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What benefit will I get if I know one book from cover to cover? - Isn't this filling my mind with the ideas of others and losing creativity?! ~ Mwanandeke Kindembo
Cover To Cover quotes by Mwanandeke Kindembo
One of the questions I hear most often regarding my plan to read the OED from cover to cover is "Why don't you just read it on the computer?" I usually respond as if the questions was "Why don't you just slump yourself on the couch and watch TV for the year?" which is not quite an appropriate reponse. It is not so much that I am anicomputer; I am resolutely and stubbornly pro-book. ~ Ammon Shea
Cover To Cover quotes by Ammon Shea
After a while, if you are sufficiently bored or unemployed, you may want to read it from cover to cover. ~ Leonard Cohen
Cover To Cover quotes by Leonard Cohen
Moby-Dick is a long, grueling, convoluted graft. And yet, as soon as I completed it, once I could hold it at arm's length and admire its intricacy and design, I knew Moby-Dick was obviously, uncannily, a masterwork. It wormed into my subconsious; I dreamed about it for nights afterwards. Whereas when I finished The Da Vinci Code, which had taken little less than twelve hours from cover to cover, I chicked it aside and thought: wow - I really ought to read something good. ~ Andy Miller
Cover To Cover quotes by Andy Miller
You hold me like a favored book
Pressing my spine with your fingers
Leafing through my pages
Anticipating each phrase
You rest me on your knee
As you ponder their meaning
Feeling me weave
Lyrically through your soul
And when you return to me
You devour me from cover to cover ~ Collette O'Mahony
Cover To Cover quotes by Collette O'Mahony
I was given a thick paperback copy of the 'Guinness Book of Records' when I was 11 years old, and I read it gluttonously, cover to cover, paying special lip-smacking attention to all the incredibly gruesome chapters about the violence of human history. ~ Russell Smith
Cover To Cover quotes by Russell Smith
The first time I ever found Paste I thought somebody just might have finally made a magazine using only the contents of my brain. I read it cover to cover every single month. ~ William Fitzsimmons
Cover To Cover quotes by William Fitzsimmons
The only distinguishing characteristic of a literature professor at the millennium was that he or she wrote about other people's writing. Apart from that, the writing he wrote about didn't even need to be literature, or writing about literature, or even writing about writing about literature. He needed theory...In the unflickering glare, at the center of a severe perspective, Nelson suddenly felt the visceral truth of the world as text; he apperceived the fundamentally linguistic nature of reality. Everything was text, at every level of existence, all the way up from quarks to queer theory. Words arranged in lines; lines arrayed on pages; pages pressed together, bound, and trimmed in books; books arranged cover to cover along a shelf like the words in a line of text; shelves stacked one atop the other like lines of text on a page; rows of shelves pressed together, with just the barest passage for the reader, like the pages of a book. ~ James Hynes
Cover To Cover quotes by James Hynes
So, what do you go for in a girl?"
He crows, lifting a lager to his lips
Gestures where his mate sits
Downs his glass
"He prefers tits I prefer ass. What do you go for in a girl?"
I don't feel comfortable
The air left the room a long time ago
All eyes are on me
Well, if you must know I want a girl who reads
Yeah. Reads.
I'm not trying to call you a chauvinist
Cos I know you're not alone in this but…
I want a girl who reads
Who needs the written word & uses the added vocabulary
She gleans from novels and poetry
To hold lively conversation In a range of social situations
I want a girl who reads
Who's heart bleeds at the words of Graham Greene Or even Heat magazine
Who'll tie back her hair while reading Jane Eyre
And goes cover to cover with each water stones three for two offer but
I want a girl who doesn't stop there
I want a girl who reads
Who feeds her addiction for fiction
With unusual poems and plays
That she hunts out in crooked bookshops for days and days and days
She'll sit addicted at breakfast, soaking up the back of the cornflakes box
And the information she gets from what she reads makes her a total fox
Cos she's interesting & unique & her theories make me go weak at the knees
I want a girl who reads
A girl who's eyes will analyze
The menu over dinner
Who'll use what she learn ~ Mark Grist
Cover To Cover quotes by Mark Grist
[As a young teenager] Galois read Legendre]'s geometry from cover to cover as easily as other boys read a pirate yarn. ~ Eric Temple Bell
Cover To Cover quotes by Eric Temple Bell
Imaginatively she is of the highest importance; practically she is completely insignificant. She pervades poetry from cover to cover; she is all but absent from history. She dominates the lives of kings and conquerors in fiction; in fact she was the slave of any boy whose parents forced a ring upon her finger. Some of the most inspired words, some of the most profound thoughts in literature fall from her lips; in real life she could hardly read, could scarcely spell, and was the property of her husband. ~ Virginia Woolf
Cover To Cover quotes by Virginia Woolf
FYI, this book is not that serious. This is meant to be read when super bored, then forgotten fifteen minutes later. It could be read cover-to-cover during one medium-to-severe case of diarrhea. ~ David Spade
Cover To Cover quotes by David Spade
