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#1. WTFact: The human small intestine can reach up to eight meters in length. Why do you want to know that? Because all knowledge is important, f*ck-face. - Author: Gregory Bergman
Ck quotes by Gregory Bergman
#2. I closed my lips around his thumb and sucked, swirling my tongue around the tip and across the pad.
He groaned. "Your mouth feels so good. I can't wait to fill it with my c*ck."
My breath caught. "Dirty talk?" I managed. "That's new."
"Yes, well, I'm full of surprises. - Author: Skye Warren
Ck quotes by Skye Warren
#3. Ladies, we are at a massive disadvantage in the workplace. Your male peers are flirting with their male bosses constantly. The average workplace is like f*cking Bromancing the Stone. That's basically what male bonding is. Flirting. They're flirting with each other playing golf, they're flirting with each other going to the football, they're flirting with each other chatting at the urinals – and, sadly, flirting with each other in after-hours visits to strip clubs and pubs. They are bonding with each other over their biological similarities. If the only way you can bond with them is over your biological differences, you go for it. Feel pressurised to actually f*ck them if you do? Then don't flirt. Find it an easy way to just crack on? Then crack on – and don't blame other women for doing it. - Author: Caitlin Moran
Ck quotes by Caitlin Moran
#4. F*ck a duck and sh*t on a goldfish cracker! - Author: R.D. Cole
Ck quotes by R.D. Cole
#5. What if reincarnation really happens, and Jesus were reincarnated, & you were a total d*ck to him? It could happen. You should probably treat everyone like they were Jesus reincarnated. - Author: Ingrid Weir
Ck quotes by Ingrid Weir
#6. Ye know as well as I that I lost whatever heart I once had long ago," Mick replied without emotion, a simple statement of fact. "If the babe lives, or if she dies, it makes no difference to me. I'll still eat sweetmeats on the morrow and taste the sugar on me tongue, still f*ck women and feel the pleasure in me bollocks. And, Charlie - mark me well, now - I'll still kill ye and laugh in yer ugly face as I do it. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Ck quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#7. Everyone has a story inside them. Some are bedtimes stories, some thrill and others scare and horrify their readers. Find out what your story is and share it with the world. - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#8. She came and then he was coming with her, his c#ck pumping inside her, his rhythm wild and frantic. His hands held her, gripped her. His moans became something else, something primitive and primal. The sound of utter release and absolute pleasure. The very sounds falling from her lips in shallow, moaning cries of surrender. - Author: Lexxie Couper
Ck quotes by Lexxie Couper
#9. I want you. I want to taste you. I want to f*ck you. I want to make you come and I want to hear you moan my name when you do so I know that you know it's me who made you come. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Ck quotes by Kristen Ashley
#10. Shut up ... let me tell you, LET ME. Every time I look at your face or even remember it, it wrecks me. And the way you are with me and you're just fun and you shit all over me and you make fun of me and you're real. I don't have enough time in any day to think about you enough ... I don't even think about women anymore. I think about you. - Author: Louis C.K.
Ck quotes by Louis C.K.
#11. Living meaningfully means being bigger than just yourself. It means making the world a better place because you were here. It is possible to do this through your job, especially if your work involves helping others but even if it does not. - Author: Amy Alkon, Good Manners - For Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck
Ck quotes by Amy Alkon, Good Manners - For Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck
#12. That's fine, but you aren't sleeping over. That's what people who are dating do."
He shook his head. "No, that's what friends do. We are friends. Skylar and Claire are having a sleepover, and so are we."
She laughed. "I could say something that would f*ck with your head so bad right now."
He glared. "I know, and don't you dare, or I'll stay and eat only ice cream and not you. - Author: Toni Aleo
Ck quotes by Toni Aleo
#13. And where did you get the pajama set? A thrift store?' Another sniff. 'You smell of homelessness. Back the f*ck off. I hear it can be catching. - Author: Scarlett Dawn
Ck quotes by Scarlett Dawn
#14. Most people carry their demons around with them, buried down deep inside. Writers wrestle their demons to the surface, fling them onto the page, then call them characters. - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#15. I don't do passion, and I sure don't do love. I f*ck. And that doesn't require a whole lot of demonstrative hoo-hah. Just technique. Which I have plenty of.

-Roman Masterson of Cousins - Author: Lisa Lang Blakeney
Ck quotes by Lisa Lang Blakeney
#16. The day I fell in love with you was the first day you found yourself. You weren't even mine yet. - Author: Tarryn Fisher, F*ck Love
Ck quotes by Tarryn Fisher, F*ck Love
#17. POPPY (on high school cliques): I wasn't smart enough for the gifted kids or athletic enough for the jocks. I didn't want to s*ck a lot of c*ck, so I couldn't be a cheerleader or popular girl. - Author: Bijou Hunter
Ck quotes by Bijou Hunter
#18. In the past I was a vicious hunter. I would stalk my prey with pinpoint accuracy. Ever since Monica came into my life I've abstained from the game. It almost feels strange to stand here and look to the crowd knowing I could pick one and f*ck them into oblivion. I won't though. I may love her, but that isn't the reason. If I were to pick someone for the sake of revenge sex then I'm giving control to Monica and Dalton for betraying me. I'm strong enough to wait. A good hunter is always patient and never stalks in anger.'
