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#1. My idea of Christmas is love. Love so pure and so divine. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Christmas Carolers quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#2. Celebrate the feast of Christmas every day, even every moment in the interior temple of your spirit, remaining like a baby in the bosom of the heavenly Father, where you will be reborn each moment in the Divine Word, Jesus Christ. - Author: Paul Of The Cross
Christmas Carolers quotes by Paul Of The Cross
#3. Are monsters born or created? - Author: White Christmas - KBS Drama
Christmas Carolers quotes by White Christmas - KBS Drama
#4. I was born with a heart that was two sizes too small, but when I saw my baby, it was like the Grinch discovering the true meaning of Christmas. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
Christmas Carolers quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#5. One Christmas at the very beginning of your twenties when your mother gives you a warm coat that she saved for months to buy, don't look at her skeptically after she tells you she thought the coat was perfect for you. Don't hold it up and say it's longer than you like your coats to be and too puffy and possibly even too warm. Your mother will be dead by spring. That coat will be the last gift she gave you. You will regret the small thing you didn't say for the rest of your life.
Say thank you. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
Christmas Carolers quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#6. The burden of Karma is heavy. All alike have heavy debts to pay. Yet none, so the Wisdom teaches, is ever faced with more than he can bear. Whether or not we can grin, we must bear it, and it is folly to attempt to run away. - Author: Christmas Humphreys
Christmas Carolers quotes by Christmas Humphreys
#7. There's a lot of cynicism. Let's really enjoy Christmas, with all that's going on in the world. - Author: Bob Newhart
Christmas Carolers quotes by Bob Newhart
#8. Christmas is the season I use to clock failure in life. It stops time, as it were, on the year - where you are in it, where you are in your travail unto the grave. - Author: Padgett Powell
Christmas Carolers quotes by Padgett Powell
#9. On Christmas Eve, we have a duck or roast pork with caramelised potatoes, braised red cabbage and gravy. For dessert, we have ris a l'amande, a rice pudding, and whoever gets the whole almond in it wins an extra present. Then we dance around the tree and sing carols. - Author: Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
Christmas Carolers quotes by Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
#10. Donna VanLiere's "A Christmas Blessing"
"Don't ever take your EYES off the FINISH line. If you take your eyes off the GOAL, you'll never make it to the END. - Author: Donna VanLiere
Christmas Carolers quotes by Donna VanLiere
#11. Like everyone in his right mind, I feared Santa Claus. - Author: Annie Dillard
Christmas Carolers quotes by Annie Dillard
#12. Tell me if you want to stop." His voice was surprisingly unsteady as he stood back.
Her heart was pounding. She was glad to know she wasn't the only one so affected. "No way." Moonlight and streetlights streamed in from her two windows to give them more than enough illumination. "Now strip. - Author: Katie Reus
Christmas Carolers quotes by Katie Reus
#13. But it's true, kingdoms and crowns, a God who came down to find you. It's true, angels on high sing through the night, Alleluia. - Author: Sara Groves
Christmas Carolers quotes by Sara Groves
#14. A magic came out of your smile
Gold thread of gold thread
Stars illuminating the sky
Where in the mountain stream
Healing water
Tears of ice as a gift to me - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Christmas Carolers quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#15. If we're open to it, God can use even the smallest thing to change our lives ... to change us. It might be a laughing child, car brakes that need fixing, a sale on pot roast, a cloudless sky, a trip to the woods to cut down a Christmas tree, a school teacher, a Dunhill Billiard pipe ... or even a pair of shoes.
Some people will never believe. They may feel that such things are too trivial, too simple, or too insignificant to forever change a life. But I believe.
