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#1. They play strange games, games I don't recognize. They pull buttons off their clothes and exchange them back and forth, palming and concealing them and guessing which hands they're held in. Or they arrange themselves in a strange spiral pattern, marching in a loop that folds back on itself, while someone standing outside it taps people out, seemingly at random. - Author: Michael Montoure
Children S Games quotes by Michael Montoure
#2. In any discussion of serial killers, a few notorious names - those of the most prolific killers - always get mentioned. Ted Bundy admitted to killing thirty women, but it could well have been more. Gary Ridgeway, also known as the Green River Killer, was convicted of murdering forty-eight, but later confessed to others. John Wayne Gacy was convicted of killing thirty-three people. Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of murdering and partially ingesting fifteen people. David Berkowitz, New York City's "Son of Sam," shot and killed six people. Less well known but significant are Dennis Rader, who killed ten people in Wichita, Kansas, and Aileen Wuornos, portrayed by Charlize Theron in the film Monster, who killed six men. Wayne Williams was convicted of killing only two men, but he is believed to have killed anywhere from twenty-three to twenty-nine children in Atlanta. Robert Hansen confessed to four murders but is suspected of more than seventeen. Juan Corona was convicted of murdering twenty-five people. Their crimes are all horrific, and the number of victims is heartbreaking. But all these most notorious serial killers stand in the shadow of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Strangely, Gosnell appears in no list we have found of known U.S. serial killers, though he is the biggest of them all. In reality, Kermit Gosnell deserves the top spot on any list of serial murderers. He's earned it. - Author: Ann McElhinney
Children S Games quotes by Ann McElhinney
#3. To shut one's door while others suffer, to care only for one's own, disclaiming responsibility for humanity, is to destroy all good impulse and to build up a deadly selfishness which will be a boomerang in its effect upon ourselves. Let our own children see the opportunity now theirs for Americanism in the best and traditional sense. There was never a better hour than this to be an American. May 1940, Christian Herald. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
Children S Games quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#4. Jill showed friend Kay the cute white mice.
They liked to run races for cheese.
Mice were lots of fun to play with.
Jill said, "Take Poopsie, the male one, please! - Author: Melinda K. Trotter
Children S Games quotes by Melinda K. Trotter
#5. ...[A]s you read opinions and history in school about 2004... I want you to know... that going to this war was right. No matter what you hear 20 years from now by elite media and historians, things get distorted... Just like Vietnam, I fear OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) will be abused in the same way. Just as you hear more about American soldiers in Vietnam raping women and children and shooting unarmed men, today the media is focused about this detainee debacle for two weeks solid, in contrast to American Soldiers being dragged in the streets and dismembered, which was covered for less than 72 hours. I am part of the Special Operations Forces elite... We are harder than anyone at these detention centers and let me tell you, we treat these guys with the utmost professionalism. We do not hit them, we don't humiliate them or cause them any bodily harm for the purpose of entertainment. As a Christian, one assumes great compassion... This is WAR and treated very seriously. People are being killed and it is our job to get information... The humanity in me wants me to warm them, tell them their family is okay, feed them, and even embrace them in a loving way... Most, even in my stature, feel the same way. This is the American Soldier. - Author: Eric Blehm
Children S Games quotes by Eric Blehm
#6. The English Language Amendment says above all, 'Let's see to it that our children, our young people, learn English. Let us not deny them the opportunity to participate in American life, so that they can go as far as their dreams and talents can take them. - Author: S.I. Hayakawa
Children S Games quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#7. each day 14 children under the age of 19 are killed by guns - Author: National Center For Health Statistics (U.S.) Staff
Children S Games quotes by National Center For Health Statistics (U.S.) Staff
#8. A skunk is walking by. Skunks don't hurry or hide. The dogs and cats pretend not to notice them. It is best not to. - Author: Alice Provensen
Children S Games quotes by Alice Provensen
#9. (Text Message)
Lillay/Me Being Held Hostage
Mer Dude Does Not
No A Thing About Texting - Author: C.H. Garbutt
Children S Games quotes by C.H. Garbutt
#10. It's funny how the ugly duckling always has so many beautiful things to teach us. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Children S Games quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#11. I find it appalling that the Church claims Mary consented at the age of thirteen to become the mother of God."

"But she did," James said. "There is ample evidence to show she consented."

"Isn't that the classic defense of the pedophile?" Helena asked. "In Christ's time and even today in some countries in the Middle East and India, child marriages are customary. But that doesn't make it right. In Europe and the U.S. we prosecute adults for preying on children. God would be arrested for impregnating a girl below the age of consent."

"People didn't live as long then," James said.

Helena would not back down. "But human biology hasn't changed. My point is she was too young to consent. The brain of a young teenager isn't fully developed."

