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#1. She wondered if you could love someone too much. If you could it wasn't fair. People didn't have a chance. Love was all you had in the end. It was like sleep, like clean water. When you fell off the world there was still love because love made the world. That's what she believed. That's how it was. - Author: Tim Winton
Clean Water quotes by Tim Winton
#2. Grace is goodness and respect given freely and unconditionally. A sense of divine love and protection bestowed on us when we need strength and renewal. Grace helps us know we are not alone and believe we are cared for and cherished. Grace is a drink of clear, clean water in the desert. - Author: Sue Thoele
Clean Water quotes by Sue Thoele
#3. We walked into my mother's house at 10:30 in the morning at the end of February 1992. I had been gone for three weeks. She had been so desperate about us - she, too, looked thin and haggard. She was stunned to see me walk in, filthy and crawling with lice, with a huge crowd of starving people.
We ate and drank clean water; then, before we even washed, I put Marian in a taxi with me and told the driver to go to Nairobi Hospital. We had no money left and I knew Nairobi Hospital was expensive; it was where I had been operated on when the ma'alim broke my skull. But I also knew that there they would help us first and ask to pay later. Saving the baby's life had become the only thing that mattered to me.
At the reception desk I announced, "This baby is going to die," and the nurse's eyes went wide with horror. She took him and put a drip in his arm, and very slowly, this tiny shape seemed to uncrumple slightly. After a little while, his eyes opened.
The nurse said, "The child will live," and told us to deal with the bill at the cash desk. I asked her who her director was, and found him, and told this middle-aged Indian doctor the whole story. I said I couldn't pay the bill. He took it and tore it up. He said it didn't matter. Then he told me how to look after the baby, and where to get rehydration salts, and we took a taxi home.
Ma paid for the taxi and looked at me, her eyes round with respect. "Well done," she said. It was a rare compliment.
In the next - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Clean Water quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#4. It's a funny thing about the modern world. You hear girls in the toilets of clubs saying, "Yeah, he fucked off and left me. He didn't love me. He just couldn't deal with love. He was too fucked up to know how to love me." Now, how did that happen? What was it about this unlovable century that convinced us we were, despite everything, eminently lovable as a people, as a species? What made us think that anyone who fails to love us is damaged, lacking, malfunctioning in some way? And particularly if they replace us with a god, or a weeping madonna, or the face of Christ in a ciabatta roll
then we call them crazy. Deluded. Regressive. We are so convinced of the goodness of ourselves, and the goodness of our love, we cannot bear to believe that there might be something more worthy of love than us, more worthy of worship. Greeting cards routinely tell us everybody deserves love. No. Everybody deserves clean water. Not everybody deserves love all the time. - Author: Zadie Smith
Clean Water quotes by Zadie Smith
#5. I'd worked on leprosy and malaria in India [at the World Bank] and asked myself the question: Why do we let 2 million children die every year around the world for not having clean water? Because they're faceless and nameless. So, for me, Facebook looked like it was going to solve the problem of the invisible victim. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Clean Water quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#6. The Safe Drinking Water Act, the safety provisions of the Clean Water Acts, the Clean Air Act, the Superfund Law - the gas industry is exempt from all these basic environmental and worker protections. They don't have to disclose the chemicals they use. They don't have to play by the same rules as anybody else. - Author: Josh Fox
Clean Water quotes by Josh Fox
#7. All over the world, we're seeing access to food, clean water, education and healthcare improve; as a result, global innovation is rising as well. - Author: Peter Diamandis
Clean Water quotes by Peter Diamandis
#8. Clean water is only as far away as the nearest tap, and there are taps everywhere. There's a faucet everywhere. But the reality is, the water in our toilets is cleaner than the water that most people are drinking. - Author: Matt Damon
Clean Water quotes by Matt Damon
#9. In 1995, world military spending totaled nearly $800 billion. If we redirected just $40 billion of those resources over the next 10 years to fighting poverty, all of the world's population would enjoy basic social services, such as education, health care, nutrition, reproductive health, clean water and sanitation. - Author: Oscar Arias
Clean Water quotes by Oscar Arias
#10. Clean water and power is our right as humans on this earth, and for too long, our governments in Africa have failed to provide these things. - Author: William Kamkwamba
Clean Water quotes by William Kamkwamba
#11. Everyone is trying to jump on the biomimic bandwagon. But a cork floor is not biomimicry. Neither is using bacteria to clean water. - Author: Janine Benyus
Clean Water quotes by Janine Benyus
#12. It is my mission to change the world. I'm not kidding: Make no small plans, dream mighty things. I feel if we get enough people engaged in climate change, we will get enough people to change the world. We will revolutionize the way we produce electricity and provide clean water to people. - Author: Bill Nye
Clean Water quotes by Bill Nye
#13. There are some things in the world we can't change- gravity, entropy, the speed of light, and our biological nature that requires clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean energy and biodiversity for our health and well-being. Protecting the biosphere should be our highest priority or else we sicken and die. Other things, like capitalism, free enterprise, the economy, currency, the market, are not forces of nature, we invented them. They are not immutable and we can change them. It makes no sense to elevate economics above the biosphere. - Author: David Suzuki
Clean Water quotes by David Suzuki
#14. I have always felt that the great lottery of life is unfair. The fact is that I was thrown up on the stage of life called Australia. You don't choose where you are thrown on to this stage. So universal health, universal education, of course plenty of food and clean water. - Author: Tim Costello
Clean Water quotes by Tim Costello
#15. The Fishable Waters Act shares the same intent of the Clean Water Act by proposing to fulfill goals that have not yet been met to restore and maintain the biological integrity of the nation's waters. The intent of the bill is to enhance the Clean Water Act instead of undercutting it. - Author: Stephen Moyer
Clean Water quotes by Stephen Moyer
#16. Turbulence: This is what pilots announce that you have encountered when your plane strikes an object in midair. You'll be flying along, and there will be an enormous, shuddering WHUMP, and clearly the plane has rammed into an airborne object at least the size of a water buffalo, and the pilot will say, "Folks, we're encountering a little turbulence." Meanwhile they are up there in the cockpit trying desperately to clean water buffalo organs off the windshield. - Author: Dave Barry
Clean Water quotes by Dave Barry
#17. My mom and my dad taught me the greatest gifts we have are our family, our health and the right to clean water and good land. - Author: Erin Brockovich
Clean Water quotes by Erin Brockovich
Clean Water quotes by Jay Kristoff
#19. Keller had a professor in college who said that civilization was a matter of plumbing. That basically, the infrastructure for moving clean water in and filthy water out is what allowed people to congregate in large populations in permanent dwellings and create cities and cultures. Otherwise, people had to be nomads to literally escape their own shit. - Author: Don Winslow
Clean Water quotes by Don Winslow
#20. There's no doubt in my mind, though, that the Iraqi people would be better off with a different leader who did not waste their oil on weapons, as opposed to education, as opposed to healthcare, as opposed to food, as opposed to roads, as opposed to clean water. It is really sinful, a crime, what Saddam Hussein has done with the wealth of the Iraqi people over the last 30 years. - Author: Colin Powell
Clean Water quotes by Colin Powell
#21. For years and years, even during the time of my first visit in 1962, it has been said that Calcutta was dying, that its port was silting up, its antiquated industry declining, but Calcutta hadn't died. It hadn't done much, but it had gone on; and it had begun to appear that the prophecy has been excessive. Now it occurred to me that perhaps this was what happened when cities died. They don't die with a bang; they didn't die only when they were abandoned. Perhaps, they died like this: when everybody was suffering, when transport was so hard that working people gave up jobs they needed because the fear the suffering of the travel; When no one had clean water or air; No one could go walking. Perhaps city died when they lost amenities that cities provided, the visual excitement, the heightened sense of human possibility, and became simply places where there were too many people, and people suffered. - Author: V.S. Naipaul
Clean Water quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#22. Republicans are for clean water, clean air, and clean energy. We are not for taxing people out of their house, home and business to pay for it. And that is the fundamental difference between the Democrats and Republicans on this issue. - Author: Marsha Blackburn
Clean Water quotes by Marsha Blackburn
#23. Having lived in the arid deserts of Southern California since the 1970s, my interest in water conservation is a very personal concern. Water! The source of life! Some people are squandering the world's most precious resource while others have too little clean water to drink. - Author: Eric Burdon
Clean Water quotes by Eric Burdon
#24. Reconciliation means that those who have been on the underside of history must see that there is a qualitative difference between repression and freedom. And for them, freedom translates into having a supply of clean water, having electricity on tap; being able to live in a decent home and have a good job; to be able to send your children to school and to have accessible health care. I mean, what's the point of having made this transition if the quality of life of these people is not enhanced and improved? If not, the vote is useless.'
-archbishop Desmond Tutu, chair of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Committee, 2001 - Author: Naomi Klein
Clean Water quotes by Naomi Klein
#25. Freedom translates into having a supply of clean water, having electricity on tap; being able to live in a decent home and have a good job; to be able to send your children to school and to have accessible healthcare. I mean what's the point of having made this transition if the quality of life ... is not enhanced and improved? If not, the vote is useless. - Author: Desmond Tutu
Clean Water quotes by Desmond Tutu
#26. The EarthEcho World Water Monitoring Challenge is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere to make the first step in taking action for clean water and healthy waterways worldwide. - Author: Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
Clean Water quotes by Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
#27. I admire the Stanley Cup. I'll bet winning it could provide enough clean water for half of Africa (the middle half). - Author: Jarod Kintz
Clean Water quotes by Jarod Kintz
