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#1. [H]e could see the island of Manhattan off to the left. The towers were jammed together so tightly, he could feel the mass and stupendous weight.Just think of the millions, from all over the globe, who yearned to be on that island, in those towers, in those narrow streets! There it was, the Rome, the Paris, the London of the twentieth century, the city of ambition, the dense magnetic rock, the irresistible destination of all those who insist on being where things are happening-and he was among the victors! - Author: Tom Wolfe
Cohesively Together quotes by Tom Wolfe
#2. The beautiful faces of the children I've met in Rwanda and in other countries are with me every day and fuel my passion to raise awareness of the global hunger issue. That's why I'm urging everyone to join me and #PassTheRedCup for Yum! Brands' World Hunger Relief effort. Together we can move millions of children from hunger to hope. - Author: Christina Aguilera
Cohesively Together quotes by Christina Aguilera
#3. Heaven is actually a country that we build within ourselves, or that we continue to build. We come from it, and we harvest materials for it while we are here, doing this through sharing our talents with others, and through being dedicated to our relationships in life, through loving others and through strengthening our ability to believe, through our faith. What is faith? Faith is the strength to believe even when believing is a very difficult thing to do! I think that faith is acquired here in this world, because there is no need to have faith in our eternal countries. But here, as we acquire faith in the midst of our hardships, we are begetting unto our eternal countries the strong glue that holds some buildings and some temples together. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Cohesively Together quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#4. I think that's my nature, to want to bring people together rather than to try to bombard them into agreement. - Author: E. O. Wilson
Cohesively Together quotes by E. O. Wilson
#5. You need togetherness because you don't always win, and you have got to hang though together - Author: Tony Dungy
Cohesively Together quotes by Tony Dungy
#6. Keeping body and soul together is an annoying business, as I suppose you know. - Author: Stephen King
Cohesively Together quotes by Stephen King
#7. We need original thinkers, provocateurs, and people who care. We need marketers who can lead, salespeople able to risk making a human connection, passionate change makers willing to be shunned if it is necessary for them to make a point. Every organization needs a linchpin, the one person who can bring it together and make a difference. Some organizations haven't realized this yet, or haven't articulated it, but we need artists. - Author: Seth Godin
Cohesively Together quotes by Seth Godin
#8. I just hope that theaters remain. I think there's something very wonderful about getting into a dark room with a bunch of people. There's something cool about that. Brings us all together in one room where we can experience all those emotions. - Author: Jeff Bridges
Cohesively Together quotes by Jeff Bridges
#9. For there is hate as well as love, she supposed, in the coming together and continuing of our lives. - Author: Eudora Welty
Cohesively Together quotes by Eudora Welty
#10. Sugar," Jake said, "I've wanted you since the first time you sassed me."

"I wanted to punch you in the nose."

He laughed and kissed her forehead. "My advertising skills left something to be desired."

"You rooked three unsuspecting women."

"I know." He kissed her lips, taking his time. "I'm offering you a chance for payback."

"And that payback is sex?" He smelled awesome, like a hot, sexy man who'd been in a kitchen trying to please her. Or maybe please himself. With Jake, you never knew.

He pulled her tighter against him, kissing her slowly, thoroughly. "I'd do my damnedest to make you a happy woman the second time I sold you something."

Sugar looked into Jake's eyes. He was too hot, too sexy, almost taking her breath away. "I think your gravy's burning."

"Nice try. I turned it off." He tugged her hips against him, kissing her as if he'd never tasted anything as good as her mouth. Sugar moaned and let Jake hike her up on his waist. "If I'm moving too fast, say so. I'll back off and feed you the best shrimp and steak dinner you've ever had. Just good friends breaking bread together."

Sugar gasped as Jake sank his teeth gently into her lower lip. Heat and warmth filled her, stealing her desire to tell him no about anything. "I'm not really that hungry."

