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#1. As long as there has been knitting there have been battles about it. There are self-declared "yarn snobs," who frown on using anything but natural fibers; "gauge snobs", who wouldn't be caught dead with chunky yarn; and "experience snobs", who claim you can't declare yourself a real knitter until you abandon novelty yarns. The truth is that the knitting world is a tiny metaphor for the real world. It takes all kinds.
I will not allow myself to feel bad if someone disapproves of my knitting. I will also resist the urge to stuff his mailbox full of chunky acrylic fun fur at 3:00 am. - Author: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
#2. My artistic process involves pens, gesso, acrylic paint, and markers, all on vellum. I use a window painter's technique and paint on the backside of my image before I mess with the front. - Author: Chelsea Martin
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Chelsea Martin
#3. I don't like acrylic because you can't get the density of color. And with each coat of oil paint, the surface gets better and richer. - Author: Ellsworth Kelly
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Ellsworth Kelly
#4. Now, okay, important knitting life lesson right here: don't go acrylic. Just don't. Acrylic's what you're gonna find at, like, Wal-Mart, and acrylic is crap. I have it on good authority that it's like knitting with barbed wire, that it's squeaky, yeah, that's right, squeaky, and that – although I can't vouch for this one personally – apparently it's what Satan uses to make Christmas sweaters for the ninth-circle sinners. - Author: Hannah Johnson
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Hannah  Johnson
#5. The old master oil paintings were usually done in transparent oil colors on top of a black-and-white underpainting, which was often painted in egg temperas. My version of this technique was to start with a watercolor underpainting, which is fast drying like tempera, but I have an easier time controlling it. Then I seal the underpainting with a coat of clear, matte acrylic medium. That keeps the oil paints, which come next, from soaking into the paper, where they would turn dull and flat. Instead, thin layers of transparent oil paint can be smoothed into glowing colors and bold, glossy surfaces, with a depth and space that I don't think can be gotten any other way. It isn't easy to do, but when it works, the results can still surprise me. - Author: Paul O. Zelinsky
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Paul O. Zelinsky
#6. During that war we had a word for extreme man-made disorder which was fubar, an acronym for 'fucked up beyond all recognition.' Well - the whole planet is now fubar with postwar miracles, but, back in the early 1960s, I was one of the first persons to be totally wrecked by one - an acrylic wall-paint whose colors, according to advertisements of the day, would ' ... outlive the smile on the "Mona Lisa".'
The name of the paint was Sateen Dura-Luxe. Mona Lisa is still smiling. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#7. I would say - and paint doesn't peel unless it's acrylic paint, so maybe it is acrylic paint that they're using, not oil paint. So let me say yes, it would be acrylic house paint, which, when it dries, peels very nicely. So let's go with that. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#8. My last moments on earth would be spent in a Golden Nugget bathtub with crushed beer cans scattered across my faux Venetian tile and acrylic bearskin rug. - Author: Lindsay Mark Lewis
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Lindsay Mark Lewis
#9. I don't think there is a need of the categorization 'woman writing'. I think in some sense writers lost their gender when they walk into the world of words; I believe that writers ought to be able to slip under the skins of both men and women. Only then will the writing and the characters have credibility and strength. - Author: Anita Nair
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Anita Nair
#10. Behind you swiftly the figure comes softly,
The spot on your skin is a shocking disease. - Author: W. H. Auden
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by W. H. Auden
#11. It's a sin problem, not a skin problem. - Author: Benjamin Watson
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Benjamin Watson
#12. I tell you, truth is, at this moment, here
burning outward through our skins.
Eternity streams through my body:
touch it with your hand and see.