'I always crack it until Tobias stops flinching at the sound. It's never the same amount of times. I don't want it to become obvious so I always do it a few more times to create a sense of surprise.
I coil up the leather and with the flick of my wrist I set a perfect line against Monica's back. She yelps in pain and surprise, and Tobias joins her. He thought he'd get the first blow.
I breathe through the pounding in my cock. It beats in time with my rapidly beating heart.
I flick my wrist again taking Monica across the shoulder. I see Tobias tense as she screams. Mustn't allow the slaves to think they are taking even turns. The blow's shock is what makes my cock burn for release. I palm my balls as they tighten, threatening to shoot my release up the stock of my dick. I inhale through my nose and breathe out my mouth until I regain my control.
I flick my wrist again and hit Monica across her thighs. She screams bloody murder at the ceil - Author: Erica Chilson
Ck quotes by Erica Chilson
#19. You are so beautiful," he breathed. "Watching you come like that … feeling you come like that…. Christ, Nita, I could die happy."
She closed her eyes.
"No, don't baby. Keep your eyes open. I want you to stay with me while we kiss and whisper and f#ck. - Author: Norah Wilson
Ck quotes by Norah Wilson
#20. You f*#ked my v*g*na, you wanted to think that you f#*ked my mind, but unlike you, D*ck, my mind doesn't lie between my two legs.

~ Subhangi Tyagi - Author: Kirtida Gautam
Ck quotes by Kirtida Gautam
#21. The next thing Juliana knew, he had her braced against the back wall of the shower, one hand under her bottom, the other tangled in the back of her wet hair, holding her in place as he took her mouth with what seemed to be an urgent, desperate craving, and claimed her body in the same way. His c#ck found her soft notch, his first thick thrust so hard and deep it shoved the air up out of her lungs, her thoughts fracturing beneath the violent surge of sensation. - Author: Rhyannon Byrd
Ck quotes by Rhyannon Byrd
#22. What the f~ck you're doing is pulling your head outta your ass and getting with the motherf~cking program, babe. - Author: Lola Stark
Ck quotes by Lola Stark
#23. And I do not have a weird thing with Simon Snow,' Cath said. 'I'm just really active in the fandom.'
'What the f**ck is a fandom'
'You wouldn't understand,' Cath sighed - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Ck quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#24. He shoved his hips against her, reminding her of what they had just done, and said, "I had never bedded a woman before you. I made that plain. Did you think I let you seduce me lightly? No, I did not. You made a deal with me the moment you gave me entry into your body."
"I made no such deal!" Her eyes were angry - and frightened - but he would not let her make him back down.
"Precious Isabel," he whispered. "You made a deal with your heart, your soul, and your body, and you sealed it with the wash of your climax on my c*ck."
She blinked, looking dazed. He'd never used such words before, especially not with her, but their bluntness was necessary. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Ck quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#25. [Sam]: " ... The moment your tongue met the head of my c#ck I almost fucking lost it right there. Just looking at you made me so hard."
"Like you are right now?"
The hope in her tone made him smile. "Yes. Believe me, baby, I'm like steel for you and I only have a memory and your sexy voice to guide me. - Author: Cari Quinn
Ck quotes by Cari Quinn
#26. Bryce!" Jenna heard the arousal and need in her voice as Bryce thrust into her. His breathing was harsh, and she looked over her shoulder and saw that his gaze was fixed on his c#ck entering her. In that second she knew she'd never see anything as sexy as Bryce taking her like that. - Author: Sophie Renwick
Ck quotes by Sophie Renwick
#27. He chuckled, a low, amused rumble. The girl was accustomed to his presence in Bella's bedchamber, but on previous occasions he hadn't been fully hard, his c*ck straining beneath black wool trousers. Apparently he had embarrassed her. Too bad. He was not up to the task of hiding his desires until she left the room tonight. - Author: Evangeline Collins
Ck quotes by Evangeline Collins
#28. SPIKE: Settling down is only good for one kind of man.

JESSE: The p*ssy kind?

SPIKE: Nah, the strong sort. You're a strong man, and you're honest. Never thought I'd think about those two words and you in the same sentence.

JESSE: I couldn't be a big d*ck all my life. - Author: Sam Crescent
Ck quotes by Sam Crescent
#29. Got some knowledge for you."

"Oh? What's that?"

