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#1. Like many things, power is like the two sides of a coin. - Author: Pearl Zhu
China Coin Belonging quotes by Pearl Zhu
#2. The 'Shawshank Redemption' has nothing to do with China, but that hasn't kept social media censors from blocking the movie's title from searches on the country's most popular Twitter-like microblogging service, Weibo. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
China Coin Belonging quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#3. I don't like allegory. - Author: China Mieville
China Coin Belonging quotes by China Mieville
#4. I have given orders to my Death units to exterminate without mercy or pity men, women and children belonging to the Polish speaking race ... After all, who remembers today the extermination of the Armenians? - Author: Adolf Hitler
China Coin Belonging quotes by Adolf Hitler
#5. I went to collect the few personal belongings which ... I held to be invaluable: my cat, my resolve to travel, and my solitude. - Author: Colette
China Coin Belonging quotes by Colette
#6. Power was the ability to reward and punish. Henry could reward with money and drugs. He could punish by withholding money and drugs. A nice combination. Ultimately, however, Henry wielded the power of punishment held only by a self-selected few. He was willing to murder. China knew that if a man could kill someone, everyone knew that he could kill anyone. The only way to stand up to that kind of power was to be willing to die. - Author: Karl Marlantes
China Coin Belonging quotes by Karl Marlantes
#7. Everything might scatter. You might be right. I suppose it's something we can't easily get away from. People need to feel they belong. To a nation, to a race. Otherwise, who knows what might happen? This civilisation of ours, perhaps it'll just collapse. And everything scatter, as you put it. - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
China Coin Belonging quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
#8. Over time, the more we bring China into the world, the more the world will bring freedom to China. - Author: William J. Clinton
China Coin Belonging quotes by William J. Clinton
#9. On the delivery plate of the Nutri-Matic Drink Synthesizer was a small tray, on which say three bone china cups and saucers, a bone china jug of milk, a silver teapot full of the best tea Arthur had ever tasted and a small printed note saying Wait. - Author: Douglas Adams
China Coin Belonging quotes by Douglas Adams
#10. He towered over her as much while seated as he had while standing. Phoebe fastened her seat belt, then gave him a quick glance. Her heart did a one and a half somersault with a half twist at the sight of his profile. He looked good enough to be on a coin. - Author: Susan Mallery
China Coin Belonging quotes by Susan   Mallery
#11. Words are like coin - it pays to hoard."
"Until you die on a bed of gold," Paran said. - Author: Steven Erikson
China Coin Belonging quotes by Steven Erikson
#12. Before he could decide what to do, he heard a female voice call out, "Pepe? Mack?"
Pepe recognized the voice as belonging to Senora Rodriguez. No, Senora Thompson. There'd been a wedding in late summer. He hurried out to the main part of the barn to see what she wanted.
Senora Thompson stood just inside the entrance, holding the reins of her mare, Bianca, a black beauty with four white stockings and a blaze down her nose her husband had given her after their marriage. - Author: Debra Holland
China Coin Belonging quotes by Debra Holland
#13. Pop culture. Nobody does bullshit better than us. Right? China took over manufacturing. And the Middle East has us on fossil fuels. That's just geography and politics. We're a nation of whacko immigrants. Scavengers and con men. We crossed the ocean on faith, stole some land and stone-cold made up a whole country out of nothing but balls and bullshit. Superhero comics got invented by crazy genius Jews who showed up and revamped the refugee experience into a Man of Steel sent from Krypton with a secret identity. - Author: Damon Suede
China Coin Belonging quotes by Damon Suede
#14. A lot of what we do in relationships involve compromises. A lot of our relationships are exchanges in currencies like affection, acceptance, money, sexual and other sorts of pleasure, shelter, convenience, belonging etc. The self in relation with the communal is always trading something. The important question is what aspect of the self should not be traded. - Author: Dew Platt
China Coin Belonging quotes by Dew Platt
#15. China and India are friendly neighbours. We are also natural partners. Both of our countries stand for amicable and peaceful relations between countries and a multipolar world. The peaceful and friendly relations between our two countries is a blessing not just to Asia, but to also the whole world. - Author: Li Keqiang
China Coin Belonging quotes by Li Keqiang
#16. Those who feel lovable, who love, and who experience belonging simply believe they are worthy of love and belonging. I often say that Wholeheartedness is like the North Star: We never really arrive, but we certainly know if we're headed in the right direction. - Author: Brene Brown
China Coin Belonging quotes by Brene Brown
#17. The two-party system is a bad joke on the American people; when it comes to Republicans and Democrats remember they are two sides of the same coin. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil and not an answer to our problems. A vote for a Republican or a Democrat will not fix anything and is a wasted vote. - Author: Aaron Russo
China Coin Belonging quotes by Aaron Russo
#18. See the things you want as already yours. Think of them as yours, as belonging to you, as already in your possession. - Author: Robert Collier
China Coin Belonging quotes by Robert Collier
#19. There are no telepaths in this universe, I think, but there are empathics, with languages so silent that they may as well be sharing thoughts. - Author: China Mieville
China Coin Belonging quotes by China Mieville
#20. Do you know what guerrillas often say? They claim that their rebellions are invulnerable to economic warfare because they have no economy, that they are parasitic on those they would overthrow. The fools merely fail to access the coin in which they must inevitably pay. The pattern is inexorable in its degenerative failures. You see it repeated in the systems of slavery, of welfare states, of caste-ridden religions, of socializing bureaucracies -- in any system in which creates and maintains dependencies. Too long a parasite and you cannot exist without a host. - Author: Frank Herbert
China Coin Belonging quotes by Frank Herbert
#21. I've also never written about home in this way before. I guess a lot of it is subconscious and I am intuitively making these decisions when I'm writing. I wanted to communicate in the book that on one hand, being at home - both in our homes and in DeLisle - gives us a sense of belonging and family and safety, but at the same time, being in those places makes us less safe. - Author: Jesmyn Ward
China Coin Belonging quotes by Jesmyn Ward
#22. Environmental agencies in China are hamstrung by local officials who put economic growth ahead of environmental protection; even the courts are beholden to local officials, and they are not open to environmental litigation. - Author: Ma Jun
China Coin Belonging quotes by Ma Jun
#23. What people don't realize is that China papered over its last two credit bubbles, those in 1999 and 2004. The banks were never bailed out - they just exchanged their bad loans for questionable bonds from quasi-state organizations. - Author: James Chanos
China Coin Belonging quotes by James Chanos
#24. Once [China] had a destiny. Once she was a conqueror. Now her greatest destiny seems to be merely to exist, to survive. - Author: Lin Yutang
China Coin Belonging quotes by Lin Yutang
#25. Without the participation of one fifth of the global population, without the endorsement of the world's second-largest economy, without the political will and security guarantee of this emerging power, international institutions and norms will be irrelevant and the legitimacy and credibility of their resolutions and arrangements will fall short of promise. - Author: Wang Yizhou
China Coin Belonging quotes by Wang Yizhou
#26. While Google no longer has a search engine operation inside China, it has maintained a large presence in Beijing and Shanghai focused on research and development, advertising sales, and mobile platform development. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
China Coin Belonging quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#27. There are days when I walk through the center of Stockholm when I get this sudden feeling of happiness - a sense of belonging and at the same time gratitude that I'm so privileged that I can live my life in my city. - Author: Bjorn Ulvaeus
China Coin Belonging quotes by Bjorn Ulvaeus
#28. Pretty girls don't need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family, but girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult. These kinds of girls hope to further their education in order to increase their competitiveness. The tragedy is, they don't realize that as women age, they are worth less and less, so by the time they get their M.A. or Ph.D., they are already old, like yellowed pearls."

