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#1. One immense old lady has a family of lively young crocodiles running over her, evidently playing like a lot of kittens. The heavy musky smell they give off is most repulsive, but we do not rise up and make a row about this, because we feel hopelessly in the wrong in intruding into these family scenes uninvited ... - Author: Mary Kingsley
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Mary Kingsley
#2. Animals are divine messengers of miracles that go far beyond emotional comfort and practical assistance. Talk to those who have been transported to a heavenly place by the gentle purring of a kitten or whose broken hearts, burdened by worry and pain, have been mended by a dog licking their hand. They will tell you that animals connect them with the River of Life in ways poets imagine and mystics contemplate. They will tell you that their deepest and most sincere relationships with animals are spiritual partnerships. - Author: Allen Anderson
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Allen Anderson
#3. From his vantage point on the window sill, The Dude cocked a rear leg back over his head and proceeded to lick at his private parts with a thoroughness that would make a lesser man blush. I shook my head at the sight and mumbled, "Show off," in the animal's general direction. For a moment the tiny kitten hesitated, leg still extended behind its head, face still over its crotch. It narrowed its eyes at me, let out a displeased sound, then promptly got back to work.
I suppose there are worse things than being a cat. - Author: Emmett Spain
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Emmett Spain
#4. Called to give you the good news. I asked our daughter to marry me and she accepted. Congratulations, I will officially your son-in-law. Now, do you want me to call you zmum straightaway, or wait until after the wedding?"
I lew through the ir in a dive tht finally tackled him, wrenching the phone away. Bones was laughing so hard he had to breathe to get it all out.
"Mom? Are you there? Mom ... ?"
"You might want to give her a moment, Kitten. I believe she fainted. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#5. It's more the way a tough guy who doesn't like cats might look at a kitten and notice for the first time that it can be kind of cute. Sort of a reluctant, private acknowledgment that maybe cats aren't all bad. - Author: Susan Ee
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Susan Ee
#6. This Kitten Has Claws - Author: L.J.Smith
Chartreux Kitten quotes by L.J.Smith
#7. You have to get rid of my wings!" I plead
"But, I like your wings," he says, smiling sweetly while stroking them again.
I swear, if he keeps doing that I might purr like a kitten - Author: Amy A. Bartol
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#8. She is,' said Ramses judicially, 'a bloodthirsty little creature. Rather like a kitten - soft and purring and conscienceless and cruel. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Elizabeth Peters
#9. Other people, so I have read, treasure memorable moments in their lives: the time one climbed the Parthenon at sunrise, the summer night one met a lonely girl in Central Park and achieved with her a sweet and natural relationship, as they say in books. I too once met a girl in Central Park, but it is not much to remember. What I remember is the time John Wayne killed three men with a carbine as he was falling to the dusty street in Stagecoach, and the time the kitten found Orson Welles in the doorway in The Third Man. - Author: Walker Percy
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Walker Percy
#10. She was cuckoo about dime stores, where she bought cosmetics and pins and combs. After we locked the expensive purchases in the station wagon we went into McCory's or Kresge's and were there by the hour, up and down the aisles with the multitude, mostly of women, and in the loud-played love music. Some things Thea liked to buy cheaply, they maybe gave her the best sense of the innermost relations of pennies and nickels and explained the real depth of money. I don't know. But I didn't think myself too good to be wandering in the dime store with her. I went where and as she said and did whatever she wanted because I was threaded to her as if through the skin. So that any trifling object she took pleasure in could become important to me at once; anything at all, a comb or hairpin or piece of line, a compass inside a tin ring that she bought with great satisfaction, or a green billed baseball cap for the road, or the kitten she kept in the apartment - she would never be anywhere without an animal. - Author: Saul Bellow
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Saul Bellow
#11. Faith to you was more clay than mortar, and if you could interpret the gospel, so could I. So should anyone. If God wasn't mad at you for drinking wine and chain-smoking and being a homosexual, he might forgive me for stealing a kitten and trying to hide it under a blanket in the back of our station wagon. Certainly that God was preferable to others who wouldn't let you in Heaven if you said bad words or drank Mountain Dew. - Author: Mary-Louise Parker
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Mary-Louise Parker
#12. I want to know all of your family - your aunt and her husband and her son and also your uncle the pastor. I anticipate your uncle the pastor! He will try to convert me, maybe?"
"Are you kidding? Uncle Theron couldn't convert a kitten."
"Theron," Pyotr repeated. He made it sound like "Seron." "You are doing this to torture me?"
"Doing what?"
"So many th names!"
"Oh," Kate said. "Yes, and my mother's name was Thea."
