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Only five of the Bodyguards reached Fal Moran alive, every man wounded, but they had the child unharmed. From the cradle they taught him all they knew. He learned weapons as other children learn toys, and the Blight as other children their mother's garden. The oath sworn over his cradle is graven in his mind. There is nothing left to defend, but he can avenge. He denies his titles, yet in the Borderlands he is called the Uncrowned, and if ever he raised the Golden Crane of Malkier, an army would come to follow. But he will not lead men to their deaths. In the Blight he courts death as a suitor courts a maiden, but he will not lead others to it. ~ Robert Jordan
Concealable Weapons quotes by Robert Jordan
. . . why not ask your congressman or woman to support universal background checks? Ask him or her to renew the ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Offer a pink slip to any legislator who refuses to explain his or her lack of support for these common-sense measures. With rights come responsibilities. While we enjoy a right to bear arms, we have a societal obligation to do so responsibly and safely. We are, after all, responsible for each other. Our governing is done by the people and for the people. It is in the best interest of the people, all the people, to apply common sense to the gun issue . . . ~ Mark M. Bello
Concealable Weapons quotes by Mark M. Bello
Chemical weapons simply have no place in the 21st century. Progress in this vital area will help generate momentum to meet our goal of eliminating all weapons of mass destruction. ~ Ban Ki-moon
Concealable Weapons quotes by Ban Ki-moon
Two hundred metres away from the cafe in Colaba police station, the duty inspector heard the rounds tumble and fizz, wondering if they were from an AK-47. ...The inspector buttonholed two constables armed with standard issue .303 bolt-action rifles. They were so antiquated that they were no longer in production in India...At most city police stations these and bamboo lathis were the only weapons available. ~ Cathy Scott-Clark
Concealable Weapons quotes by Cathy Scott-Clark
Drop your weapons once and they will dig you in to the grave forever. ~ Ameya Agrawal
Concealable Weapons quotes by Ameya Agrawal
It is the image of God reflected in you that so enrages hell; it is this at which the demons hurl their mightiest weapons. ~ William Gurnall
Concealable Weapons quotes by William Gurnall
You want weapons? We're in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! ~ The Doctor
Concealable Weapons quotes by The Doctor
All of ye, weapons down!" he yelled. Even the most unruly of dwarves would have at least acknowledged the order, if not followed it. He did not wish to sound racist, but non-dwarves were often very uncivilized. ~ Patrick Weekes
Concealable Weapons quotes by Patrick Weekes
Just as he reached for my neck, I tased him. I was there to bag and tag, not to kill. Besides, if I had to carry separate weapons for every paranormal I took out, I'd be dragging around a full luggage set. Tasers are a one-size-fits-all paranormal butt-kicking option. Mine's pink with rhinestones. Tasey and I have had a lot of good times together. ~ Kiersten White
Concealable Weapons quotes by Kiersten White
I was watching TV and saw people with masks, weapons, and grenades. I thought, Is that really possible? Could we be here yet again? And go into civil war one more time? ~ Nadine Labaki
Concealable Weapons quotes by Nadine Labaki
On the issues that I care deeply about - the environment, Roe vs. Wade, the war in Iraq, with no weapons of mass destruction, the tax cuts that are now leading to deficits, I've got some deep issues with the president. ~ Lincoln Chafee
Concealable Weapons quotes by Lincoln Chafee
No more war! Never again war! If you wish to be brothers, drop your weapons. ~ Pope Paul VI
Concealable Weapons quotes by Pope Paul VI
The Afghans did not have sophisticated weapons like the Soviets did, but with their faith they defeated a superpower. ~ Abu Bakar Bashir
Concealable Weapons quotes by Abu Bakar Bashir
Knowledge is a Weapon, Jon. Arm yourself well before you ride forth to Battle. ~ George R R Martin
Concealable Weapons quotes by George R R Martin
I believe that a man is the strongest soldier for daring to die unarmed. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Concealable Weapons quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Ranks of men on foot, men with shields, men with weapons, a shield wall that was meant to awe us, and it did.
A shield wall is a terrible thing. It is a wall of wood, iron, and steel with one purpose alone, to kill.
And this shield wall was massive, a wall of painted round shields stretching wide across the ridge's flat top, and above it were the banners of the jarls, chieftains, and kings who had come to kill us. ~ Bernard Cornwell
Concealable Weapons quotes by Bernard Cornwell
Stop living worried & discouraged. You have a Protector, Deliverer & Dream-Giver. No weapon formed against you can prosper. ~ Joel Osteen
