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You are worth fighting for. ~ Truth Devour
Coxswains Mate quotes by Truth Devour
Now, brethren, do not expect perfection in your choice of a mate. Do not be so particular that you overlook her most important qualities of having a strong testimony, living the principles of the gospel, loving home, wanting to be a mother in Zion, and supporting you in your priesthood responsibilities.
Of course, she should be attractive to you ...
And one good yardstick as to whether a person might be the right one for you is this: in her presence, do you think your noblest thoughts, do you aspire to your finest deeds, do you wish you were better than you are? ~ Ezra Taft Benson
Coxswains Mate quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
A soul mate was the person who wielded the greatest power imaginable over you, the person who cupped your happiness in their hands. If the worst happened and the relationship crumbled, they used the power you so foolishly lent them to crush your dreams under their heels as they walked out of your life. Those same hands that had so delicately held your joy were plunged in your chest as they ripped your heart out by its roots. ~ Hailey Edwards
Coxswains Mate quotes by Hailey Edwards
Some think Grom felt the pull toward Nalia," Toraf says softly. "Maybe it's a family trait."
"Well, there's where you're wrong, Toraf. I'm not supposed to feel the pull toward Emma. She belongs to Grom. He's firstborn, third generation Triton. And she's clearly of Poseidon." Galen runs his hand through his hair.
"I think that if Grom were her mate, he would have found Emma somehow instead of you."
"That's what you get for thinking. I didn't find Emma. Dr. Milligan did."
"Okay, answer me this," Toraf says, shaking a finger at Galen. "You're twenty years old. Why haven't you sifted for a mate?"
Galen blinks. He's never thought of it, actually. Not even when Toraf asked for Rayna. Shouldn't that have reminded him of his own single status? He shakes his head. He's letting Toraf's gossip get to him. He shrugs. "I've just been busy. It's not like I don't want to, if that's what you're saying."
"With who?"
"Name someone, Galen. The first female that comes to mind."
He tries to block out her name, her face. But he doesn't stop it in time. Emma. He cringes. It's just that we've been talking about her so much, she's naturally the freshest on my mind, he tells himself. "There isn't anyone yet. But I'm sure there would be if I spent more time at home."
"Right. And why is that you're always away? Maybe you're searching for something and don't even know it."
"I'm away because I'm watching the humans, as is my responsibility, yo ~ Anna Banks
Coxswains Mate quotes by Anna Banks
God will bring the right person into your life at the right time. Always believe that! If they are not there, God isn't finished yet! ~ Shannon L. Alder
Coxswains Mate quotes by Shannon L. Alder
Democratic candidate John Kerry on Tuesday chose fellow Senator John Edwards to be his running mate. Asked about Edwards' lack of foreign policy experience, Kerry revealed his new campaign slogan, 'I Promise Not to Die.' ~ Dennis Miller
Coxswains Mate quotes by Dennis Miller
In all social classes except the most privileged, abnegation and hard work are considered the supreme female virtues; a spirit of sacrifice is a question of honor: the more one suffers for family, the prouder one feels. Women are used to thinking of their mate as a foolish child whose every serious fault, from drunkenness to domestic violence, they forgive . . . because he's a man. ~ Isabel Allende
Coxswains Mate quotes by Isabel Allende
If you are really Master of your Fate, it shouldn't make any difference to you whether Cleopatra or the Bearded Lady is your mate. ~ Ogden Nash
Coxswains Mate quotes by Ogden Nash
Are you scared of me?" He asked her gently.
Sally shook her head.
"Do you think I would ever hurt you intentionally?"
Again she shook her head.
"Do you believe that I want what's best for you and will protect you with my life? Do you trust that I will hold you above all others and live to see that you have joy in your life? That I will hold you when you cry, that I will laugh with you when you laugh, that I will honor you as my mate? Do you believe these things? ~ Quinn Loftis
Coxswains Mate quotes by Quinn Loftis
A dark-haired man with electric-blue eyes hadn't taken his eyes off Caro since she'd sat down. He watched her like, well, a predatory wolf watched his mate.