#28. I touched my scalp where Sula had wrapped the cloth. It still burned, but it made me feel important. I'd been wounded in combat. Anyone could break a leg or dislocate a sholder, but how many people get shot? I could tell by the way Will was looking at me that he was impressed too and not a little bit jealous. I would have quickly traded the head wound, however, for a glass of clean water. - Author: Cameron Stracher
Clean Water quotes by Cameron Stracher
#29. Self-centeredness will bring on the destruction of our world. National pride separates people. All people need the same thing. When you really get down to it, you'll find that all people need good food, clean water, clean air, and a decent environment, meaning education as to how to relate to one another and to avoid conflict, how to accept the differences where different people draw different conclusions. - Author: Jacque Fresco
Clean Water quotes by Jacque Fresco
#30. The pure, clean water of spiritual truth is placed in rusty containers, and the subsequent failings of the church down through the centuries should not be projected onto the faith itself, as if the water had been the problem. - Author: Francis S. Collins
Clean Water quotes by Francis S. Collins
#31. She did not need much, wanted very little. A kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cosy bed, and to love and be loved in return. - Author: Starra Neely Blade
Clean Water quotes by Starra Neely Blade
#32. At the end of the day, no amount of investing, no amount of clean electrons, no amount of energy efficiency will save the natural world if we are not paying attention to it - if we are not paying attention to all the things that nature give us for free: clean air, clean water, breathtaking vistas, mountains for skiing, rivers for fishing, oceans for sailing, sunsets for poets, and landscapes for painters. What good is it to have wind-powered lights to brighten the night if you can't see anything green during the day? Just because we can't sell shares in nature doesn't mean it has no value. - Author: Thomas L. Friedman
Clean Water quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#33. A little bit of suspicion is a dangerous thing; a drop from a pipette of poison into a bucket of otherwise clean water. - Author: Bella Pollen
Clean Water quotes by Bella Pollen
#34. I have no way of knowing whether you, who eventually will read this record, like stories or not. If you do not, no doubt you have turned these pages without attention. I confess that I love them. Indeed, it often seems to me that of all the good things in the world, the only ones humanity can claim for itself are stories and music; the rest, mercy, beauty, sleep, clean water and hot food (as the Ascian would have said) are all the work of the Increate. Thus, stories are small things indeed in the scheme of the universe, but it is hard not to love best what is our own - hard for me, at least. - Author: Gene Wolfe
Clean Water quotes by Gene Wolfe
#35. My hope, for all future generations, is that they will have (in addition to sunshine, fresh air, clean water, and fertile soil) a somewhat slower pace of life, with plenty of time to pause, in quiet places . . . haunted places - everyday, accessible places, open to the public - places that are not too radically transformed over time - places susceptible of cultivation, where people can express their caring, and nature can respond - places with tough, gnarled roots and tangled stalks, with digging mammals and noisy birds - places of common remembrance and hopeful guidance - places of unexpected encounters - places that breed solidarity across difference - places where children can walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before - places that are perpetually up for adoption - places that have been humanized but not conquered or commodified - places that foster a kind of connectedness both mournful and celebratory. - Author: Aaron Sachs
Clean Water quotes by Aaron Sachs
#36. UNICEF is helping mothers realize their dreams for the future - a future in which the basic needs for a child's survival: food, clean water and simple health care - are guaranteed. - Author: Jane Curtin
Clean Water quotes by Jane Curtin
#37. All communities have a right to clean water. The taxpayers of Pueblo should not have to carry the burden of the clean up cost simply because they live downstream. - Author: John Salazar
Clean Water quotes by John Salazar
#38. Get some perspective. A lot of things that may aggravate you only do so because you have the luxury of not wrestling with bigger issues. Today, be thankful for everything you have: being alive, your friends and family, your health, a roof over your head, something to eat, clean water to drink, indoor plumbing, heating, air conditioning, clothes, shoes, a job, and freedoms. Many, many people have it worse. - Author: Dinah Sanders
Clean Water quotes by Dinah Sanders
#39. The United States spends over $87 billion conducting a war in Iraq while the United Nations estimates that for less than half that amount we could provide clean water, adequate diets, sanitations services and basic education to every person on the planet. And we wonder why terrorists attack us. - Author: John Perkins
Clean Water quotes by John Perkins
#40. Almost half the world - over three billion people - live on less than $2.50 a day. 1.1 billion people have inadequate access to clean water and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation. Let those facts sink in for just a moment ... and slowly allow gratitude and a desire to become part of the solution find a place in your heart. - Author: Joshua Becker
Clean Water quotes by Joshua Becker
#41. Can we afford clean water? Can we afford rivers and lakes and streams and oceans which continue to make possible life on this planet? Can we afford life itself? Those questions were never asked as we destroyed the waters of our nation, and they deserve no answers as we finally move to restore and renew them. These questions answer themselves. - Author: Edmund Muskie
Clean Water quotes by Edmund Muskie
#42. Calmness has the power to leave dirty water as clean water on top of dirt. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Clean Water quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#43. Why worry about minor little details like clean air, clean water, safe ports and the safety net when Jesus is going to give the world an "Extreme Makeover: Planet Edition" right after he finishes putting Satan in his place once and for all? - Author: Arianna Huffington
Clean Water quotes by Arianna Huffington
#44. With a small fraction of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the Iraq war, the US and Australia could ensure every starving, sunken-eyed child on the planet could be well fed, have clean water and sanitation and a local school to go to. - Author: Bob Brown
Clean Water quotes by Bob Brown
#45. Three things to help keep your brain cells awake and alert ... drink plenty of clean water, get plenty of deep sleep, and let your imagination soar to places it's never dared venture. - Author: Toni Sorenson
Clean Water quotes by Toni Sorenson
#46. My dad almost died as a child from water-borne diseases in Ethiopia, and he had talked to me about digging a well in Ethiopia and I thought, I have too many friends and great people in my life that would be concerned with this subject of clean water. - Author: Kenna
Clean Water quotes by Kenna
#47. I think people really understand that clean air and clean water and not having factories dumping their emissions into the atmosphere and into the rivers and into the sea has been a very good thing for America. EPA stands watch for very important principles that go all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt. - Author: Sheldon Whitehouse
Clean Water quotes by Sheldon Whitehouse
#48. With deregulation, privatisation, free trade, what we're seeing is yet another enclosure and, if you like, private taking of the commons. One of the things I find very interesting in our current debates is this concept of who creates wealth. That wealth is only created when it's owned privately. What would you call clean water, fresh air, a safe environment? Are they not a form of wealth? And why does it only become wealth when some entity puts a fence around it and declares it private property? Well, you know, that's not wealth creation. That's wealth usurpation. - Author: Elaine Bernard
Clean Water quotes by Elaine Bernard
#49. Ranchers need clean water for their stock, farmers need it for their crops, every employer needs it to stay in business, and every living thing needs it for life ... The law needs to be clear to protect water quality and the rights of landowners. - Author: Mark Udall
Clean Water quotes by Mark Udall
#50. I know it's way too Utopian to think we will all ever just hugand love each other- but proactively dealing with hate could be as important to the future as clean water. - Author: Bobby Sager
Clean Water quotes by Bobby Sager
#51. I couldn't imagine not having clean water. - Author: Chris Tucker
Clean Water quotes by Chris Tucker
#52. Civil and political rights are critical, but not often the real problem for the destitute sick. My patients in Haiti can now vote but they can't get medical care or clean water. - Author: Paul Farmer
Clean Water quotes by Paul Farmer
#53. When I took office, Liberia began to recover from years of neglect. Our people have brought clean water into the heart of Monrovia to children who have never known water from a tap. Efforts are underway to expand water projects as much as possible throughout the country. - Author: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Clean Water quotes by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
#54. Clean water, the essence of life and a birthright for everyone, must become available to all people now. - Author: Jean-Michel Cousteau
Clean Water quotes by Jean-Michel Cousteau
#55. Annual U.S. spending on cosmetics: $8 billion Basic education for all global children: $6 billion Annual U.S. and European spending on perfume: $12 billion Clean water for all global citizens $9 billion - Author: Jen Hatmaker
Clean Water quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#56. Where does rain come from? It comes from all the dirty water that evaporates from the earth, like urine and the water you throw out after washing your feet. Isn't it wonderful how the sky can take that dirty water and change it into pure, clean water? Your mind can do the same with your defilements if you let it. - Author: Ajahn Chah
Clean Water quotes by Ajahn Chah
#57. The keys to health and weight-loss: stress reduction, sleep, deep breathing, clean water, complete nutrition, sunshine, walking, stretching, meditation, love, community, laughter, dreams, perseverance, purpose, humility, action. - Author: Bryant McGill
Clean Water quotes by Bryant McGill
#58. Everyone wants clean air and clean water, but my hope is that we will not regulate it to the point where we drive businesses and industries out of this country, to the point where entrepreneurs cannot start or expand their businesses because they simply can't afford to do so. - Author: Bob Latta
Clean Water quotes by Bob Latta
#59. A hygienic environment, proper waste and sewer disposal, clean water and all efforts that destroy disease-carriers like flies and mosquitoes will reduce the spread of disease and promote good health. My home challenge for a hygienic environment is that we should be responsible enough to make sure we are safe and comfortable eating apples in the toilet and bathroom! - Author: Archibald Marwizi
Clean Water quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#60. More than a billion people lack adequate access to clean water. - Author: David Suzuki
Clean Water quotes by David Suzuki
#61. And I will stroll the merry way
And jump the hedges first
And I will drink the clear
Clean water for to quench my thirst
And I shall watch the ferry-boats
And they'll get high
On a bluer ocean
Against tomorrows sky
And I will never grow so old again
And I will walk and talk
In gardens all wet with rain