His lips touched her forehead. "Don't give a f*ck what else I got. Ain't never sharin you. - Author: Stacia Kane
Ck quotes by Stacia Kane
#30. He found himself surprised by how much he enjoyed that they were taking it slow. Liked watching her gentle to him. Each time she did something that showed him how much she trusted him, pride flushed through him. She deserved all his attention on her as he got to know her on this entirely new level. It was achingly sexy, this dance they moved through. Delicious with anticipation. He let himself luxuriate in the slow woo, the seduction of it rather than a quick f*ck with someone he didn't plan to see in a week. He'd never used his sexuality like this, hadn't turned it up full blast to enchant a woman this way. But by God, he wanted her, and why not show her just exactly what she did to him? - Author: Lauren Dane
Ck quotes by Lauren Dane
#31. Finally, someone had seen him.
And what had he done? Let her get away. Undermined by his disgusting human anatomy. It had just been made excruciatingly clear to him that the human male brain and the human male c*ck couldn't both sustain sufficient amounts of blood to function at the same time. It was one or the other, and the human male apparently didn't get to choose which one. As a Tuatha Dé, he would have been in complete control of his lust. Desirous yet coolheaded, perhaps even a touch bored (it wasn't as if he could do something he hadn't done before; given a few thousand years, a Tuatha Dé got around to trying everything).
But as a human male, lust was far more intense, and his body was apparently slave to it. A simple hard-on could turn him into a bloody Neanderthal. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Ck quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#32. We are focusing on the small details and hiding the misery in the world. Look at the smoker and we miss global warming, war, and the crap we eat--not the bad guys but smoking. I smoke and they talk about cancer, I eat and they talk about cholesterol, I make love, it's AIDS. Before AIDS and cholesterol and cancer there's the pleasure of making love and eating and smoking. I have to die someday, so if the thing that gave me pleasure all of my life kills me instead of me going under a truck, that's fine. Besides, why should I live so that when I die I give fresh meat to the worms? I hope that I am rotted and they don't want to eat me. [email protected]#$ck the worms. - Author: Marjane Satrapi
Ck quotes by Marjane Satrapi
#33. I'm totally getting more ass than Ryke Meadows."
She laughs as she squirms in his hold.
"She's not getting more ass than me," he says ...
"Oh yeah? I have a boyfriend. What do you have?"
"A six-pack and a big f**cking c*ck. - Author: Krista Ritchie
Ck quotes by Krista Ritchie
#34. She shuddered, convulsing beneath the whiplash of his tongue as the world dissolved around her.
"Now." He moved before the last violent pulses stilled.
He came over her body, catching his weight on his elbows, staring down at her with savage intensity as the bulbous head of his c#ck nudged against the sensitive opening of her pussy.
"Now," he whispered again. "I make you my woman, Elizabeth. Now. - Author: Lora Leigh
Ck quotes by Lora Leigh
#35. Weather in Afghanistan, 2000 degrees and cloudy. What the f-ck am I doing? I'm stuck on the weather channel. AHHH! - Author: Ozzy Osbourne
Ck quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#36. The more people there are who proclaim themselves victims over tiny
infractions, the harder it becomes to see who the real victims actually are. - Author: Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
Ck quotes by Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
#37. He was less than the dirt beneath those princess shoes. He'd always known it and still ... his c*ck turned to steel thinking of the smile she sent him. She was a torturer in a tiara. - Author: V. Theia
Ck quotes by V. Theia
#38. Holy f*ck, everything they'd said was true. - Author: J. Lynn
Ck quotes by J. Lynn
#39. CANDY: I learned long ago not to give a flying f*ck what strangers thought about me. H*ll, I only mildly care what my friends think. Life is too short to stress others' opinions. - Author: Bijou Hunter
Ck quotes by Bijou Hunter
#40. She swallowed and licked her lips. "It's rather good."
He laughed breathlessly. Have care, part of his brain whispered. This way only leads to pain. But his c*ck was pressing hard against the placket of his breeches and he wanted to take her hand and draw her away to his rooms and keep her there until she learned to scream in pleasure.
Until she screamed his name and no other. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Ck quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#41. Americans are addicted to plausible deniability. If we can't even think critically about something as relatively insignificant as an internet cat or admit that a person might give a pet an offensive name or apologize honestly for small, careless slights, how are we ever going to reckon with the fact that our country was built by slaves on land stolen from people on whom we perpetrated a genocide? What the f*ck are we going to do? Our propensity for always, always, always choosing what is comfortable over what is right helped pave the road to this low and surreal moment in US history. - Author: Lindy West
Ck quotes by Lindy West
#42. She's leaving me!"
"Leaving? She's been waiting for you to get your shit together."
I step into him. "That Hunter bastard is offering her the world! What do I got to give? Nothing. I've got nothing."
Isaiah slams his finger into my biceps. "She looks at you like you're the whole universe! I'd kill to have a sliver with Beth of what you have with Echo. Wake the f*ck up!"
