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#1. I have to admit that as a copy editor I agree with the conservatives - my job is to do no harm. But as a person - and as a writer and reader - I am all over the place. - Author: Mary Norris
Copy Editor quotes by Mary Norris
#2. For the writer who truly loves language, a trip to the copy editor is like a week at a spa. You come out looking younger, trimmer, and standing straighter. - Author: Betsy Lerner
Copy Editor quotes by Betsy Lerner
#3. There is a phase in the life of every copy editor when she is obsessed with hyphens. - Author: Mary Norris
Copy Editor quotes by Mary Norris
#4. Jennifer to Beth>> I don't know. Writing headlines, I guess. Reading the same stories over and over to make sure some idiot reporter didn't use "they're" when he should have used "their." Changing "which"es to "that"s. Arguing with someone about sequence of tenses. <> What on earth is sequence of tenses? <> It's top-secret copy editor stuff. < - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Copy Editor quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#5. I thought I would write non-fiction. I thought I would enter the New York literary scene as copy editor, work my way up, and then write my own books. - Author: Michael Gruber
Copy Editor quotes by Michael Gruber
#6. I've earned my living in all sorts of terrible ways - as a janitor, a copy editor, a psychotherapist. - Author: Chad Harbach
Copy Editor quotes by Chad Harbach
#7. The image of the copy editor is of someone who favours a rigid consistency, a mean person who enjoys pointing out other people's errors, a lowly person who is just starting on her career in publishing and is eager to make an impression, or, at worst, a bitter, thwarted person who wanted to be a writer and instead got stuck dotting the i's and crossing the t's and otherwise advancing the careers of other writers. - Author: Mary Norris
Copy Editor quotes by Mary Norris
#8. (I must note that the copy editor for this book, upon reading this section, actually allowed me to use singular they throughout the book. Here's to them in awed gratitude!) - Author: John McWhorter
Copy Editor quotes by John McWhorter
#9. Though bad writing has always been with us, the rules of correct usage are the smallest part of the problem. Any competent copy editor can turn a passage that is turgid, opaque, and filled with grammatical errors into a passage that is turgid, opaque, and free of grammatical errors. Rules of usage are well worth mastering, but they pale in importance behind principles of clarity, style, coherence, and consideration for the reader. - Author: Steven Pinker
Copy Editor quotes by Steven Pinker
#10. I treat my writing like a day job, like my main job, even if for many years I was doing other jobs to pay the bills. I worked as a copy editor. I was a medical guinea pig. I was an eBay power seller of ladies' handbags. I was an assistant to a bookie at the horse races. I bartended. I did anything I could to make ends meet. - Author: Miguel Syjuco
Copy Editor quotes by Miguel Syjuco
#11. The writer Lee Smith, who once had a New York copy editor query in the margin of her manuscript "Double-wide what?" tells a perfectly marvelous, spot-on story about Eudora Welty when she came to Hollins College, where Smith was a student. Welty read a short story in which one female character presents another with a marble cake. In the back of the audience Smith noted a group of leather-elbowed, goatee-sporting PhD candidates, all of whom were getting pretty excited. One started waving his hand as soon as she stopped reading and said, "Miz Welty, how did you come up with that powerful symbol of the marble cake, with the feminine and masculine, the yin and the yang, the Freudian and the Jungian all mixed together like that?" Smith reported that Welty looked at him from the lectern without saying anything for a while. Finally she replied mildly, "Well, you see, it's a recipe that's been in my family for some time. - Author: Sally Mann
Copy Editor quotes by Sally Mann
#12. Each reader discovers for himself that, with respect to the simpler features of nature, succeeding poets have done little else than copy his similes. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Copy Editor quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#13. if you copy someone's work, is considered plagiarizing, but if you put together so many peoples work, is called research - Author: "Beta" Metani' Marashi
Copy Editor quotes by
#14. Once you've worked as a writer and editor in the world of social media for a decade, the way I have, you start to notice patterns. - Author: Annalee Newitz
Copy Editor quotes by Annalee Newitz
#15. The short and obscene sentence of Poseidonius about the rubbing together of two small pieces of flesh, which I have seen you copy in your exercise books with the application of a good schoolboy, does no more to define the phenomenon of love than the cord touched by the finger accounts for the infinite miracle of sounds. Such a dictum is less an insult to pleasure than to the flesh itself, that amazing instrument of muscles, blood, and skin, that red-tinged cloud whose lightning is the soul. - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
