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Because of the nature of Moore's law, anything that an extremely clever graphics programmer can do at one point can be replicated by a merely competent programmer some number of years later. ~ John Carmack
Clever Cricket quotes by John Carmack
Over his shoulder, she saw Skulduggery walk in. "Oh, hell," she muttered.
Wreath's smile reappeared. "It's Skulduggery, isn't it?"
Over his shoulder, she saw Skulduggery walk in. "Oh , hell," she muttered.
Wreath's smile reappeared. "It's Skulduggery, isn't it?"
"Please don't annoy him."
"Me? When have I EVER annoyed the great Skulduggery Pleasant?"
Skulduggery arrived at their table. Wreath smile up at him. "Hello."
"I will shoot you in the eye," Skulduggery said.
Wreath glanced at Valkyrie. "I think I've annoyed him. ~ Derek Landy
Clever Cricket quotes by Derek Landy
Most people, however clever, however controlled, never hid it completely. There were chinks, clues, habits. At some point, the real person showed through the facade. ~ J.D. Robb
Clever Cricket quotes by J.D. Robb
Men don't like clever wives, they like charming ones! ~ Kathleen Tessaro
Clever Cricket quotes by Kathleen Tessaro
I divide my officers into four classes; the clever, the lazy, the industrious, and the stupid. Each officer possesses at least two of these qualities. Those who are clever and industrious are fitted for the highest staff appointments. Use can be made of those who are stupid and lazy. The man who is clever and lazy however is for the very highest command; he has the temperament and nerves to deal with all situations. But whoever is stupid and industrious is a menace and must be removed immediately! ~ Kurt Von Hammerstein-Equord
Clever Cricket quotes by Kurt Von Hammerstein-Equord
We love the plays, the great characters, the fabulous speeches, the witty repartee even in times of duress. I hope never to be mortally stabbed, but if I am, I'd sure like to have the self-possession, when asked if it's bad, to answer, "No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door; but 'tis enough, 'twill serve," as Mercutio does in Romeo and Juliet. I mean, to be dying and clever at the same time, how can you not love that? ~ Thomas C. Foster
Clever Cricket quotes by Thomas C. Foster
He walked into the house, smelling baked cookies. Now if that didn't make a house a home, nothing would. "Mmm!" he said loudly to announce his presence. "Something smells good!"

Cricket poked her head out of the kitchen. "Come poach a cookie or two."

"Yes, ma'am." He strolled into the kitchen and was pleased to see Suzy dressed in a pretty pink apron with red hearts on it. "Hello, Priscilla," he said. "Hi, Suzy. ~ Tina Leonard
Clever Cricket quotes by Tina Leonard
She was only the faint violet whiff and dead leaf echo of the nymphet I had rolled myself upon with such cries in the past; an echo on the brink of a russet ravine, with a far wood under a white sky, and brown leaves choking the brook, and one last cricket in the crisp weeds. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Clever Cricket quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
And now the tiresome chirping of a cricket that no human ingenuity could locate, began. Next the ghastly ticking of a death-watch in the wall at the bed's head made Tom shudder - it meant that somebody's days were numbered. ~ Mark Twain
Clever Cricket quotes by Mark Twain
Christianity is not a matter of persuading people of particular ideas, but of inviting them to share in the greatness of Christ. So pray that I may never fall into the trap of impressing people with clever speech, but instead I may learn to speak with humility, desiring only to impress people with Christ himself. ~ Ignatius Of Antioch
Clever Cricket quotes by Ignatius Of Antioch
Cricket? Nobody understands cricket! You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket! ~ Raphael
Clever Cricket quotes by Raphael
Both sides have been playing tremendous cricket over a couple of years and they're both very good units. ~ Matthew Hayden
Clever Cricket quotes by Matthew Hayden
Clever talk is absolutely worthless. All you do in the process is lose yourself. And to lose yourself is a sin. One has to be able to crawl completely inside oneself, like a tortoise. ~ Hermann Hesse
Clever Cricket quotes by Hermann Hesse
Half the American population no longer reads newspapers: plainly, they are the clever half. ~ Gore Vidal
Clever Cricket quotes by Gore Vidal
Though you may have known clever men who were indolent, you never knew a great man who was so; and when I hear a young man spoken of as giving promise of great genius, the first question I ask about him always is, Does he work? ~ John Ruskin
