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#1. The changing seasons of circumstance can melt away stretches of our lives like frost in the warmth of spring. - Author: Richard Paul Evans
Changing Seasons quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#2. Each generation stamps itself onto the next one. The impression is indelible. Like the flowers in my mother's gardens that come and go with the changing seasons, life re-creates itself. And the best of life must be nurtured if it is to thrive. - Author: Lurlene McDaniel
Changing Seasons quotes by Lurlene McDaniel
#3. Why is hesed love so important? Because life is moody. Feelings come and go. Pressures rise and fall. Passions ebb and flow. Hesed is a stake in the heart of the changing seasons of life. Words of commitment create a bond that stands against life's moodiness. - Author: Paul E. Miller
Changing Seasons quotes by Paul E. Miller
#4. The world doesn't keep spinning and changing seasons for us to remain DORMANT. The world continues to change because we continues to change because we continue to change and because change is a BEAUTIFUL thing. - Author: Netiera Danise
Changing Seasons quotes by Netiera Danise
#5. Wherever you may go; Life is a beautiful thing. Life is like a passing season. It comes and go. Whatever may come, it's better to enjoy the changing seasons. - Author: Diana Rose Morcilla
Changing Seasons quotes by Diana Rose Morcilla
#6. At first of course everybody had been quiet, fearful. The funeral procession snaked its way through the drab, slushy little city in dead silence. The only sound was the slap-slap-slap of thousands of sockless shoes on the silver-wet road that led to the Mazar-e-Shohadda. Young men carried seventeen coffins on their shoulders. Seventeen plus one, that is, for the re-murdered Usman Abdullah, who obviously could not be entered twice in the books. So, seventeen-plus-one tin coffins wove through the streets, winking back at the winter sun. To someone looking down at the city from the ring of high mountains that surrounded it, the procession would have looked like a column of brown ants carrying seventeen-plus-one sugar crystals to their anthill to feed their queen. Perhaps to a student of history and human conflict, in relative terms that's all the little procession amounted to: a column of ants making off with some crumbs that had fallen from the high table. As wars go, this was only a small one. Nobody paid much attention. So it went on and on. So it folded and unfolded over decades, gathering people into its unhinged embrace. Its cruelties became as natural as the changing seasons, each came with its own unique range of scent and blossom, its own cycle of loss and renewal, disruption and normalcy, uprisings and elections.

Of all the sugar crystals carried by the ants that winter morning, the smallest crystal of course went by the name of Miss Jebeen. - Author: Arundhati Roy
Changing Seasons quotes by Arundhati Roy
#7. Some said living with cancer had made them wiser, more self-realized, while others had reordered their priorities in life, grown stronger, learned to say no to activities they no longer valued and yes to things that really mattered - such as loving their family and friends, observing the beauty about them, savoring the changing seasons. - Author: Irvin D. Yalom
Changing Seasons quotes by Irvin D. Yalom
#8. The fount of joy was bubbling in thine eyes,
Dancing was in thy feet,
And on thy lips a laugh that never dies,
Unutterably sweet.
Dance on! for ever young, for ever fair,
Lightfooted as a frightened bounding deer,
Thy wreath of vine-leaves twisted in thy hair,
Through all the changing seasons of the year ... - Author: Vita Sackville-West
Changing Seasons quotes by Vita Sackville-West
#9. Summer rushes in on the heels of spring, eager to take her turn; and then she dances with wild abandon. But the time soon comes when she gratefully falls, exhausted and sated, into the auburn arms of autumn. - Author: Cristen Rodgers
Changing Seasons quotes by Cristen Rodgers
#10. Without intuitive and instinctual knowledge, animals and human beings could not endure. All animals possess the basic instinct for survival, and their instinctual behavior exhibits many traits of advance planning. All animals prepare for future contingencies such as changing seasons and the birth of their young. They also know when they are ill and make advance arrangements for their demise. Human survival frequently calls for us to be true to our animal instincts. Organized impulses rule all animals including human beings because they ensure self-preservation and continuation of the species. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Changing Seasons quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#11. I am an African. I owe my being to the hills and the valleys, the mountains and the glades, the rivers, the deserts, the trees, the flowers, the seas and the ever-changing seasons that define the face of our native land. - Author: Thabo Mbeki
Changing Seasons quotes by Thabo Mbeki
#12. It was the best place to be, thought Wilbur, this warm delicious cellar, with the garrulous geese, the changing seasons, the heat of the sun, the passage of swallows, the nearness of rats, the sameness of sheep, the love of spiders, the smell of manure, and the glory of everything. - Author: E.B. White
Changing Seasons quotes by E.B. White
#13. Yes I have done it all. Tested the shallow waters, swam through the dangerous tides, met strangers, seen friends turn strangers, taken risks to achieve my goals, persevered to out do myself each time, rose high, fell hard, learned to climb, learned to dream and in dreaming learned to relate to reality.