Copy Editor quotes by Marguerite Yourcenar
#16. An artist has to be humble, an editor must be officious, and a publisher must be somewhere out in the galaxy enjoying godhood. It was a caste system, pure and simple. And it was accepted that way. Nobody thought of contracts, nobody thought of insisting on better deals. - Author: Jack Kirby
Copy Editor quotes by Jack Kirby
#17. If thou shouldst paint mountains in a good style and to look natural, take some large stones full of cracks and copy them. - Author: Cennino Cennini
Copy Editor quotes by Cennino Cennini
#18. Read non-fiction. History, biology, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology. Get a bodyguard and do fieldwork. Find your inner fish. Don't publish too soon. Not before you have read Thomas Mann in any case. Learn by copying, sentence by sentence some of the masters. Copy Coetzee's or Sebald's sentences and see what happens to your story. Consider creative non-fiction if you want to stay in South Africa. It might be the way to go. Never neglect back and hamstring exercises, otherwise you won't be able to write your novel. One needs one's buttocks to think. - Author: Marlene Van Niekerk
Copy Editor quotes by Marlene Van Niekerk
#19. I am a free man. I do not need to copy Petrarca or Boccaccio. My own genius is enough. Let others worry themselves about style, and so cease to be themselves. Without a master, without a model, without a guide, I go to work and earn my living, my well-being and my fame. - Author: Pietro Aretino
Copy Editor quotes by Pietro Aretino
#20. CUSTOMER: Do you have any of those books where you can change the names of the main character to the name of the person you're giving the book to? Do you have Alice in Wonderland, but not Alice, I'd like Sarah in Wonderland.
BOOKSELLER: I'm afraid you have to buy those from the publisher, as they're a print on demand service.
CUSTOMER: Yeah, I don't really have time to do that. Do you have a copy of Alice? Then I can buy some Tipp-ex or something, and edit it. - Author: Jen Campbell
Copy Editor quotes by Jen Campbell
#21. I would much rather read a book about Ty Cobb, who was quite possibly a sociopath. It makes for more interesting copy. Some of the most memorable characters in literature were villains. - Author: Jonathan Weeks
Copy Editor quotes by Jonathan Weeks
#22. I used to carry a copy of Ulysses with me everywhere just in case I was knocked down by a bus. It seemed more important than having clean underwear. - Author: Craig Raine
Copy Editor quotes by Craig Raine
#23. You're not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers. - Author: Mark Pincus
Copy Editor quotes by Mark Pincus
#24. Louie's mother, Louise, took a different tack. Louie was a copy of herself, right down to the vivid blue eyes. When pushed, she shoved; sold a bad cut of meat, she'd march down to the butcher, frying pan in hand. Loving mischief, she spread icing over a cardboard box and presented it as a birthday cake to a neighbor, who promptly got the knife stuck. When Pete told her he'd drink his castor oil if she gave him an empty candy box. "You only asked for the box, honey," she said with a smile. "That's all I got." And she understood Louie's restiveness. One Halloween, she dressed as a boy and raced around town trick-or-treating with Louie and Pete. A gang of kids, thinking she was one of the local toughs, tackled her and tried to steal her pants. Little Louise Zamperini, mother of four, was deep in the melee when the cops picked her up for brawling. - Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Copy Editor quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
#25. I'll release my tax returns when Barack Obama releases his college transcripts and the copy of his admission records to show whether he got any loans as a foreign student. When he releases that, talk to me about my tax returns. - Author: Mike Huckabee
Copy Editor quotes by Mike Huckabee
#26. The Intelligible World within the Divine Mind Compared to a Blueprint within the Architect's Mind

For God, being God, judged in advance that a beautiful copy would never be produced except from a beautiful pattern and that no sense object would be irreproachable that was not modeled after an archetypal and intelligible idea. So when he willed to create this visible world, he first formed the intelligible world, so that he might employ a pattern completely Godlike and incorporeal for the production of the corporeal world, a more recent image of one that was older, which was to comprise as many sensible kinds as there were intelligible ones in the other. - Author: Philo Of Alexandria
Copy Editor quotes by Philo Of Alexandria
#27. The business of judging a headline AFTER you read the copy is wrong. It takes for granted that everybody reads the copy. - Author: John Caples
Copy Editor quotes by John Caples
#28. AK 47, is perfect copy, yes? Every detail. Like real thing. Yes. Kalashnikov. Your boy, he be happy for Uncle Sante, no?"
