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What did I discover during my solo - besides learning to unwrap my energy bar ahead of time? That you ask yourself a lot of questions when you're alone on a bike for that long. One question more than others: Why the heck am I doing this? When I was done, I think I had found the answer: For the satisfaction that comes with pushing your body to the breaking point and conquering the unknown. ~ Matt Long
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Matt Long
Letter 33 [To a discalced Carmelite nun in Segovia[63] Ubeda, October-November 1591] ... Have a great love for those who contradict and fail to love you, for in this way love is begotten in a heart that has no love. God so acts with us, for he loves us that we might love by means of the very love he bears toward us. [63] This person's identify is unknown. ~ San Juan De La Cruz
Conquering The Unknown quotes by San Juan De La Cruz
Before marriage she had completely mastered my imagination, for she was a secret to me; and I created the unknown thought before which I trembled as if it were hers. ~ George Eliot
Conquering The Unknown quotes by George Eliot
If you could get rid of yourself just once, the secret of secrets would open to you. The face of the unknown, hidden beyond the universe would appear on the mirror of your perception. ~ Rumi
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Rumi
Later that day I went back to the old turf-house door and drew back the ivy. There between the stones was the dried-out bird's nest that was no longer in use because its owner was on her foreign holidays. I eased my letter to Santa out of my pocket and tucked it into the nest. I considered this the ideal resting place because the owner and Santa both belonged to foreign places and came here across the sky. There was the mystery of the unknown about the worlds they both came from; they belonged in the sky and my letter was destined to join them there when the time was right. ~ Alice Taylor
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Alice Taylor
I feel like every time I take on a movie, it's important that the possibility of failure exists, and of the unknown, because it's a challenge to do something I haven't done before and something I have to try to work out. ~ Marc Forster
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Marc Forster
Heroes don't stand in line, they set out alone into the unknown and lines form behind them. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Abhijit Naskar
She was completely inside herself, and I realized I'd never seem her that way- unknowable and unknown. Exactly the way I felt. It seemed confirmation we were made for each other, however painfully. ~ Scott Hutchins
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Scott Hutchins
Music is a language that speaks to people emotions. ~ The Unknown
Conquering The Unknown quotes by The Unknown
Live each day as if it were the first day of marriage and the last day of vacation. ~ Unknown Author 47
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Unknown Author 47
Although once the center of activity for tens of thousands of men, the island is quiet except for JMSDF supply flights and visits by US Navy fighters from Atsugi that use the runway for landing practice. In addition to several hundred JMSDF personnel, the island is home to friendly feral cats, turkeys of unknown origin, songbirds, East African land snails, scorpions and centipedes. ~ Dan King
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Dan King
If the judges in Psalm 82 "to whom the word of God came" were considered to be men rather than gods by Jesus, then his appeal to the passage to justify his claims of deity would be nonsensical. He would essentially be saying "I am a god in the same way that human judges were human representatives of God." But this would not be controversial, it would divest Jesus of all deity, and they would certainly not seek to stone him. No, Jesus is affirming the divinity of the sons of God in Psalm 82 and chastising the Jews that their own Scriptures allow for the existence of divine beings (gods) other than the Father, so it would not be inherently unscriptural for another being to claim divinity. Of course, Jesus is the species-unique Son of God (John 1:18),[17] the "visible Yahweh" co-regent over the divine council (Dan. 7). But Jesus' point is that the diversity of deity is not unknown in the Old Testament.[18] ~ Brian Godawa
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Brian Godawa
The illusion was created by (mortals), and now they believe in it too strongly. They use their power to create a drama of birth and death, joy and pain ... In truth, the darkness has no power other than what they give it ... (T)he secret of conquering evil (is) YOU ARE EVIL. When you can face that, all monsters dissolve into the mist ... All monsters live in a dark place where mortals stuff their fears and shame and guilt. ~ Deepak Chopra
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Deepak Chopra