I have earned respect, achieved things very young, believed in my potential, questioned it too but through it all I have never stopped to aspire. I am a human and I must adapt to the changing seasons, learn new skills and master them all.
Now as I stand and look up, I see a heap of laurels yet to achieve and chest of mysteries yet to resolve. I am not one in the crowd. I'll forever be the one whom they could never be - Author: Adhish Mazumder
Changing Seasons quotes by Adhish Mazumder
#14. There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves. - Author: Joe L. Wheeler
Changing Seasons quotes by Joe L. Wheeler
#15. Those who choose to have no real purpose in life are ever rootless and dissatisfied, tossed by their aimlessness into ever-changing situations. - Author: Seneca.
Changing Seasons quotes by Seneca.
#16. Instead of buying a guitar for $2,000 or $2,500 - I'm not sure how much these are going for - but it's maybe $300 or something like that. It's more for beginners and stuff like that. Obviously it's not hitting the pros. And you can't get the Piezo pickup and the color-changing paint and the inlays and all the fancy things that my signature guitars offer, but you can get the general feel of the guitar - and the body style. It's cool. - Author: John Petrucci
Changing Seasons quotes by John Petrucci
#17. As meditation deepens, compulsions, cravings, and fits of emotions begin to lose their power to dictate our behavior. We see clearly that choices are possible: we can say yes, or we can say no.
... "All we are is the result of what we have thought." By changing our mode of thinking, we can remake ourselves completely. - Author: Eknath Easwaran
Changing Seasons quotes by Eknath Easwaran
#18. Who am I? What should I do in life? What is the meaning of life? Humans have been asking these questions from time immemorial. Every generation needs a new answer, because what we know and don't know keeps changing. Given everything we know and don't know about science, about God, about politics and about religion – what is the best answer we can give today?
What kind of an answer do people expect? In almost all cases, when people ask about the meaning of life, they expect to be told a story. Homo sapiens is a storytelling animal, that thinks in stories rather than in numbers or graphs, and believes that the universe itself works like a story, replete with heroes and villains, conflicts and resolutions, climaxes and happy endings. When we look for the meaning of life, we want a story that will explain what reality is all about and what is my particular role in the cosmic drama. This role defines who I am, and gives meaning to all my experiences and choices.
