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#1. Love is about as strong, as two people want to make it. - Author: Anthony Liccione
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Anthony Liccione
#2. Marriage is sweeping the floors of a room you're not sure you want to die in. - Author: Hala Alyan
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Hala Alyan
#3. Marriage is important to me and I love the idea of being married. - Author: Nicole Appleton
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Nicole Appleton
#4. I want a little girl with your smile and your smarts. I want Christmases and birthdays and a chocolate Lab who wears an American flag bandana that you name after a political philosopher or something. We can even include him in the family campaign photos. - Author: Chanel Cleeton
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Chanel Cleeton
#5. All tragedies are finished bya death, All comedies are ended bya marriage; The future states of both are left to faith. - Author: Robert Byron
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Robert Byron
#6. Marriage vows contain the words "to have and to hold," not "to have and to scold. - Author: Tracy Kunzler
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Tracy Kunzler
#7. I have a theory: I believe that with the advent of the United States and the lawful definition of marriage, it was defined as between one man and one woman. It was anti-polygamy, in effect saying no man can hoard his women. - Author: Ariel Pink
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Ariel Pink
#8. Good Nature, and Evenness of Temper, will give you an easie Companion for Life; Vertue and good Sense, an agreeable Friend; Love and Constancy, a good Wife or Husband. Where we meet one Person with all these Accomplishments, we find an Hundred without any one of them. - Author: Joseph Addison
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Joseph Addison
#9. And it was no shame to her that she so dreamed. It was no shame that she called before her, one by one, those who had asked her to cross with them the threshold (of marriage) and those who might still ask her. It was no shame that, while her heart said always, "no," she still waited - waited for one whom she knew not, but only knew that she would know him when he came. And it was no shame to her that, even while this was so, she saw herself in the years to come a wife and mother. - Author: Harold Bell Wright
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Harold Bell Wright
#10. The reason for this behavior did not appear to be a strong desire to remain free and avoid commitments in that 89 percent of undergraduates say having a good marriage or committed relationship is an essential life goal. Rather it seemed more a fear of rejection from a generation that had avoided skinning their knees. It is a risk to express feelings. There is a chance of getting hurt. Dancing alone together is safer. - Author: Arthur Levine
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Arthur Levine
#11. I must say, Graystone, you are surviving married life very nicely." Peter helped himself to claret from the decanter that had been set out in the library.
"Thank you, Sheldrake. I flatter myself that not every man could survive being married to Augusta. - Author: Amanda Quick
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Amanda Quick
#12. I think what life experience has brought to my poems is compassion. When you work hard to make a living, raise a child up into the world, fail at marriage and try again, teach and fail, travel and fall, become ill, well again, weak but grateful, you learn patience, forbearance. - Author: Dorianne Laux
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Dorianne Laux
#13. I was once involved in a same-sex marriage. There was the same sex over and over and over. - Author: David Letterman
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by David Letterman
#14. When a man thinks about a woman he thinks about love, he never thinks about marriage. When a woman thinks about a man, she thinks about marriage. Love is secondary, security is first. She lives in a different kind of world - maybe in the future she may not, but in the past the only problem for the woman was how to be secure. - Author: Rajneesh
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Rajneesh
#15. Why did you give me a freedom for which I was unfit? Why did you stop teaching me? If you wished it, if you guided me differently, none of all this would happened. I should not now be punished, for no fault at all, by your indifference and even contempt, and you would not have taken from me unjustly all that I valued in life.
Let us be thankful that there is an end of the old emotions and excitements.
That day ended a romance of our marriage. Old feeling became a precious irrecoverable remembrance but a new feeling of love for my kids and their father laid the foundation of a new life and quite different happiness. That life and happiness lasted until to the present time. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#16. I was steeped in denial, but my body knew. - Author: Suzanne Finnamore
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#17. So it went on continually, the recurrence of love and conflict between them. One day it seemed as if everything was shattered, all life spoiled, ruined, desolate and laid waste. The next day it was all marvellous again, just marvellous. One day she thought she would go mad from his very presence, the sound of his drinking was detestable to her. The next day she loved and rejoiced in the way he crossed the floor, he was sun, moon and stars in one. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#18. A long marriage is very unifying, even if it's not ideal, and those old structures must be respected. - Author: Iris Murdoch
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Iris Murdoch
#19. In short, the Enlightenment privatized marriage, taking it out of the public sphere, and redefined its purpose as individual gratification, not any 'broader good' such as reflecting God's nature, producing character, or raising children. Slowly but surely, this newer understanding of the meaning of marriage has displaced the older ones in Western culture. - Author: Timothy Keller
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Timothy Keller
#20. Think that you love your wife and say it,
know that you love your wife and show it.
If your wife asks for the moon, give her the sun too. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#21. Fix your eyes on Jesus and the plans he has for your life. Look ahead, and run after him with all your heart. Then look around. Whoever has kept up with you, marry that person. - Author: Debra Fileta
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Debra Fileta
#22. When I think of my best days as husband, I find I was doing what Regi said in this book. What Radical Husbands Do is a practical book I can safely give any man who is struggling in his marriage. - Author: Joel Manby
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Joel Manby
#23. A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day. - Author: Andre Maurois
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Andre Maurois
#24. This will be the most important decision of your life, the individual whom you marry ... - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#25. It is something that is just there, and it is huge, and everything has been built around it, and wherever one happens to be going to the fridge, to bed, to the bathroom, or out the front door - the tree has to be taken into account. It cannot be gone through; it must respectfully be gone around ... it is beautiful, unique, exotic: but also. Let's face it, it is at times an enormous inconvenience. - Author: Mike Mason
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Mike Mason
#26. Cofounders will endure so much together that their relationship is often compared to a marriage. - Author: Jessica Livingston
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Jessica Livingston
#27. For everything that God desires to do in the earth, He enters into partnership with those to whom He has already given dominion. - Author: Myles Munroe
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Myles Munroe
#28. While you don't need a formal written contract before you get married, I think it's important for both partners to spell out what they expect from each other ... There are always plenty of surprises- and lots of give and take-once you're married. - Author: Muriel Fox
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Muriel Fox
#29. Generally, a woman would rather be married to any man that she doesn't hate, than remain unmarried to a man that she loves. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#30. A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong. - Author: Milton Berle
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Milton Berle
#31. Marriage is a book in which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose. - Author: Beverley Nichols
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Beverley Nichols
#32. Married life had taught him the futility of arguing with a female in a dark-brown mood. - Author: Isaac Asimov
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Isaac Asimov
#33. Love your calling with passion, it is the meaning of your life. - Author: Auguste Rodin
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Auguste Rodin
#34. You two still establishing a pecking order?"
"Oh, it's clear who's at the top," Jayan said. "The lesser hordes need to sort out their own hierarchy. Are you enjoying being the prize they're fighting over?"
"Yes, you. I'm afraid female magicians have quite a reputation. My young, naïve subordinates are trying to work out if any of them stands a chance with you."
"A chance?" She turned and began picking fruit again. "Am I to expect a marriage proposal, or something much shallower?"
"Definitely shallower," he said. - Author: Trudi Canavan
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Trudi Canavan
#35. When he was nearly thirty-six, my brother Jem got his heart badly broken when his fourth marriage fell apart, mostly because his wife never could get used to Boo, who lived with them and creeped her out by making little wooden dolls of her and putting them in the hollow tree out front. - Author: Silas House
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by Silas House
#36. How could homosexuals possibly srew up the sanctity of marriage any worse than heterosexuals? - Author: John Grisham
Commitmentment Marriage quotes by John Grisham

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