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#1. When you live with Dickens for years, reading him and trying to present him as faithfully as you can, you can't fail to love the man - so the shock of his bad behaviour is considerable, even when you know it is coming. - Author: Claire Tomalin
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Tomalin
#2. It's been a huge joy, this experience of being a mom ... I don't know how to articulate it yet, because it is so fresh. - Author: Claire Danes
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Danes
#3. I always did healthy things. I didn't sit around in nightclubs. Sure, I had my fair share of fun, but no one could ever accuse me of being a dilettante and doing nothing. I was always on this unbelievable quest to go and do. - Author: Marie-Chantal Claire
Claire Meade quotes by Marie-Chantal Claire
#4. I want to make a difference. But get a job? I worry that will make the ordinary, like everybody else. - Author: Claire Messud
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Messud
#5. During the fall and winter we built Fort Meade and the town of Sturgis. - Author: Calamity Jane
Claire Meade quotes by Calamity Jane
#6. The issue is not simply one of needing to save the world, but also of needing to solve the problem of the loss of soul throughout the modern world. Part of what has been lost in the reckless rushing of modernity is the sense that each life has an authentic interior that shelters important emotions as well as inherent purpose, and that the dignity of existence includes a necessary instinct to unfold the unique story woven inside each living soul. - Author: Michael Meade
Claire Meade quotes by Michael Meade
#7. So how did it go?
I sat on the toilet and ran a hand over my hair. Um ... it's still going, I whispered.
It's still going? Then what are you doing calling me?
Well ... it's just that ...
How could I put this? I can't find his penis.
Claire paused for half a second. How drunk are you? - Author: Denise Grover Swank
Claire Meade quotes by Denise Grover Swank
#8. If you want to feel like ginger ale Claire, drink a ginger ale. - Author: Ann Hood
Claire Meade quotes by Ann Hood
#9. Words, rolling on. Sometimes the Harbinger of Death hears these words, words of house prices and commutes and the price of pasta and the new washing machine and the difficulty of finding a place to dry your wet clothes, and they make him indescribably sad.

Tonight, for some reason, as he listens to a story of a life still being built, and speaks of the ending of all things, he is not afraid, and this world, which seemed to be only ashes, begins again to give him an extraordinary joy. - Author: Claire North
Claire Meade quotes by Claire North
#10. That's what life is, you know: a bunch of baby steps, one after another after another, and sometimes you fall, but you always get back up, and eventually you get where you're going. - Author: Claire Legrand
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Legrand
#11. The second time they made love was even better than the first. Their bodies fit perfectly together, the eager desperation of their first time segueing into a slower, more fully realized sensual dance. - Author: Claire Thompson
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Thompson
#12. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!" -Claire - Author: Diana Gabaldon
Claire Meade quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#13. One way to say all this is, Our mother was an addict and she overdosed.

Another way is, Our mother was suicidal and she killed herself.

Another way is, Our mother was poor and ignored and dismissed for years by doctors who put her on legal and extremely profitable heroin, which eventually killed her.

Another way is, Our mother needed help and no one, including us, gave it to her. - Author: Claire Vaye Watkins
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Vaye Watkins
#14. The scream lasted for about a heartbeat, and then recognition flooded in - and relief.
"Oliver?" Great. She was relieved to see Oliver. The world was officially topsy-turvy, cats
were living with dogs, and life as she knew it was probably over. - Author: Rachel Caine
Claire Meade quotes by Rachel Caine
#15. It was like a curse. He was her antidote. She was his poison. - Author: Claire Merle
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Merle
#16. I'm not very good at relationships, Claire. In fact, my track record is abysmal." Claire gently squeezed Annie's shoulder. "It takes a concerted effort to make any relationship work. Your walk with God is no different. It's a lifelong process that won't be perfected until you reach Heaven. And I must warn you, Annie, just because you're a believer now doesn't mean your life will become easier. In fact, it might become much harder. - Author: Mark Romang
Claire Meade quotes by Mark Romang
#17. Psychology and acting are very closely linked. It's just about studying people and how they work. It can be an incredible discipline and exercise. - Author: Claire Danes
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Danes
#18. I care about being formally physically attractive in my life, and I think that I am quite vain about my performance. I'm just not vain about how I look while I give the performance. - Author: Claire Danes
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Danes
#19. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 21 y/o self? Answer: Think about your actions. They have consequences. - Author: Claire Contreras
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Contreras
#20. Oh, hey, Claire," she said, and blinked. "Where are you going?"
"Funeral," Shane said. On-screen, a zombie shrieked and died gruesomely.
"Yeah? Cool! Whose?"
"Hers." Shane said. - Author: Rachel Caine
Claire Meade quotes by Rachel Caine
#21. Mythic imagination can break the spell of time and open us to a level of life that remains timeless. Myth is not about what happened in past times; myth is about what happens to people all of the time. - Author: Michael Meade
Claire Meade quotes by Michael Meade
#22. [Samantha Dunn] wrote that when God wants your attention, first He throws feathers. After that, He starts throwing bricks. - Author: Claire Fontaine
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Fontaine
#23. Science is a method, not a religion, yet it can be just as close-minded. Open minds here Claire. Always open minds. Question everything, accept nothing as fact until you prove it for yourself. - Author: Rachel Caine
Claire Meade quotes by Rachel Caine
#24. I got lost in him, and it was the kind of lost that's exactly like being found. - Author: Claire LaZebnik
Claire Meade quotes by Claire LaZebnik
#25. It's hard to grasp all the different things that are going on at one time, or that went on at one time. - Author: Claire Messud
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Messud
#26. Stop being silly. You know what I mean." No, she really didn't, and she hated when people made that assumption. If she had known, why would she bother asking? - Author: Claire Kann
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Kann
#27. Sometimes it was like I was hollow, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to give up, throw my hands in the air, and scream I was done.But I couldn't. I had to keep going, for her - Author: Scarlett Grove
Claire Meade quotes by Scarlett Grove
#28. This isn't a game. If you sign on, your body will no longer be your own. Modesty has no place, none whatsoever, in a slave's repertoire. You will do as you're told, when you're told, or be punished. If this isn't something you think you can handle, you'd better face that right now. - Author: Claire Thompson
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Thompson
#29. Okay, that really shouldn't have happened. And we're not going to talk about that, right? Ever?"
"Right," she said. She felt like there was light dripping from her fingertips. Spilling out of her toes. She felt full of light, in fact, warm buttery sunlight. "Never happened."
He opened his mouth, then closed it, and closed his eyes. "Claire - "
"I know."
"Lock the door," he said. - Author: Rachel Caine
Claire Meade quotes by Rachel Caine
#30. What was the payoff? It obviously kept me in my cozy zone of being in control, being a good mother, with a good daughter. Most of all, I realize, is that it allowed me to maintain the lie that she was healed, that Nick hadn't permanently damaged her, that I'd truly saved her. Because if I did, if there was no lasting residue of him, it meant that the denial that kept me in the marriage long enough for him to hurt her didn't help create the situation she's in now.
The person who I worked hardest to keep safe seems to have been me. - Author: Claire Fontaine
Claire Meade quotes by Claire Fontaine

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