His smile turned dangerous. "I am. - Author: Tina Leonard
Cohesively Together quotes by Tina Leonard
#11. But I have made a study of Shadowhunters now, over the past century, and let me tell you that we are more human than most human beings. When our hearts break, they break into shards that cannot be easily fit back together. I envy mundanes their resilience sometimes. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Cohesively Together quotes by Cassandra Clare
#12. JOSIAH FRANKLIN and ABIAH his wife, lie here interred. They lived lovingly together in wedlock fifty-five years. Without an estate, or any gainful employment, By constant labor and industry, with God's blessing, They maintained a large family comfortably, and brought up thirteen children and seven grandchildren reputably. From this instance, reader, Be encouraged to diligence in thy calling, And distrust not Providence. He was a pious and prudent man; She, a discreet and virtuous woman. Their youngest son, In filial regard to their memory, Places this stone. J. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
Cohesively Together quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#13. That's what it was supposed to be, but then we started meeting up for morning workouts, which led to a joint trip to the GNC, and then we discovered we both play chess, which led to inviting him over for a game night, and then I quoted Mallrats but he didn't get it, which led to a movie enlightenment mission and several movie-at-home nights…" I trail off, leaving the "etcetera etcetera" unspoken. Huffing out an exasperated sigh, I explain, "The more we hung out together, the more couple-y we got, and before I knew it we were buying extra toothbrushes to keep at our apartments and doing silly shit like giving each other keys. Add in the most amazing porn star sex ever, and it's apparently enough for me to want to have his puppy."

"You mean baby."

"God, no. You know better than that. I'm not the nurturing type."

"Yeah, well, you also used to say you weren't the falling in love type, either."

I narrow my eyes at her. "No one likes a wise-ass, Janey."