One popular story, told for thousands of years to billions of anxious humans, explains that we are all part of an eternal cycle that encompasses and connects all beings. Each being has a distinctive function to fulfil in the cycle. To understand the meaning of life means to understand your unique function, and to live a good life means to accomplish that function. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Changing Seasons quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#19. I was a dandelion puff...Some saw the beauty in me and stooped quietly to admire my innocence. Others saw the potential of what I could do for them, so they uprooted me, seeking to shape me around their needs. They blew at my head, scattering my hair from the roots, changing me to suit them. Yet still others saw me as something that was unworthy and needed to be erased. - Author: Nicole Bailey-Williams
Changing Seasons quotes by Nicole Bailey-Williams
#20. The scientists I looked up to at the beginning were not Latino. They were famous scientists of many years ago, like Madame Curie. Later, I realized that there were also, but a very few, Latino scientists. There were good ones, but very few, because there wasn't as much a tradition to be a scientist in our culture. But this is changing. - Author: Mario J. Molina
Changing Seasons quotes by Mario J. Molina
#21. Water, whether still or in motion, has so great an attraction for the lover of nature, that the most beautiful landscape seems scarcely complete without it. There are no effects so fascinating as those produced by the reflexions in nature's living mirror, with their delicacy of form, ever fleeting and changing, and their subtle combinations of colour. - Author: William Montagu-Pollock
Changing Seasons quotes by William Montagu-Pollock
#22. A good album can make your day. A great album can change your life. - Author: Hunter Hayes
Changing Seasons quotes by Hunter Hayes
#23. I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better. - Author: Glennon Doyle Melton
Changing Seasons quotes by Glennon Doyle Melton
#24. During the season, it's a lot of maintaining your fitness, so in the winter time is when the main work is done. During the season, I just try to maintain my speed with different types of drills with my trainer. I also work on some muscles. If there's ever any injuries during races, then I'll focus a lot of my time on the muscle recovery. - Author: Valtteri Bottas
Changing Seasons quotes by Valtteri Bottas
#25. For throughout history, the synthesizing impulse has proved a powerful even world-changing, tool for understanding the universe, capable of penetrating the intricate,contradictory web of surface phenomena to reveal the universal,unified cosmos beneath
that fundamental,unchanging phenomenon we call truth. - Author: Gerard Helferich
Changing Seasons quotes by Gerard Helferich
#26. What I call innocence is the spirit's unself-conscious state at any moment of pure devotion to any object. It is at once a receptiveness and total concentration. One needn't be, shouldn't be, reduced to a puppy. If you wish to tell me that the city offers galleries, I'll pour you a drink and enjoy your company while it lasts; but I'll bear with me to my grave those pure moments at the Tate (was it the Tate?) where I stood planted, open-mouthed, born, before that one particular canvas, that river up to my neck, gasping, lost, receding into watercolor depth and depth to the vanishing point, buoyant, awed, and had to be literally hauled away. These are our few live seasons. Let us live them as purely as we can, in the present. - Author: Annie Dillard
Changing Seasons quotes by Annie Dillard
#27. And our madness-measure is always changing. Probably we are less tolerant of madness now than at any period in history. There is no place for it. Crucially, there is no time for it.

Going mad takes time. Getting sane takes time. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Changing Seasons quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#28. Now, a lot of people have given up on government. And if you're one of those people, I would ask that you reconsider, because things are changing. Politics is not changing; government is changing. - Author: Jennifer Pahlka
Changing Seasons quotes by Jennifer Pahlka
#29. He knew that all of them were shadows: the chanters, the dead, the living. All shadows, moving across this landscape of mountains and valleys, changing the pattern of things as they moved but leaving nothing changed when they left. Only the shadows themselves could change. - Author: Karl Marlantes
Changing Seasons quotes by Karl Marlantes
#30. To have a week off in the middle of the season feels like a lot longer I think, so I feel really good. Hopefully I can go out there and get some runs. - Author: Ricky Ponting
Changing Seasons quotes by Ricky Ponting
#31. In living and in seeing other men, the heart must break or become as bronze. - Author: Nicolas Chamfort
Changing Seasons quotes by Nicolas Chamfort
#32. We are changing all the time and this never changes.
