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I've already spent ten years of my life apologizing for that band. As their manager, that's all I really did. Apologize. For years afterward I'd walk into a hotel lobby and the receptionist would call to me, 'Mr. McGhee.' And I'd run up and drop to my knees and say, 'Oh, Jesus, I'm really sorry.'
They'd look at me funny and say, 'No, nothing's wrong. You have a telephone call.'
And I'd breathe a sigh of relief and thank the good Lord above that I wasn't managing Mötley Crüe anymore.

~ Doc McGhee. ~ Motley Crue
Cre quotes by Motley Crue
Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth. ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki
Cre quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
I you're in prayer, take care of your heart.
If you're eating, take cre of your throat.
If you're in another man's house, take care of your eyes.
If you among people, take care of your tongue. ~ Luqman
Cre quotes by Luqman
Comme l'imagination a cre e le monde, elle le gouverne. Because imagination created the world, it governs it. ~ Charles Baudelaire
Cre quotes by Charles Baudelaire
In many places, the past fifteen years have been a time of economic turmoil and widening disparities. Anger and resentment are high. And yet economic policies that might address these concerns seem nearly impossible to enact. Instead of the seeds of reform, we are given the yoke of misdirection. We are told to forget the sources of our discontent because something more important is at stake: the fate of our civilization.

Yet what are these civilizations, these notions of Muslim-ness, Western-ness, European-ness, American-ness, that attempt to describe where, and with whom, we belong? They are illusions: arbitrarily drawn constructs with porous, brittle, and overlapping borders. To what civilization does a Syrian atheist belong? A Muslim soldier in the US army? A Chinese professor in Germany? A lesbian fashion designer in Nigeria? After how many decades of US citizenship does a Spanish-speaking Honduran-born couple, with two generations of American children and grandchildren descended from them, cease to belong to a Latin American civilization and take their place in an American one?

Civilizations are illusions, but these illusions are pervasive, dangerous, and powerful. They contribute to globalization's brutality. They allow us, for example, to say that we believe in global free markets and, in the same breath, to discount as impossible the global free movement of labor; to claim that we believe in democracy and human equality, and yet to stymie the cre ~ Mohsin Hamid
Cre quotes by Mohsin Hamid
It's time for new bands to step up because KISS and Mtley Cre, Aerosmith, The [Rolling] Stones ... we're not always gonna be here. Who's gonna replace us? There's no one out there. It's sad. ~ Nikki Sixx
Cre quotes by Nikki Sixx
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