Oh sweet thing, sweet thing
My, my, my, my, my sweet thing
And I shall drive my chariot
Down your streets and cry
Hey, it's me, I'm dynamite
And I don't know why
And you shall take me strongly
In your arms again
And I will not remember
That I even felt the pain.
We shall walk and talk
In gardens all misty and wet with rain
And I will never, never, never
Grow so old again.

Oh sweet thing, sweet thing
My, my, my, my, my sweet thing
And I will raise my hand up
Into the night time sky
And count the stars
That's shining in your eye
Just to dig it all an not to wonder
That's just fine
And I'll be satisfied
Not to read in between the lines
And I will walk and talk
In gardens all wet with rain
And I will never, ever, ever, ever
Grow so old again.
Oh sweet thing, sweet thing
Sugar-baby with your champagne eyes
And your saint-like smile....

- Sweet Thing - Author: Van Morrison
Clean Water quotes by Van Morrison
#62. You are rich if you have enough to meet your most basic needs. You are rich if you have access to clean water, food, shelter, love, a roof over your head.You have to count your blessings to see that you are richer than you think. - Author: Michelle Singletary
Clean Water quotes by Michelle Singletary
#63. I have a dream...

I dream of undoing the damage we've done.

I dream of clean water, clean air and clean soil.

Will you dream with me? - Author: Brooke Hampton
Clean Water quotes by Brooke Hampton
#64. This morning I woke up at four and lay awake for an hour or so in a bad state. It is raining again. I got up finally and went about the daily chores, waiting for the sense of doom to lift - and what did it was watering the house plants. Suddenly joy came back because I was fulfilling a simple need, a living one. Dusting never has this effect (and that may be why I am such a poor housekeeper!), but feeding the cats when they are hungry, giving Punch clean water, makes me suddenly feel calm and happy. Whatever peace I know rests in the natural world, in feeling myself a part of it, even in a small way. - Author: May Sarton
Clean Water quotes by May Sarton
#65. This is a silly place. Half the world has no clean water. The other half has so much that they pooh in it. - Author: Larry Bird
Clean Water quotes by Larry Bird
#66. You have a choice. Either you can have more oil, or more clean water. Fracking is not good for the water supply. - Author: Michael Hudson
Clean Water quotes by Michael Hudson
#67. This legislation confronts the human truth that the need for clean water knows no borders, and proper management and intervention can be a currency for peace and international cooperation. - Author: Bill Frist
Clean Water quotes by Bill Frist
#68. This can involve juicing, fermenting, and sprouting nutrient-dense foods, as well as making sure that you're getting plenty of antioxidants, whole-foods based vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and of course, clean water. - Author: Ty M. Bollinger
Clean Water quotes by Ty M. Bollinger
#69. Water is a cure-all. Water is everything. You can't get better without drinking lots of water, and you can't drink water unless it's clean. - Author: Josh Fox
Clean Water quotes by Josh Fox
#70. The clearest evidence that we are living beyond environmental means is the threat of dangerous climate change. The scale of this threat, to human life and to the natural resources and assets on which it depends, for everything from oxygen and clean water to healthy soils and flood defence, means that this simply must be our top priority - Author: David Miliband
Clean Water quotes by David Miliband
#71. Not a hot planet but a beautiful earth with clear sky, clean water, and clean air is our commitment to the the next generations. - Author: Amit Ray
Clean Water quotes by Amit Ray
#72. Imagine a world of nine billion people with clean water, nutritious food, affordable housing, personalized education, top-tier medical care, and nonpolluting, ubiquitous energy. Building this better world is humanity's grandest challenge, - Author: Peter Diamandis
Clean Water quotes by Peter Diamandis
#73. You will know if you are too acidic if you get sick often, get urinary tract infections, suffer from headaches, and have bad breath and body odor (when you do not use antiperspirant). Acidosis is the medical term for a blood alkalinity of less than 7.35. A normal reading is called homeostasis. It is not considered a disease; although in and of itself it is recognized as an indicator of disease. Your blood feeds your organs and tissues; so if your blood is acidic, your organs will suffer and your body will have to compensate for this imbalance somehow. We need to do all we can to keep our blood alkalinity high. The way to do this is to dramatically increase our intake of alkaline-rich elements like fresh, clean air; fresh, clean water; raw vegetables (particularly their juices); and sunlight, while drastically reducing our intake of and exposure to acid-forming substances: pollution, cigarettes, hard alcohol, white flour, white sugar, red meat, and coffee. By tipping the scales in the direction of alkalinity through alkaline diet and removal of acid waste through cleansing, and acidic body can become an alkaline one.

