creative mood in them would work. - Author: Carl Sandburg
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Carl Sandburg
#24. Majority decisions tend to be made without engaging the systematic thought and critical thinking skills of the individuals in the group. Given the force of the group's normative power to shape the opinions of the followers who conform without thinking things through, they are often taken at face value. The persistent minority forces the others to process the relevant information more mindfully. Research shows that the deciscions of a group as a whole are more thoughtful and creative when there is minority dissent than when it is absent. - Author: Philip G. Zimbardo
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Philip G. Zimbardo
#25. What's a pirate minus the ship? just a creative homeless guy - Author: Bo Burnham
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Bo Burnham
#26. But the question is not quite so easy when we proceed to ask whether these principles are three or one; whether, that is to say, we learn with one part of our nature, are angry with another, and with a third part desire the satisfaction of our natural appetites; or whether the whole soul comes into play in each sort of action - to determine that is the difficulty. Yes, he said; there lies the difficulty. Then - Author: Plato
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Plato
#27. To end slavery, you must overcome the mental and physical inertia of the masses and quicken their intelligence and creative faculty. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#28. After watching - with a twinge of satisfaction - the letters burn to ashes in the fireplace, Evie felt sleepy. She went to the master bedroom for a nap. In spite of her weariness, it was difficult to relax while she was worried about Sebastian. Her thoughts chased round and round, until her tired brain put an end to the useless fretting and she dropped off to sleep.
When she awakened an hour or so later, Sebastian was sitting on the bed beside her, a lock of her bright hair clasped loosely between a thumb and forefinger. He was watching her closely, his eyes the color of heaven at daybreak. She sat up and smiled self-consciously.
Gently Sebastian stroked back her tumbled hair. "You look like a little girl when you sleep," he murmured. "It makes me want to guard you every minute."
"Did you find Mr. Bullard?"
"Yes, and no. First tell me what you did while I was gone."
"I helped Cam to arrange things in the office. And I burned all your letters from lovelorn ladies. The blaze was so large, I'm surprised no one sent for a fire brigade."
His lips curved in a smile, but his gaze probed hers carefully. "Did you read any of them?"
Evie lifted a shoulder in a nonchalant half shrug. "A few. There were inquiries as to whether or not you've yet tired of your wife."
"No." Sebastian drew his palm along the line of her thigh. "I'm tired of countless evenings of repetitive gossip and tepid flirtation. I'm tired of meaningless encounters with wom - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#29. The writer's ultimate purpose is to use his gifts to develop man's awareness of himself so that he, man, can become a better instrument for living together with other men. This sense of identity is the root by which all honest creative effort is fed. - Author: Jay Saunders Redding
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Jay Saunders Redding
#30. You can always tell gifted and highly intelligent people as they always turn to the past. Any young person who knows anything that happened before 1980, or 1990, or 2000 for that matter, is immediately someone who is intelligent, probably creative, maybe a writer. Nobody who is drawn to the past and learning about the past is not gifted. - Author: Mike Nichols
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Mike Nichols
#31. Once something is memorable, it's living and you're using it. That to me is the foundation of a creative society. - Author: Yo-Yo Ma
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Yo-Yo Ma
#32. The Difference between Writers and Editors.
Writers are creative using one end of a pencil.