I pound my hand to my chest, mimicking the pain slicing it. "Echo's leaving me."
"No, man. You're the one leaving her," he seethes. "Get it together or she will walk. - Author: Katie McGarry
Ck quotes by Katie McGarry
#43. ... u..s fu ... Ch..ri ... st Liam! The bed slammed against the wall. - Author: J.J. McAvoy
Ck quotes by J.J. McAvoy
#44. Even today, how do we have this amazing microtechnology? Because the factory where they're making these, they jump off the fucking roof, because it's a nightmare in there. You really have a choice. You can have candles and horses and be a little kinder to each other or let someone suffer immeasurably far away, just so you can leave a mean comment on YouTube while you're taking a shit - Author: Louis Ck
Ck quotes by Louis Ck
#45. Anyone can become a MONEY MAGNET if they have the right tools, understanding, a burning desire and legitimate reasons to become one. - Author: CK Arora
Ck quotes by CK Arora
#46. I put my own d*ck in my mouth. I was 14 and much more flexible at the time. It was soft and required a lot of pulling. I really wanted that case of beer. - Author: Chad Kroeger
Ck quotes by Chad Kroeger
#47. Zach finally acknowledges me when my elbow smacks against his side as I shove my way between him and Rachel. He straightens and mumbles so only I can hear, "Damn, she gives me a hard-on. Gorgeous, and she knows cars."
"I suggest you back the f*ck off," I mutter.
Zach smirks. > "Hey, you're the one that left her here with me."
"What are you guys talking about?" Rachel asks.
"Cars," I say. "You said you needed to be home by ten. It's nine-thirty."
She blinks as if she just woke up. "Crap. Already?"
I step aside so Rachel can exit the driver's seat. Because Rachel is every guy's fantasy, Zach begs her to stay: she should see the engine, she can ride in his car, she can drive his car. Each of his attempts to lure her to stay causes me to think of one more way to hide the body parts after I kill him. - Author: Katie McGarry
Ck quotes by Katie McGarry
#48. F#ck, she was perfect. Making love to her wasn't just heaven. It was the single most amazing experience in his thirty years of life. She may have been made for him, but he was made for this moment. For the ultimate instant when he and Jenna merged into one. - Author: Jess Dee
Ck quotes by Jess Dee
#49. F*ck that - why is your GPS in your kitchen"

"Because that's where I was when I took it out of my phone"

"What the hell, V." Butch tightened his grip on his cell and wished there were an app that let you reach through a phone and b#tch slap someone.

~Butch and Vishous, Lover Unleashed. - Author: J.R. Ward
Ck quotes by J.R. Ward
#50. These streets belong to us because we decided not to punch the time clock. We decided to see what and f*ck is going on out here when all those other people are going to sleep. So we walk from dusk until dawn and we rule. - Author: Keith Kekic
Ck quotes by Keith Kekic
#51. February falls on top of me like a cartoon piano. I reek of champagne, come, and CK One. - Author: Kris Kidd
Ck quotes by Kris Kidd
#52. And thigh gap?" he mutters to himself. "I hear that phrase all the time. I don't understand it. Your thighs part well enough for my c*ck and hands and face. That's a big enough gap for me. - Author: Karina Halle
Ck quotes by Karina Halle
#53. Explore the result of changing the population parameter, - Author: CK-12 Foundation
Ck quotes by CK-12 Foundation
#54. I would watch either Michael Cera doing comedy or Louis CK doing stand-up. This would - Author: James Altucher
Ck quotes by James Altucher
#55. I'm going to spread you so wide,Rose.Your whole body will ache for my hard [email protected]ck."
"You'll come before I fill every inch of you. - Author: Krista Ritchie
Ck quotes by Krista Ritchie
#56. Stop talking about it and just WRITE! - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#57. Never talk to the cops, I don't speak pig latin. - Author: Lil' Wayne
Ck quotes by Lil' Wayne
#58. Have you read my emails before?" I ask.
I try to keep my voice casual but I can hear the anxiety in it. The What the f*ck in it.

When you're a stupid girl in love, it's almost impossible to see the red flags. It's so easy to pretend they're not there, to pretend that everything is perfect. - Author: Heather Demetrios
Ck quotes by Heather Demetrios
#59. He entered the room, noticing three things at once. There was a fire beginning to build in the small brick fireplace on the wall to his left, the room smelt like its owner, clean and delicate and flowery, and Lauren lay stretched on the bed. Naked.