"Bear in mind that some substances that are alkaline outside the body, like milk, are acidic to the body; meaning that they leave and acid reside in the tissues, just as many substances that are acidic outside the body, like lemons and ripe tomatoes, are alkaline and healing in the body and contribute to the body's critical alkaline reserve. - Author: Natalia Rose
Clean Water quotes by Natalia Rose
#74. Maybe this is what the future will look like: fresh, clean water will be so rare it will be guarded by armies. Water as the next oil - the next resource worth going to war over. - Author: Anita Roddick
Clean Water quotes by Anita Roddick
#75. I think every single American believes they have a right to clean air and clean water. - Author: Frances Beinecke
Clean Water quotes by Frances Beinecke
#76. One thing the humanitarian world doesn't do well is marketing. As a journalist, I get pitched every day by companies that have new products. Meanwhile, you have issues like clean water, literacy for girls, female empowerment. People flinch at the idea of marketing these because marketing sounds like something only companies do. - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof
Clean Water quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#77. Water is life, and clean water means health. - Author: Audrey Hepburn
Clean Water quotes by Audrey Hepburn
#78. Greeting cards routinely tell us that everybody deserves love. No. Everybody deserves clean water. Not everybody deserves love all of the time. - Author: Zadie Smith
Clean Water quotes by Zadie Smith
#79. Republican-controlled bank in the city. Plenty of Republicans were inherently suspicious of banks, but many would welcome the opportunity to use one that didn't require them to get into bed with their political enemies. Hamilton was infuriated when he realized how Burr had used him. Once the company had received its charter, it abandoned all pretense of providing the city with clean water, instead laying in a pipe system that transported the contaminated well water around the city. This incident perhaps marked the turning point in Hamilton's relationship with Burr; friendly despite their political differences, the most famous duel in American history lay in their future, and only one of them would survive it. The - Author: Michael W. Simmons
Clean Water quotes by Michael W. Simmons
#80. Just like providing healthy food, clean water, comfortable home, good education and health care to children is a must and a right, teaching them how to read books passionately is a skill that they need to live in life living by values, and think logically, and know what's right from wrong, and have a compassionate heart. - Author: Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi
Clean Water quotes by Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi
#81. A lot of people do not think of forests as a health issue, but we have found out that is where our clean water comes from, from the forests. - Author: Jay Inslee
Clean Water quotes by Jay Inslee
#82. I do believe that clean air, clean water, and wild mountains and old forests are our birthrights; that a wild and healthy landscape is, or should be, a constitutional right, a freedom, to be protected and celebrated. And as with any right, there is an attendant responsibility. I - Author: Rick Bass
Clean Water quotes by Rick Bass
#83. Clean water is a great example of something that depends on energy. And if you solve the water problem, you solve the food problem. - Author: Richard Smalley
Clean Water quotes by Richard Smalley
#84. Sometimes the lack of substantive freedoms relates directly to economic poverty, which robs people of the freedom to satisfy hunger; or to achieve sufficient nutrition, or to obtain remedies for treatable illnesses or the opportunity to be adequatley clothed or sheltered, or to enjoy clean water or sanitary facilities. - Author: Amartya Sen
Clean Water quotes by Amartya Sen
#85. Already, China's world-leading solar industry provides water heating for 35 million buildings, and India's pioneering use of rainwater harvesting brings clean water to tens of thousands of homes. - Author: Christopher Flavin
Clean Water quotes by Christopher Flavin
#86. Five million people die unnecessarily each year because of illness related to lack of potable water. Half of them are children under the age of five. To bring it home, think about this: one child dies from lack of clean water every twelve seconds. - Author: Thomas M. Kostigen
Clean Water quotes by Thomas M. Kostigen
#87. Tears comes to my eyes when I think about some of God's people I have had the privilege to meet in the past few years. These are people with families, with dreams, people who are made in God's image as much as you and I are. And these people are suffering. Many of them are sick, some even dying, as they live out their lives in dwellings that we would not consider good enough for our household pets. I am not exaggerating. Much of their daily hardship and suffering could be relieved with access to food, clean water, clothing, adequate shelter, or basic medical attention. I believe that God wants His people, His church, to meet these needs. The Scriptures are filled with commands and references about caring for the poor and for those who cannot help themselves. The crazy part about God's heart is that He doesn't just ask us to give; He desires that we love those in need as much as we love ourselves. That is the core of the second greatest command, to 'love your neighbor as yourself' (Matthew 22:39). He is asking that you love as you would want to be loved if it were your child who was blind from drinking contaminated water; to love the way you would want to be loved if you were the homeless woman sitting outside the cafe; to love as though it were your family living in the shack slapped together from cardboard and scrap metal... - Author: Francis Chan
Clean Water quotes by Francis Chan
#88. The humble latrine, or flush toilet, reduces disease by twice as much as just putting in clean water. - Author: Rose George
Clean Water quotes by Rose George
#89. The impact of climate change will fall disproportionately upon developing countries and the poor persons within all countries. It will therefore exacerbate inequalities in health status and access to adequate food, clean water and other resources. - Author: Rajendra K. Pachauri
Clean Water quotes by Rajendra K. Pachauri
#90. Americans deserve both clean air and clean water and never one at the expense of the other. - Author: Carol Browner
Clean Water quotes by Carol Browner
#91. I want to bring clean water to people who do not have it. What I'm trying to do now is think of ways to build a well-drilling machine that is low-cost so people in rural areas can afford it. - Author: William Kamkwamba
Clean Water quotes by William Kamkwamba
#92. In my world, you don't get to call yourself "pro-life" and be against common-sense gun control - like banning public access to the kind of semiautomatic assault rifle, designed for warfare, that was used recently in a Colorado theater. You don't get to call yourself "pro-life" and want to shut down the Environmental Protection Agency, which ensures clean air and clean water, prevents childhood asthma, preserves biodiversity and combats climate change that could disrupt every life on the planet. You don't get to call yourself "pro-life" and oppose programs like Head Start that provide basic education, health and nutrition for the most disadvantaged children ... The term "pro-life" should be a shorthand for respect for the sanctity of life. But I will not let that label apply to people for whom sanctity for life begins at conception and ends at birth. What about the rest of life? Respect for the sanctity of life, if you believe that it begins at conception, cannot end at birth. - Author: Thomas L. Friedman
Clean Water quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#93. I couldn't help but be struck that this guy I had thought was the embodiment of everything wrong with American politics, a lot of his domestic policy was mind-numbingly, head-spinningly to the left of Obama's. It was under Nixon that the EPA was created. It was under Nixon that OSHA was created. Under Nixon that the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts were passed. - Author: Harry Shearer
Clean Water quotes by Harry Shearer
#94. When the invasion began, the British public was called upon to 'support' troops sent illegally and undemocratically to kill people with whom we had no quarrel. 'The ultimate test of our professionalism' is how Commander McKendrick describes an unprovoked attack on a nation with no submarines, no navy and no air force, and now with no clean water and no electricity and, in many hospitals, no anaesthetic with which to amputate small limbs shredded by shrapnel. I have seen elsewhere how this is done, with a gag in the patient's mouth. - Author: John Pilger
Clean Water quotes by John Pilger
#95. I started off with a company, InfoSpace, with my own funding. The company was listed among the most successful companies and I went on to start Intelius and Moon Express. Now, I focus my time on using the skills of an entrepreneur to solve many of the grand challenges facing us in the areas of education, healthcare, clean water and energy. - Author: Naveen Jain
Clean Water quotes by Naveen Jain
