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Um, yeah. For instance, take, you know, take, for instance, the issue of -- I'm drawing a blank, and I hate it when I do that, particularly on television.
-- potential McCain VP candidate Mark Sanford, asked on CNN to name differences in economic policy between Bush and McCain ~ Mark Sanford
Cnn Premarket quotes by Mark Sanford
When I was leaving NBC News to go to CNN, people would say, 'What?! Why would you possibly leave the 'Today Show' to go to cable?' If I would've listened to people, I would've been on a great platform, but I wouldn't have grown as a journalist. So far, most of the steps in my career have been really good. ~ Soledad O'Brien
Cnn Premarket quotes by Soledad O'Brien
Last year CNN brought me on live TV to discuss a proposal to create "kid-free planes," and I explained if we were really going to start segregating passengers I'd prefer to ride in an "a-hole-free plane" because babies almost never ask you to join the Mile-High Club, or clip their toenails while in flight, or do any of a plethora of horrible things I've witnessed from others. ~ Jenny Lawson
Cnn Premarket quotes by Jenny Lawson
When a big event happens, people turn on to CNN, not only because they know there will be people there covering an event on the ground, but because they know we're going to cover it in a way that's non-partisan, that's not left or right. ~ Anderson Cooper
Cnn Premarket quotes by Anderson Cooper
We see a missile here, a bomb there - looks good on CNN. This is nonsense. This is not a strategy of a serious commander in chief. ~ Ted Cruz
Cnn Premarket quotes by Ted Cruz
If people don't know who you are, they're not going to listen to your message. And not everybody pays attention to politicians by watching Fox News and CNN. ~ Aaron Schock
Cnn Premarket quotes by Aaron Schock
On the Today show, there was a story about a new poll that had been conducted regarding religious beliefs. A majority of Americans reported that they believed in angels, and a significant number thought they were personally protected by a guardian angel. He changed the channel to CNN, where they were covering a shooting at a North Carolina high school, a subject more comfortingly normal. ~ Bentley Little
Cnn Premarket quotes by Bentley Little
New Rule: Just because a country elects a smart president doesn't make it a smart country. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked on CNN if I thought Sarah Palin could get elected president, and I said I hope not, but I wouldn't put anything past this stupid country. Well, the station was flooded with emails, and the twits hit the fan. And you could tell that these people were really mad, because they wrote entirely in CAPITAL LETTERS!!! Worst of all, Bill O'Reilly refuted my contention that this is a stupid country by calling me a pinhead, which (a) proves my point, and (b) is really funny coming from a doody-face like him.

Now, before I go about demonstration how, sadly, easy it is to prove the dumbness that's dragging us down, let me just say that ignorance has life-and-death consequences. On the eve of the Iraq War, seventy percent of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was personally involved in 9/11. Six years later, thirty-four percent still do. Or look at the health-care debate: At a recent town hall meeting in South Carolina, a man stood up and told his congressman to "keep your government hands off my Medicare," which is kind of like driving cross-country to protest highways.

This country is like a college chick after two Long Island iced teas: We can be talked into anything, like wars, and we can be talked out of anything, like health care. We should forget the town halls, and replace them with study halls.