"The mysteries of the faith require us to have faith."

"Don't hide behind that nonsense. What kind of message is the Church sending to women? Only virgin children are pure? Experienced mothers are impure and unfit to raise Christ? It's creepy and insulting when you think about it, but you would have me suspend rational judgment and just accept something I would tear your eyes out for thinking about my underage sister? - Author: Janet M. Tavakoli
Children S Games quotes by Janet M. Tavakoli
#12. Imagination Lives in Books! - Author: Cathie Whitmore
Children S Games quotes by Cathie Whitmore
#13. My Selection wasn't a farce, but it wasn't that far off. My father chose all the
contestants by hand, picking young women with political alliances, influential families, or enough
charm to make the entire country worship the ground they walked on. He knew he had to make it
varied enough to seem legit, so there were three Fives thrown into the mix but nothing below that.
The Fives were meant to be little more than throwaways to keep anyone from being suspicious."
I realized my mouth was gaping open and shut it immediately. "Mom?"
"Was meant to be gone almost immediately. Truth be told, she barely made it past my father 's
attempts to sway my opinion or remove her himself. And look at her now." His whole face changed.
"Though it was hard for me to imagine, she is even more beloved as queen than my mother. She has
made four beautiful, intelligent, strong children. And she has been the source of every happiness in
my life. - Author: Kiera Cass
Children S Games quotes by Kiera Cass
#14. Only sweet people with good virtues can go to fairyland. Those who treat others meanly and without respect can never go there. - Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi
Children S Games quotes by Janaki Sooriyarachchi
#15. We were all different shapes, sizes, and colors. But, we were all kindergartners and we all were excited.

Mr. Shipman;s Kindergarten Chronicles: The First Day of School - Author: Terance Shipman
Children S Games quotes by Terance Shipman
#16. It is Nixon himself who represents that dark, venal and incurably violent side of the American character that almost every country in the world has learned to fear and despise. Our Barbie-doll president, with his Barbie-doll wife and his boxful of Barbie-doll children is also America's answer to the monstrous Mr. Hyde. He speaks for the Werewolf in us; the bully, the predatory shyster who turns into something unspeakable, full of claws and bleeding string-warts on nights when the moon comes too close ... - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Children S Games quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#17. Put a small child in a playpen with an apple and a bunny. If s/he eats the apple and plays with the bunny, s/he's normal;but if s/he eats the bunny and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car. Somewhere along the line we must have been TAUGHT to do the wrong thing. - Author: Maynard James Keenan
Children S Games quotes by Maynard James Keenan
#18. Even though Christ Himself would not deliver us from the power of the Totalitarian State, as He did not deliver Himself, we must see His purpose in it all. Maybe his children are being persecuted by the world in order that they might withdraw themselves from the world. Maybe His most violent enemies may be doing His work negatively, for it could be the mission of totalitarianism to preside over the liquidation of a modern world that became indifferent to God and His moral laws. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Children S Games quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#19. Indigo People pierce the shadowy border between reality and the paranormal… - Author: Sahara Sanders
Children S Games quotes by Sahara Sanders
#20. Wealth that stays to give enjoyment and satisfaction to its owner comes gradually, because it is a child born of knowledge and persistent purpose. - Author: George S. Clason
Children S Games quotes by George S. Clason
#21. Would you like some warm Spring pie?
Then, take a cup of clear blue sky.
Stir in buzzes from a bee,
Add the laughter of a tree.

A dash of sunlight should suffice
To give the dew a hint of spice.
Mix with berries, plump and sweet.
Top with fluffy clouds, and eat! - Author: Paul F. Kortepeter
Children S Games quotes by Paul F. Kortepeter
#22. Squatting on old bones and excrement and rusty iron, in a white blaze of heat, a panorama of naked idiots stretches to the horizon. Complete silence - their speech centres are destroyed - except for the crackle of sparks and the popping of singed flesh as they apply electrodes up and down the spine. White smoke of burning flesh hangs in the motionless air. A group of children have tied an idiot to a post with barbed wire and built a fire between his legs and stand watching with bestial curiosity as the flames lick his thighs. His flesh jerks in the fire with insect agony. - Author: William S. Burroughs
Children S Games quotes by William S. Burroughs
#23. My famous quote comes from my Storybook for Children Titled "Where's the Soda Tub"? Author Migdalia Torres