#96. The people of Liberia know what it means to be deprived of clean water, but we also know what it means to see our children to begin to smile again with a restoration of hope and faith in the future. - Author: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Clean Water quotes by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
#97. As a chef, I could not wash my hands - nor clean pots, pans, utensils, meats or produce, nor make soups and sauces - if I did not have clean water. Were this to happen, of course, these would be the least of my concerns. Because water is the linchpin of survival: without it, not much else matters. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
Clean Water quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
#98. So many people that I've seen can't get clean water. It's a crime. - Author: Jay-Z
Clean Water quotes by Jay-Z
#99. Clean water is not an expenditure of Federal funds; clean water is an investment in the future of our country. - Author: Bud Shuster
Clean Water quotes by Bud Shuster
#100. Clean water is a necessity that we can no longer take for granted. Each year more people die of water related diseases than any other cause of death on this planet. With a higher rate of suffering and mortality than diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, or war; or any two combined for that matter! An entire economy is growing around water. Those without money are suffering the most and risk severe illness from contaminated sources - Author: Jewel
Clean Water quotes by Jewel
#101. Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. - Author: Barry Finlay
Clean Water quotes by Barry Finlay
#102. Catch! calls the Once-ler. He lets something fall. It's a Truffula Seed. It's the last one of all! You're in charge of the last of the Truffula Seeds. And Truffula Trees are what everyone needs. Plant a new Truffula. Treat it with care. Give it clean water. And feed it fresh air. Grow a forest. Protect it from axes that hack. Then the Lorax and all of his friends may come back. - Author: Dr. Seuss
Clean Water quotes by Dr. Seuss
#103. Water is one of the most basic of all needs - we cannot live for more than a few days without it. And yet, most people take water for granted. We waste water needlessly and don't realize that clean water is a very limited resource. More than 1 billion people around the world have no access to safe, clean drinking water, and over 2.5 billion do not have adequate sanitation service. Over 2 million people die each year because of unsafe water - and most of them are children! - Author: Robert Alan Aurthur
Clean Water quotes by Robert Alan Aurthur
#104. I'm going to guess Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, all want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. I'm sure most people think women should be paid the same as men if they're doing the same job. I think we all want good schools for our kids. If we made that list, we actually are in agreement on more things. - Author: Michael Moore
Clean Water quotes by Michael Moore
#105. This isn't just Flint's fight. We built all our cities out of lead. We were sure we could make this metal work for us. History revealed a pattern of poisoning, but we were certain that we could contain it, control it. Progress came when we acknowledged how terribly harmful lead is and instituted anti-lead laws that reduced our exposure to one of the world's best-known neurotoxins. But the next great challenge - a tremendously difficult one - is reckoning with the lead that is still in our environment. Individual solutions, from purchasing bottled water and investing in private purification devices, isn't enough. As the nineteenth-century water wars revealed, a community is not safe and certainly will not thrive if only some have access to clean water and others do not. Infrastructure, the ties that literally bind us, one to another, requires our consistent care and attention. At a certain point, 'doing more with less' no longer functions as a mandate. Sometimes less is just less. Public health historians Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner put it this way: 'If the history of lead poisoning has taught us anything, it is that the worlds we as a society construct, or at least allow to be built in our name, to a large extent determine how we live and how we die. - Author: Anna Clark
Clean Water quotes by Anna  Clark
#106. The situation is quite serious - groundwater is important source for water use, including drinking water, and if it gets contaminated, it's very costly and difficult to clean. - Author: Ma Jun
Clean Water quotes by Ma Jun
#107. The future belongs to us, because we have taken charge of it. We have the commitment, we have the resourcefulness, and we have the strength of our people to share the dream across Africa of clean water for all. - Author: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Clean Water quotes by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
#108. Not babies perhaps. But I know about young things. Foals, puppies, calves, piglets. Even hunting cats. I know if you want them to trust you, you touch them when they are small. Gently, but firmly, so they believe in your strength, too. You don't shout at them, or make sudden moves that look threatening. You give them good feed and clean water, and keep them clean and give them shelter from the weather. You don't take out your temper on them, or confuse punishment with discipline. - Author: Robin Hobb
Clean Water quotes by Robin Hobb
#109. I was reading voraciously about global issues such as clean water, community development, war, human trafficking, economics, disaster relief, the AIDS crisis, unjust systemic evil. Meanwhile, church budgets made room for a brand-new light show and a kickin' sound system or a trip to Disneyland or a video venue in a saturated upscale neighborhood - all in an effort to practice creative-experience marketing. - Author: Sarah Bessey
Clean Water quotes by Sarah Bessey
#110. Life is a perspective and for me, if a human being has access to school, clean water, food, proper health care, that is the basis of human rights. - Author: Gelila Bekele
Clean Water quotes by Gelila Bekele
#111. If there is a regulation that says you have to do something-whether it be putting in seat belts, catalytic converters, clean air for coal plants, clean water-the first tack that the lawyers use, among others things, and that companies use, is that it's going to drive the electricity bill up, drive the cost of cars up, drive everything up. It repeatedly has been demonstrated that once the engineers start thinking about it, it's actually far less than the original estimates. We should remember that when we hear this again, because you will hear it again. - Author: Steven Chu
Clean Water quotes by Steven Chu
#112. For me, what I see happening in this [clean water] crisis is deterioration of the family. It is deterioration of our health. - Author: Erin Brockovich
Clean Water quotes by Erin Brockovich
#113. The single best and easiest thing you can do for your health is to recalibrate your taste buds and learn to enjoy pure clean water. - Author: Rick Warren
Clean Water quotes by Rick Warren
#114. The 1.8 million child deaths each year related to clean water and sanitation dwarf the casualities associated with violent conflict. No act of terrorism generates economic devastation on the scale of the crisis in water and sanitation. Yet the issue barely registers on the international agenda. - Author: Rose George
Clean Water quotes by Rose George
#115. Some countries have more water than others - some can afford to use clean water to flush their poop away, and some can't. - Author: Rose George
Clean Water quotes by Rose George
#116. Before he had come to the town he had known about nothing but death: here he had learnt to live, to decide things for himself; he had learnt what it felt like to wash in clean water in the sunshine until he was clean himself, and what it felt like to satisfy his hunger with food that tasted good; he had learnt the sound of laughter that was free from cruelty; he had learnt the meaning of beauty - Author: Anne Holm
Clean Water quotes by Anne Holm
#117. Please also remember the pitiful gasping/thirsty little mouths/ beaks in summer. They'll appreciate abundant/fresh/cool/clean/ water! Food they can get easily in parks/sidewalks! - Author: Adela Popescu
Clean Water quotes by Adela Popescu
#118. There are places in the world that the power goes out in hospitals, and there isn't clean water, and it's horrific. - Author: Sheri Fink
Clean Water quotes by Sheri Fink
#119. I suppose I'll have to clean up Freddy's brains; I hate to leave a mess for the home owners. Hand me that plastic bag; I need to put it over his head to keep him from leaking. Oh, relax, Freddy; I'll tear an airhole for you. - Mercer - Author: Rachel Caine
Clean Water quotes by Rachel Caine
#120. Melons, peaches, apples, almonds, dates, Uighurs waiting in the shade, waiting for jobs, waiting for a drink of water, minarets above the rooftops. - Author: Atticus Lish
Clean Water quotes by Atticus Lish
#121. Some rooftop, water-tank looming, street-racket strangely quelled
and other known and unknown there, long sweet summer evening
on the tarred roof:
leaned back your head to the nightvault swarming with stars
the Pleiades broken loose, not seven but thousands
every known constellation flinging out fiery threads
and you could distinguish all
-cobwebs, tendrils, anatomies of stars
coherently hammocked, blueblack avenues between…

