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We could eliminate sugar across the board for all confectionary products and sodas, and we can replace it with all-natural fresh fruit. ~ Homaro Cantu
Confectionary quotes by Homaro Cantu
A mysterious and marvelous confectionary utopia, a colorful interior world filled with wonder and sweet marvel. Most of the actors hadn't seen the Chocolate Room prior to filming, and even my brief peek didn't prepare me for the sheer magnitude of this set. ~ Julie Dawn Cole
Confectionary quotes by Julie Dawn Cole
The name on her shop certainly wasn't going to be Mrs. Betts, because Russell was a jerk. Definitely not superhero material. Hell, he wasn't even qualified to be a sidekick. She should have known. A man without a sweet tooth was not to be trusted. She snorted softly. He'd be so sorry he'd cheated on her when she ruled the confectionary world. Right now, however, she was a server and part-time pastry chef at Rastinelli's Trattoria. Actually, she'd filled in for the pastry chef only once, but it was a start. ~ Kristen Painter
Confectionary quotes by Kristen Painter
Boxes are being opened and vans idle with loads of fish and crab, early spring berries, bunches of sweet lemony sorrel, chocolates, cheeses, oils and vinegars in thin green bottles, flowers with sweet-smelling heads the colors of confectionary. ~ Hannah Tunnicliffe
Confectionary quotes by Hannah Tunnicliffe
What is it?" Philip said. "I'm creating a work of confectionary art here." "Well, ~ Wendy Mass
Confectionary quotes by Wendy Mass
Every year we get together and throw a big feast for the winter solstice, a festival in which every game and every confectionary you could possibly imagine suddenly become a reality. The children put on a play about the Black Bear and the Gray Bear, an age-old story that relates the Gray Bear's trip to eternity through the freezing white snow of the north. At the very end of the celebration the men and the women perform the warm dance, a giant, joyful circle dance the Shoshone invented thousands of years ago in order to send blessings to the wild animals who ~ Rose Christo
Confectionary quotes by Rose Christo
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