Caro glanced over her shoulder and when she turned to face Nissa her expression was dark.
"Uh oh. "I'm sorry. Is mate the wrong word? I'm still not sure of all the correct --"
She shook her head and placed a gentle hand on hers. "I'm sorry, it's not that. No, he's not my mate. He's a very persistent... Never mind. I'm actually unmated. ~ Savannah Stuart
Coxswains Mate quotes by Savannah Stuart
And if at whiles the bubble, blown too thin,
Seem nigh on bursting, - if you nearly see
The real world through the false, - what do you see?
Is the old so ruined? You find you 're in a flock
O' the youthful, earnest, passionate - genius, beauty,
Rank and wealth also, if you care for these:
And all depose their natural rights, hail you,
(That 's me, sir) as their mate and yoke-fellow,
Participate in Sludgehood ~ Robert Browning
Coxswains Mate quotes by Robert Browning
Any passion can become an addiction; but then how to distinguish between the two? The central question is: who's in charge, the individual or their behaviour? It's possible to rule a passion, but an obsessive passion that a person is unable to rule is an addiction. And the addiction is the repeated behaviour that a person keeps engaging in, even though he knows it harms himself or others. How it looks externally is irrelevant. The key issue is a person's internal relationship to the passion and its related behaviours.

If in doubt, ask yourself one simple question: given the harm you're doing to yourself and others, are you willing to stop? If not, you're addicted. And if you're unable to renounce the behaviour or to keep your pledge when you do, you're addicted. There is, of course, a deeper, more ossified layer beneath any kind of addiction: the denial state in which, contrary to all reason and evidence, you refuse to acknowledge that you're hurting yourself or anyone else. In the denial state you're completely resistant to asking yourself any questions at all. But if you want to know, look around you. Are you closer to the people you love after your passion has been fulfilled or more isolated? Have you come more truly into who you really are or are you left
feeling hollow? ~ Gabor Mate
Coxswains Mate quotes by Gabor Mate
Medical thinking usually sees stress as highly disturbing but isolated events such as, for example, sudden unemployment, a marriage breakup, or the death of a loved one. These major events are potent sources of stress for many, but there are chronic daily stresses in people's lives that are more insidious and more harmful in their long-term biological consequences. Internally generated stresses take their toll without in any way seeming out of the ordinary. ~ Gabor Mate
Coxswains Mate quotes by Gabor Mate
If I could have wished what I thought was my perfect mate on the wind and had her come back to me in a storm, I could never have come up with anything as exquisite as you. ~ Kristen Ashley
Coxswains Mate quotes by Kristen Ashley
When deep down in the core of your being you believe that your soul mate exists, there is no limit to the ways he or she can enter your life. ~ Arielle Ford
Coxswains Mate quotes by Arielle Ford
The first mate leaned his massive form toward Dain. "I'm convinced that there's never any harm in a little something to believe in. ~ Micheline Ryckman
Coxswains Mate quotes by Micheline Ryckman
You are a God among men and I am you're queen of hearts. ~ Truth Devour
Coxswains Mate quotes by Truth Devour
The human mind and the peacock's tail may serve similar biological functions. The peacock's tail is the classic example of sexual selection through mate choice. It evolved because peahens (female peacock) preferred larger, more colorful tails. Peacocks would survive better with shorter, lighter, drabber tails. But the sexual choices of peahens have made peacocks evolve big, bright plumage that takes energy to grow and time to preen, and makes it harder to escape from predators such as tigers.