Editors are more adept using the opposite end. - Author: Roy A. Higgins
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Roy A. Higgins
#33. I had a creative hot streak in the 1940s and since then I've been pot boiling. - Author: Stephen Shore
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Stephen Shore
#34. When we are placed in a set of circumstances where we have to take initiative and be creative, some of us find it hard to transition. Those people have been trained not to think but to obey orders. They are slaves to the training, unconsciously pledging allegiance to the average. Mentally they recite from the manual of mediocrity. - Author: T.D. Jakes
Creative Satisfaction quotes by T.D. Jakes
#35. I love acting. Acting is a true love of mine, acting and math. Although they are both creative, they use very different sides of your brain. And I love both. Acting is my first love, and that's my main career, it really is. - Author: Danica McKellar
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Danica McKellar
#36. The purpose of the Sisterhood of Librarians is to keep the secret of creative juice and keep the idea of libraries alive. - Author: S.A. Tawks
Creative Satisfaction quotes by S.A. Tawks
#37. Before embarking on important undertakings sit quietly calm your senses and thoughts and meditate deeply. You will then be guided by the great creative power of Spirit. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#38. Unless your freedom turns into a creative realization, you will feel sad. Because you will see that you are free-your chains are broken, and you are no longer in prison; you are standing under the starry night, completely free. But where do you go? - Author: Rajneesh
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Rajneesh
#39. LIFE is that existence that is given to man to live for a purpose, to live to his own satisfaction and pleasure, providing he forgets not the God who created him and who expects a spiritual obedience and observation of the moral laws that He has inspired. - Author: Marcus Garvey
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Marcus Garvey
#40. I took my first creative writing class when I was 24, then went onto to get a graduate degree in poetry. I've sort of never looked back from there. - Author: Paula McLain
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Paula McLain
#41. I think everybody who relates to music is kind of isolated. It's lonely. Everyone who uses the creative side of their brain is that much removed from reality. They are looking for answers wherever they can find them. - Author: Laura Marling
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Laura Marling
#42. When the twins asked what cuff-links were for - "To link cuffs together," Ammu told them - they were thrilled by this morsel of logic in what had so far seemed an illogical language. Cuff+link = cuff-link. This, to them, rivaled the precision of logic and mathematics. Cuff-links gave them an inordinate (if exaggerated) satisfaction, and a real affection for the English language. - Author: Arundhati Roy
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Arundhati Roy
#43. Our peasant music, naturally, is invariably tonal, if not always in the sense that the inflexible major and minor system is tonal. (An "atonal" folk-music, in my opinion, is unthinkable.) Since we depend upon a tonal basis of this kind in our creative work, it is quite self-evident that our works are quite pronouncedly tonal in type. I must admit, however, that there was a time when I thought I was approaching a species of twelve-tone music. Yet even in works of that period the absolute tonal foundation is unmistakable. - Author: Bela Bartok
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Bela Bartok
#44. You need to create pathways in your consciousness through which the creative forces operate. - Author: Julia Cameron
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Julia Cameron
#45. I'm trying to listen to my past, listen to what's most deeply going on inside myself, my creative set of fictional characters, a fictional world - to listen to that world, to search. - Author: Frederick Buechner
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Frederick Buechner
#46. Rhythms, beats, etc., are fundamentally central to my creative drive: my first instrument was the drums, nearly every band I have been involved in or at the helm of, is driven by rhythm, my band is driven entirely by rhythm, machine rhythm, and the purpose of the rock instrumentation is literally to speak the beats, to emulate the rhythms with guitars and bass, with very little articulation, and without being 'progressive'. - Author: Justin Broadrick
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Justin Broadrick
#47. Uncle, I have discovered what girls are made for," said Rose, the day after the reconciliation of Archie and the Prince.
"Well, my dear, what is it?" asked Dr. Alec ...
"To take care of boys," answered Rose, quite beaming with satisfaction as she spoke. "Phebe laughed when I told her, and said she thought girls had better learn to take care of themselves first. But that's because she hasn't got seven boy-cousins as I have."
"She is right, nevertheless, Rosy, and so are you, for the two things go together, and in helping seven lads you are unconsciously doing much to improve one lass, - Author: Louisa May Alcott
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#48. Peggy had not forgotten the intellectual and social ambitions she had started life with only a decade before. Years so weary and routine laden, they seemed like a single year that had repeated itself. She wanted to be creative and self-reliant. - Author: Nell Zink
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Nell Zink
#49. Love is at once the most creative and yet simultaneously destructive force in the world, and thus, in our lives. And I don't mean the Hallmark sentimental type of love, although that is part of it. But a deeper obligation that we have to each other: the obligation to reflect our humanness at each other, to reflect back the things others show us and we, them. - Author: Chris Abani
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Chris Abani
#50. Enforcing equality to compensate for the monstrous unfairness of nature destroys liberty. But total liberty leads to various forms of aristocracy and decay. Yet total equality leads to oppressive statism and decay. However, equality of opportunity leads to a vibrantly chaotic and creative meritocracy. - Author: Peter J. Carroll
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Peter J. Carroll
#51. It is often simply from lack of creative imagination that we do not go far enough in suffering. - Author: Marcel Proust
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Marcel Proust
#52. so that it isn't upsetting to anybody. It's something we've always known about fairy tales – they talk about incest, the Oedipus complex, about psychotic mothers, like those of Snow White and Hansel and Gretel, who throw their children out. They tell things about life which children know instinctively, and the pleasure and relief lie in finding these things expressed in language that children can live with. You can't eradicate these feelings – they exist and they're a great source of creative inspiration. - Author: Maurice Sendak
Creative Satisfaction quotes by Maurice Sendak

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