"Maybe not, but sometimes a hard-ass like you needs a wise-ass like me. - Author: Gina L. Maxwell
Cohesively Together quotes by Gina L. Maxwell
#14. Together we can make a difference and empower communities to be self sufficient. - Author: David Batstone
Cohesively Together quotes by David Batstone
#15. Fred and George turned to each other and said together, 'Wow, we're identical!'
'I dunno though, I think I'm still better looking,' said Fred, examining his reflection in the kettle. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Cohesively Together quotes by J.K. Rowling
#16. Everything we do, our every objective, must be undertaken for the sake of ... purity of heart ... we must practice the reading of the Scripture, together with all the other virtuous activities ... to hold our hearts free of the harm of every dangerous passion and in order to rise step by step to the high point of love. - Author: John Cassian
Cohesively Together quotes by John Cassian
#17. She wants you to tell her she is just going to be displeased, David. She knows you can't fix everything and it frustrates her when you try. Just tell her it isn't anything you can fix but you will get through it together. - Author: Wilson Harp
Cohesively Together quotes by Wilson Harp
#18. What is it about women and luggage? You don't have to bring everything you own, and it shouldn't take this long to throw some clothes into a bag. In fact, if it will save you any time, just leave the underwear out all together. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Cohesively Together quotes by Rachel Vincent
#19. Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together ... and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home ... only to no home I'd ever known ... I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like ... magic.
- Sleepless in Seattle - Author: Nora Ephron
Cohesively Together quotes by Nora Ephron
#20. My mother has a very big family in Shanghai, so I have, like, almost 40 cousins, so we stayed together all the time. So by the time I get to Hong Kong, I become the only child and the only one surrounded by adults, you know. - Author: Wong Kar-Wai
Cohesively Together quotes by Wong Kar-Wai
#21. As far as I can make out, women's friendships with each other are based on a gush of lies and pretty speeches that mean nothing. You'd think they were all wolves trying to seduce each other the way they flatter and flirt when they're together. - Author: Marilyn Monroe
Cohesively Together quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#22. It's probably hard for anyone looking at my landscapes today to realize that I was once regarded as a rebel, a dangerous influence; that I've been told I was on the verge of insanity, that my painting was nothing but meaningless daubs. Lawren Harris, the man most responsible for drawing the Group of Seven together, was accused of something perilously close to treason - his paintings, said his severest critics, were discouraging immigration. - Author: A. Y. Jackson
Cohesively Together quotes by A. Y. Jackson
#23. There is no true poetry without conscious craft, absorbed attention, absolute concentration. There is no true poetry without unconscious invention. The reader, too, enters into the relationship between the controlled and the uncontrollable aspects of the art. Shelley says that 'Poetry redeems from decay the visitations of the divinity in man.' The poem is a genie that comes out of the bottle to liberate the reader's imagination, the divinity within. The writer and the reader make meaning together. The poet who calls on help from the heavenly muse also does so on behalf of the imaginative reader. - Author: Edward Hirsch
Cohesively Together quotes by Edward Hirsch
#24. We are not going to dwell on those things that divide us. We are going to rejoice in those things that keep us together to make this a better country - to reach down and back to touch every young person in need! - Author: Colin Powell
Cohesively Together quotes by Colin Powell
#25. Growing up, I had a very happy childhood, with two parents who are still very much together. - Author: Kate Winslet
Cohesively Together quotes by Kate Winslet
#26. Feminism and femininity are not mutually exclusive. It is misogynistic to suggest that they are. Sadly, women have learned to be ashamed and apologetic about pursuits that are seen as traditionally female, such as fashion and makeup. But our society does not expect men to feel ashamed of pursuits considered generally male - sports cars, certain professional sports. In the same way, men's grooming is never suspect in the way women's grooming is - a well-dressed man does not worry that, because he is dressed well, certain assumptions might be made about his intelligence, his ability, or his seriousness. A woman, on the other hand, is always aware of how a bright lipstick or a carefully-put-together outfit might very well make others assume her to be frivolous. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Cohesively Together quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#27. Disassemble the cells of a sponge (by passing them through a sieve, for instance), then dump them into a solution, and they will find their way back together and build themselves into a sponge again. You can do this to them over and over, and they will doggedly reassemble because, like you and me and every other living thing, they have one overwhelming impulse: to continue to be. - Author: Bill Bryson
Cohesively Together quotes by Bill Bryson
#28. I am a firm believer that you need a well-defined leadership role to deal with unexpected and non-linear side effects of people working together. You need someone to keep the threads untangled and forming a high-functioning web rather than a big snarl of a Gordian knot. - Author: Rands
Cohesively Together quotes by Rands
#29. He who receives Communion is made holy and Divinized in soul and body in the same way that water, set over a fire, becomes boiling ... Communion works like yeast that has been mixed into dough so that it leavens the whole mass; ... Just as by melting two candles together you get one piece of wax, so, I think, one who receives the Flesh and Blood of Jesus is fused together with Him by this Communion, and the soul finds that he is in Christ and Christ is in him - Author: Cyril Of Alexandria
Cohesively Together quotes by Cyril Of Alexandria
#30. I know I could make you sing," Harlan whispered, and it wasn't just a line. He could clearly imagine how they'd be in bed together. He could hear Georgia calling out his name in ecstasy, and it sounded like music. - Author: Kate Kisset
Cohesively Together quotes by Kate Kisset
#31. People, like us
we feel... too deeply
consumed, in shadow
this game of chance.
Together, surviving
we unending dreamers.
People... like us. - Author: Bev Flynn
Cohesively Together quotes by Bev Flynn
#32. One thing I can tell you is you have to be free. Come together, right now, over me. - Author: John Lennon
Cohesively Together quotes by John Lennon
#33. Most often, walking alone with my shadow is how I find my answer, the result of gathering together all agreeable parties. - Author: Robert Breault
Cohesively Together quotes by Robert Breault
#34. Even when your torn apart, you can still be put back together. - Author: Iman Abukamail
Cohesively Together quotes by Iman Abukamail
#35. It's odd how violence and humor so often go together, isn't it? - Author: Dan Simmons
Cohesively Together quotes by Dan Simmons
#36. The things two people do to each other they remember. If they stay together, it's not because they forget; it's because they forgive. - Author: Demi Moore
Cohesively Together quotes by Demi Moore
#37. Have you ever known someone who worried about dating a long-time friend? If you have, you've probably heard that person say something like this: "He asked me out, but I'm just afraid that if we start actually dating it will change our friendship." What is this person really saying? People who make statements like that, whether or not they realize it, recognize that dating encourages romantic expectations. In a true friendship you don't feel pressured by knowing you "like" the other [35] person or that he or she "likes" you back. You feel free to be yourself and do things together without spending three hours in front of the mirror, making sure you look perfect.