The human mind's most impressive abilities are like the peacock's tail: they are courtship tools, evolved to attract and entertain sexual partners. By shifting our attention from a survival-centered view of evolution to a courtship-centered view, I shall try to show how, for the first time, we can understand more of the richness of human art, morality, language, and creativity. ~ Geoffrey Miller
Coxswains Mate quotes by Geoffrey Miller
He softly brushed a lock of brown hair from her face, "Believe it, liefie, it seems you are irresistible. I will have to keep my guard up if I don't want you to be snatched away. ~ Katie Cody
Coxswains Mate quotes by Katie Cody
Obama does not believe in individual upward mobility. He would penalize it, tax it, regulate it, inveigh against it and disincentivize it. We will be like salmon swimming upstream to mate. We will overcome the currents, the waterfall, the rocks and the predators, and will grapple our way up the stream. Then, at the top of the waterfall will stand Obama the Bear, waiting to scoop us up and have us for dinner. The taxman cometh. ~ Dick Morris
Coxswains Mate quotes by Dick Morris
I think the idea of a soul mate is too romanticised, Don't get me wrong; romance is bliss, but to me, A soul mate is something so much more. It is possibility when hope falls short, it is waking on a Monday excited for breakfast - because it's with them, it's finding the simple pleasures of life so exhilarating - because your side by side, it is experiencing a connection that won't break, alter or dis-courage the growth of both individual journeys, a soul mate isn't just romance, to me it is so much more. ~ Nikki Rowe
Coxswains Mate quotes by Nikki Rowe
How often in life are you going to find your mate and that mate happens to be your same exact age and happens to have had the same life experiences to match where you are in our life so you guys can meet perfectly and give society what it wants? It just doesn't happen that way. Some people evolve at 24, some people are 60 and are still evolving. So why are we stopping these great connections based on age, or race or colour or whatever, gender, whatever? You meet who you meet and you connect because of your life experience. ~ Sandra Bullock
Coxswains Mate quotes by Sandra Bullock
The profile's the key, the absolute key to modern dating. If you can get quality people to look at your profile, it becomes a numbers game. The more views, the more hits. The more hits, the more the odds climb that you'll find a compatible mate. ~ Will McIntosh
Coxswains Mate quotes by Will McIntosh
I googled "what to do when your future werewolf mate/boyfriend/best friend courts you and brings you a dead rabbit." First, there was a lot of porn. Then I found a recipe for Maltese rabbit stew. It was delicious. The stew, not the porn. The porn was weird. GORDO ~ T.J. Klune
Coxswains Mate quotes by T.J. Klune
You're being a bloody fool." "As if you haven't been a time or two. Jericho, I'm holding your hand right up till the last. We'll sit up high on Dani's water tower, watch the world blink out and blink out with it. I'll be staring into your eyes at the end. And we'll smile. And I'm okay with that." I was more than okay with that. It felt right somehow. I'd found my soul mate. And whatever adventure was coming next, I was meeting it with him. Or drinking deeply of oblivion without him. I couldn't leave him. It was no longer possible. I wasn't sure it had ever been. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Coxswains Mate quotes by Karen Marie Moning
Denis could think of no logical reason why he should not attempt to mate with Beth Cooper.
There were no laws explicitly against it.
They were of the same species, and had complementary sex organs, most likely, based on extensive mental modeling Denis had done. ~ Larry Doyle
Coxswains Mate quotes by Larry Doyle
Almost every person wonders who their soul mate will be or where they will find them and everyone has or will suffer a love loss or the fear of that loss at different points in their lives. ~ Matthew Hussey
Coxswains Mate quotes by Matthew Hussey
By the grace of god I feel you. ~ Truth Devour
Coxswains Mate quotes by Truth Devour
My name is Tess Mercer. I'm no longer weak or afraid or broken. I've taken control of my fate. I no longer need a tower or dark angels or help. I am fear. And I take your soul in penance for everything that was done to me. I take it for the women you've raped. I take it for the women you've sold. I take it for my master, soul-mate, and husband. I take you for me. ~ Pepper Winters
Coxswains Mate quotes by Pepper Winters
And sociopaths are noted especially for their shallowness of emotion, the hollow and transient nature of any affectionate feelings they may claim to have, a certain breathtaking callousness. They have no trace of empathy and no genuine interest in bonding emotionally with a mate. Once the surface charm is scraped off, their marriages are loveless, one-sided, and almost always short-term. If a marriage partner has any value to the sociopath, it is because the partner is viewed as a possession, one that the sociopath may feel angry to lose, but never sad or accountable. ~ Martha Stout
Coxswains Mate quotes by Martha Stout
Threading experience through imaginative material, acting out fictitious parts, or choosing a stale-mate for compromise. Under this fabrication a secret army gathers defeating those who stalk the scaffolding of comparisons. Yet they still hunt with their pale perplexities and resentful airs. ~ Ann Quin
Coxswains Mate quotes by Ann Quin
I don't think you can date a letter like this. A love letter, by definition, should be timeless or what's the point? I love you, but only for that moment and then my love expires? What's the universe's problem with forever? It lets the geese get away with it.'