Concealable Weapons quotes by Joel Osteen
President Bush said he didn't want to renew the Assault Weapons Ban because it might 'infringe on hunters' rights'. Who needs an AK-47 machine gun to go hunting? Let me tell you guys something ... If it takes you 500 rounds to bring down a deer, I don't want you going to the bathroom in MY house! ~ Elayne Boosler
Concealable Weapons quotes by Elayne Boosler
Sometimes I get more of a mainstream crowd that just is not moving to what I'm playing. I have to have crossover secret weapons. ~ Larry Tee
Concealable Weapons quotes by Larry Tee
And the more I thought of what had happened, the wilder and darker it grew. I reviewed the whole extraordinary sequence of events as I rattled on through the silent gas-lit streets. There was the original problem: that at least was pretty clear now. The death of Captain Morstan, the sending of the pearls, the advertisement, the letter, - we had had light upon all those events. They had only led us, however, to a deeper and far more tragic mystery. The Indian treasure, the curious plan found among Morstan's baggage, the strange scene at Major Sholto's death, the rediscovery of the treasure immediately followed by the murder of the discoverer, the very singular accompaniments to the crime, the footsteps, the remarkable weapons, the words upon the card, corresponding with those upon Captain Morstan's chart, - here was indeed a labyrinth in which a man less singularly endowed than my fellow-lodger might well despair of ever finding the clue. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
Concealable Weapons quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
I feel moderately bad about this whole thing. On the one hand, I am providing myself with urgently required survival skills. Other lessons in this series include Shoplifting, Beating People Up, Picking Locks, Climbing Trees, Driving, Housebreaking, Dumpster Diving, and How to Use Oddball Things like Venetian Blinds and Garbage Can Lids as Weapons. On the other hand, I'm corrupting my poor innocent little self. I sigh. Somebody's got to do it. ~ Audrey Niffenegger
Concealable Weapons quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
Surely no rational or realistic person will discount the possibility that [during wartime] the United States might suddenly resort to nuclear weapons. Those who retain the instinct for survival, not to speak of minimal concern for their fellow man, will seek ways to act before rather than after the event. ~ Noam Chomsky
Concealable Weapons quotes by Noam Chomsky
The trick with modern warfare was not to outgun the enemy, but carry weapons he could not gimmick. ~ Gordon R. Dickson
Concealable Weapons quotes by Gordon R. Dickson
In fact they were looking for weapons eager to find something they could justify the millions of dollars and massive deployment of personnel, the collection of stun-guns, tear-gas guns, pepper-spray guns, M16's, horses, clubs, and armored personnel carriers with which they intended to protect the city from our hordes of puppet carriers and potentially illegal gardeners ~ Starhawk
Concealable Weapons quotes by Starhawk
I would go to war with words, not weapons. I would die talking before I lifted a weapon. ~ Mandy Patinkin
Concealable Weapons quotes by Mandy Patinkin
Those of us who would follow Jesus are precluded from drawing the sword. We are people who love our enemies; who prefer to undergo violence rather than inflict it upon others; who reject every form of violence, from nuclear weapons to chemical weapons to Trident submarines to handguns. (...) We renounce war and violent self-defense, tear up the just-war theory, and embrace gospel nonviolence. We not only put back any swords we have, but we beat them into plowshares. The unarmed Christ disarms us. Christ's community, the Church, is a community of nonviolence. ~ John Dear
Concealable Weapons quotes by John Dear
Have felt it myself. The glitter of nuclear weapons. It is irresistible if you come to them as a scientist. To feel it's there in your hands, to release this energy that fuels the stars, to let it do your bidding. To perform these miracles, to lift a million tons of rock into the sky. It is something that gives people an illusion of illimitable power and it is, in some ways, responsible for all our troubles - this, what you might call technical arrogance, that overcomes people when they see what they can do with their minds. ~ Freeman Dyson
Concealable Weapons quotes by Freeman Dyson
If we reduced the amount we spend on maintaining our nuclear weapons by a small fraction, we could reallocate those funds to improve kids' health care and schooling. ~ Ben Cohen
Concealable Weapons quotes by Ben Cohen
I preached at First Congregational Church of Battle Creek, Michigan, in June 2017, and they shared this version of "Come Thou Fount" with me. I share it with you here as a call to action and as an invitation to the politics of resilience in an age of the tyranny of the now:

Come thou fount of every blessing, give me courage to resist.
Oh dear God they came and killed you, but at death you shook your fist.
Make me clever like the steward, make me angry like the poor,
teach me to unbind the captive, teach me to unbar the door.

O dear God, I have such power, that I never toiled to earn.
Help me wield it for liberation, may the fires of your justice burn.
Guide me God to read you truly, may your truth be named and heard,
When I read the holy scripture, help me God to hear your Word.

Moving Wind, your seed of justice, grows into a mustard tree -
it is so big, and obnoxious, is there room there, God, for me?
O my Jesus, come like leaven, infiltrate our hearts and minds
as we struggle to be human, help us to decolonize.

When the powers stand against us, when we join hands with the meek,
help us God against their fury; wield the weapons of the weak.
As we stand up to oppression, as we speak the truth to power -
Holy One, you walk beside us: we need you every hour.

While I struggle with my hatred, with my fear and bigotry:
help me Lord to join your struggle, help m ~ Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
Concealable Weapons quotes by Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
Animals are not just other species. They are other nations. And we murder them at our peril. The peace map is drawn on a menu. Peace is not just the absence of war. It is the presence of Justice. Justice must be blind to race, color, religion or species. If she is not blind, she will be a weapon of terror. ~ Philip Wollen
Concealable Weapons quotes by Philip Wollen
The artist speaks with inspiring tools of creativity. Thinkers challenge with the weapons of choice. These two forces are necessary to move souls beyond limitation. ~ T.F. Hodge
Concealable Weapons quotes by T.F. Hodge
I am absolutely convinced that there are weapons ... I saw evidence back in 1998 when we would see the inspectors being barred from gaining entry into a warehouse for three hours with trucks rolling up and then moving those trucks out. ~ William Cohen
Concealable Weapons quotes by William Cohen
Nuclear weapons kill Americans - they don't kill Republicans or Democrats - they kill Americans. ~ Joe Wilson
Concealable Weapons quotes by Joe Wilson
[W]hile the use of non-lethal weapons such as tasers and LEDIs may not necessarily reduce the number of civilian casualties, they have been largely accepted as the humane alternative to deadly force because they make the use of force appear far less dramatic and violent than it has in the past.
Contrast, for instance, the image of police officers beating Rodney King with billy clubs as opposed to police officers continually shocking a person with a taser. Both are severe forms of abuse. However, because the act of pushing a button is far less dramatic and visually arresting than swinging a billy club, it can come across as much more humane to the general public. This, of course, draws much less media coverage and, thus, less bad public relations for the police. ~ John W. Whitehead
Concealable Weapons quotes by John W. Whitehead
Discouragement, fear, and depression -
three villains who lurk in the dark.
They slip inside souls with a blindfold and goals
to shatter your dreams and extinguish your spark.

Their tactics are highly effective.
They crush a great many each day.
And under their spell it is easy to dwell
On fiascoes and failures that end in dismay.

The heart and the mind are left heavy.
The last speck of will is erased.
And nothing stays on when these villains are gone
but a mouthful of bile with the bitterest taste.

Alas! You must conquer the scoundrels!
Elude, dodge, and keep them at bay!
To feel fear slink in, boring under your skin,
is a sign that his brothers are well on their way.

So reach for your weapons against them!
Take hope and hard work in each hand!
Strap faith on your hips and a prayer on your lips
and show those debasers how firmly you stand!