"I'm sorry, Sante. It's really nice of you, but I don't want Sofus playing with guns."
Conversation between George Hanson and Sante
In The Shadow of Sadd - Author: Steen Langstrup
Copy Editor quotes by Steen Langstrup
#29. Eisenstein was a good editor. I was trained as a film editor, and I've no doubt that the editor is key to a film. - Author: Peter Greenaway
Copy Editor quotes by Peter Greenaway
#30. is he crazy?" --Harcourt-Brace editor on Holden Caulfield - Author: J.D. Salinger
Copy Editor quotes by J.D. Salinger
#31. Even if you try to copy a film shot by shot, you still can't. It's still your own film. - Author: Gus Van Sant
Copy Editor quotes by Gus Van Sant
#32. He cocked his head and sent her a dimpled smile. "Where are you going in such a hurry?"
Where am I going? "I don't know. Probably the library."
"On a Friday night?" He made a show of horror. "What the heck are you going to do there?"
"Oh, what most people do at their local library - three way orgy, summon up the dead, if there's time, jam up the copy machine with Canadian quarters. Same old same old. - Author: Jennifer Shirk
Copy Editor quotes by Jennifer Shirk
#33. Jesus Christ doesn't just give us truths; he is the truth. Jesus Christ is the prophet to end all prophets. He gives us hard-copy words from God, truths on which we can build our lives, truths we have to submit to, truths we have to obey, and truths we have to build our lives on, but he himself is the truth. - Author: Timothy Keller
Copy Editor quotes by Timothy Keller
#34. I've been a teacher at the college level, in composition mostly, and I've been an editor on magazines. - Author: Jane Haddam
Copy Editor quotes by Jane Haddam
#35. The word WANTED slithered across the top of each image in elegant calligraphy. The drawing of Criminy was spot-on, but the one of me was more than a little imaginative. I looked like an evil seductress, some sort of vampy witch-queen.
I liked it.