- Xinhua News Agency, 2011. Reposted on All-China Women's Federation website days after International Women's Day. - Author: Leta Hong Fincher
China Coin Belonging quotes by Leta Hong Fincher
#29. I've known gay people - men and women - since I was a young person. To me it's just naturalistic and realistic to portray gay characters in a humanistic light. As a young man, I knew enough gay people as people not to fear them. On the other side of the coin, I like to irritate conservatives and homophobes. - Author: Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
China Coin Belonging quotes by Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
#30. The Emperor of China once sent a messenger to the wise man Lao-tsu to ask how he should rule the kingdom. Lao-tsu replied that he should rule the kingdom in the way you would cook a small fish. How do you cook a small fish? In the steady, cautious, caring way you undress a woman. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
China Coin Belonging quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#31. She liked the idea of a place belonging to the cows, no ownership of human ego. - Author: Aporva Kala
China Coin Belonging quotes by Aporva Kala
#32. When the machine had been fastened with a wire to the track, so that it could not start until released by the operator, and the motor had been run to make sure that it was in condition, we tossed a coin to decide who should have the first trial. Wilbur won. - Author: Orville Wright
China Coin Belonging quotes by Orville Wright
#33. Throughout these pages, my brush weeps in sorrow for what happened in Tiananmen Square.

