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#1. Community empowerment, group formation, civil society strengthening, coalition building are integral components of bridging social capital and social development interventions, all of which are significant in the recovery of place. Collaboration between diverse groups will be necessary for us to recovery a thriving common life that is rooted in place. - Author: Leonard Hjalmarson
Community Empowerment quotes by Leonard Hjalmarson
#2. Education is not a tool for development - individual, community and the nation. It is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams. - Author: Nita Ambani
Community Empowerment quotes by Nita Ambani
#3. Pretending that the locals ran the Western NGOs was a way to entice donors, grassroots was no longer a true goal but a buzzword. Sadly, the goal was not to empower true local leadership, but to find token locals to be token champions with no real decision-making power...
But I always knew true, long-term change cannot happen without involving the community. - Author: Kennedy Odede
Community Empowerment quotes by Kennedy Odede
#4. There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls and the empowerment of women ... When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately: families are healthier; they are better fed; their income, savings, and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families is true of communities and, eventually, whole countries. - Author: Kofi Annan
Community Empowerment quotes by Kofi Annan
#5. It is a matter of immense pride that never in history has there been a complaint against the Indian community from any society in the World. These values aren't small! - Author: Narendra Modi
Community Empowerment quotes by Narendra Modi
#6. As an empowerment right, education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalised adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty, and obtain the means to participate fully in their communities. - Author: Koichiro Matsuura
Community Empowerment quotes by Koichiro Matsuura
#7. The empowerment of black women constitutes the empowerment of our entire community. - Author: Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
Community Empowerment quotes by Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
#8. Health is more than absence of disease; it is about economics, education, environment, empowerment, and community. The health and well being of the people is critically dependent upon the health system that serves them. It must provide the best possible health with the least disparities and respond equally well to everyone. - Author: Joycelyn Elders
Community Empowerment quotes by Joycelyn Elders
#9. anything is possible with the right tools and good friends - Author: Toni Grant
Community Empowerment quotes by Toni Grant
#10. The existence of the corporation, as we have it with us today, was never dreamed of by the fathers . . .The corporation of today has invaded every department of business, and it's powerful but invisible hand is felt in almost all activities of life . . . The effect of this change upon the American people is radical and rapid.

The individual is fast disappearing as a business factor and in his stead is this new device, the modern corporation . . . The influence of this change upon character cannot be overestimated. The businessman at one time gave his individuality, stamped his mental and moral characteristics upon the business he conducted . . .

Today the business once transacted by individuals in every community is in the control of corporations, and many of the men who once conducted an independent business are gathered into the organization, and all personal identity, and all individualities lost. - Author: Robert Marion La Follette
Community Empowerment quotes by Robert Marion La Follette
#11. We have to be aware that the scientific community throws up tons of different hypotheses and at a certain point we'll find out who was right and who was wrong. But we have to go with the best information right now, which I would claim to be the IPCC reports. - Author: Bjorn Lomborg
Community Empowerment quotes by Bjorn Lomborg
#12. Insofar as human beings flower on the ground of freedom, justice guards that ground. Insofar as human beings flower in the soil of community, justice tends that soil. Justice makes possible a social order that people can truly be said to share freely. - Author: Jeffrey H Reiman
Community Empowerment quotes by Jeffrey H Reiman
#13. When you haven't figured out who you are and what you offer the world, it's awfully easy to get hoodwinked into thinking you're not as good as everyone else. It's even easier to start taking on the arts and pretensions of someone you're not. Don't bother. There's nothing fabulous about a generic. We always pay more for the original. - Author: Ellen Lubin-Sherman
Community Empowerment quotes by Ellen Lubin-Sherman
#14. The shaman is a very peculiar figure. He is critical to the functioning of the psychological and social life of his community, but in a way he is always peripheral to it. He lives at the edge of the village. He is only called upon in matters of great social crisis. He is feared and respected. And this might be a description of these hallucinogenic substances. - Author: Terence McKenna