Clever Cricket quotes by John Ruskin
Respect Dhoni's decision to quit. We should respect his incredible contribution to Indian cricket. Can't measure in words. Probably his quitting came one Test early. ~ Sunil Gavaskar
Clever Cricket quotes by Sunil Gavaskar
The gods made the earth for all men t' share. Only when the kings come with their crowns and steel swords, they claimed it was all theirs. "My trees," they said, "you can't eat them apples. My stream, you can't fish here. My wood, you're not t' hunt. My earth, my water, my castle, my daughter, keep your hands away or I'll chop 'em off, but maybe if you kneel t' me I'll let you have a sniff." You call us thieves, but at least a thief has t' be brave and clever and quick. A kneeler only has t' kneel. ~ George R R Martin
Clever Cricket quotes by George R R Martin
There are so many charlatans in the world of education. They teach for a couple of years, come up with a few clever slogans, build their websites, and hit the lecture circuit. In this fast-food-society, simple solutions to complex problems are embraced far too often. We can do better. I hope that people who read this book realize that true excellence takes sacrifice, mistakes, and enormous amounts of effort. After all, there are no shortcuts. ~ Rafe Esquith
Clever Cricket quotes by Rafe Esquith
No cricket should be played for at least a month anywhere in the world after a World Cup. ~ Kapil Dev
Clever Cricket quotes by Kapil Dev
Here is a good reply of a clever horse to the man who tries to ride and control it: Throwing him into the air ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Clever Cricket quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
There is something the child sees that he does not see; something the child hears that he does not hear; and this something is the most important thing of all. Because he does not understand it, his understanding is more childish than the child's and more simple than simplicity itself; in spite of the many clever wrinkles on his parchment face, and the masterly play of his fingers in unravelling the knots. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Clever Cricket quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
My valor is certainly going, it is sneaking off! I feel it oozing out as it were, at the palms of my hands! ~ Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Clever Cricket quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Between a stupid fascist and an intelligent fascist, prefer the intelligent one, because there is always a chance to persuade the clever one about the mistakes of his actions! There is no such a chance for stupid and ignorant fascist! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Clever Cricket quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Why is abbreviation such a long word? ~ Teresa Monachino
Clever Cricket quotes by Teresa Monachino
The clever people likes foolish because they knows how to take advantage of their foolishness. ~ Sammy Toora
Clever Cricket quotes by Sammy Toora
You shall see them on a beautiful quarto page where a neat rivulet of text shall meander through a meadow of margin. ~ Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Clever Cricket quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
We liked to be known as the clever girls. When we decorated our hands with henna for holidays and weddings, we drew calculus and chemical formulae instead of flowers and butterflies. ~ Malala Yousafzai
Clever Cricket quotes by Malala Yousafzai
She was proud, was Rosemary. And stubborn and outspoken and bold and witty and clever, and she looked at things in a way no one else did. He needed her to stay. He needed to hear her opinions, her exasperations. He needed her to point out where his thinking wasn't deep enough, the things he'd forgotten to question . . . He needed her. ~ Roseanna M. White
Clever Cricket quotes by Roseanna M. White
My caddy today was a Scot and he told me that he was cheering for Australia, which I thought was a bit harsh. But generally I've been amazed at how many people have come up to me here in Scotland and said: 'I've never really watched cricket before, but I was hooked all summer.' It's great. ~ Andrew Strauss
Clever Cricket quotes by Andrew Strauss
At least once a week, if not once a day, we might each ponder what cosmic truths lie undiscovered before us, perhaps awaiting the arrival of a clever thinker, an ingenious experiment, or an innovative space mission to reveal them. We might further ponder how those discoveries may one day transform life on Earth.