We are Bears, We are not suppose to be afraid of the Dark and Dangerous Woods - Author: Migdalia Torres
Children S Games quotes by Migdalia Torres
#24. Disappointment overwhelmed him. He sat down on the large rock, feeling more miserable than ever. He thought he would just stay a while and think about things. It was cool and peaceful in the cave and the sweet fragrance was soothing. It was good just to be alone. He wouldn't tell the others about his discovery; they would only come here and spoil it. This would be his own secret. He suddenly wished that the cave was nearer home, then he could come here often. This could be his secret place, his thinking place. This could be his wishing cave. - Author: Ellie B Morris
Children S Games quotes by Ellie B Morris
#25. Ten or twelve men, especially between brothers and between fathers and sons; but the offspring of these unions are counted as the children of the man with whom a particular woman cohabited first. - Author: Winston S. Churchill
Children S Games quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#26. Life on
Life on the reservation
Life on the reservation is dirty
Life on the reservation is dirty, filthy
Life on the reservation is dirty, filthy dogs.

(Dena Colhoff, student) - Author: Timothy P. McLaughlin
Children S Games quotes by Timothy P. McLaughlin
#27. Hey,508! Your room is right above mine. You never said."
St. Clair smiles. "Maybe I didn't want you blaming me for keeping you up at night with my noisy stomping boots."
"Dude.You do stomp."
"I know.I'm sorry." He laughs and holds the door open for me.His room is neater than I expected. I always picture the guys with disgusting bedrooms-mountains of soiled boxer shorts and sweat-stained undershirts,unmade beds with sheets that haven't been changed in weeks, posters of beer bottles and women in neon bikinis,empty soda cans and chip bags,and random bits of model airplanes and discarded video games.s - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Children S Games quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#28. It's exciting to watch young children read poetry for the first time. You can sense the wheels turning and you just know their brain is doing this wonderful thing called learning. It's magical! - Author: Elaine Grey
Children S Games quotes by Elaine Grey
#29. When you write, magic happens. Doors open. People smile and the world is a better place - Author: Alan Dapre
Children S Games quotes by Alan Dapre
#30. Over the past couple of months, Chantel had become a pro at leading book discussions and inventing fun games and trivia questions that all related to that particular month's book selection. Although, last month's theme, dystopian and the book selection "Matched" by Allie Condie, had the retirement home director a little concerned when everyone wanted to stop taking their medications. Not... a good... thing! - Author: JoJo Sutis
Children S Games quotes by JoJo Sutis
#31. Those who grieve frequently find themselves alone. Missed is the laughter of children, the commotion of teenagers, and the tender, loving concern of a departed companion. The clock ticks more loudly, time passes more slowly, and four walls can indeed a prison make. I extol those who, with loving care and compassionate concern, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and house the homeless. He who notes the sparrow's fall will not be unmindful of such service. - Author: Thomas S. Monson
Children S Games quotes by Thomas S. Monson
#32. [Children] are taught that it is a virtue to accept statements without adequate evidence, which leaves them a prey to quacks of every kind in later life, and makes it very difficult for them to accept the methods of thought which are successful in science. - Author: John B. S. Haldane
Children S Games quotes by John B. S. Haldane
#33. One may enter the literary parlor via just about any door, be it the prison door, the madhouse door, or the brothel door. There is but one door one may not enter it through, which is the child room door. The critics will never forgive you such. The great Rudyard Kipling is one of a number of people to have suffered from this. I keep wondering to myself what this peculiar contempt towards anything related to childhood is all about. - Author: Michael Ende
Children S Games quotes by Michael Ende
#34. Kid's heads are filled with so many nonfacts that when they get out of school they're totally unprepared to do anything. They can't read, they can't write, they can't think. Talk about child abuse. The U.S. school system as a whole qualifies. - Author: Frank Zappa
Children S Games quotes by Frank Zappa
#35. You are never so lost that your angels cannot find you. - Author: Jeff Rees Jones
Children S Games quotes by Jeff Rees Jones
#36. Like representative government, soccer has been imported from England and democratized in the United States. It has become the great social and athletic equalizer for suburban America. From kindergarten, girls are placed on equal footing with boys. In the fall, weekend soccer games are a prevalent in suburbia as yard sales. Girls have their own leagues, or they play with boys, and they suffer from no tradition that says that women will grow up professionally to be less successful than men.

'In the United States, not only are girls on equal footing, but the perception now is that American women can be better than American men,' said Donna Shalala, the Secretary of Health and Human Services. 'That's a turning point, a huge breakthrough in perception. - Author: Jere Longman
Children S Games quotes by Jere Longman
#37. It's a funny thing, in the US we all believe that we have a right to go to school. We have a right to a good education. And we don't. The U.S. Constitution contains no right for a child to go to school, let alone for a child to go to a good school. And yet, we know that if they don't go to a good school, they're less likely to be able to realize all that this country has to offer. - Author: Benjamin Jealous
Children S Games quotes by Benjamin Jealous

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