Till the walls of the tunnel cave in
and the black river walks on our faces. - Author: Adrienne Rich
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Adrienne Rich
#13. Packed in my skin from head to toe is one I know and do not know. - Author: Edwin Muir
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Edwin Muir
#14. Surely the day will come when color means nothing more than the skin tone, when religion is seen uniquely as a way to speak one's soul; when birth places have the weight of a throw of the dice and all men are born free, when understanding breeds love and brotherhood. - Author: Josephine Baker
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Josephine Baker
#15. The only reason I've ever had to wear a hat is to avoid skin cancer. - Author: Justine Larbalestier
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Justine Larbalestier
#16. An important fact about verbal behavior is that speaker and listener may reside within the same skin. - Author: B.F. Skinner
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by B.F. Skinner
#17. In an online community, there's this kind of social economy between the community members. Some people have status because they make cool skins or that's a good website that's visited a lot, but there's no real gameplay there. - Author: Will Wright
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Will Wright
#18. 'Skins' wanted to create a new thing by actually casting real teenagers. I think it was very brave of them. They also wanted to give the opportunity to people who didn't go to drama school. - Author: Kaya Scodelario
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Kaya Scodelario
#19. The hospital room was as cold as dead skin, the hallway crowded with lost souls and reeking of illness. - Author: Raquel Cepeda
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Raquel Cepeda
#20. Already from your own cells scientists can grow skin, cartilage, noses, blood vessels, bladders and windpipes. In the future, scientists will grow more complex organs, like livers and kidneys. The phrase 'organ failure' will disappear. - Author: Michio Kaku
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Michio Kaku
#21. The function of the prosecutor under the federal Constitution is not to tack as many skins of victims as possible against the wall. His function is to vindicate the rights of the people as expressed in the laws and give those accused of crime a fair trial. - Author: William O. Douglas
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by William O. Douglas
#22. An excuse is a skin of a reason stuffed with a lie. - Author: Billy Sunday
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Billy Sunday
#23. Fashion is not about buying a second skin. Fashion is about having a fantasy. - Author: Alber Elbaz
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Alber Elbaz
#24. Without that thick skin and a clear vision of what it is you want to do, what it is you know you want to do, it can be really easy to get out here and get lost and swept away in whatever is going on. You really have to be steadfast in the mind for sure. - Author: Stephen Boss
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Stephen Boss
#25. Generally speaking, politicians are an odd bunch. They seem to have very thick skins and genuinely don't care what people think. And charm is a very important part of the politician's armoury. I try to resist that kind of charm. - Author: Paul Merton
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Paul Merton
#26. Born enemies don't fight. Nations you would say were designed to go to war against each other by their skins, their language, their smell; always jealous of each other, always hating each other; they're not the ones who fight. You will find the real antagonists in nations fate has groomed and made ready for the same war. - Author: Jean Giraudoux
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Jean Giraudoux
#27. There are some bad people on the rise;
they're saving their own skins by ruining people's lives. - Author: Morrissey
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Morrissey
#28. They don't go in for the fancy or exotic, but stick to conventional food like flightless bird embryos, minced organs in intestine skins, slices of hog flesh and burnt ground grass seeds dipped in animal fats; or, as it is known in their patois, egg, sausage, bacon and a fried slice of toast. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Terry Pratchett
#29. I think we're in an age where artists really have an incredible range of materials at their command now. They can use almost anything from household items - Jackson Pollock used house paint - to, you know, advanced computer systems, to good old oil paint and acrylic paint. - Author: Bill Viola
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Bill Viola
#30. I'm not super comfortable in my skin. I have to make it work for me, and that usually amounts to making it uncomfortable for everyone else. - Author: Aubrey Plaza
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Aubrey Plaza
#31. If I look at myself when I'm getting into the [God's] Word and just drinking Him [God] in, when I get to work, I'm looking for someone to love. I'm looking for people to encourage. I'm understanding that, hey, people are people. We're all wearing skin here. We all have our moments. I've already gotten what I need from Jesus and now I can just forgive and love and encourage. - Author: Mark Hall
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Mark Hall
#32. In becoming a whole person, the grateful leper was healed inside as well as on the outside. That day nine lepers were healed skin deep, but only one had the faith to be made whole. The tenth leper [was] changed eternally by [his] faith in the Savior and the healing power of his atonement. - Author: Merrill J. Bateman
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Merrill J. Bateman
#33. I don't think that actors are necessarily any more uncomfortable in their skin than anyone else. I suppose I feel more comfortable in my skin now, but you're always playing a character, aren't you? You tell different versions of yourself to different people and vice versa. Here, or in the photo shoot or wherever, it's a representation of you. It's not you-you. That's how you get through it. - Author: Ben Whishaw
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Ben Whishaw
#34. One hundred years ago, the slave was freed. One hundred years later, the Negro remains in bondage to the color of his skin. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Lyndon B. Johnson
#35. When you've been really beaten, you realize that you are just an envelope of skin, an easily penetrated envelope that holds together a lot of fluids and some rigid structures, which in their turn can simply be broken and invaded. - Author: Charlaine Harris
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Charlaine Harris
#36. It is commonly a dangerous thing for a man to have more sense than his neighbors. Socrates paid for his superiority with his life; and if Aristotle saved his skin, it was by taking to his heels in time. - Author: Christoph Martin Wieland
Collaging With Acrylic Skins quotes by Christoph Martin Wieland

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