Listen to some of these stats: ~ Bill Maher
Cnn Premarket quotes by Bill Maher
We struck an unusual deal. I'll get to leave CNN with my catalog and documentaries. We were able to create a brand at CNN - 'Black in America' - that I now own. I can take that brand and extend it in any way I want. ~ Soledad O'Brien
Cnn Premarket quotes by Soledad O'Brien
CNN's Rick Sanchez said the Jews run CNN. Ah, so that's who we blame for Rick Sanchez. ~ Conan O'Brien
Cnn Premarket quotes by Conan O'Brien
Since I arrived at CNN, it has grown into one of the largest and most trusted news organizations in the world. ~ Jim Walton
Cnn Premarket quotes by Jim Walton
And again the news offered no news: On CNN, a rerun of Larry King interviewing the widowed and the suffering. On CNN2, a rerun of Larry King interviewing a fatherless son. On CNN3, a rerun of Flight 11 flying toward the first tower, in slow motion. On CNN4, a rerun of the tower collapsing, in slow motion, and again the towers fell, again people jumped and died. On CNN5, a rerun of Larry King interviewing a motherless daughter, a daughterless father, interviewing the motherless, fatherless, wifeless, husbandless, childless, shameless
disgusted, Bill pressed POWER and beheaded King, exiled CNN, and the world went dark. They sat relieved in the silence and dark. Not much road traffic now, but somewhere in the distant overhead the honk and flap of southbound geese, instinct bound, in vees for victory. The turkey was still on the table; the sides were still out. Let all who are hungry come and eat. Let all who are tired come home. ~ Pearl Abraham
Cnn Premarket quotes by Pearl Abraham
Diplomats willing to sit for an interview usually prefer the terra firma of CNN over the whoopee cushion of Comedy Central. ~ Kevin Bleyer
Cnn Premarket quotes by Kevin Bleyer
Yesterday on CNN, Joe Biden said he hasn't made up his mind about whether he'll run for president in 2016. Which raises the question: 'Who was raising that question?' ~ Jimmy Fallon
Cnn Premarket quotes by Jimmy Fallon
I, for one, am a CNN junkie. I'm convinced it stands for Chris Needs News. ~ Chris Colfer
Cnn Premarket quotes by Chris Colfer
I don't think you can shock an audience anymore. Me cutting my head off is a great illusion, but when you turn on CNN and there's a guy really getting his head cut off, it does dilute what I did. ~ Alice Cooper
Cnn Premarket quotes by Alice Cooper
Hateful material travels the globe. A few years ago, CNN, America's Der Sturmer, ran a story about Black parents being so low down that they abandoned their children and the children had to eat rats. I was at a University in Wisconsin at the time and the mother of a student from South Africa called to see whether the story was true. She had seen it all the way over there. The story was untrue. The children lied. CNN never corrected the story. ~ Ishmael Reed
Cnn Premarket quotes by Ishmael Reed
I was up late last night yapping about the elections on CNN and up early this morning doing the same thing in my daughter's kindergarten class. ~ Tucker Carlson
Cnn Premarket quotes by Tucker Carlson
I've become very interested in the spectrum of political discourse as seen on the cable news channels that are conveniently right in a row on my cable provider's dial. I can flip from Fox to CNN to HLN to MSNBC, and I find myself at night flipping it back and forth through them, and it's something of an addiction. ~ Chris Carter
Cnn Premarket quotes by Chris Carter
CNN International, Al-Jazeera and BBC are the same in how they report mostly that America is wrong and bad. ~ Roger Ailes
Cnn Premarket quotes by Roger Ailes
Bashir paused to watch a live CNN feed ... Bashir was struck silent by the images of wailing Iraqi women carrying children's bodies out of the rubble of a bombed building.
As he studied the screen, Bashir's bullish shoulders slumped. "People like me are America's best friends in the region," Bashir said at last shaking his head ruefully, "I'm a moderate Msulim, an educated man. But watching this, even I could become a jihadi. How can Americans say they are making themselves safer?" Bashir asked, struggling not to direct his anger toward the large American target on the other side of the desk. "Your president Bush had done a wonderful job of uniting one billion Muslims against America for the next two hundred years. ~ Greg Mortenson
Cnn Premarket quotes by Greg Mortenson
CNN can still afford 36 bureaus around the world. ~ Jim Walton
Cnn Premarket quotes by Jim Walton
There are many forms of tapeworm, three of which can readily infect the brain. From a public health perspective, there's one in particular to watch out for. "It's mainly the pork tapeworm that's the main brain one," says Helena Helmby from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. ~ CNN
Cnn Premarket quotes by CNN
When I started 'CNN,' I made the decision to stay out of endorsing candidates, and let the doers make up their own minds about politics, that it wasn't going to come from me. ~ Ted Turner
Cnn Premarket quotes by Ted Turner