It was New York, the dream-site
the lost city the city of dreadful light…we
went striding the avenues in our fiery hair
in our bodies young and ordinary riding the subways reading
or pressed against other bodies
feeling in them the maps of Brooklyn Queens Manhattan… - Author: Adrienne Rich
Clean Water quotes by Adrienne Rich
#122. I'd love to tearfully absorb you in every way and I'd love to play with your hair, read your eyes, feel disarmed in your presence. I'd love to experience a seizure of full-silenced tenderness with you and at the same time dwell on your Dionysian idiosyncrasy of red, slightly heated wine, constant passion and chaos; How can I even imprison this desire into mere letters structured together in order to form a coherent meaning? There is no meaning. Darling! Darling! You can flash "meaning" down the toilet if you wish. Still, I'd love to share a life full of richness with you: Richness not in terms of events, incidents, facts or experiences; but richness in terms of a colourful, adventurous, enthusiastically unraveling life. I'd love to lose all privileges of existence as long as I might have a small chance of walking on water with you. - Author: Katherine Mansfield
Clean Water quotes by Katherine Mansfield
#123. There is a poignancy in all things clear, In the stare of the deer, in the ring of a hammer in the morning. Seeing a bucket of perfectly lucid water We fall to imagining prodigious honesties. - Author: Richard Wilbur
Clean Water quotes by Richard Wilbur
#124. He came down all the way to us, saved us by the death and resurrection of his Son, and continues to provide for our temporal and eternal welfare. But that's not all: After this he still accommodates, coming all the way down to us again here and now as he uses the most everyday and common elements that are familiar to both the uneducated and the academic: water, bread, and wine. Here God even accommodates to our weakness by allowing us to "taste and see that the Lord is good," to catch a glimpse of his goodness as he passes by. The writer to the Hebrews calls it tasting of "the powers of the coming age" (Heb. 6:5). Isn't it a bit arrogant, therefore, for us to respond to this gracious condescension by asking, "But what about the teenagers? How can we make the gospel relevant to people today? - Author: Michael S. Horton
Clean Water quotes by Michael S. Horton
#125. The talker has found a hearer but not a listener; and though he may talk his very best for his own sake, you will find that his mental movements are erratic: they have no fixed centre and no definite object. His talk is like the water of a canal whose banks have given way, which rolls aimlessly hither and thither, without fulfilling any useful function, though it is the same water which was so helpful and serviceable, when it was confined within clearly marked limits by the restraining force of its earthy boundaries. - Author: Charles Dickens
Clean Water quotes by Charles Dickens
#126. For fossils to thrive, certain favorable circumstances are required. First of all, of course, remnants of life have to be there. These then need to be washed over with water as soon as possible, so that the bones are covered with a layer of sediment. - Author: Richard Leakey
Clean Water quotes by Richard Leakey
#127. All the really great records or people who made them somehow came from Memphis or Louisiana or somewhere along the Mississippi River ... And singers like Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters gave me the feeling that they were right there, standing by the river. - Author: John Fogerty
Clean Water quotes by John Fogerty
#128. And we have abundant natural energy resources in the country. We haven't been taking adequate advantage of them, and we can burn coal in a clean way; we could improve the grid. - Author: John W. Snow
Clean Water quotes by John W. Snow
#129. You are my water. Making love with you is all I need to quench my thirst. Why would I throw this away for water from the ocean? - Author: Sylvain Reynard
Clean Water quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#130. Anyway, my dad gave me a whole birth-control kit for college, so we don't even have to worry about it."
Peter nearly chokes on his sandwich. "A birth-control kit?"
"Sure. Condoms and…" Dental dams. "Peter, do you know what a dental dam is?"
"A what? Is that what dentists use to keep your mouth open when they clean it?"
I giggle. "No. It's for oral sex. And here I thought you were this big expert and you were going to be the one to teach me everything at college! - Author: Jenny Han
Clean Water quotes by Jenny Han
#131. I attempt all day, at work, not to think about what lies ahead, but this costs me so much effort that there is nothing left for my work. I handle telephone calls so badly that after a while the switchboard operator refuses to connect me. So I had better say to myself, Go ahead and polish the silverware beautifully, then lay it out ready on the sideboard and be done with it. Because I polish it in my mind all day long - this is what torments me (and doesn't clean the silver). - Author: Lydia Davis
Clean Water quotes by Lydia Davis
#132. Truth; that long clean clear simple undeniable unchallengeable straight and shining line, on one side of which black is black and on the other white is white, has now become an angle, a point of view. - Author: William Faulkner
Clean Water quotes by William Faulkner
#133. I like the punch beggers and panhandlers when they ask me for change. I feel like I am doing my part to clean up the streets. - Author: Zach Braff
Clean Water quotes by Zach Braff
#134. I use Meaningful Beauty for my daily skincare regime. The system helps to restore, protect, revitalize and renew my skin. Using it daily along with avoiding the sun, not smoking, drinking a lot of water, and getting enough sleep is key to looking and feeling good at any age! - Author: Cindy Crawford
Clean Water quotes by Cindy Crawford
#135. didn't realize I was crying until the tears hit my chin and plummeted to my shirt. Fire burned my nose. Five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten-eleven-twelve-thirteen-and-fourteen-year-old Vanessa all came back to me with the same feeling that had been so strong in those years: hurt. The Vanessa who was fifteen and older had felt a different emotion for so long: anger. Anger at my mom's selfishness. Anger at her for not being able to clean her act up until years after we'd been taken away from her. Anger for being let down for so long, time and time again. - Author: Mariana Zapata
Clean Water quotes by Mariana Zapata
#136. The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
Exercise and diet.
These six will gladly you attend
If only you are willing
Your mind they'll ease
Your will they'll mend
And charge you not a shilling.
Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990 - Author: Wayne Fields
Clean Water quotes by Wayne Fields
#137. So important to keep the pathway of success clean. - Author: DJ Khaled
Clean Water quotes by DJ Khaled
#138. If I sneezed, writers' vitals would spew out my nose like bats from a cave mouth, fiery balls from a roman candle, water from an open fire hydrant. - Author: Dennis Vickers
Clean Water quotes by Dennis Vickers
#139. A great diving scene. Worth the read just for that:

"Randy! You have the best eyes for bubbles. Find my missing diver."
Paul leaned over the boat and yelled at the people waiting in the water. "Hey! Where's . . ." He examined the faces. It didn't take long to figure out who was missing. His heart spiraled to his feet.
"Oh, no, no, no!" He didn't hesitate to jump to action. He yelled out orders as he put his gear on in record time. "Get back on the boat. Now!"
"I see bubbles! Over there, 'bout fifteen meters," Randy called before anyone had a chance to do anything.
Paul stood on the back of the boat, all geared up and holding an extra tank with a regulator already attached. He looked to see where Randy pointed and took a giant stride into the water. He didn't bother to surface before starting the fastest descent he'd ever made. - Author: S. Jackson Rivera
Clean Water quotes by S. Jackson Rivera
#140. So far, Vancouver is my favorite relocation city. It feels like home. Parts of it remind me of the east coast. It's very clean. The food is great. And the people are lovely. Not that I didn't love working in other glamorous locations like Downey, Detroit, Cleveland or Bulgaria ... but, damn, it is fun to be Canadian. - Author: Rachel Nichols
Clean Water quotes by Rachel Nichols
#141. The team is showing its appreciation to the host families by taking them to a water park on Sunday. I know Mac is going out of town, but I thought you might still want to go. I mean, not as a date or anything. I'm going to invite the whole family."
"You don't have to work Sunday?"
"I got scheduled off."
"Sounds like fun. We could pack a picnic lunch--"
"I'll take care of that. As my thank you. All you have to do is bring yourself."
"And a bathing suit."
He grinned. "Yeah, and a bathing suit."
"And a towel. And suntan lotion…"
"Maybe it'd be simpler if I just said I'll take care of the tickets and eats."
"Okay, but I'll go ahead and warn you not to take it personally that Mom and Dad aren't really into water parks. It's that whole not-using-the-exercise-equipment-as-intended thing Dad has going."
His grin grew. "I won't take it personally."
"Okay, then, Sunday."
As though suddenly realized how intimate it seemed to be in my bedroom, he cleared his throat and took a step back.
He gave my room one more look and took another step back. "It's amazing what a room can reveal."
Then he walked down the hallway and knocked on Tiffany's door.
I wondered what he'd discover looking into her room. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Clean Water quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#142. She'd barely stepped in, taken that first breath of cool, clean air, when Summerset, Roarke's majordomo, appeared in the foyer like an unwelcome vision.

"Yes, I missed the dinner," she said before he could open his mouth. "Yes, I'm a miserable failure as a wife and a poor example of a human being. I have no class, no courtesy, and no sense of decorum. I should be dragged naked into the streets and stoned for my sins."

Summerset raised one steel gray eyebrow. "Well, that seems to cover it."

"Good, saves time." She started up the stairs. "Is he back?"


