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God a-damn me the day I chose to enter this hellish so-called marriage instead of following my Morris-loving, sweet-loving, full-blooded, hot-blooded, pumping-rumping, throbbing organ of an uncontainable, unrestrainable, undetainable man-loving heart. ~ Bernardine Evaristo
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Bernardine Evaristo
...oh, believe me, I feel that I'm the least homophobic person...

...I hate putting labels on people...

...I came up with a term, I call them 'Limbo Gay,' that's one, and I came up with another term, 'Straight Gay,' and then there's a new one I made up, I call them 'Dry Gay,' and then there's also 'Gay Gay' which is really the same as 'Really Gay'...

...but this doesn't mean I'm being homophobic, and this is something the gay community needs to be educated about...

...and a man who likes penis doesn't have to call himself gay, or bi, or confused, all he has to do is say to the woman, 'Look, I love you, but I'm a penis man, I like penis...'

...these gay men spend their entire lives lying about who they are, and so lying just becomes a way of life to them...

...these gay men are trying to live a life that isn't theirs to live, they don't belong in the straight world, they belong in the gay world...

...that doesn't make me homophobic... ~ Bonnie Kaye
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Bonnie Kaye
Even though probably the majority of homosexuals are not oriented towards young people, there is a significant number that are, especially the men ... male homosexuality has historically been not adult to adult it has been adult to teenager ~ Scott Lively
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Scott Lively
And, so, what was it that elevated Rubi from dictator's son-in-law to movie star's husband to the sort of man who might capture the hand of the world's wealthiest heiress?
Well, there was his native charm.
People who knew him, even if only casually, even if they were predisposed to be suspicious or resentful of him, came away liking him. He picked up checks; he had courtly manners; he kept the party gay and lively; he was attentive to women but made men feel at ease; he was smoothly quick to rise from his chair when introduced, to open doors, to light a lady's cigarette ("I have the fastest cigarette lighter in the house," he once boasted): the quintessential chivalrous gent of manners.
The encomia, if bland, were universal. "He's a very nice guy," swore gossip columnist Earl Wilson, who stayed with Rubi in Paris. ""I'm fond of him," said John Perona, owner of New York's El Morocco. "Rubi's got a nice personality and is completely masculine," attested a New York clubgoer. "He has a lot of men friends, which, I suppose, is unusual. Aly Khan, for instance, has few male friends. But everyone I know thinks Rubi is a good guy." "He is one of the nicest guys I know," declared that famed chum of famed playboys Peter Lawford. "A really charming man- witty, fun to be with, and a he-man."
There were a few tricks to his trade. A society photographer judged him with a professional eye thus: "He can meet you for a minute and a month later remember you very well." An ~ Shawn Levy
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Shawn Levy
I strongly believe that marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman. I am troubled by activist judges who are defining marriage. I have watched carefully what's happened in San Francisco, where licenses were being issued even though the law states otherwise. I have consistently stated that if-I'll support law to protect marriage between a man and a woman. And obviously these events are influencing my decision. ~ George W. Bush
Closeted Gay Men quotes by George W. Bush
It would seem probable that the attachment of such a one is of a tender and profound character; indeed, it is possible that in this class of men we have the love sentiment in one of its most perfect forms - a form in which from the necessities of the situation the sensuous element, though present, is exquisitely subordinated to the spiritual. ~ Edward Carpenter
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Edward Carpenter
Gay men are perfect men for girls who are tough. They're not threatened by strong women, and they're usually very in touch with their feelings and pay attention to details. I've always had an affinity with gay men. ~ Madonna Ciccone
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Madonna Ciccone
Since God is silent, man is his own master; he must live in a disenchanted world, submit everything to criticism, and make his own way. ~ Peter Gay
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Peter Gay
And being an "equal opportunity offender" - as in, "It's okay, because Daniel Tosh makes fun of ALL people: women, men, AIDS victims, dead babies, gay guys, blah blah blah" - falls apart when you remember (as so many of us are forced to all the time) that all people are not in equal positions of power. "Oh, don't worry - I punch everyone in the face! People, baby ducks, a lion, this Easter Island statue, the ocean…" Okay, well that baby duck is dead now. ~ Lindy West
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Lindy West
Why shouldn't gay people be allowed to be able to marry? Those against gay marriages say marriage should only be between a man and a woman. God, I of all people know that doesn't always work! ~ Elizabeth Taylor
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
I look to an out gay man or woman as pretty much what I would aspire to. The strength that it takes to do that and the floodgates that open and what they pay for it. ~ Ben Folds
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Ben Folds
My entire state of being's changed because I'v become my sexuality: female, straight, wanting to love men, be fucked. Is there a way of living with this like a gay person, proudly? (p. 186) ~ Chris Kraus
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Chris Kraus
When straight-identified women have sex with women, the broader culture waits in anticipation for them to return to what is likely their natural, heterosexual state; when straight-identified men have sex with men, the culture waits in anticipation for them to admit that they are gay. ~ Jane Ward
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Jane Ward
I often refer to myself as a gay man and all my friends are gay and I would like nothing more than for them to be able to be married. ~ Tori Spelling
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Tori Spelling
You are doomed to a life that will repeat itself again and again, as do all lives - for lives are static things, readings of already written papers - but whereas some men are fortunate to repeat a good pattern, others have the opposite luck - and you can surely see by now that your life is doomed to this same humiliation, endlessly repeated. ~ Andrew Holleran
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Andrew Holleran
How deep congenital sex-inversion roots may be gathered from the fact that the pleasure-dream of the male Urning has to do with male persons, and of the female with females. ~ Richard Von Krafft-Ebing
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Richard Von Krafft-Ebing
Most of my friends in New York are single women or gay men. ~ Sarah Jessica Parker
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
What happened to all those leading men of the great bacchanalia? They either died of AIDS or accepted roles as supporting actors in the middlebrow drama series of hetero culture-you know, if they're to kiss, we must have sunsets in the background. Once they were proud to explore every crevice of life in the margins, now their ambition is just to get along. Color me unimpressed. ~ Rabih Alameddine
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Rabih Alameddine
Im not gay, but the man in my bed last night was. ~ Tom DeLonge
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Tom DeLonge
Black and Third World people are expected to educate white people as to our humanity. Women are expected to educate men. Lesbians and gay men are expected to educate the heterosexual world. The oppressors maintain their position and evade their responsibility for their own actions. There is a constant drain of energy which might be better used in redefining ourselves and devising realistic scenarios for altering the present and constructing the future. ~ Audre Lorde
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Audre Lorde
It's in the Bible. God created it. He did not create gay marriage. He created man and woman marriage
duh! ~ Victoria Jackson
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Victoria Jackson
Hoshino found Oshima an appealing young man. Intelligent, well groomed, obviously from a good family. And quite kind. He's got to be gay, right? Not that Hoshino cared. To each his own, was his thinking. Some men talk with stones, and some men sleep with other men. ~ Haruki Murakami
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Haruki Murakami
I've always thought that if little straight boys were taught that the one surefire, telltale sign of repressed homosexuality was the beating and killing of gay men - and the truth is lurking around that idea somewhere - then gay-bashing would shrivel away within a generation. ~ Wesley Gibson
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Wesley Gibson
So how about you?" she asked. "Why did you and your" - she broke out the air quotes again - "'life partner' decide to move to Clam Bay?"