All those beings who revealed truths to me and who were no longer there, seemed to me to have lived a life from which I alone profited and as though they had died for me. It was sad for me to think that in my book, my love which was once everything to me, would be so detached from a being that various readers would apply it textually to the love they experienced for other women. But why should I be horrified by this posthumous infidelity, that this man or that should offer unknown women as the object of my sentiment, when that infidelity, that division of love between several beings began with my life and long before I began writing? I had indeed suffered successively through Gilberte, through Mme de Guermantes, through Albertine. Successively also I had forgotten them and only my love, dedicated at different times to different beings, had lasted. I had anticipated the profanation of my memories by unknown readers. I was not far from being horrified with myself as, perhaps, some nationalist party might be in whose name hostilities had been provoked and who alone had benefited from a war in which many noble victims had suffered and died without even knowing the issue of the struggle which, for my grandmother, would have been such a complete reward. And the single consolation she never knew, that at last I had set to work, was, such being the fate of the dead, that though she could not rejoice in my progress she had at least been spared consciousness of my long inactivity, of t ~ Marcel Proust
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Marcel Proust
I'm not working now, so I'm sort of facing the unknown. ~ Radha Mitchell
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Radha Mitchell
Petronius was surely right in saying Fear made the gods. In primitive times fear of the unknown was normal; gratitude to an unknown was impossible. ~ J.M. Robertson
Conquering The Unknown quotes by J.M. Robertson
It seems to me in a general sense we as a society are enamored with the mystical, mysterious, the unseen & unknown. We are looking for the hidden teaching, the secret scroll or fountain of youth, and of course heaven and hell. ~ Bryan Kest
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Bryan Kest
Forward thinking doesn't just come with age. It comes with practice and experience. That's why some twenty-two-year-olds are incredibly self-possessed, future-oriented people who already know how to face the unknown, while some thirty-four-year-olds still have brains that run the other way. ~ Meg Jay
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Meg Jay
Art is a form of exploration, of sailing off into the unknown alone, heading for those unmarked places on the map. If children are not permitted-not taught-to be adventurers and explorers as children, what will become of the world of adventure, of stories, of literature itself? ~ Michael Chabon
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Michael Chabon
One of the most remarkable of these hymns is that addressed to the Unknown God. The poet says: "In the beginning there arose the Golden Child. As soon as he was born he alone was the lord of all that is. He established the earth and this heaven." The hymn consists of ten stanzas, in which the Deity is celebrated as the maker of the snowy mountains, the sea and the distant river, who made fast the awful heaven, He who alone is God above all gods, before whom heaven and earth stand trembling in their mind. Each stanza concludes with the refrain, "Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?" We have in this hymn a most sublime conception of the Supreme Being, and while there are many Vedic hymns whose tone is pantheistic and seems to imply that the wild forces of nature are Gods who rule the world, this hymn to the Unknown God is as purely monotheistic as a psalm of David, and shows a spirit of religious awe as profound as any we find in the Hebrew Scriptures. ~ Epiphanius Wilson
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Epiphanius Wilson
At the fruit of existence, there is a single concept of anonymity. This unknown concept is well known however. All one has to do is simply look behind the mirror for the answer. Yet, the answer won't come until the right question is asked. Because the illusions of reality are dressed in endless reflections, the blind will continue to be guided by the blind. The unknown concept is recognized to those who have tasted the fruit of existence, and as distant as the woman trying to grab Heaven from the reflection of an empty pond. ~ Lionel Suggs
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Lionel Suggs
Her lips touched his brain as they touched his lips, as though they were a vehicle of some vague speech and between them he felt an unknown and timid preasure, darker than the swoon of sin, softer than sound or odor. ~ James Joyce
Conquering The Unknown quotes by James Joyce
There are known knowns and known unknowns, but what we should be worried about most is the unknown unknowns. ~ Gary Marcus
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Gary Marcus
It is, however, not necessary, that a man should forbear to write, till he has discovered some truth unknown before; he may be sufficiently useful, by only diversifying the surface of knowledge, and luring the mind by a new appearance to a second view of those beauties which it had passed over inattentively before. ~ Samuel Johnson
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Samuel Johnson
We know he [Timothy] never converted to Judaism, since in Acts we learn that young Timothy needed to be circumcised. So I have no idea what led Timothy to follow Paul int the great unknown, other than his deep faith in Jesus and the movement of the Holy Spirit. Paul's faith and leadership must have been contagious for a young man who had all the freedoms of the Greco-Roman culture to trade it in for a painful procedure and life of risk with Paul. ~ Rachel Billups
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Rachel Billups
Sure, we'd faced some things as children that a lot of kids don't. Sure, Justin had qualified for his Junior de Sade Badge in his teaching methods for dealing with pain. We still hadn't learned, though, that growing up is all about getting hurt. And then getting over it. You hurt. You recover. You move on. Odds are pretty good you're just going to get hurt again. But each time, you learn something.