Absent such curiosity, we are no different from the provincial farmer who expresses no need to venture beyond the county line, because his forty acres meet all his needs. Yet if all our predecessors had felt that way, the farmer would instead be a cave dweller, chasing down his dinner with a stick and a rock. ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Clever Cricket quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
where data are sparse, competing ideas abound that are clever and wishful. ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Clever Cricket quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
It is better to play than do nothing. ~ Confucius
Clever Cricket quotes by Confucius
Michael Lewis, the author of Moneyball, wrote in the New York Times in February 2009, The virus that infected professional baseball in the 1990s, the use of statistics to find new and better ways to value players and strategies, has found its way into every major sport. Not just basketball and football, but also soccer and cricket and rugby and, for all I know, snooker and darts - ~ Anonymous
Clever Cricket quotes by Anonymous
Greedy people only care about being greedy; clever people only care about being clever. ~ Marty Rubin
Clever Cricket quotes by Marty Rubin
I would proclaim that the vast majority of what [say, Scientific American] is true-yet my ability to defend such a claim is weaker than I would like. And most likely the readers, authors, and editors of that magazine would be equally hard pressed to come up with cogent, non-technical arguments convincing a skeptic of this point, especially if pitted against a clever lawyer arguing the contrary. How come Truth is such a slippery beast? ~ Douglas Hofstadter
Clever Cricket quotes by Douglas Hofstadter
Getting a Lady is easy, but keeping a Lady is clever. ~ Pontius Joseph
Clever Cricket quotes by Pontius Joseph
Tell me, how is Lucius Malfoy these days? I expect he's delighted his lapdog's working at Hogwarts, isn't he?"
"Speaking of dogs," said Snape softly, "did you know that Lucius Malfoy recognized you last time you risked a little jaunt outside? Clever idea, Black, getting yourself seen on a safe station platform. Gave you a cast-iron excuse not to leave your hidey-hole in future, didn't it? ~ J.K. Rowling
Clever Cricket quotes by J.K. Rowling
Where do we get the notion that our idea of success and God's are the same? You have written a book; you are a clever manager and promoter; you are a talented artist; you are independently wealthy; you have achieved fame and fortune. Without the gifts of intelligence, imagination, personality, and physical energy - which are all endowed by God - where would you be? ~ Billy Graham
Clever Cricket quotes by Billy Graham
Good God, Enrique was writing poetry to her? Yes, and why hadn't he thought of poetry? Besides the obvious reason of his absence of talent in that direction. He wondered if she'd like to read a really clever combat-drop mission plan, instead. Sonnets, damn. All he'd ever come up with in that line were limericks. He ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
Clever Cricket quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
I was playing cricket first and my cricket coach was the one that introduced me to track and field. ~ Usain Bolt
Clever Cricket quotes by Usain Bolt
I thought about cricket a lot. I needed to get out of this bubble of mine. I found it in books and conversations with other people about other things. I was a curious person, and this was my release. I like being challenged intellectually. I hated at the end of the day to talk cricket to someone else. ~ Rahul Dravid
Clever Cricket quotes by Rahul Dravid
Because it is a monopoly, government brings inefficiency and stagnation to most things it runs; government agencies pursue the inflation of their budgets rather than the service of their customers; pressure groups form an unholy alliance with agencies to extract more money from taxpayers for their members. Yet despite all this, most clever people still call for government to run more things and assume that if it did so, it would somehow be more perfect, more selfless, next time. ~ Matt Ridley
Clever Cricket quotes by Matt Ridley
Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; and had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her. ~ Jane Austen
Clever Cricket quotes by Jane Austen
He can see what move I'm planning to make in chess and counters before I can do it. He always knows who the killer is in a detective story. I think he could make a career out of detecting, but he wants to write plays for theater. Maybe he could be a Shakespeare instead of a Sherlock. He could be anything. Anything he wants to be. ~ Sangu Mandanna
Clever Cricket quotes by Sangu Mandanna
Those who have abandoned themselves to God always lead mysterious lives and receive from him exceptional and miraculous gifts by means of the most ordinary, natural and chance experiences in which there appears to be nothing unusual. The simplest sermon, the most banal conversations, the least erudite books become a source of knowledges and wisdom to these souls by virtue of God's purpose. This is why they carefully pick up the crumbs which clever minds tread underfoot, for to them everything is precious and a source of enrichment. ~ Jean-Pierre De Caussade
Clever Cricket quotes by Jean-Pierre De Caussade
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