"Not really a good reason for it, I guess. Just bad judgment on... Wait. What did you call us?"

"Oh, I'm sorry." She blushed. "Was that the wrong term? I didn't mean to offend."

"You think... Uh, we're not gay."

She laughed. "Oh, it's all right. Nobody here cared about something like that. We're pretty tolerant of alternative lifestyles."

"We're not gay," he said with a little more force than intended. "We're just friends."

"Are you married?"



"Not at the moment."

"Confirmed bachelors?" She raised an eyebrow/

"Not confirmed," he replied.

"So two single guys from the big city move to our little town and open a bed-and-breakfast. But you're not gay."

"We're just friends," he said.

"Right. Because straight men open bed-and-breakfasts all the time."

"These straight men did."

"Straight men names Philip and Vance."

He wanted to argue, but he was suddenly beginning to question it himself. ~ A. Lee Martinez
Closeted Gay Men quotes by A. Lee Martinez
There once was a man name Barack,
Whose re-election came as a shock.
He raised the taxes I pay,
And then turned marriage gay.
And now he's coming after your glock. ~ Stephen Colbert
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Stephen Colbert
I think when young kids can see Jason Collins, myself and Michael Sam, and Abby Wambach and Megan Rapinoe and different athletes come out, it will definitely change and encourage younger gay men and women to play the sport. ~ Robbie Rogers
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Robbie Rogers
Milly is not, in fact, ugly, but she might as well be. She has a pretty face, which is the same thing as ugly when a woman is fat. In the complex calculus between men and women, Milly understands that fat is always ugly and that ugly and skinny makes a woman eminently more desirable than fat and any combination such as beautiful, charming, intelligent, or kind. Milly is all those things. She knows it doesn't matter. ~ Roxane Gay
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Roxane Gay
Let's be grateful to all those who came in before us. Grateful to all those men and women, young and old alike, who paved the path forward for us, brick by brick. To those men and women who marched across the bridge in Selma on that great day, those men and women who rallied behind the Gandhis and the Mandelas every single time they were needed, to those men and women who stood up for voting rights and civil rights and gay rights and equality and justice and a free world, those men and women who invented the future by inventing things that fundamentally changed the world from the electricity to vaccinations, from airplanes to birth control pills, from the printing press to the internet. ~ Sharad Vivek Sagar
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Sharad Vivek Sagar
Apparently some of the guys in gay-for-pay really were straight. ~ Amy Lane
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Amy Lane
Now he had chanced on one of he standard hard-on sessions of the shower, as on both sides of him and across the room three queens sported horizontal members which they turned around from time to time to conceal or display, barely exchanging looks as they resolved. The old men took no interest in this activity, knowing perhaps from long experience that it rarely meant anything or led anywhere, was a brief and helpless surrender to the forcing-house of the shower. In a few seconds the hard-on might pass from one end of the room to the other with the foolish perfection of a Busby Berkeley routine. ~ Alan Hollinghurst
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Alan Hollinghurst
Today, the ideal male is the gay man and the ideal female is the worker female, the woman who can work in a coal mine just like all the other men. ~ Camille Paglia
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Camille Paglia
He caught Ben's come in the napkin, the smell making his mouth water harder than any chile sauce could. ~ B.A. Tortuga
Closeted Gay Men quotes by B.A. Tortuga
It seems to me that the real clue to your sexual orientation lies in your romantic feelings rather than your sexual feelings. If you are really gay, you are able to fall in love with a man, not just enjoy sex with him. ~ Christopher Isherwood
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Christopher Isherwood
I despise stereotypes. A gay man can be a macho athlete, or he can be an interior designer or any career in between. ~ Lori Foster
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Lori Foster
I'm really disturbed about the gay marriage thing. Because I think gay people should get married, cause it's their own business ... Because as a Black man, I think you've got to be against any form of discrimination. ~ Charles Barkley
Closeted Gay Men quotes by Charles Barkley
A man is always afraid of a woman that loves him too much ~ John Gay
Closeted Gay Men quotes by John Gay
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