I wanted a copy for my wagon. - Author: Delilah S. Dawson
Copy Editor quotes by Delilah S. Dawson
#36. Truth is powerful, and, if not instantly, at least by slow
degrees, may make good her possession. Gleams of good sense may
penetrate through the thickest clouds of error … and, as the true
object of education is not to render the pupil the mere copy of his
preceptor, it is rather to be rejoiced in, than lamented, that various
reading should lead him into new trains of thinking; open to him new
mines of science and new incentives to virtue; and perhaps, by a blended
and compound effect, produce in him an improvement which was out of the
limits of his lessons, and raise him to heights the preceptor never
knew. - Author: William Godwin
Copy Editor quotes by William Godwin
#37. If the headline is a good one, it is a relatively simple matter to write the copy. - Author: John Caples
Copy Editor quotes by John Caples
#38. Years ago in 1959 when Dellinger was already an editor on Liberation (then an anarchist-pacifist magazine, of worthy but not very readable articles in more or less vegetarian prose) Mailer had submitted a piece, after some solicitation, on the contrast between real obscenity in advertising, and alleged obscenity in four-letter words. The piece was no irreplaceable work of prose, and in fact was eventually inserted quietly into his book, Advertisements for Myself, but it created difficulty for the editorial board at Liberation, since there was a four-letter word he had used to make his point, the palpable four-letter word which signifies a woman's most definitive organ: these editorial anarchists were decorous; they were ready to overthrow society and replace it with a communion of pacifistic men free of all laws, but they were not ready to print cunt. - Author: Norman Mailer
Copy Editor quotes by Norman Mailer
#39. I was a crazy Pee-wee Herman fan when I was in my early teens. Before he had the kids' TV show, he had a nightclub show in L.A., and I had gotten a VHS copy of it. It was a kids' show, but onstage in a bar, so it's sort of poking fun at the kids' show. And I was obsessed with that, and then 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure.' - Author: Dallas Roberts
Copy Editor quotes by Dallas Roberts
#40. For now, as he drifted toward dreaming, what came to him were not images of grappling and lust, but a sort of phantom copy of the bed where he lay, a dream of future days where he shared such a bed with a woman who had a claim on him, and who claimed him in return. - Author: Karen A. Wyle
Copy Editor quotes by Karen A. Wyle
#41. Your life is your spiritual path.
It's what's right in front of you. You can't live anyone else's life. The task is to live yours and stop trying to copy one you think looks better. - Author: Sandy Nathan
Copy Editor quotes by Sandy Nathan
#42. It may be a good thing to copy reality; but to invent reality is much, much better. - Author: Giuseppe Verdi
Copy Editor quotes by Giuseppe Verdi
#43. Just a week earlier, coincidentally, he had quietly terminated a little known year-and-a-half-long stint as silent co-owner of Springfield's German language newspaper. Lincoln had invested $400 in the publication in 1859 to ensure its total loyalty to the Republican party. Mission accomplished, he now turned over full ownership of the Illinois Staats-Anzeiger, presses, type, and all, to his neighbor, editor Theodore Canisius. (Later, Lincoln further rewarded Canisius with a more valuable commodity: the consulate in Vienna.) - Author: Harold Holzer
Copy Editor quotes by Harold Holzer
#44. For the last 15 years, Microsoft's master business plan seems to have been, Wait until somebody else has a hit. Then copy it. - Author: David Pogue
Copy Editor quotes by David Pogue
#45. You big ugly. You too empty. You desert with your nothing nothing nothing. You scorched suntanned. Old too quickly. Acres of suburbs watching the telly. You bore me. Freckle silly children. You nothing much. With your big sea. Beach beach beach. I've seen enough already. You dumb dirty city with bar stools. You're ugly. You silly shopping town. You copy. You too far everywhere. You laugh at me. When I came this woman gave me a box of biscuits. You try to be friendly but you're not very friendly. You never ask me to your house. You insult me. You don't know how to be with me. Road road tree tree. I came from crowded and many. I came from rich. You have nothing to offer. You're poor and spread thin. You big. So what. I'm small. It's what's in. You silent on Sunday. Nobody on your streets. You dead at night. You go to sleep too early. You don't excite me. You scare me with your hopeless. Asleep when you walk. Too hot to think. You big awful. You don't match me. You burnt out. You too big sky. You make me a dot in the nowhere. You laugh with your big healthy. You want everyone to be the same. You're dumb. You do like anybody else. You engaged Doreen. You big cow. You average average. Cold day at school playing around at lunchtime. Running around for nothing. You never accept me. For your own. You always ask me where I'm from. You always ask me. You tell me I look strange. Different. You don't adopt me. You laugh at the way I speak. You think you're better than me. You don't like - Author: Ania Walwicz
Copy Editor quotes by Ania Walwicz
#46. Mick's album was called She's the Boss, which said it all. I've never listened to the entire thing all the way through. Who has? It's like Mein Kampf. Everybody had a copy, but nobody listened to it. - Author: Keith Richards
Copy Editor quotes by Keith Richards

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