It is not whether we change, it is how much and in what direction we change. These choices are ours can only be made by us - Author: Ted Agon
Changing Seasons quotes by Ted Agon
#33. Change makes us confront the great unknown. It introduces different things into our lives. Different places. Different ideas. Different people. It's all hard to accept at times, and change can often be a little scary. But if there's one fact that I've learned from raising a family, from running several businesses, from serving in Congress and now as Governor, it's that nothing has ever grown without changing. - Author: Bob Riley
Changing Seasons quotes by Bob Riley
#34. The true essence of reconciliation is more than making friends with nonindigenous people. Our motto is united Australia, one that respects the land and the heritage of its indigenous peoples and provides justice and equity for all. I think reconciliation is about changing the structures that govern us and trying to influence opinion leaders in whatever way we can. - Author: Jackie Huggins
Changing Seasons quotes by Jackie Huggins
#35. How do geese know when to fly to the sun? Who tells them the seasons? How do we, humans know when it is time to move on? As with the migrant birds, so surely with us, there is a voice within if only we would listen to it, that tells us certainly when to go forth into the unknown. - Author: Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Changing Seasons quotes by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
#36. Every season is likeable, and wet days and fine, red wine and white, company and solitude. Even sleep, that deplorable curtailment of the joy of life, can be full of dreams; and the most common actions ― a walk, a talk, solitude in one's own orchard ― can be enhanced and lit up by the association of the mind. Beauty is everywhere, and beauty is only two finger's-breadth from goodness. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Changing Seasons quotes by Virginia Woolf
#37. The American family is not simply changing; it is getting weaker ... Family decline drives some of our most urgent social problems ... The heart of the family problem lies in the steady breakup of the two-parent home. - Author: David Popenoe
Changing Seasons quotes by David Popenoe
#38. Invention and entrepreneurship isn't about pure technology. Most people take whatever they see in front of them and relate it to something they understand. For at least ten years after Ford started building cars, people called them horseless carriages. It wasn't obvious to call it a car. They used to call the radio 'the wireless.' Innovation is much more about changing people and their perceptions and their attitudes and their willingness to accept change than it is about physics and engineering. - Author: Dean Kamen
Changing Seasons quotes by Dean Kamen
#39. As the trees turned red, then white, then naked as pitchforks, Margot and Xiao Chen immersed themselves in several forests' worth of pages, and I watched, tortured, as brick after brick of a new development was laid on the wasteland of Midtown West like slabs of gold bullion. - Author: Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Changing Seasons quotes by Carolyn Jess-Cooke
#40. An island of surety in a changing world. - Author: Bill Veeck
Changing Seasons quotes by Bill Veeck
#41. All things are like spring dreams, passing with no trace. - Author: Su Tung-po
Changing Seasons quotes by Su Tung-po
#42. ... anyway it wasn't your reading that started this. It was the laugher, the carefree laughter, the three dimensional Coca Cola advertisement that you were, the try-anything-once friends, the imperviousness to all that came before you, the chain phone calls, the in-jokes, the instant success, the beach houses, the white lace underwear, the private dancing, the good-graced acceptance pf part-time shift work, the apparent absence of expectations, the ever-changing disposable cults of the rural, the family, the eastern, the modern, the postmodern, the impoverished, the sleekly deregulated, the orgasm, the feminine, the feminist, and then the way you canceled with the air of one making a salad - Author: Elliot Perlman
Changing Seasons quotes by Elliot Perlman
#43. As every season seems best to us in its turn, so the coming in of spring is like the creation of Cosmos out of Chaos and the realization of the Golden Age. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Changing Seasons quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#44. Wisdom can see the red, the rose, the stained and sculptured curve of grey, the charcoal scars of fire, and see around that living tower of tree the hermit tatters of old bark split down and strip to end the season; and can be quiet and not look for reasons past the edge of reason. - Author: Judith Wright
Changing Seasons quotes by Judith Wright
#45. What is our human dilemma? That the nature of life is problematic. Problems are not an exception; they are the norm. The world offers recurring and seemingly endless conundrums for us to deal with. We cannot stop problems, but we can end our suffering, and we can achieve true, lasting happiness by understanding the nature of our mind and changing the way we approach our emotional struggles. - Author: Karuna Cayton
Changing Seasons quotes by Karuna Cayton
#46. The key is to break up the deployment into phases. Instead of adding, changing, and removing stuff - such as database columns and tables, constraints, services - all at once, add the new items early, with ways to ensure forward compatibility for the old version of the code. Later, after the release is rolled out, remove stuff that is no longer referenced, and add any new constraints that would have broken the old version. - Author: Anonymous