Community Empowerment quotes by Terence McKenna
#15. Nine of us now seem to feel that the defendant is innocent, but we're just gambling on probabilities. We may be wrong. We may be trying to return a guilty man to the community. No one can really know. But we have a reasonable doubt, and this is a safeguard that has enormous value in our system. No jury can declare a man guilty unless it's sure. We nine can't understand how you three are still so sure. Maybe you can tell us. - Author: Reginald Rose
Community Empowerment quotes by Reginald Rose
#16. All socialism involves slavery. That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labours under coercion to satisfy anothers desires. - Author: Herbert Spencer
Community Empowerment quotes by Herbert Spencer
#17. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you continue to learn new ways of eating and living. There is no need for hard-and-fast rules or white-knuckle determination. Keep leaning forward into the positive changes you are making, and then apply that same gentleness to your family and community. There is no need to promote your ideals, but rather attract interest by being informed and interesting, healthy and robust-looking, and most of all, kind. After all, if we want to create change in the world, we have to embody the quality and character we'd like to see more of! - Author: Kathy Freston
Community Empowerment quotes by Kathy Freston
#18. First, how could I protect my team from the incessant demands of the business and achieve what the Agile community now refers to as a "sustainable pace"? And second, how could I successfully scale adoption of an Agile approach across an enterprise and overcome the inevitable resistance to change? - Author: David J. Anderson
Community Empowerment quotes by David J. Anderson
#19. You have the freedom to trust and the freedom to turn. This is the profound and sometimes painful mystery of community and love. - Author: William Paul Young
Community Empowerment quotes by William Paul Young
#20. The Ukrainian community is tight-knit by nature. - Author: Vera Farmiga
Community Empowerment quotes by Vera Farmiga
#21. It is one of the great goals of my administration to invigorate the spirit of involvement and citizenship. We will encourage faith-based and community programs without changing their mission. - Author: George W. Bush
Community Empowerment quotes by George W. Bush
#22. With their concern for personal autonomy and individual freedom, anarchists more than any other socialists are aware of the inhumanity of both physical punishment and manipulative cure for anti-social members of the community. They look to reasoned argument and friendly treatment to deal with criminals and wish to respect their humanity and individuality. - Author: Peter Marshall
Community Empowerment quotes by Peter Marshall
#23. Food is about community. It's about the earth and really taking care of the earth. - Author: Michael Ruhlman
Community Empowerment quotes by Michael Ruhlman
#24. In the game of life, we all receive a set of variables and limitations in the field of play. We can either focus on the lack thereof or empower ourselves to create better realities with the pieces we play the game with. - Author: T.F. Hodge
Community Empowerment quotes by T.F. Hodge
#25. If we are true small 'l' liberals, it's our job to seek out feminist Muslims, ex-Muslims, liberal Muslims, dissenting voices within Muslim communities, gay Muslims - we should promote those voices and in doing so, we demonstrate Islam is not a monolith, Muslims are not homogenous, and that Muslims are truly internally diverse. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
Community Empowerment quotes by Maajid Nawaz
#26. So many people representing different sections of our community are taken down one way or another. The system was designed to break us down. The three-strike rule is to break down a black man. - Author: Snoop Dogg
Community Empowerment quotes by Snoop Dogg
#27. I started doing '30 Rock' and started writing 'Mystery Team' at the beginning of that. While I was doing 'Mystery Team,' I started practicing stand-up. While I was doing stand up, I got 'Community.' It's like I planted trees six years ago, and now they have fruit. - Author: Donald Glover
Community Empowerment quotes by Donald Glover
#28. Let us all take more responsibility, not only for ourselves and our families but for our communities and our country. - Author: William J. Clinton
Community Empowerment quotes by William J. Clinton
#29. Thin, thick, tall, small, slender, curvy, curly, straight, dark, light, that body, with every detail is YOURS alone, look at it with compassion. - Author: Fatima Mohammed
Community Empowerment quotes by Fatima Mohammed
#30. I love when I meet generous poets, and generous meaning nice people, who give to the poetry community, who do interviews, read other people's books, and talk about them, spread the ... love, I guess. That means a lot to me. - Author: Victoria Chang
Community Empowerment quotes by Victoria Chang