A little annoyed she'd given him no opportunity to criticize, he frowned after her. He'd have to be quicker next time. - Author: J.D. Robb
Clean Water quotes by J.D. Robb
#143. The wise man of Miletus thus declared the first of things is water - Author: John Stuart Blackie
Clean Water quotes by John Stuart Blackie
#144. Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Clean Water quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#145. In so far as such developments utilise the natural energy running to waste, as in water power, they may be accounted as pure gain. But in so far as they consume the fuel resources of the globe they are very different. The one is like spending the interest on a legacy, and the other is like spending the legacy itself ... [There is] a still hardly recognised coming energy problem. - Author: Frederick Soddy
Clean Water quotes by Frederick Soddy
#146. Swans live wherever there is water, and leave the place where water dries up; let not a man act so - and comes and goes as he pleases. - Author: Chanakya
Clean Water quotes by Chanakya
#147. Looking through a metaphoric lens, we are the riverbank, and the water flowing through us is emotion. - Author: Deborah Sandella
Clean Water quotes by Deborah Sandella
#148. My sense is that we're ready for another industrial revolution in this country. The great minds and innovators of Silicon Valley would come through China and say, The pipeline is full of ideas - there's personalized medicine, biotechnology, new forms to power ourselves, clean energy, etc., etc. - Author: Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Clean Water quotes by Jon Huntsman, Jr.
#149. The idea of balance is a good one, when viewed with two Caveats:
1. Not everything in our lives deserves the same weight. Aim instead for the correct weight.
2. Balance isn't a daily act. Not everything will be given attention every day, and thats ok.

The difference is in the weight we give things. Keeping the house immaculately clean doesn't need or deserve the same weight as spending time with our closest people. We know this, but the myth of balance tells us otherwise. It keeps us perched on the wavering tightrope, terrified of falling too far into unbalance. Because we know an imbalanced person isn't stable. They're not succeeding or adulating or kicking goals or coping. And we don't want to be one of those people.
So we balance. We exhaust ourselves. We're never fully in a moment, because we're worried about all the other areas of our lives that aren't getting our attention in that moment. We've turned balance into a constant struggle rather than a long game. Discover long term balance. - Author: Brooke McAlary
Clean Water quotes by Brooke McAlary
#150. Just as water will conform to the shape of the vessel that contains it, so will a man follow the good and evil of his companions. - Author: Imagawa Sadayo
Clean Water quotes by Imagawa Sadayo
#151. The conservation movement is a breeding ground of Communists and other subversives. We intend to clean them out, even if it means rounding up every bird watcher in the country. - Author: John N. Mitchell
Clean Water quotes by John N. Mitchell
#152. Anger is like water. No matter how hard a person tries to dam, divert, or deny it, it will find a way, usually along the path of least resistance. As I will discuss in this book, women often ¨feel¨ their anger in their bodies. Unprocessed, anger threads itself through our appearances, bodies, eating habits, and relationships, fueling low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and actual physical illness. The harms are more than physical, however. Gendered ideas about anger make us question ourselves, doubt our feelings, set aside our needs, and renounce our own capacity for moral conviction. Igrnoring anger makes us careless with ourselves and allows society to be careless with us. It is notable, however, that treating women's anger and pain in these ways makes it easier to exploit us - for reproduction, labor, sex, and idealogy. - Author: Soraya Chemaly
Clean Water quotes by Soraya Chemaly
#153. Reasoning with a drunkard is like
Going under water with a torch to seek for a drowning man. - Author: Thiruvalluvar
Clean Water quotes by Thiruvalluvar
#154. True knowledge is a virtue of the talented, but harmful to those without discernment. Spring water free of impurity, entering the ocean, becomes undrinkable. - Author: Akkineni Nagarjuna
Clean Water quotes by Akkineni Nagarjuna
#155. From then on I had her in my memory with so much clarity that I could do what I wanted with her. I changed the color of her eyes according to my state of mind: the color of water when she woke, the color of syrup when she laughed, the color of light when she was annoyed. I dressed her according to the age and condition that suited my changes of mood: a novice in love at twenty, a parlor whore at forty, the queen of Babylon at seventy, a saint at one hundred. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Clean Water quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#156. This fantasy that it is possible to fish sustainably, legally, and using workers with contracts, making a living wage, and still deliver a five-ounce can of skipjack tuna for $2.50 that ends up on the grocery shelf only days after the fish was pulled from the water thousands of mi,es away. Prices that low and efficiencies that tight come with hidden costs, and it is the manning agencies that help in the hiding. - Author: Ian Urbina
Clean Water quotes by Ian Urbina
#157. Arts without a spiritual relative is like frying buns with water. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
Clean Water quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#158. If I'm in a bad mood, my thing is I go clean! That's what relaxes me! I go and clean everything. - Author: Corbin Bleu
Clean Water quotes by Corbin Bleu
#159. May the economic discrimination you impose on your own people bloat your mind. That polluted rubbish occupying
your mind-set needs to be swept clean. May the disgusted look you impose on those you judge poor burn your eyes.
That evil look occupying your clear vision needs to land in the bin. May that shameful attitude you impose on those you wish to feel lesser bring your soul to restlessness. That fake character you display needs to be thrown out of the window. - Author: Gloria D. Gonsalves
Clean Water quotes by Gloria D. Gonsalves
#160. The so-called poet with his vague dreams and ideals is indeed no better than a harmless lunatic; the true poet is the worker, who grips life's throat and wrings out its secret, who selects austerely and composes concisely, whose work is as true and clean as razor-steel, albeit its sweep is vaster and swifter than the sun's! - Author: Aleister Crowley
Clean Water quotes by Aleister Crowley
#161. I have the confidence that I can take anybody and have them give a good performance, because I don't think there's anything to acting except expressing, being able to converse. So if I can just convince somebody not to clean themselves up, and not to be someone that they're not, and just be what they are in given circumstances, that's all that acting is to me, and I don't think it's very difficult. - Author: John Cassavetes
Clean Water quotes by John Cassavetes
#162. That it is fairly improbable to get much emotional response out of this man, I am convinced. There is a long-conditioned hardness, an outer shell which has been worn and used so long, probably nothing exists beneath it. Having dealt with force, violence, and easy dispositions of the lives of others, it is questionable as to how much value he puts on life in general, including his own in particular. This was not discussed with him, though it would be interesting to get some information on that point. Getting a sincere or emotionally meaningful answer from him is like trying to bail water from a long-dry well. - Author: Leon Goldensohn
Clean Water quotes by Leon Goldensohn
#163. Every kilogram of beef requires 100,000 liters of water to produce. By comparison, a kilogram of wheat requires just 900 liters, and a kilogram of potatoes just 500 liters. - Author: T. Colin Campbell
Clean Water quotes by T. Colin Campbell
#164. The best experience that we have on Earth is the fact that we have scientific stations, weathering over stations down in the Antarctic for almost the entire 20th century to learn how to exist in exceedingly hazardous conditions; and the Moon is far more hazardous than Antarctica. At least they have water there. - Author: Edgar Mitchell
Clean Water quotes by Edgar Mitchell

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