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I'm not going to be wearing a single piece of jewelry tonight. I was born a Tung, and I have nothing to prove to anyone. ~ Kevin Kwan
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Kevin Kwan
But the Milanese have made bad choices, bad fashion, and bad jewelry. ~ Christian Lacroix
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Christian Lacroix
When we strip away the clothes, the jewelry, that's who we really are. I walk around naked in my house. ~ Leonor Varela
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Leonor Varela
I love nothing better than to get all the nuts and bolts out of the way - show up on time, with lines learned, clear on what the director expects of me, with my buttons buttoned and my jewelry on correctly - and then I completely commit to play acting. ~ Jane Elliot
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Jane Elliot
Myron walked up the little brick walk and knocked on the door. A very attractive black woman answered, a pleasant smile at the ready. Her hair was tied back in a severe bun, emphasizing the high cheekbones. Age lines around the eyes and mouth, but nothing drastic. She was well dressed, kind of conservative. Anne Klein II. Her jewelry was noticeable but not too flashy. The overall impression: classy. Her smile seemed to fade when she saw him. "Can I help you?" "Mrs. Yeller?" She nodded slowly, as though not sure. "My name is Myron Bolitar. I'd like to ask you a few questions." The smile fled completely. "What about?" Her diction was different now. Less suburban civil. More street suspicious. ~ Harlan Coben
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Harlan Coben
Post kept bound books with typed lists of gifts sent and received ... jeweler Harry Winston sent her a box of cheese ~ Estella M. Chung
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Estella M. Chung
They got how many trillions of dollars in gold and silver and jewelry and art and real estate and stained glass and they're passing the basket on Sunday so they can get the tomato farmers' donation? ~ Ted Nugent
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Ted Nugent
I just wanted to give them the 'Lost Jewelry' so they can say, 'Yo, they get that's mean.' And then when I tell 'em, 'Yo, that ain't even the meal. Get ready for the meal!' That's when we 'bout to go crazy because the taste of the appetizer. ~ Raekwon
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Raekwon
Women give men a place to go. A man is a useless piece of equipment whose purpose is lost if it were not for women ...
It's like this. A man might go out and get a job, but only for someplace to go during the day. And he's only working that job to give the money to his wife. And then, if he does really well ... to buy her good jewelry. And only because she asks for it. Diamonds aren't a man's idea. The first woman sent the first man into a hole in the ground, and when he emerged with the first diamond she looked at it and said, 'It's too small. Dig farther. Men are not ambitious outside of their desire to impress women. A woman, in return, gives a man's life shape. A context. A place to go. It's very simple. ~ Adriana Trigiani
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Adriana Trigiani
choosing a gown of a dark blue-gray so soft that in the shadow it looked almost indigo. The line of the neck and the sweep of the skirt were both very flattering, and cut in the fashion of the moment. Deliberately she wore no jewelry, except very small diamond drop earrings. Her shining silver hair was ornament enough. ~ Anne Perry
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Anne Perry
Felicity grabbed onto a broken roof beam for support. It was strange, standing in the middle of where the drawing room used to be, and seeing her broken bedchamber furniture occupying the same space. She wanted to cry every time she looked at the rubble, but weeping wouldn't help her dig out her jewelry box or the books piled in the wreck of the library. ~ Suzanne Enoch
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Suzanne Enoch
I remove my wedding rings and put them in the jewelry box. So many others have done this. I am not the only one. I am not the only one. But here, I am the only one. ~ Elizabeth Berg
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Elizabeth Berg
I didn't like jewelry that much anyway ~ C.D. Reiss
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by C.D. Reiss
A beautiful woman needs no embellishments. But a prideful man may give them to her nevertheless. ~ Katharine Ashe
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Katharine Ashe
I've always wanted my work to be more available. I had this vision when I was younger of wanting to replace all of the bad jewelry in mom and pop jewelry stores with good designs. [I wanted to offer] a range of crazy, experimental one-of-a-kind pieces that would have integrity and be made of great construction as well as interesting engineering. ~ Robert Lee Morris
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Robert Lee Morris
What's the best practical joke you've ever played on another camper? Connor: The golden mango! Travis: Oh, dude, that was awesome. Connor: So anyway, we took this mango and spray painted it gold, right? We wrote: "For the hottest" on it and left it in the Aphrodite cabin while they were at archery class. When they came back, they started fighting over it, trying to figure out which of them was the hottest. It was so funny. Travis: Gucci shoes were flying out the windows. The Aphrodite kids were ripping each other's clothes and throwing lipstick and jewelry. It was like a rabid herd of wild Bratz. Connor: Then they figured out what we'd done, and they tracked us down. Travis: That was not cool. I didn't know they made permanent makeup. I looked like a clown for a month. Connor: Yeah. They put a curse on me so that no matter what I wore, my clothes were two sizes too small and I felt like a geek. Travis: You are a geek. ~ Rick Riordan
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Rick Riordan
Emerald as heavy as a golf course, ruby as dark as an afterbirth, diamond as white as sun on the sea ... ~ Anne Sexton
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Anne Sexton
When I went to stay with I'm, he asked me for something of my fathers to make the tracking easier. I gave him the Morgenstern ring. He said he'd let me know if he senses Valentine anywhere in the city, but so far he hasn't."