#31. Bike lanes are clearly controversial. And one of the problems with bike lanes - and I'm generally a supporter of bike lanes - but one of the problems with bike lanes has been not the concept of them, which I support, but the way the Department of Transportation has implemented them without consultation with communities and community boards. - Author: Christine Quinn
Community Empowerment quotes by Christine Quinn
#32. With them the individual counted for nothing. No one was irreplaceable, because they drew no distinction between one man and another... In this community there was harmony, but no love. - Author: Michael Ende
Community Empowerment quotes by Michael Ende
#33. Reenvisioned, anger can be the most feminine of virtues: compassionate, fierce, wise, and powerful. The women I admire most... have all found ways to transform their anger into meaningful change. In them, anger has moved from deliberation to liberation. - Author: Soraya Chemaly
Community Empowerment quotes by Soraya Chemaly
#34. Well, just that there would be somebody in the office and the voters - it was more or less an understanding in the entire community, as long as that person was doing a good job on the merits, nobody was going to run against him. - Author: Stephen Breyer
Community Empowerment quotes by Stephen Breyer
#35. Let the essence of Christmas blossom within - as the countdown to Christmas begins. - Author: Eleesha
Community Empowerment quotes by Eleesha
#36. Life is a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Community Empowerment quotes by Sherman Alexie
#37. Strangely, the subsequent AIDS works that have become iconic in our culture rarely mention the movement, or the engaged community of lovers, but both formations were inseparable from the crisis itself. Now, looking back, I fear that the story of the isolated helpless homosexual was one far more palatable to the corporations who control the reward system in the arts.The more truthful story of the American mass - abandoning families, criminal governments, indifferent neighbors - is too uncomfortable and inconvenient to recall. The story of how gay people who were despised, had no rights, and carried the burden of a terrible disease came together to force the country to change against its will, is apparently too implicating to tell. Fake tales of individual heterosexuals heroically overcoming their prejudices to rescue helpless dying men with AIDS was a lot more appealing to the powers that be, but not at all true. - Author: Sarah Schulman
Community Empowerment quotes by Sarah Schulman
#38. Elizabeth Taylor is one of the great cultural icons. She is a part of our history and should be celebrated. ... This presentation is very special for the community, there are so many people who want to understand this side of Elizabeth Taylor. - Author: Jeffrey Deitch
Community Empowerment quotes by Jeffrey Deitch
#39. It is in the face of this radical revisioning of ourselves as the community of Christ that our relationship to "the least of these" is formed. They don't represent a threat to our lives, both physically (in their demands on our resources, in the loss of safety) and existentially (in how they expose our pretense, our privilege), but they actually can be seen as Christ Himself. Not in some romantic, shallow way in which we take in the homeless beggar only to have him later throw off his rags to reveal himself as Jesus, rewarding us for our righteousness. No, we encounter Christ in them because the process we have gone through has demonstrated to us that in the other - in those most different from us - our own inadequacy is exposed, offering us the opportunity to embrace the gift of the transforming cross. - Author: Jamie Arpin-Ricci
Community Empowerment quotes by Jamie Arpin-Ricci
#40. elders serve as conduits between the divine realm and the mundane world, making the abstract truths of spirituality accessible to the community by embodying them in their everyday behavior. - Author: Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Community Empowerment quotes by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
#41. It's a very Aboriginal thing to do, to give younger people greater responsibilities within the community as they become able to take those responsibilities on. It is a culturally appropriate transfer of roles that involves respect in both directions.. from the younger to the older and the older to the younger. - Author: Jackie Huggins
Community Empowerment quotes by Jackie Huggins
#42. God hates this wishful dreaming because it makes the dreamer proud and pretentious. Those who dream of this idealized community demand that it be fulfilled by God, by others, and by themselves. They enter the community of Christians with their demands, set up their own law, and judge one another and even God accordingly. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Community Empowerment quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#43. Religion, then, is far from "useless." It humanizes violence; it protects man from his own violence by taking it out of his hands, transforming it into a transcendent and ever-present danger to be kept in check by the appropriate rites appropriately observed and by a modest and prudent demeanor. Religious misinterpretation is a truly constructive force, for it purges man of the suspicions that would poison his existence if he were to remain conscious of the crisis as it actually took place.