He groaned. "What is the surname of these people?" he asked.
After the briefest pause, she said, "Thwaite."
"My God!" He clapped a hand to his forehead.
She laughed. "I'm pulling your leg," she told him. He lowered his hand and looked at her. "I was just kidding," she clarified. "Really their surname is Dell."
"Ah," he said. "You were joking. You made a joke. You were teasing me!" And he started capering around the cart. "Oh, Kate; oh, my comical Kate; oh, Katya mine…"
"Stop it!" she said. People were staring at them. "Quit that and tell me which syrup you want."
He stopped capering and selected a bottle, seemingly at random, and dropped it into the cart. - Author: Anne Tyler
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Anne Tyler
#13. Julia smiled as if he'd given her a present and eagerly sat in it, pulling her legs under herself and curling up like a kitten. Gabriel could swear that he heard her purring. He smiled at the sight of her, momentarily relaxed and almost happy over such a trivial event. - Author: Sylvain Reynard
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#14. My gaze crept to where Sadi stood only a few feet from her, breathing heavily. Her white blouse was torn. Buttons popped and missing. Her normally coiffed hair looked like she'd been inside a wind tunnel, but the best part? Fingernail marks were etched down the side of Sadi's face and reddish-blue blood had been drawn. A disturbing level of pride rippled through me. Kitten got claws and then some. "She doesn't play nice with others," Sadi huffed out. "So I'm in the process of adjusting her attitude." "And I'm in the process of getting ready to cut out your heart, bitch." In spite of everything that was so damn messed up, my lips twitched into a small smile. "Get out. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#15. Until you've got your mouth full of cocaine, you don't know what kissing is. One kiss goes on from phase to phase like one of those novels by Balzac and Zola and Romain Rolland and D. H. Lawrence and those chaps. And you never get tire. You're on fourth speed all the time, and the engine purrs like a kitten, a big white kitten with the stars in its whiskers. - Author: Aleister Crowley
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Aleister Crowley
#16. Theres nothing more fun than a kitten in zero gravity. - Author: Steve Merrick
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Steve Merrick
#17. Mew, the kitten retorted, locking gazes with him. It had the expression common to all kittens, that of a tyrant in the becoming. 'I was comfortable, and you dared to move,' those jade eyes said. 'For that you must die.' When it became apparent to the cat that its two or three pounds of mass were insufficient to break Locke's neck with one mighty snap, it put its paws on his shoulders and began sharing its drool-covered nose with his lips. He recoiled. - Author: Scott Lynch
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Scott Lynch
#18. I wanted to deny him, but that's the terrible power of a diary: it not only calls forth the person you used to be but rubs your nose in him, reminding you that not all change is evolutionary. More often than not, you didn't learn from your mistakes. You didn't get wiser, but simply older, growing from the twenty-five-year-old who got stoned and accidentally peed on his friend Katherine's kitten to the thirty-five-year-old who got drunk and peed in the sandbox at his old elementary school. "The sandbox!" my sister Amy said at the time. "Don't you realize that children have to pee in there? - Author: David Sedaris
Chartreux Kitten quotes by David Sedaris
#19. He opened the box and took out the kitten. It stared at him with the normal mad amazement of kittens everywhere.