And I always will. - Author: Donna VanLiere
Christmas Carolers quotes by Donna VanLiere
#16. After a Christmas comes a Lent. - Author: John Ray
Christmas Carolers quotes by John Ray
#17. I wish you the magic of Christmas. Let it fill your hearts and minds with love, joy, peace, and happiness. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Christmas Carolers quotes by Debasish Mridha
#18. There is no name so sweet on earth,
no name so sweet in heaven,
The name, before His wondrous birth,
to Christ the Savior given. - Author: George Washington Bethune
Christmas Carolers quotes by George Washington Bethune
#19. I don't need to paint a picture of what I want my life to look like. What I need to do is to study the picture that God painted of me so that I can better understand how to live out the splendor of the painting. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Christmas Carolers quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#20. Most of us remember Nat King Cole as a vocalist. His warm, grainy baritone is still so closely identified with such familiar ballads as 'Stardust' and 'The Christmas Song' that it's hard to imagine anyone else performing them. - Author: Terry Teachout
Christmas Carolers quotes by Terry Teachout
#21. Christmas really is about all the cliches: health, happiness and love. A future with my family is the important thing ... to stay alive for them. - Author: Sylvie Meis
Christmas Carolers quotes by Sylvie Meis
#22. Our tree was so puny we used orthopedic bulbs. - Author: Milton Berle
Christmas Carolers quotes by Milton Berle
#23. He had done nothing on Christmas day, just wandered around outside in the frozen woods. Hard ground, chill winds and bare branches that looked like they'd been dipped in sugar. None of it seemed real, like walking around in a desolate dream, but one he didn't want to wake up from. - Author: R.D. Ronald
Christmas Carolers quotes by R.D. Ronald
#24. For children, Christmas is anticipation. For adults, Christmas is memory. - Author: Eric Sevareid
Christmas Carolers quotes by Eric Sevareid
#25. Christianity, righty understood, is utterly unlike religion that man invents. It is so completely contrary to the way man does things that it must have come from God. Take Christmas, for example; only God could have thought of that. When man invents a super being, he comes up with a Superman, or a Captain Marvel. God gives the world a baby. - Author: Richard Halverson
Christmas Carolers quotes by Richard Halverson
#26. Christmas makes me happy no matter what time of year it comes around. - Author: Bryan White
Christmas Carolers quotes by Bryan White
#27. Regard yourself as a small corporation of one. Take yourself off on team-building exercises (long walks). Hold a Christmas party every year at which you stand in the corner of your writing room, shouting very loudly to yourself while drinking a bottle of white wine. Then masturbate under the desk. The following day you will feel a deep and cohering sense of embarrassment. - Author: Will Self
Christmas Carolers quotes by Will Self
#28. I don't like to be in delineated moments. I don't like it when your reality feels prescriptive. I don't like Christmas holidays and their pseudo-joy. I don't like New Year's Eve. I don't like anything that feels like an established electromagnetic paradigm is pulling you into it's cliched forebear's footsteps. - Author: Russell Brand
Christmas Carolers quotes by Russell Brand
#29. He grinned, "Honey, the only fire you're going to need is the one I light in you."
He was right. - Author: Debbie Mason
Christmas Carolers quotes by Debbie Mason
#30. Ah, but you must have a Christmas uncomplicated by murder. - Author: Agatha Christie
Christmas Carolers quotes by Agatha Christie
#31. A new star shines bright.
Angels herald the good news.
The Christ child is born. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Christmas Carolers quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#32. So you've made your Christmas list? Checked it twice? Before we get too carried away dreaming about the CD or Xbox game we've just got to have, let's be thankful for the One gift we already have - the best gift of all. - Author: Max Lucado
Christmas Carolers quotes by Max Lucado
#33. I remembered all the Christmases we'd celebrated, always with a huge tree, situated next to the staircase where I now sat. As a child, I'd sat upon that same step, huddled up against the balus- ters, studying the tree, its shape and decorations; enthralled by the magical light and shadows upon the walls around me. Dancing. Over Christmas the only light in the hallway had come from the silver candelabra burning on the hallway table. But on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night small candles were attached to the branches of the tree, their soft light reflected in the vast chande- lier suspended high above and thrown back across the walls like stars across the universe. I remembered the smell, that mingling of pine and wax and burning logs: the smell of home, the smell of happiness. I'd sat there in my nightgown, listening to the chime of crystal; the laughter, music and voices emanating from another room, an adult world I could only imagine. And always hoping for a glimpse of Mama, as she whooshed across the marble floor, beautiful, resplendent . . . invincible. - Author: Judith Kinghorn
Christmas Carolers quotes by Judith Kinghorn
#34. Playing Sheldon is just heaven for me. I realize how enormously lucky I am to play a role that makes me so incredibly happy. As I told Chuck Lorre in a Christmas card a few years ago, I'm living a version of the dream. - Author: Jim Parsons
Christmas Carolers quotes by Jim Parsons
#35. It was mid-November 2008. There were pirates taking ships with impunity in African waters, terrorists punching holes in Indian security, China sinking towards depression because Americans were afraid to buy cheap goods for Christmas, and the richest nation in the history of the world was talking about how to keep a budget. - Author: Walter Mosley
Christmas Carolers quotes by Walter Mosley
#36. The idea of performing some of Jack Skellington's songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas live for the very first time is immensely exciting. - Author: Danny Elfman
Christmas Carolers quotes by Danny Elfman
#37. As you embrace Christmas, you embrace the magnitude of your life's journey & purpose. - Author: Eleesha
Christmas Carolers quotes by Eleesha

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