Each time, you come out of it a little stronger, and at some point you realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee. There's the little empty pain of leaving something behind - gradutaing, taking the next step forward, walking out of something familiar and safe into the unknown. There's the big, whirling pain of life upending all of your plans and expecations. There's the sharp little pains of failure, and the more obscure aches of successes that didn't give you what you thought they would. There are the vicious, stabbing pains of hopes being torn up. The sweet little pains of finding others, giving them your love, and taking joy in their life they grow and learn. There's the steady pain of empathy that you shrug off so you can stand beside a wounded friend and help them bear their burdens.

And if you're very, very lucky, there are a very few blazing hot little pains you feel when you realized that you are standing in a moment of utter perfection, an instant of triumph, or happiness, or mirth which at the same time cannot possibly last - and yet wi ~ Jim Butcher
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Jim Butcher
The last great unknown, in terms of physiological training, is the optimum length of a piece. Is three minutes enough? Is ten minutes too much? No one knows. Perhaps someday the question will be answered-we'll find out that thirteen minutes is the perfect length for a training piece when preparing for a 2000 meter race. Until then, coaches will continue exploring the whole scale, up and down, from thirty seconds to sixty minutes and more, in hopes of capturing the optimum time. ~ Brad Alan Lewis
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Brad Alan Lewis
Now, in this town, you have to putter over a thing, even the slightest, a month. The powers that evolved the cabbage apple-pie in the morning, and executed it in the evening, are here unknown quantities. ~ Susan Hale
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Susan Hale
It is not only negative feelings that become blocked. The repression extends to more and more of his emotional capacity.When one is given an anesthetic in preparation for surgery, it is not merely the capacity to experience pain that is suspended; the capacity to experience pleasure goes also - because what is blocked is the capacity to experience *feeling*. The same principle applies to the repression of emotions.
Chapter 1: Discovering the Unknown Self, pg. 9, Bantam Edition, 1984 ~ Nathaniel Branden
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Nathaniel Branden
And indeed, it cannot be denied that the most successful practitioners of life, often unknown people by the way, somehow contrive to synchronize the sixty or seventy different times which beat simultaneously in every normal human system, so that when eleven strikes, all the rest chime in unison, and the present is neither a violent disruption nor completely forgotten in the past. ~ Virginia Woolf
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Virginia Woolf
Part of facing the unknown requires dropping an anchor of faith into the depths of God's sovereignty. ~ James Stuart Bell Jr.
Conquering The Unknown quotes by James Stuart Bell Jr.
For one last time, I said my goodbyes to the place I'd known as home for the last decade, and for the first time, I welcomed the unknown. ~ Nicole Sobon
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Nicole Sobon
Let go of your perceived control, and let the unknown turn you on. ~ Preston Smiles
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Preston Smiles
Purpose of life is unknown, and hence way to be is hidden from the eyes of living critters. Who can say if perhaps the schizophrenics are not correct? Mister, they take a brave journey. They turn away from mere things, which one may handle and turn to practical use; they turn inward to meaning. There, the black-night-without-bottom lies, the pit. Who can say if they will return? And if so, what will they be like, having glimpsed meaning? I admire them. ~ Philip K. Dick
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Philip K. Dick
Going into the unknown is invariably frightening, but we learn what is significantly new only through adventures. ~ M. Scott Peck
Conquering The Unknown quotes by M. Scott Peck
Remember always that you are just a visitor here, a traveler passing through. Your stay is but short and the moment of your departure unknown. ~ Dhammavadaka.
Conquering The Unknown quotes by Dhammavadaka.
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