'The geese?' Rachel asks.

'They mate forever. ~ Cath Crowley
Coxswains Mate quotes by Cath Crowley
Oh, get off it with that. So sensitive about language. Mate, love, nest, whatever. Point is, it stinks, especially when it goes bad. I get wanting to run away. ~ Jackson Lanzing
Coxswains Mate quotes by Jackson Lanzing
In preparing for this ceremony," Kai said, setting the bouquet on the mantel behind him, "I did some research and learned that the word Alpha has held many meanings across history. Alpha can refer to the first of something," said Kai, "or the beginning of everything. It can be attributed to a particularly powerful or charismatic person, or it can signify the dominant leader in a pack of animals, most notably, of course, wolves." His serious expression tweaked briefly into a teasing smile. "It has meanings in chemistry, physics, and even astronomy, where it describes the brightest star in a constellation. But it seems clear that Ze'ev and Scarlet have created their own definition for the word, and their relationship has given this word a new meaning for all of us. Being an Alpha means that you'll stand against all adversity to be with your mate. It means accepting each other, both for your strengths and your flaws. It means forging your own path to happiness and to love. ~ Marissa Meyer
Coxswains Mate quotes by Marissa Meyer
It 's the time of year when Canadians mate. ~ Craig Ferguson
Coxswains Mate quotes by Craig Ferguson
An eye for beauty locks onto faces that show signs of health and fertility - just as one would predict if it had evolved to help the beholder find the fittest mate. ~ Steven Pinker
Coxswains Mate quotes by Steven Pinker
Love is transcendent. It knows not of time nor space. It exist between 'us' for 'us.' Love and be loved.
~ Always ~ ~ Truth Devour
Coxswains Mate quotes by Truth Devour
He'd already chosen his mate. It was too bad she was trying to arrest him for f***ing murder. ~ Annie Nicholas
Coxswains Mate quotes by Annie Nicholas
Her. My mate. She's near . . . . She was downwind but close enough that he detected her. He didn't know what she looked like, what her name was, or even her species. Yet he'd been waiting a millennium - his entire existence - for her. His head swung around in the direction of the scent. A small female stood alone off to the side of the field. At his first sight of her, his breath was lost, his Lykae Instinct roaring to life within him. - Yours. Take her. - ~ Kresley Cole
Coxswains Mate quotes by Kresley Cole
His hand trailed down the side of her face, brushing back spiraling tendrils of hair. Come, shei'tani, dance the skiles with your mate. ~ C.L. Wilson
Coxswains Mate quotes by C.L. Wilson
The world can be a great big scary place,
and finding a soul mate is no simple task.
But if you're lucky enough to do just that,
sometimes that's all that you need: one person
to belong to - who also belongs to you. ~ Rachel C. Weingarten
Coxswains Mate quotes by Rachel C. Weingarten
What kind of bird do you think these feathers come from?' she asked.
'I don't know. A swan?'
'You had better stop wearing those wings, then.
A swan might fall in love with you. And as you
probably know, swans mate for life.'