C. S. Lewis describes friendship as two people walking side by side toward a common goal. Their mutual interest brings them together. . . .

In dating, romantic attraction is often the relationship's cornerstone. The premise of dating is "I'm attracted to you; therefore, let's get to know each other." The premise of friendship, on the other hand, is "We're interested in the same things; let's enjoy these common interests together." If, after developing a friendship, romantic attraction forms, that's an added bonus. . . .

A relationship based only on physical attraction and romantic feelings will last only as long as the feelings last. - Author: Joshua Harris
Cohesively Together quotes by Joshua Harris
#38. I am of the generation of writers who can get instant feedback from readers within hours of publication. The fan forum is extraordinary - readers from all over the world coming together to discuss, argue and debate scenes and characters from a novel. They add a layer to the story that I cannot write and yes, I will participate in that conversation and answer questions. After all, they are the people I'm writing for and their enthusiasm and questions really pushes me to raise the bar. - Author: Michael Scott
Cohesively Together quotes by Michael Scott
#39. Zimbabweans are so smart and witty and able to weave together tons of situations and experiences into terminologies that are just utterly original. - Author: Danai Gurira
Cohesively Together quotes by Danai Gurira
#40. To feel safe is to stop living in my head and sink down into my heart and feel liked and accepted ... not having to hide anymore and distract myself with books, television, movies, ice cream, shallow conversation ... staying in the present moment and not escaping into the past or projecting into the future, alert and attentive to the now ... feeling relaxed and not nervous or jittery ... no need to impress or dazzle others or draw attention to myself. ... Unself-conscious, a new way of being with myself, a new way of being in the world ... calm, unafraid, no anxiety about what's going to happen next ... loved and valued ... just being together as an end in itself. - Author: Brennan Manning
Cohesively Together quotes by Brennan Manning
#41. If we have fear, we can't be completely happy. If we're still running after the object of our desire, then we still have fear. Fear goes together with craving. We want to be safe and happy, so we begin to crave a particular person or object or idea (such as wealth or fame) that we think will guarantee our well-being. We can never fully satisfy our craving, so we keep running and we stay scared. If you stop running after the object of your craving - whether it's a person, a thing, or an idea - your fear will dissipate. Having no fear, you can be peaceful. With peace in your body and mind, you aren't beset by worries, and in fact you have fewer accidents. You are free. If - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Cohesively Together quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#42. Speaking of… I gotta go. I need to be at the field." His voice rumbled through his chest and against my ear as he spoke.
I sighed and stepped out of his arms. I was sad that our couple days together were over and I would be here tonight without him. Classes started tomorrow, and I knew we were going to see a lot less of each other now that the semester was starting.
"I'll walk you out," I said and followed him to the door.
Ivy was still digging through my clothes and called out a good-bye.
"Just stay inside," he said, palming the handle. "It's cold and slippery out there. You'll be safer in here."
I grimaced. "You're probably right."
He grinned. "I'll call you later, 'kay?"
I nodded.
He released the door handle and closed the distance between us with one step. The toes of his shoes bumped against my boots and the front of his jacket brushed against me.
My stomach fluttered and my heart rate doubled. The effect he had on me was nothing short of amazing. I tipped my head back so I could look up into his eyes, and the corner of his mouth lifted. He looked at me with so much affection in his gaze that emotion caught in my throat. He didn't have to say anything because I heard everything just by looking in his eyes.
My fingers curled around the hem of his shirt and tangled in the cotton fabric, and at the same time I stretched up, he bent down.
The feel of his lips against me was my favorite sensation. Nothing compa - Author: Cambria Hebert
Cohesively Together quotes by Cambria Hebert

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