Not for the first time, a government was turning the guns on its people. Has the world learned nothing from history? - Author: Morgan Chua
China Coin Belonging quotes by Morgan Chua
#34. The return to anywhere you last visited as a child is difficult, especially when it's a door. Your heart beats harder when you knock. - Author: China Mieville
China Coin Belonging quotes by China Mieville
#35. Amming a coin into a monopoly newspaper box or liberating a billboard in the middle of the night can be a rather honest and joyful thing to do. - Author: Kalle Lasn
China Coin Belonging quotes by Kalle Lasn
#36. My parents were hippies, and the story is that they went through a dictionary looking for a beautiful word to name me. They nearly called me Banyan, but flipped a few pages on and reached "China," thankfully. The other reason they liked it is that "china" is Cockney rhyming slang for "mate." People say "my old china," meaning "my old mate," because "china plate" rhymes with "mate. - Author: China Mieville
China Coin Belonging quotes by China Mieville
#37. Belonging to a group can provide the child with a variety of resources that an individual friendship often cannot
a sense of collective participation, experience with organizational roles, and group support in the enterprise of growing up. Groups also pose for the child some of the most acute problems of social life
of inclusion and exclusion, conformity and independence. - Author: Zick Rubin
China Coin Belonging quotes by Zick Rubin
#38. There are no boundaries in the real Planet Earth. No United States, no Soviet Union, no China, no Taiwan ... Rivers flow unimpeded across the swaths of continents. The persistent tides - the pulse of the sea - do not discriminate; they push against all the varied shores on Earth. - Author: Jacques-Yves Cousteau
China Coin Belonging quotes by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
#39. All that matters is that I have you. The rest is background noise. It's not worth breaking a nail over, never mind losing my temper. And if it means we get to be together, I'll take it all with a smile on my face because you and me, darling, we're the real deal. You are worth fighting for. I'm not letting you go now, not for all the tea in China."

Annie smiled and let out a nervous chuckle as I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth. "That's a lot of tea."

"Fuck yeah, it is. - Author: L.H. Cosway
China Coin Belonging quotes by L.H. Cosway
#40. It takes a sharp blade, a huge effort to separate one half of a coin from the other. It would take something a hell of a lot stronger and sharper to separate me from her. - Author: Alexandra Bracken
China Coin Belonging quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#41. You have the right to promote your own happiness just like everyone else, just like me. Your present dream has been shattered, but you can dream another. You should know that 'you can't relive old dreams.' Even if you force them to come true, they won't bring you happiness. - Author: Mao Dun
China Coin Belonging quotes by Mao Dun
#42. If you are only big in China, you are only a local Chinese company. - Author: Wang Jianlin
China Coin Belonging quotes by Wang Jianlin
#43. Faith is an excitement and an enthusiasm: it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander on our way through life in the small coin of empty words, or in exact and priggish argument. - Author: George Sand
China Coin Belonging quotes by George Sand

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