Discouragement, fear and depression -
the truth should be known of these cads.
They're empty and weak; it is your strength they seek.
Deny them and life is your wish in the bag. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Concealable Weapons quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
Your greatest weapon is your enemy's mind ~ Gautama Buddha
Concealable Weapons quotes by Gautama Buddha
The only scorecard that ever gets tallied in the real world is how many times you walk away from the fight and leave your opponent dead in the dust. I can shoot damn straight when the occasion calls for it, but I'm not a bulls-eye expert. The difference is, I can hit a man on the other side of the street while I'm running, ducking, and dodging automatic weapons fire. Sacrificing pinpoint accuracy for shooting fast and on the move may mean you burn a little more ammo, but in the end, it's going to keep you alive a lot longer. Gunfighting isn't a biathlon. It's an ugly business that rewards dirty tricks and being faster and meaner and more ruthless than the other guy. It's the only way you're going to win. ~ Jack Badelaire
Concealable Weapons quotes by Jack Badelaire
The chief task was to stop the arms race before it brought utter disaster. However, after the collapse of communism and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, any rationale for having nuclear weapons disappeared. ~ Joseph Rotblat
Concealable Weapons quotes by Joseph Rotblat
And, as a consequence of the pressure that we've applied over the last couple of weeks, we have Syria
for the first time
acknowledging that it has chemical weapons, agreeing to join the convention that prohibits the use of chemical weapons, and the Russians
their primary sponsors
saying that they will push Syria to get all of their chemical weapons out. The distance that we've traveled over these couple of weeks is remarkable. ~ Barack Obama
Concealable Weapons quotes by Barack Obama
with their weapons. One struck it with his ~ Khushwant Singh
Concealable Weapons quotes by Khushwant Singh
We have a chance to wind down and expedite the removal of 96 percent of the world's nuclear weapons. What an achievement it would be, if at the end of the next administration, we could say that the nuclear arsenals of both Russia and the United States had been reduced to the barest minimums. ~ Dianne Feinstein
Concealable Weapons quotes by Dianne Feinstein
This idea of weapons of mass extermination is utterly horrible and is something which no one with one spark of humanity can tolerate. ~ Bertrand Russell
Concealable Weapons quotes by Bertrand Russell
Einstein also knew the dangers of taking this step. That he understood the physics of nuclear weapons was beyond question, but he could claim no equivalent understanding of international affairs. As he later famously remarked, "politics is more difficult than physics."1 ~ Michael Keren
Concealable Weapons quotes by Michael Keren
We'd better get a move on,' Shelby said, quickly doing up the fastenings on her own suit. 'Francisco said that the Professor has some cool new toys for us.'

'I believe he actually said assault weapons,' Wing said.

'Right,' Shelby said. 'New toys!'

'You know, I do worry about you sometimes,' Wing said, shaking his head.

'What can I say? I'm a twenty-first-century girl. Who wants flowers and chocolates, when you can have body armour and bullets?' Shelby said, giving Wing a quick peck on the cheek as she walked out of the room.

'Is it right that I should occasionally be slightly frightened of my girlfriend?' Wing asked as he watched her leave.

'As I understand it, that's perfectly normal,' Otto replied with a grin. ~ Mark Walden
Concealable Weapons quotes by Mark Walden
Their detectors, like everything else about them and their small, shrinking world, were always looking for the wrong weapons, Sem thought as he began to sharpen his pencil. ~ Jason Heller
Concealable Weapons quotes by Jason Heller
In the post-9/11 world you cannot give him the benefit of the doubt. As a result of our going into Iraq, not only is Saddam Hussein gone, but Qaddafi has given up his weapons of mass destruction and tremendous progress is being made in Iraq. ~ Peter T. King
Concealable Weapons quotes by Peter T. King
So many of us had been armed that there were holsters and weapons scattered among the passed-out bodies like mercenary prizes in a fleshy Cracker Jack box. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Concealable Weapons quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
If the United States wants to prevent other countries from acquiring the bomb, it must be prepared to reduce and eventually end its own reliance on nuclear weapons. ~ David Cortright
Concealable Weapons quotes by David Cortright
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