Changing Seasons quotes by Anonymous
#47. In New England, farmers say, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute!" Meaning, of course, that New England weather is constantly changing. This is like the brain and its mind. - Author: J. Allan Hobson
Changing Seasons quotes by J. Allan Hobson
#48. The game in beauty is changing so much, if your product isn't high tech or can't make a unique performance claim - plump your lips, reduce your lines, look glossy, and stay on for 24 hours - you can't go to market today. I'm not just talking about a $20 lipstick, but a $5 lipstick! - Author: Andrea Jung
Changing Seasons quotes by Andrea Jung
#49. Showrunning is not a one-man job; it's literally impossible to do for one person. I have learned the hard way now from two seasons, one with Red Widow, and this, I can't control everything. I certainly have tried, but having an incredibly strong team around you, surrounding yourself with incredibly talented people, that is the trick, and I certainly had that for the first season here of Jessica Jones. - Author: Melissa Rosenberg
Changing Seasons quotes by Melissa Rosenberg
#50. that is subject to accelerated revenue recognition as a result of aggressive management estimates is one that has "multiple deliverables." In this type of arrangement, the seller provides several distinct, but intermingled deliverables over an extended period of time. For example, wireless telecom companies often package mobile phone service and a cell phone handset together in the same contract. Sometimes the handset is sold to the customer at a greatly discounted price (or even given away for free), as long as the customer also agrees to a two-year service contract. Accounting rules require the seller to allocate a portion of the total contract value to the handset (to be recognized as revenue up front) and a portion to the service contract (to be recognized over the life of the contract). The seller uses assumptions in estimating how to split the revenue between the two deliverables. By changing these assumptions or - Author: Howard M. Schilit
Changing Seasons quotes by Howard M. Schilit
#51. Things like taking a few dollars out of a paycheck, putting it into savings, and leaving it there. Or doing a few minutes of exercise every day - and not skipping it. Or reading ten pages of an inspiring, educational, life-changing book every day. Or taking a moment to tell someone how much you appreciate them, and doing that consistently, every day, for months and years. Little things that seem insignificant in the doing, yet when compounded over time yield very big results. You could call these "little virtues" or "success habits." I call them simple daily disciplines. Simple productive actions, repeated consistently over time. That, in a nutshell, is the slight edge. - Author: Jeff Olson
Changing Seasons quotes by Jeff Olson
#52. When players are used to winning, they put out a little more. Basketball 3rd winningest coach (regular season and playoffs) in NBA history; won 1,037 times in 20 years; - Author: Red Auerbach
Changing Seasons quotes by Red Auerbach
#53. Every dancer has injuries, and your injury could happen that season that you were getting that one part that you've wanted to do your whole career. So you have to appreciate every single moment until it happens. - Author: Amanda Schull
Changing Seasons quotes by Amanda Schull
#54. Three; - and this would be sufficient reason by itself - what are we supposed to be about, Sma? What is the Culture? What do we believe in, even if it hardly ever is expressed, even if we are embarrassed about talking about it? Surely in freedom, more than anything else. A relativistic, changing sort of freedom, unbounded by laws or laid-down moral codes, but - in the end - just because it is so hard to pin down and express, a freedom of a far higher quality than anything to be found on any relevant scale on the planet beneath us at the moment. - Author: Iain M. Banks
Changing Seasons quotes by Iain M. Banks
#55. There is no wealth but life. - Author: John Ruskin
Changing Seasons quotes by John Ruskin
#56. The seasons run with swift feet. - Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
Changing Seasons quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
#57. The Process of becoming unstuck requires tremendous bravery, because basically we are completely changing our way of perceiving reality ... - Author: Pema Chodron
Changing Seasons quotes by Pema Chodron
#58. Have you ever been kissed by a superhero before? Because you've never been truly kissed until you've been kissed by a superhero."
"Will it be life-changing?"
"Oh yes, life as you know it will never be the same. - Author: Beth Michele
Changing Seasons quotes by Beth Michele
#59. Changing the destiny of one individual in the word today, it becomes possible to change the destiny of all mankind - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
Changing Seasons quotes by Daisaku Ikeda
#60. We want to be able to let the audience get to know these folks. One of the things about The Avengers, over the last 50 years, is the fun of changing up the gang and bringing in new characters. - Author: Jeph Loeb
Changing Seasons quotes by Jeph Loeb
#61. I don't expect everybody to like me. If you try to please everybody, by changing your position and your personality, every time you do that you lose a little bit of yourself. - Author: Nancy Grace
Changing Seasons quotes by Nancy Grace

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