His heart slammed harder against his chest and his c#ck twitched again. At this rate, it wouldn't take long at all before he would be sliding into her. Jesus, just looking at her turned him on. Turned him on and left him at her mercy. No, that wasn't right. Left him ... absolute. Without her in his life, he'd been insubstantial. - Author: Lexxie Couper
Ck quotes by Lexxie Couper
#60. Sometimes the things in our heads are far worse than anything they could put in books or on film!! - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#61. Ain't that a shame how they f-ck up ya name. - Author: Lil Boosie
Ck quotes by Lil Boosie
#62. It's been a while and God, you're so sexy I can't even breathe." His voice shook to match the rest of him. "If I f#ck this up, I'll get it right, Ror. I promise. Just bear with me, okay? - Author: Cari Quinn
Ck quotes by Cari Quinn
#63. Everything is amazing right now and nobody's happy. Like, in my lifetime the changes in the world have been incredible… Flying is the worst because people come back from flights and they tell you…a horror story…They're like: "It was the worst day of my life. First of all, we didn't board for twenty minutes, and then we get on the plane and they made us sit there on the runway…" Oh really, what happened next? Did you fly through the air incredibly, like a bird? Did you partake in the miracle of human flight you non-contributing zero?! You're flying! It's amazing! Everybody on every plane should just constantly be going: "Oh my God! Wow!" You're flying! You're sitting in a chair, in the sky! - Author: Louis Ck
Ck quotes by Louis Ck
#64. People ask me all the time, "Where do your ideas come from?" So, to clear up this question ... I keep my ideas inside the mind of a tiny man who is tied up in my closet! - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#65. She didn't give a f*ck. She had to meet the threat head on. She had to chase it, catch it, and beat it to a bloody pulp.
Because she was scared, so scared, and she'd be damned if she'd let that fear control her. - Author: Laken Cane
Ck quotes by Laken Cane
#66. Gah, I bet she secretly takes pictures of him and puts them on her inspiration board of men she wants to f*ck. I bet she calls it her f*cket list. And once she gets them to fall for her boob-flopping ways, she puts them in a scrapbook and looks through that book every night, reminiscing on the penises that once stuffed her vagina. Well, not Andrew. There is no way she's getting her reconstructed nipples on my guy. - Author: Meghan Quinn
Ck quotes by Meghan Quinn
#67. -What kind of d*ck are you? Celine asked.
-The best in L.A.
-Yes? What's L.A. stand for?
-Lost as*holes. - Author: Charles Bukowski
Ck quotes by Charles Bukowski
#68. All of them fans in love with me 'cause I say what's real. So I could never give a f-ck how a hater feel. - Author: Wiz Khalifa
Ck quotes by Wiz Khalifa
#69. I'm a good citizen. I'm a good father. I recycle and I masturbate. - Author: Louis C.K.
Ck quotes by Louis C.K.
#70. I was sitting on my mom's couch that summer, staring into the so-called abyss, seeing the endless and incomprehensible nothingness where Josh's friendship used to be, when I came to the startling realization that if there really is no reason to do anything, then there is also no reason to not do anything; that in the face of the inevitability of death,there is no reason to ever give in to one's fear or embarrassment or shame, since it's all just a bunch of nothing anyway; and that by spending the majority of my short life avoiding what was painful and uncomfortable, I had essentially been avoiding being alive at all. - Author: Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
Ck quotes by Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
#71. While Emma pressed the unlock button on her key fob, Aidan started walking away, but then he stopped. He turned back and shook his head. "Oh f*ck it." Taking Emma totally off guard, he shoved her against the car. He wrapped his arms around her waist, jerking her flush against him. Electricity tingled through her at his touch, and his scent invaded her nostrils, making her feel lightheaded.
She squirmed in his arms. "What are you - "
He silenced her by leaning over and crushing his lips against hers. She protested by pushing her hands against his chest, but the warmth of his tongue sliding open her lips caused her to feel weak. Her arms fell limply at her sides.
Aidan's hands swept from her waist and up her back. He tangled his fingers through her long hair as his tongue plunged in her mouth, caressing and teasing Emma's. Her hands left her side to wrap around his neck, drawing him even closer to her. God, it had been so very long since someone had kissed her, and it had taken Travis a week to get up the nerve to kiss her like this. Aidan was hot and heavy right out of the gate.
Using his hips, Aidan kept her pinned against the car as he kept up his assault on her mouth. Just when she thought she couldn't breathe and might pass out, he released her lips. Staring down at her with eyes hooded and drunk with desire, Aidan smiled. "Maybe that will help you with your decision. - Author: Katie Ashley
Ck quotes by Katie Ashley
#72. Don't even try to make this into something weird, Lori. We grew up in the same place, so get over your complex. Unless, of course, this is part of your fantasy. The asshole rich boy and the noble girl from the poor family."

"F*ck off," she growled. - Author: Victoria Dahl
Ck quotes by Victoria Dahl
#73. What the hell was that action?"Syn asked him.
