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#1. I don't want a politician who's thinking about fashion for even one millisecond. It's the same as medical professionals. The idea of a person in a Comme des Garcons humpback dress giving me a colonoscopy is just not groovy. - Author: Simon Doonan
Colonoscopy quotes by Simon Doonan
#2. What are you giving him?"
She grins smugly. "Only the greatest gift a woman can give the man she loves."
I take my best guess. "Anal?"
Kate covers her eyes.
Dee-Dee's smile turns into a scowl. "No
pig. I'm giving him the gift of health. My acupuncturist cleared her schedule. She's going to work on Matthew the whole day."
I laugh. Because this explains so much.
"That's your gift? Really? It's the guy's birthday and you're gonna make him get needles stuck in his face all day? What are you gonna get him for Christmas - a colonoscopy? - Author: Emma Chase
Colonoscopy quotes by Emma Chase
#3. Some older or very ill patients may not be suitable candidates for fecal transfer. Colonoscopy is an invasive procedure, especially for those patients who are too ill with other conditions like cancer, heart failure, dialysis, or Alzheimer's. - Author: J. Thomas LaMont
Colonoscopy quotes by J. Thomas LaMont
#4. You don't need to like [a gun] to know you got to have it. I don't like gettin' a colonoscopy every five years, but I grit my teeth and drop my drawers and get it done just the same. - Author: Dean Koontz
Colonoscopy quotes by Dean Koontz
#5. If you get a colonoscopy, you should really insist they give you no drugs - then you do get to see what it's like to swim through your own intestines. - Author: Mary Roach
Colonoscopy quotes by Mary Roach
#6. He was looking forward to this about as much as one would look forward to a tooth extraction, or perhaps a vasectomy. A colonoscopy? He pondered a list of horrific things that could possibly be less painful than a week-long royal wedding. - Author: Jessica Clare
Colonoscopy quotes by Jessica Clare
#7. If one has a routine colonoscopy at the age of 50 and then colonoscopies thereafter as the physician recommends, you could largely prevent colon cancer, you could detect it in its very earliest stages and cure it. - Author: Laurie Glimcher
Colonoscopy quotes by Laurie Glimcher
#8. One of the few times in a man's life when he is not full of shit!!
The morning of a colonoscopy. Enough said! - Author: Jim Lawrence
Colonoscopy quotes by Jim Lawrence
#9. ATLANTA NIGHTS: I haven't been this stunned since my colonoscopy. - Author: Dennis L. McKiernan
Colonoscopy quotes by Dennis L. McKiernan
#10. What percentage should you give? I tell people to start with 10 percent because the Bible writers have a lot to say about the tithe, which means, "tenth." For some people, that's extremely uncomfortable. But so is a colonoscopy, and those save countless lives. - Author: Andy Stanley
Colonoscopy quotes by Andy Stanley
#11. The next hour of canvassing was like a greatest hits tour for the worried well. Yoga, Pilates, massage, energy healing, and Rolfing specialists occupied space next to an optometrist, nutritionist, and a variety of MDs. You could have your aura checked, get your spine realigned, and have a colonoscopy, all without moving your car. - Author: Ingrid Thoft
Colonoscopy quotes by Ingrid Thoft
#12. People like you are the reason God doesn't talk to us anymore. So thanks for that."
"Geez, I was just joking around, Max," he said.
"Did I hurt your feelings?"
"A little bit, yes."
"Then you might want to get a colonoscopy for all that butthurt because I don't give a shit. - Author: Barbie Bohrman
Colonoscopy quotes by Barbie Bohrman

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