When I was 10 years old, I loved - I loved books, and I used to haunt the secondhand bookshop. And I found a little book I could just afford, and I bought it, and I took it home. And I climbed up my favorite tree, and I read that book from cover to cover. And that was Tarzan of the Apes. I immediately fell in love with Tarzan. ~ Jane Goodall
Cover To Cover quotes by Jane Goodall
I've read the Bible before, a couple of times cover to cover. ~ Trai Byers
Cover To Cover quotes by Trai Byers
The only book I ever read cover to cover was The Pete Rose Story. I read half of The Lou Gehrig Story and then made a book report on it for four straight years. ~ Pete Rose
Cover To Cover quotes by Pete Rose
Avery had sixth and seventh and eighth senses and could tell more from the way someone stood or said "see you later" than Mel could if she stole the person's diary and read it cover to cover. ~ Maureen Johnson
Cover To Cover quotes by Maureen Johnson
Perhaps my grandfather was right, perhaps I was spoiled in the bud by the books I read. But it is ages since books have claimed me. For a long time now I have practically ceased to read. But the taint is still there. Now people are books to me. I read them from cover to cover and toss them aside. I devour them, one after the other. And the more I read, the more insatiable I become. There is no limit to it. There could be no end, and there was none, until inside me a bridge began to form which united me again with the current of life from which as a child I had been separated. ~ Henry Miller
Cover To Cover quotes by Henry Miller
Thomas Randall and Christopher Golden not only are inventive writers but write in a sense to grab your attention cover to cover! I absolutely advise you to read,"The Waking" series. You'll love it if you are into the movie,"The- Grudge". I'm currently working on reading the second book of the trilogy. ~ Thomas Randall
Cover To Cover quotes by Thomas Randall
What a joy this book is! I love recipe books, but it's short-lived; I enjoy the pictures for several minutes, read a few pages, and then my eyes glaze over. They are basically books to be used in the kitchen for one recipe at a time.
This book, however, is in a different class altogether and designed to be read in its entirety. It's in its own sui generis category; it has recipes at the end of most of the twenty-one chapters, but it's a book to be read from cover to cover, yet it could easily be read chapter by chapter, in any order, as they are all self-contained. Every bite-sized chapter is a flowing narrative from a well-stocked brain encompassing Balinese culture, geography and history, while not losing its main focus: food.
As you would expect from a scholar with a PhD in history from Columbia University, the subject matter has been meticulously researched, not from books and articles and other people's work, but from actually being on the ground and in the markets and in the kitchens of Balinese families, where the Balinese themselves learn their culinary skills, hands on, passed down orally, manually and practically from generation to generation.
Vivienne Kruger has lived in Bali long enough to get it right. That's no mean feat, as the subject has not been fully studied before.
Yes, there are so-called Balinese recipe books, most, if I'm not mistaken, written by foreigners, and heavily adapted. The dishes have not, until now, been systematically pla ~ Vivienne Kruger
Cover To Cover quotes by Vivienne Kruger
The books I used to love as a kid, I used to read football books - and by that I mean soccer books - stories about boys in school who started to play football and then became the captain. I'd read them cover to cover. I just got lost in them. ~ Ben Lloyd-Hughes
Cover To Cover quotes by Ben Lloyd-Hughes
It was impossible to feel alone in a room full of favorite books. I had the sense that they knew me personally, that they'd read me cover to cover as I'd read them. ~ Riley Redgate
Cover To Cover quotes by Riley Redgate
Women of child-bearing age steadily run out of eggs by the continuous process of cell death. While reading a copy of the 'Guardian' carefully from cover to cover, a normal woman will have lost on average two eggs - while, typically, a normal man will have made 70,000 new sperm. ~ Robert Winston
Cover To Cover quotes by Robert Winston
I found a discarded textbook on calculus in a wastebasket and read it from cover to cover. ~ John Pople
Cover To Cover quotes by John Pople
I read cover to cover every jazz publication that I could and in the New York Times, every single day reading their jazz reviews even though I didn't put them in the films. I wanted to know what is going on. ~ Ken Burns
Cover To Cover quotes by Ken Burns
And after years of hearing the heart-cry of women, I am convinced beyond a doubt of this: God wants to be loved. He wants to be a priority to someone. How could we have missed this? From cover to cover, from beginning to end, the cry of God's heart is, "Why won't you choose Me?" It is amazing to me how humble, how vulnerable God is on this point. "You will ... find me," says the Lord, "when you seek me with all your heart" (Jer. 29:13). In other words, "Look for me, pursue me
I want you to pursue me." Amazing. As Tozer says, "God waits to be wanted. ~ John Eldredge
Cover To Cover quotes by John Eldredge
There are different types of soldier. Some men are trained to stand under fire, waiting for their turn to inflict death. Others are like hunters, slipping from cover to cover. ~ Miles Cameron
Cover To Cover quotes by Miles Cameron
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