"I think it´s something called ´paternal concern.´"
Syn scowled at his bland explanation. "What...? You sure? I thought that crap was a myth." Nykyrian shrugged. "No, really. I watched it once in a documentary. It was fascinating. Belive it or not, there are people out there who actually have feelings for their progeny." "Get the f*ck out. No way. You´re screwing with my head again, aren´t you?" "No, I swear. You just saw it with your own eyes. I did not make this shit up." Syn shivered. "Yeah but it´s really messing with my concept of natural order of the universe. Paternal love? What´s next? Limp regrowth? Genetic splicing reversals? - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Ck quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#74. self-improvement" is really about: prioritizing better values, choosing
better things to give a fuck about. Because when you give better fucks, you get better problems. And
when you get better problems, you get a better life. - Author: Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
Ck quotes by Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
#75. There was no denying the reality of this situation. The exquisite ecstasy of having an honest-to-God, flesh-and-blood c#ck inside. Dream symbolisms and explanations be damned. This was bliss. - Author: Jess Dee
Ck quotes by Jess Dee
#76. Edit your manuscript until your fingers bleed and you have memorized every last word. Then, when you are certain you are on the verge of insanity ... edit one more time! - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#77. Why does Louis CK get named Comedy Person of the Year? I should be named Comedy Person of the Year just so I can parlay it into another few weeks of road work. - Author: Andy Kindler
Ck quotes by Andy Kindler
#78. But as my dear friend and relationship sponsor Louis CK has noted, divorce is always good news because no good marriage has ever ended in divorce. - Author: Amy Poehler
Ck quotes by Amy Poehler
#79. There's leaders, and there's followers ... but I'd rather be a d*ck than a swallower - Author: Kanye West
Ck quotes by Kanye West
#80. What are you doing?" he breathed. "You're going around, stirring up everything."
"I've got time on my hands," I shot back, just as breathless, "since I dumped my asshat boyfriend."
He growled, fiercely passionate, his hand in my hair pulling so tightly it pained me.
"You can't make this up with a kiss or a f*ck, Gideon. Not this time."
Gideon & Eva - Author: Sylvia Day
Ck quotes by Sylvia Day
#81. If you can't eat it, drink it, smoke it, or snort it... then f*ck it! - Author: Neil Gaiman
Ck quotes by Neil Gaiman
#82. Rosa's brush caught the rime of ash on his lapel, the missed button of his waistcoat, the tender, impatient, defiant expression in his eyes by means of which he is clearly trying to convey to the artist, telepathically, that he intends, in an hour or so, to f*ck her. - Author: Michael Chabon
Ck quotes by Michael Chabon
#83. Rat was talking so seriously, he kept saying to himself mutinously, 'But it WAS fun, though! Awful fun!' and making strange suppressed noises inside him, k-i-ck-ck-ck, and poop-p-p, and other sounds resembling stifled snorts, or - Author: Kenneth Grahame
Ck quotes by Kenneth Grahame
#84. Be thankful for the people who have stood by you and cheered you on, but don't forget to be thankful for the ones that said it could not be done. Writing a book is no small task and even the skeptics can help you get where you want to be! - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#85. The next thing she knew, his c#ck nudged at her entrance.
"Condom," she managed.
"Taken care of." He guided her hand to the base of his shaft so she could feel the sheath. "Ride me, Elizabeth."
With a shift of her hips, she brought him into her, igniting desire she thought spent as he stretched her, stroked her inner walls. - Author: Emma Jay
Ck quotes by Emma Jay
#86. Lie back and enjoy it, because I plan on making you come so hard you can barely breathe, and only then am I going to f*ck you. - Author: K.J. Bell
Ck quotes by K.J. Bell
#87. Dear Literary World, Sorry for breaking down your door ... I'll pay for that!!! Since I'm here and planning to stay a while, let me tell you some stories!! - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#88. Then grow a pair and get over it. Jesus mother of f*ck Christ in a piss sh*thole, dick for brains, the answer is bathtub. - Author: Tara Sivec
Ck quotes by Tara Sivec
#89. He moved his trunk-like manhood toward the weeping petals of her womanly center.'

Who the f*ck talks like that?! - Author: Emma Chase
Ck quotes by Emma Chase
#90. I start referring to sums of money as a pony, a bottle, a carpet or a monkey, quite unselfconsciously. Probably sounds ridiculous in my posh voice. One time, in the £50 game at the Vic, I try to bet a cockle and (once the word has crashed against the accent barrier and slumped unconscious on the baize) it goes as a call. Stupid really, since I'm the only one who actually pronounces the 'ck' in the middle. But this is the language, it feels normal to use it. I can't sound any funnier than Bambos does when he bets 'sirillo'. Three, or three hundred, or three thousand = a carpet, because people used to get a carpet in their cell if they were jailed for three years or more. And there used to be a carpet manufacturer called Cyril Lord. So when Bambos, in his heavy Cypriot accent, bets 'a sirillo', everyone knows exactly what he means. - Author: Victoria Coren
Ck quotes by Victoria Coren
#91. Why'd you want to have sex with me? To have a f*cking adventure? What was I supposed to be? Your one-night-f*cking stand? I'm every woman's adventure, damn you, and I don't want to be yours. I want to be your f*cking REAL. You get that? If I f*ck you, I want you to belong to me. To be mine. I want you to give yourself to me - not Riptide! - Author: Katy Evans
Ck quotes by Katy Evans
#92. ...Darcy Vandiver, also ish-mikhan, and the only Rakum I would consider my equal. He's sexy as f*ck and I hope to see him again soon. As of the penning of this preface, he's in the wind. It is what it is. And so begins the rebuttal. - Author: Emil Jersey
Ck quotes by Emil Jersey
#93. [Rhage and Manny]
"You're doing great," he murmured as he noticed those white knuckled fists.