To think religiously is to envision the city's destiny in terms of that violence whose mastery over man increases as man believes he has gained mastery over it. To think religiously (in the primitive sense) is to see violence as something superhuman, to be kept always at a distance and ultimately renounced. When the fearful adoration of this power begins to diminish and all distinctions begin to disappear, the ritual sacrifices lose their force; their potency is not longer recognized by the entire community. Each member tries to correct the situation individually, and none succeeds. The withering away of the transcendental influence means that there is no longer the slightest difference between a desire to save the city and unbridled ambition, between genuine piety and the desire to claim divine status for oneself. Everyone looks on a rival enterprise as evidence of blasphemous designs. Men set to quarreling about the gods, and their skepticism leads to a new sacrificial crisis - Author: Rene Girard
Community Empowerment quotes by Rene Girard
#44. If you educate a man, you educate an individual; education contributes to his individual growth; it becomes his 'private property', as it were. But when you educate a woman, you educate the entire family! - Author: Dada J.P. Vaswani
Community Empowerment quotes by Dada J.P. Vaswani
#45. The international community ... allows nearly 3 billion people almost half of all humanity to subsist on $2 or less a day in a world of unprecedented wealth. - Author: Kofi Annan
Community Empowerment quotes by Kofi Annan
#46. We are called to be strong companions and clear mirrors to one another, to seek those who reflect with compassion and a keen eye how we are doing, whether we seem centered or off course ... we need the nourishing company of others to create the circle needed for growth, freedom and healing. - Author: Wayne Muller
Community Empowerment quotes by Wayne Muller
#47. [T]he more clamour we make about 'the women's point of view', the more we rub it into people that the women's point of view is different, and frankly I do not think it is
at least in my job. The line I always want to take is, that there is the 'point of view' of the reasonably enlightened human brain, and that this is the aspect of the matter which I am best fitted to uphold. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Community Empowerment quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#48. Our small group is committed to getting the biblical text under our skin. - Author: Jen Pollock Michel
Community Empowerment quotes by Jen Pollock Michel
#49. I am convinced that some political and social activities and practices of the Catholic organizations are detrimental and even dangerous for the community as a whole, here and everywhere. I mention here only the fight against birth control at a time when overpopulation in various countries has become a serious threat to the health of people and a grave obstacle to any attempt to organize peace on this planet. - Author: Albert Einstein
Community Empowerment quotes by Albert Einstein
#50. Each time I visit such a classroom, where the teacher is more interested in creating a democratic community than in maintaining her position of authority, I'm convinced all over again that moving away from consequences and rewards isn't just realistic - it's the best way to help kids grow into good learners and good people. - Author: Alfie Kohn
Community Empowerment quotes by Alfie Kohn
#51. The idea that the Tony committee and the New York theater community as a whole have embraced 'Billy Elliot' is very, very exciting. - Author: Eric Fellner
Community Empowerment quotes by Eric Fellner
#52. Apart from the pleasure of looking at her and listening to her
of enjoying in her what others less discriminatingly but as liberally appreciated
he had the sense, between himself and her, of a kind of free-masonry of precocious tolerance and irony. They had both, in early youth, taken the measure of the world they happened to live in: they knew just what it was worth to them and for what reasons, and the community of these reasons lent to their intimacy its last exquisite touch. - Author: Edith Wharton
Community Empowerment quotes by Edith Wharton
#53. The Christian community demonstrates the effectiveness of the gospel. We are the living proof that the gospel is not an empty word but a powerful word that takes men and women who are lovers of self and transforms them by grace through the Spirit into people who love God and others. We are the living proof that the death of Jesus was not just a vain expression of God's love but an effective death that achieved the salvation of a people who now love one another sincerely from a pure - Author: Tim Chester
Community Empowerment quotes by Tim Chester
#54. If Jesus is the heart of the church, people are the lifeblood. There is a reason He created community and told us to practice grace and love and camaraderie and presence. People soften the edges and fill in the gaps. Friends make up some of the best parts of the whole story. - Author: Jen Hatmaker
Community Empowerment quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#55. We all need to kind of preach to ourselves. I grew up in church, and I don't think I necessarily understood what it meant to be called into the culture and the community in the city that you're in or the town that you're in and live effectively and be informed and be gracious with people. - Author: Shane Harper
Community Empowerment quotes by Shane Harper
#56. I don't want our success to be measured only by financial yardsticks, or by our distribution or number of shops. What I want to be celebrated for - and it's going to be tough in a business environment - is how good we are to our employees and how we benefit our community. It's a different bottom line. - Author: Anita Roddick
Community Empowerment quotes by Anita Roddick
#57. The actual theme of corruption can condemn humanity and this conflict can be resolved when people are diligent to put an end to this catastrophe as a community. - Author: Saaif Alam
Community Empowerment quotes by Saaif Alam

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