"Maybe he just wanted your ring," Clary said. "He sure wears lot of jewelry. ~ Cassandra Clare
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Cassandra Clare
I just want to create, and socializing is part of the experience. It might sound crazy, but I don't see myself in the jewelry business. It's an experience. ~ Waris Ahluwalia
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Waris Ahluwalia
This felt like a golden opportunity to alert Dan to some non-negotiables I had regarding men. "Bear with me," I told Dan. "This is going to be a long list. I don't like strong scents, so that kind of prohibits waking up next to someone of the opposite sex, or any sex, really. I'm extremely sensitive to smell. I have a problem with smelling anyone's breath. I'm not the kind of person who can get past that. I get turned off very easily. It could be anything. It could be finding out they have a cat, or seeing their apartment, or they could love room temperature water...Feet are tricky. That's why I like to lead with them. When I meet a guy I like, I take out a foot and show him what he'll be dealing with if things go any further. Put your worse foot forward. That's how I like to start a conversation. And then, when they're gracious enough to tolerate me and my feet, God forbid they have a weird foot or a double-decker toe - I can't deal with it...Also, I have too many questionable habits that no man would be cool with, and by the way, if there was a guy that was cool with them, I'm not sure I'd be interested in him..I can get icked out so easily. I'm aware this behavior is unreasonable and immature, and I'd like it to stop. I don't want to get turned off so easily, but I just don't know how to get past a bad pair of shoes, or...male jewelry. ~ Chelsea Handler
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Chelsea Handler
A dream is a strange thing. Pictures appear with terrifying clarity, the minutest details engraved like pieces of jewelry, and yet we leap unawares through huge abysses of time and space. Dreams seem to be controlled by wish rather than reason, the heart rather than the head–and yet, what clever, tricky convolutions my reason sometimes makes while I'm asleep! Things quite beyond comprehension happen to reason in dreams! ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with ~ Thomas Carlyle
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Thomas Carlyle
I've never in my life bought a big piece of jewelry - like, 'I'm gonna get myself a big piece of jewelry!' Songwriters' lives are unstable and up and down. Even though mine has sort of has followed more of a going toward the sky trajectory. ~ Kara DioGuardi
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Kara DioGuardi
I don't want any money for it," he said. "It's a gift." Scarlett's mouth dropped open. The line was so closely, so carefully drawn where gifts from men were concerned. "Candy and flowers, dear," Ellen had said time and again, "and perhaps a book of poetry or an album or a small bottle of Florida water are the only things a lady may accept from a gentleman. Never, never any expensive gift, even from your fiance. And never any gift of jewelry or wearing apparel, not even gloves or handkerchiefs. Should you accept such gifts, men would know you were no lady and would try to take liberties. ~ Margaret Mitchell
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Margaret Mitchell
Wear a fabulous smile, great jewelry and know that you are totally and utterly in control. ~ Donatella Versace
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Donatella Versace
Okay, superstar. Here's three words for you. You ready?"
I adopt a serious face, though my heart is hammering. "I'm ready."
Looking into my eyes, she says calmly, "Let's get married."
I almost topple over onto the floor. "What?"
"You don't have to shout at me. You did ask for three words, after all."
I'm so astonished I almost can't from a sentence. "B-but I thought… I meant… I love you!"
She smiles serenely at me. "I know you do, Mason. I love you, too. So much."
"No - I meant I thought you were going to say I love you!"
"I know you did, honey, but I figured unless I popped the question first, you'd carry that big pink diamond around for who knows how long before you got around to asking me, so…" She shrugs. "Here we are."
My jaw hangs open. "You know about the ring?"
Waldine throws herself onto one of the sofas, props her feet up on the arm, folds her arms behind her head, and grins at me.
"Son, half of Atlanta knows about the ring. You think you could sneak into a jewelry shop and plunk down millions on a piece of ice in that town and nobody would hear about it? Psh. ~ J.T. Geissinger
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by J.T. Geissinger
Customized jewelry is one of my targets with Bold Machines. ~ Bre Pettis
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Bre Pettis
If someone gives you a belt buckle, it's like a piece of jewelry. It has the same sort of emotional significance. It would be something you would intend to keep forever. ~ Lyle Lovett
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Lyle Lovett
The whole experience reminded me of my own 'old lady' phase that I went through in high school while I was reading Somerset Maugham ... The embroidered sweaters, the costume jewelry ... I remember genuinely WANTING to be old then, to act as if the business of my life was already all but over, and that I was preternaturally wise because of it ...
God, the stupid things you'll do to try and meet boys ... ~ Chris Ware
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Chris Ware
One of Duke's very strict rules was to take his dick out any time a woman demanded it of him. He reached deep and put his favorite friend carefully on the fake wood.
She turned and cringed. "Jesus, dicks are so fucking ugly. Why you think putting your grandmother's jewelry on it will make it more fetching is beyond me."
Duke covered his dick's ears and snarled back at Dove, "You'll hurt his feelings. ~ Debra Anastasia
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Debra Anastasia
In the Old Way, women might decorate themselves with ornaments bought with coin, but a warrior wore only the jewelry he took off the corpses of enemies slain by his own hand. Paying the iron price, it was called. ~ George R R Martin
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by George R R Martin
When I'm in the house of God, I don't wear my jewelry, if you're looking for my jewelry. All you see is my heart of gold. ~ Mr. T
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Mr. T
This is embarrassing and personal, but once a month, since I was twelve years old, I go to my favorite jewelry store and try on my dream ring. ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Fake people are like costume jewelry: They look great for a while, then all of a sudden, their true selves 'Shine' thru. ~ Nitya Prakash
Castaldo Jewelry quotes by Nitya Prakash
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