"Don't worry about me."
"Right, right…your brothers." Manny paused for a split second. "You're all right, you know that."
"F*ck…that…" The fighter smiled, flashing fangs. "I'm…perfect. - Author: J.R. Ward
Ck quotes by J.R. Ward
#94. There was a very slight chance she might actually kill him that way, and if she did, she'd be brought up on charges. Unless, of course, she could prove harmful intent. She could see it now.
See, Your Honor, he was going to f*ck me silly, make me like it. - Author: Nalini Singh
Ck quotes by Nalini Singh
#95. You believe in entropy, which postulates that all phenomena tend to sink to lower levels of organization and energy, and in evolution, which postulates that the history of life has been just the opposite. People like you credit both theories. It's de rigueur. Is that reason rational? I say, f*ck off. - Author: Mark Helprin
Ck quotes by Mark Helprin
#96. I like your fucking socks," he says, pointing at my feet with a dirty finger. I'm not wearing socks, so that's super cool that he sees them anyway. - Author: Tarryn Fisher, F*ck Love
Ck quotes by Tarryn Fisher, F*ck Love
#97. My favorite would have to be concealer, which I don't think anyone can live without these days. I use the CK One concealer as well as their One color face makeup. It's brilliant. It's super natural, and it makes it look like you don't have any makeup on. - Author: Lara Stone
Ck quotes by Lara Stone
#98. Mickey cursed under his breath, letting his head fall back against the wall. His c*ck still beat angrily against his clothing. Once he would've simply sent for a whore. Now that thought was oddly unsatisfying. He could have a willing woman, a woman who would do anything he might request of her, even the most exotic acts of sex, but instead his flesh wanted just one woman.
A woman who was as fierce in her maternal love as he had been as a boy in his will to survive. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Ck quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#99. Hunter looked over at Darcangelo. "How'd you get here so fast?"
"I was setting up that solicitation sting down on Colfax when the call came in. What took you so long? Getting your nails buffed?"
"Hey, F*ck you. It's my day off."
"Your day off? What is that sh*t? - Author: Pamela Clare
Ck quotes by Pamela Clare
#100. No man wants to f*ck a skeleton-and nibbling crackers and water like a prisoner of war at dinner isn't attractive. - Author: Emma Chase
Ck quotes by Emma Chase
#101. Girlie, you f*ck this up and I'm calling the boys in the white jackets. You let something that fine slip through your fingers, you deserve a padded room. Especially if he's good at relationship stuff. Most especially if he's serious about you. No one who looks like that and fills out a pair of jeans like that is good at relationship stuff. I don't care if he runs through seven circles of hell. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Ck quotes by Kristen Ashley
#102. A writer doesn't dream of riches and fame, though those things are nice. A true writer longs to leave behind a piece of themselves, something that withstands the test of time and is passed down for generations. - Author: C.K. Webb
Ck quotes by C.K. Webb
#103. Sh!t. F_ck sh!t.' ...
'Sh!t f_ck would have also been accepted. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Ck quotes by Ilona Andrews
#104. if you feel crappy it's because your brain is telling you that there's a problem that's unaddressed or
unresolved. In other words, negative emotions are a call to action. When you feel them, it's because
you're supposed to do something. Positive emotions, on the other hand, are rewards for taking the
proper action. When you feel them, life seems simple and there is nothing else to do but enjoy it - Author: Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
Ck quotes by Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
#105. F-ck you, p-ssy ass haters you should do you. - Author: Drake
Ck quotes by Drake
#106. Florida, just because you're shaped like some combination of a gun and a d*ck doesn't mean you have to act that way. - Author: John Oliver
Ck quotes by John Oliver
#107. Holy crap! I still have to pinch myself that I have not one, but TWO books out there that are Amazon bestsellers and I'm about to publish my third. I just want to shout out to anyone out there that felt like maybe they weren't good enough. YOU ARE! I struggled with this shit for years, but I'm so grateful that I just followed my gut. DON'T let anyone make you feel you are not worth it. This is coming from a high school dropout that only got her GED (Yeah, whatever, nothing to brag about) But is fulfilling her dreams now as a writer. What I'm saying is, take the dive, you may sink for a little, but doggy paddling along of what you want is so much more than learning the proper stroke on things...if that makes any sense? Be YOU and don't give a f*ck!