'You are a funny one, Rose. ~ Heather O'Neill
Coxswains Mate quotes by Heather O'Neill
She read him a magazine article about how elephants could convey their movements to each other over long distances, warn of trouble and signal their readiness to mate. That's what prayer can do, too, she said, if people just knew how to pay attention. He didn't know about elephants or prayer or how unspoken things were transmitted but something in what she said must be true. Otherwise, how could he know what love felt like? ~ Charlie Quimby
Coxswains Mate quotes by Charlie Quimby
I reminded myself: when a book lies unopened it might contain anything in the world, anything imaginable. It therefore, in that pregnant moment before opening, contains everything. Every possibility, both perfect and putrid. Surely such mysteries are the most enticing things You grant us in this mortal mere
the fruit in the garden, too, was like this. Unknown, and therefore infinite. Eve and her mate swallowed eternity, every possible thing, and made the world between them. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Coxswains Mate quotes by Catherynne M Valente
The greylag mate for life? If ye kill a grown goose, hunting, ye must always wait, for the mate will come to mourn. Then ye must try to kill the second, too, for otherwise it will grieve itself to death, calling through the skies for the lost one. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Coxswains Mate quotes by Diana Gabaldon
I swear if-" Galen starts to name all kinds of ways to kill Rachel if she's involved, but he's cut off by the sound of his new favorite person to loathe approaching.
"Highness, I've heard your lovely sister plans to join us soon," Jagen says from behind them. "What a happy reunion."
Galen rolls his eyes before turning to face him. "You are correct, Jagen. Rayna has missed you. She loves that face you make when you're upset. She says it's the best impression of a rockfish she's ever seen."
Jagen doesn't like this. His lips curl into a snarl. "Go ahead, young prince. Have a laugh at my expense. I assure you it will be the last time."
Torag glides in front of Galen. "That sounds a lot like a threat. To my knowledge, threatening a Royal is still illegal."
Galen grabs his shoulder. "It's fine, Toraf. Let this squid release his ink. Ink will only last so long before it fades away in the current. When his protective cloud is gone, everyone will see what's really going on here."
Jagen nods. "We shall see, young ones." He rakes his eyes over Toraf. "Tell your mate that she stays with the rest of the Royals. If she tries to leave, I'll have her thrown in the Ice Caverns. She can wait there until the rest of you join her."
Toraf starts toward Jagen again, but Galen holds him back. "This is not the time," Galen says. Jagen gives Toraf a smug smile. Galen adds, "Besides, you saw his face when Antonis had him by the throat. We don't want him to faint befo ~ Anna Banks
Coxswains Mate quotes by Anna Banks
The three conditions without which healthy growth does not take place can be taken for granted in the matrix of the womb: nutrition, a physically secure environment and the unbroken relationship with a safe, ever-present maternal organism. The word matrix is derived from the Latin for "womb," itself derived from the word for "mother." The womb is mother, and in many respects the mother remains the womb, even following birth. In the womb environment, no action or reaction on the developing infant's part is required for the provision of any of his needs.

Life in the womb is surely the prototype of life in the Garden of Eden where nothing can possibly be lacking, nothing has to be worked for. If there is no consciousness - we have not yet eaten of the Tree of Knowledge - there is also no deprivation or anxiety. Except in conditions of extreme poverty unusual in the industrialized world, although not unknown, the nutritional needs and shelter requirements of infants are more or less satisfied. The third prime requirement, a secure, safe and not overly stressed emotional atmosphere, is the one most likely to be disrupted in Western societies.

The human infant lacks the capacity to follow or cling to the parent soon after being born, and is neurologically and biochemically underdeveloped in many other ways. The first nine months or so of extrauterine life seem to have been intended by nature as the second part of gestation. The anthropologist Ashley Mont ~ Gabor Mate
Coxswains Mate quotes by Gabor Mate
An idea is a putting truth in check-mate. ~ Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Coxswains Mate quotes by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Ready to s-snuggle?" he asked Kaidan, a slight clatter in his voice. Only Blake could joke on a night like this and get away with it.
Kaidan shook his head and undressed down to his boxers, too, the tension finally shedding away from his frame. "I swear, mate. If I feel something poke me in the back ... "
Blake's laugh was dry. "I'm pretty sure my junk froze off, man, so don't worry. ~ Wendy Higgins
Coxswains Mate quotes by Wendy Higgins
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