Well, it came from the White House, it came from people around the White House. It came from all over. I got a call on 9/11. I was on CNN, and I got a call at my home saying, 'You got to say this is connected. This is state-sponsored terrorism. This has to be connected to Saddam Hussein. ~ Wesley Clark
Cnn Premarket quotes by Wesley Clark
Days after setting off the bomb, the duo murdered a young MIT police officer during their attempted escape, and two years earlier Tamerlan and another Muslim immigrant slit the throats of three Jewish men on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack - which I believe was also the work of immigrants. CNN headline after the attack: "Boston Bombing Shouldn't Derail Immigration Reform."32 Leaving aside the wanton slaughter, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were tremendous assets to America. They were on welfare and getting mostly Fs in school. Good work, U.S. immigration service! ~ Ann Coulter
Cnn Premarket quotes by Ann Coulter
Here's the path to sobriety: Play the Ron Paul drinking game. Watch CNN and take a drink every time someone says his name. ~ Doug Stanhope
Cnn Premarket quotes by Doug Stanhope
CNN has a thing called You Choose the News. Y'know what CNN? I'm turning you on because I don't know the news. I was hoping you could help me. ~ Andy Kindler
Cnn Premarket quotes by Andy Kindler
Well, except for ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, the Washington Post, and about another 100 newspapers, I find little evidence of liberal bias in the media. ~ Rupert Murdoch
Cnn Premarket quotes by Rupert Murdoch
The Velmas of the world do not intern at CNN, hope to be accepted at Columbia J-School after graduating NYU with honors, and go on to win Pulitzer Prizes by getting bogged down in relationship drama. That's a problem for the Daphnes of the world. Daphne, you bitch, you can't even drive the damn van. ~ Rachel Cohn
Cnn Premarket quotes by Rachel Cohn
For the first time the people of Iraq are united. Today on CNN I saw a Kurd, a Shiite and a member of the Republican Guard coming together to cart off a big screen TV. ~ Jay Leno
Cnn Premarket quotes by Jay Leno
I confess to being a CNN junkie. And when I'm driving, it's all NPR all the time. ~ John Grogan
Cnn Premarket quotes by John Grogan
The interesting thing about the top 200 to 300 tweeters - a lot of them are musicians, actors, etc. LeBron James, etc. I think Lady Gaga is number one. But! They're not all celebrities. There's 'CNN Breaking News.' And the 'New York Times.' And other brands like Gary Vaynerchuk, who aren't really that known outside that world. ~ Dick Costolo
Cnn Premarket quotes by Dick Costolo
We've had 20 years of mass murders throughout which I have repeatedly told CNN and our other media, if you don't want to propagate more mass murders, don't start the story with sirens blaring. Don't have photographs of the killer. Don't make this 24/7 coverage. Do everything you can not to make the body count the lead story, not to make the killer some kind of anti-hero. Do localize the story to the affected community and make it as boring as possible in every other market. Because every time we have intense saturation coverage of a mass murder, we expect to see one or two more within a week. ~ Park Dietz
Cnn Premarket quotes by Park Dietz
NBC's a little jealous of CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer. They want to get a reporter with a macho-sounding name too, so they're changing Irving R. Levine's name to Scud Shrapnel. ~ Johnny Carson
Cnn Premarket quotes by Johnny Carson
CNN will not be showing up at a church that is simply trusting God to do extraordinary things through his ordinary means of grace delivered by ordinary servants. But God will. Week after week. These means of grace and the ordinary fellowship of the saints that nurtures and guides us throughout our life may seem frail, but they are jars that carry a rich treasure: Christ with all of his saving benefits. ~ Michael S. Horton
Cnn Premarket quotes by Michael S. Horton
Am I supposed to believe CNN? Nobody believes CNN. ~ Tom King
Cnn Premarket quotes by Tom King
My trademark at CNN was really asking insightful questions and making sure people are understanding the connections in humanity, and I think that is the core of education. ~ Soledad O'Brien
Cnn Premarket quotes by Soledad O'Brien
When there was a disaster, it used to be that people went to church and all held hands. Now the minute anything happens they run to CNN. ~ Don Hewitt
Cnn Premarket quotes by Don Hewitt
I remember back in the day when Chuck D called hip-hop the 'black people's CNN.' Well now, hip-hop is more like Fox News. It's biased, and highly suspect. ~ Saul Williams
Cnn Premarket quotes by Saul Williams
I can watch CNN on television or the Internet to find out what happened in Hong Kong ten minutes ago. After all, it doesn't matter where something is made, we're all part of the same big family now. ~ Jet Li
Cnn Premarket quotes by Jet Li
You have to have pace, you have to have high production values, you have to have interesting graphics, and you have to have attractive people. CNN could afford not to be so obedient to those commands, and for a long time, it wasn't. ~ Brit Hume
Cnn Premarket quotes by Brit Hume
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