~Natalie Barnes - Author: Natalie Barnes
Ck quotes by Natalie Barnes
#108. Zack said, "What do you need to do to get out of here?"
"You have any frags?"
"That's a negative."
"The f_ck kind of rescue is this? - Author: Mark Greaney
Ck quotes by Mark Greaney
#109. You've maddened me for you...have changed everything. So, I'm going to f*ck you long and hard, beauty, because if I'm to be enslaved by you-I want to be your master as well. - Author: Kresley Cole
Ck quotes by Kresley Cole
#110. F*ck Disneyland. Because all in all ACRO was the happiest damned place on earth. - Author: Sydney Croft
Ck quotes by Sydney Croft
#111. Oops, I said on my d-ck. I aint really mean to say on my d-ck. But since we talking about my d-ck, all of you haters say hi to it. - Author: Lil' Wayne
Ck quotes by Lil' Wayne
#112. Heart pounding, he collapsed on top of her, claiming her lips with his as he did so, making love to her mouth with his tongue as his spent c#ck continued to spasm inside her p#ssy. Wanting to give her pleasure even as the steel left his length.
She wrapped her arms around his back, tangling her legs with his as she returned his kiss. The pulsing pressure of her fading orgasm on his dick was an unbearable caress he would willingly endure until the end of time. An affirmation of the pleasure he gave her.
A confirmation of what his heart had been telling him since he'd first laid eyes on her: he was hers. Irrevocably and unquestionably. - Author: Lexxie Couper
Ck quotes by Lexxie Couper
#113. Money is like your girlfriend/boyfriend; she/he will come running towards you and embrace you in her/his arms, only if you pay enough attention. - Author: CK Arora
Ck quotes by CK Arora
#114. He'd once explained that when he was a boy his very proper parents had forbidden him and his brothers to curse in the house so 'feather buckets' was the young boys coded way of saying 'f*ck it - Author: Kate Carlisle
Ck quotes by Kate Carlisle
#115. Whatever your problems are, the concept is the same: solve problems; be happy. Unfortunately,
for many people, life doesn't feel that simple. That's because they fuck things up in at least one of two
1. Denial. Some people deny that their problems exist in the first place. And because they deny
reality, they must constantly delude or distract themselves from reality. This may make them feel
good in the short term, but it leads to a life of insecurity, neuroticism, and emotional repression.
2. Victim Mentality. Some choose to believe that there is nothing they can do to solve their
problems, even when they in fact could. Victims seek to blame others for their problems or blame
outside circumstances. This may make them feel better in the short term, but it leads to a life of
anger, helplessness, and despair. - Author: Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
Ck quotes by Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.”
#116. In addition to her boulangerie and fromagerie French, she knew enough of the language to realize that the title of Rodin's sculpture, Le Baiser in French, was part of its subversion. For baiser in French could mean either the innocence of a kiss or the animalistic quality of a f*ck. One could say le baiser and refer to a kiss, but if one said, Baise-moi, one was begging to be f*cked. Both innocence and begging were wrapped up in the embrace of these two lovers whose lips never touched: frozen together, yet separated for all eternity. Julia wanted to free them from their frozen embrace, and she secretly hoped her thesis would allow her to do so. - Author: Sylvain Reynard
Ck quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#117. Now, there's one thing you might have noticed I don't complain about: politicians. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don't fall out of the sky. They don't pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It's what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain't going to do any good; you're just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it's not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here... like, the public. Yeah, the public sucks. There's a nice campaign slogan for somebody: 'The Public Sucks. F*ck Hope. - Author: George Carlin
Ck quotes by George Carlin
#118. Freedom of speech doesn't mean threatening the freedom of others. - Author: Vikrmn
Ck quotes by Vikrmn
#119. Every man is fucking COWARD.
Every girl is fucking FOOL. - Author: CK
Ck quotes by CK
#120. Louis CK went from a writer/comedian to winning Emmys for his own show because he works his ass off. - Author: Ted Alexandro
Ck quotes by Ted Alexandro
#121. As the syringe was filled, Butch stepped up into the surgeon's grille. Even as incapacitated as the cop was from the inhaling, he was straight-up deadly as he spoke. "I don't need to tell you not to f*ck my buddy. Right."
The surgeon looked around his little-glass-bottle-and-needle routine. "I'm not thinking about sex at the moment, thank you very much. But if I was, it sure as shit wouldn't be with him. So instead of worrying about who I'm tapping, how'd you like to do us all a favor and have a shower. You stink."
Butch blinked. Then smiled a little. "You have balls."
"And they're made of brass. Big as church bells, too. - Author: J.R. Ward
Ck quotes by J.R. Ward

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