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Got no checkbooks, got no banks. Still I'd like to express my thanks - I've got the sun in the mornin' and the moon at night. ~ Irving Berlin
Checkbooks quotes by Irving Berlin
Long-married couples balance their checkbooks as a substitute for love-making, or they refuse each other love by protesting one another's financial error or excess. ~ Diana Trilling
Checkbooks quotes by Diana Trilling
soldiers on the battlefield of consumerism, armed with vinyl-covered checkbooks and quilted handbags. ~ Gillian Flynn
Checkbooks quotes by Gillian Flynn
When the NSSF fights against legislation designed to prevent mass shootings because it "won't work and is a violation of rights," we understand that many people agree with that argument. But that's not, at all, even a little bit why the organization lobbies so hard. It works hand in hand with the NRA and certain senators, and spends millions of dollars per year for one reason and one reason only: to make more money. And every time a shooting happens, it makes even more money.

Yes. For real. When a mass shooting makes national headlines, the gun lobby purposefully stokes up fear and paranoia over proposed new gun laws so that scared citizens get out their checkbooks and buy a new AR-15 (or sporting rifle). So why would the NSSF have any interest in stopping mass shootings? Why would it engage politically and invest in compromise, a reform plan that attempts to make all Americans safer, or any sort of reckoning of the role guns play in gun violence? It won't.

However you feel about guns and their place in America - whether we're talking about rifles for hunting or assault rifles, or anything in between - it's undeniable that the gun lobby has refused to acknowledge or entertain any sort of regulation or reform aimed at making us a safer and saner nation. The reason why: because that does not make it more money. A customer base kept terrified at all times that this will be "the last chance before the government bans" whatever gun manufacturers are peddlin ~ Trae Crowder
Checkbooks quotes by Trae Crowder
Some have characterized the boomers as optimistic, but to my view they were simply soft and rather unprepared. They didn't know how to cook or sew or balance their own checkbooks. They were bad at opening the mail. They got headaches while trying to lead Girl Scout meetings, and they sat down in folding chairs with their fingers pinching the bridges of their noses, trying not to cry over how boring and hard life had turned out to be, as around them feverish little girls screamed with laughter over the fact that one of them had stepped in poop.. ~ Rufi Thorpe
Checkbooks quotes by Rufi Thorpe
Remind your humans of the traditional value of the newspaper by helping them to read every time they sit down with one. If there are no newspapers available, shred mail, magazines, checkbooks and other documents to point out the value of stocking less permanent media in the feline household. If your computer skills are up to the task, preorder five years of home delivery of the Sunday New York Times. Now there's a paper you can spend hours killing. Save the magazine and book review for enjoyment later in the week. ~ Michael Ray Taylor
Checkbooks quotes by Michael Ray Taylor
If present trends continue, our country may soon find itself far behind many other nations in both science and technology nations where, if you inform strangers that you are a mathematician, they respond with admiration and not by telling you how much they hated math in school, and how they sure could use you to balance their checkbooks. ~ Martin Gardner
Checkbooks quotes by Martin Gardner
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