I DON'T HOLD WITH CRUELTY TO CATS, said Death, putting it gently on the floor. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Terry Pratchett
#20. You know there's absolutely nothing you could do that would be wrong, don't you?" Biting his lip, he ran the smooth head across the seam of her lips. "You could lap at it like a kitten, and I'd come like the dirty motherfucker I am. - Author: Tessa Bailey
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Tessa Bailey
#21. What feeling is so nice as a child's hand in yours? So small, so soft and warm, like a kitten huddling in the shelter of your clasp. - Author: Marjorie Holmes
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Marjorie Holmes
#22. Have you ever noticed the softness of a kitten's feet? - they are like raspberries to hold in one's hand. - Author: Anne Douglas Sedgwick
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
#23. Nothing says you care like sending someone a kitten. - Author: Brian South
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Brian South
#24. You cannot rob robbers with a kitten in your hat! - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#25. Isn't she doing this too? Connecting and disconnecting. Facing grief then turning from it. One minute she is caught up in minutiae. Will her feet get sore standing in heels at the church? Have they made enough food? Will the kitten get scared by dozens of strangers in the house? Should she shut him in a room upstairs? The next moment she is weeping uncontrollably, taken over by pain so profound she can barely move. Then there was the salad bowl incident; her own fury scared her. But maybe these are different ways of dealing with events for all of them. Molly and Luke are infantile echos of her, their emotions paired down, their reactions simpler but similar. For if they have difficulty taking in what has happened, then so too does she. Why is she dressing up, for instance? Why can't she wear clothes to reflect the fact that she is at her lowest end? A tracksuit, a jumper full of holes, dirty jeans? Why can't she leave her hair a mess, her face unmade up? The crazed and grieving Karen doesn't care about her appearance. Yet she must go through with this charade, polish herself and her children to perfection. She, in particular, must hold it together. Oh, she can cry, yes, that's allowed. People expect that. They will sympathize. But what about screaming, howling, and hurling plates like she did yesterday? She imagines the shocked faces as she shouts and swears and smashes everything. But she is so angry, surely others must feel the same. Maybe a plate throwing ceremony would be - Author: Sarah Rayner
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Sarah Rayner
#26. One was an ancient tortoiseshell cat with arthritis, who creaked around the house--but when Aunt Sibby flickered her fingers and crooned, Miminy, miminy, tall-as-a-chi-mi-ny, danced on his hind legs like a kitten. - Author: Jane Louise Curry
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Jane Louise Curry
#27. The first time I met Crenshaw was about three years ago, right after first grade ended. It was early evening, and my family and I had parked at a rest stop off a highway. I was lying on the grass near a picnic table, gazing up at the stars blinking to life. I heard a noise, a wheels-on-gravel skateboard sound. I sat up on my elbows. Sure enough, a skater on a board was threading his way through the parking lot. I could see right away that he was an unusual guy. He was a black and white kitten. A big one, taller than me. His eyes were the sparkly color of morning grass. He was wearing a black and orange San Francisco Giants baseball cap. He hopped off his board and headed my way. He was standing on two legs just like a human. "Meow," he said. "Meow," I said back, because it seemed polite. - Author: Katherine Applegate
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Katherine Applegate
#28. When I came here two nights ago, I swore to myself that I'd reduce you to a purring kitten, lapping creams from a bowl at my feet. - Author: Amanda Bonilla
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Amanda Bonilla
#29. If you like cats and have some, you get kittens; and if you like kittens and enjoy having them about, they grow up and you get more cats. - Author: Paul Gallico
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Paul Gallico
#30. I'll be honest, I felt an urge to squeeze him like a kitten and that led to the gesture I made. There was nothing behind it really. - Author: Vladimir Putin
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Vladimir Putin
#31. Charlotte held out her hand. She was somewhat surprised when Linnet suddenly embraced her.
"Keep those claws sharp, kitten. I hope we'll meet again soon."
Hugging the girl tightly, Charlotte felt her throat closing and her eyes pricking with heat. "I hope so too. - Author: Andrea Cremer
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Andrea Cremer
#32. I don't know Kitten," she said, zipping up her money belt, "but I'll tell you one thing--if it were a book, I wouldn't be able to put it down. - Author: Kate Mulgrew
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Kate Mulgrew
#33. Are you acquainted with the mood of mind in which, if you were seated alone, and the cat licking its kitten on the rug before you, you would watch the operation so intently that puss's neglect of one ear would put you seriously out of temper? - Author: Emily Bronte
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Emily Bronte
#34. John," I whispered, and he nodded. "It's okay, Kitten, your little girl is fine too. - Author: Mayra Statham
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Mayra Statham
#35. Kitten, you are the beat to my deadened heart, the light of my soul-less soul. You are seriously the only one that was ever made just for me. You are my 'light' – my everything. You are mine." - Zander to Sylver - Author: Mel Ballew
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Mel Ballew
#36. Hannah's magic cure for every ill," he teased. "Blueberry cake and a kitten. - Author: Elizabeth George Speare
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Elizabeth George Speare
#37. Wait a minute. Wait just a hairball kakking minute. - Author: Jody Wallace
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Jody Wallace
#38. It's funny: I put money into short films, and I put really good actors in it, and I write some stuff that's really funny, and I'll get, like, a million views. But to the right of me, there will be a video of a kitten that falls into a toilet bowl, and it's three seconds long, and it will get 25 million views. - Author: Ben Schwartz
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Ben Schwartz
#39. There had been something in the details he had chosen to describe that made her cry herself asleep that night, for the kitten, for Anthony for herself, for the pain and bitterness and cruelty of all the world. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Chartreux Kitten quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#40. The song 'Wolf Eyes,' I wrote because I felt like I was such a kitten. I want to be more of a wolf. I want to be stronger and more independent. I sort of wrote the song for that. - Author: Sydney Wayser
Chartreux Kitten quotes by Sydney Wayser

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