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Whether it's your personal life or career, people feel they have carte blanche to everything that goes on in your life. I don't agree with that, but I do feel I have to share my thoughts on those things with people instead of totally avoiding it. I want to put it out there the way I want to put it out there. ~ Faith Evans
Carte Blanche quotes by Faith Evans
You cannot give the vice president the authority to declassify specific information and then turn around and say he can just give carte blanche to an assistant of his to declassify whatever he wants. ~ Joe Biden
Carte Blanche quotes by Joe Biden
I think an erotics of place may be one of the reasons why environmentalists are seen as subversive. There is a backlash now: ... [ellipsis in source] take all the regulations away; weaken existing legislation; the endangered species act is too severe, too restrictive; let there be carte blanche for real-estate developers. Because if we really have to confront wildness, solitude, and serenity, both the fierceness and compassionate nature of the land, then we ultimately have to confront it in ourselves, and it's easier to be numb, to be distracted, to be disengaged. ~ Terry Tempest Williams
Carte Blanche quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
In the studio you have pretty much carte blanche with whatever you're doing. You can turn natural instruments into electronic instruments. ~ John Cale
Carte Blanche quotes by John Cale
What a country of lazy shits, with fucking hypocritical politicians claiming that people actually wanted to work if they could. Norwegians voted for the Socialist Party because it made it a human right to shirk their jobs, and who the hell wouldn't vote for a party that gave you three days off without a doctor's note, gave you carte blanche to sit at home and jerk off or go skiing or recover from a hangover? The Socialist Party knew, of course, what a perk this was, but still tried to appear responsible, preened themselves with their "trust in most people" and declared the right to malinger as some kind of social reform. The Progress Party was even more fucking infuriating, buying itself votes with tax cuts and hardly bothering to conceal the fact. ~ Jo Nesbo
Carte Blanche quotes by Jo Nesbo
our democracy is controlled by a wealthy elite. Politicians who work for the wealthy need the police to protect them from the people. And so the whole chain of command protects the killer cop. The ruling class give carte blanche to law enforcement, who in turn press down on those most stranded by the neoliberal state, the poor-- and more so, the Black poor."
-- Nicolas Powers ~ Maya Schenwar
Carte Blanche quotes by Maya Schenwar
Security-by-design is an indispensable prerequisite to the establishment of vital critical infrastructure resiliency. Each device vulnerable to adversarial compromise, inflates and bolsters the exploitable cyber-attack surface that can be leveraged against targets, and every enslaved device grants adversaries carte blanche access that can be utilized to parasitically entwine malware into organizational networks and IoT microcosms, and that can be leveraged to amplify the impact and harm inflicted on targeted end-users, organizations, and government entities ~ James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute For Critical Infrastructure Technology
Carte Blanche quotes by James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute For Critical Infrastructure Technology
This project is very close to my heart, a carte blanche to do what I want, with little compromise. Design can also be fun, personal, and very close to your heart. Your life is your design. Make it resemble you, reflect you, and be close to your heart. ~ Ayse Birsel
Carte Blanche quotes by Ayse Birsel
We...advance toward a state of society in which not only each man but every impulse in each man claims carte blanche. ~ C.S. Lewis
Carte Blanche quotes by C.S. Lewis
Oh, it's ridiculous. I ought to laugh. But I can't. You won't believe it."
"Of course we will," Sophye said.
"He offered you a carte blanche," Leonie said.
"No, he asked me to marry him."
There was a short stunned silence.
Then, "I reckon he's in a marrying mood," Sophy said. ~ Loretta Chase
Carte Blanche quotes by Loretta Chase
When the rusty shackles of our emotions are being unchained, we can become lovers without a cause, and intrinsically the deepest wells of our unconsciousness may uncover the uncharted territories of deliverance, granting free rein to our intuition and giving love downright carte blanche. ("Another empty room" ) ~ Erik Pevernagie
Carte Blanche quotes by Erik Pevernagie
She had always enjoyed the carte blanche accorded to mobsters, aristocrats, circus clowns, and lunatics ~ Simon Doonan
Carte Blanche quotes by Simon Doonan
I cannot conceive how any man can have brought himself to consider his country as nothing but carte blanche, upon which he may scribble whatever he pleases. ~ Edmund Burke
Carte Blanche quotes by Edmund Burke
By and large, the making of motion pictures is all about, 'Let's ratchet it up.' And I always think, 'We don't need to ratchet this up.' If you do, don't call it 'Captain Phillips' or 'The Maersk Alabama.' Call it something else, and then you have carte blanche to do anything, down to sea serpents and aliens. ~ Tom Hanks
Carte Blanche quotes by Tom Hanks
Comedians have a huge carte blanche and the ability to get away with saying a lot of things. ~ Marilyn Manson
Carte Blanche quotes by Marilyn Manson
WIDE, the margin between carte blanche and the white page. Nevertheless it is not in the margin that you can find me, but in the yet whiter one that separates the word-strewn sheet from the transparent, the written page from the one to be written in the infinite space where the eye turns back to the eye, and the hand to the pen, where all we write is erased, even as you write it. For the book imperceptibly takes shape within the book we will never finish.
There is my desert. ~ Edmond Jabes
Carte Blanche quotes by Edmond Jabes
Of all the old maid's blessing, the greatest is carte blanche. Spinsterhood is powerful; once a woman is called "that crazy old maid" she can get away with anything. ~ Florence King
Carte Blanche quotes by Florence King
If you want to make computers that really work, create a design team composed only of healthy, active women with lots else to do in their lives, and give them carte blanche. ~ Brian Eno
Carte Blanche quotes by Brian Eno
No, I have the misfortune of being an English instructor. I attempt to instill a bunch of bobby-soxers and drugstore Romeos with a reverence for Hawthorne and Whitman and Poe! ~ Tennessee Williams
Carte Blanche quotes by Tennessee Williams
In one way, it is this sense of order and also love that, I think, really saved Eleanor Roosevelt's life. And in her own writing, she's very warm about her grandmother, even though, if you look at contemporary accounts, they're accounts of horror at the Dickensian scene that Tivoli represents: bleak and drear and dark and unhappy. But Eleanor Roosevelt in her own writings is not very unhappy about Tivoli. ~ Blanche Wiesen Cook
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
So in 1924, Eleanor Roosevelt really gets a sense of what the limits of the battle and the contours of the battle are going to be. The men are contemptuous of the women, and the women really need to organize. She writes an article which becomes an article she writes in different ways over and over and over again: Women need to organize. They need to create their own bosses. They need to have support networks and gangs so that they are a force. ~ Blanche Wiesen Cook
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
Deliberate cruelty is unforgivable.

--Blanche Dubois ~ Tennessee Williams
Carte Blanche quotes by Tennessee Williams
Like traditional upper class families, there are nannies and servants, and the children, you know, come in to say good-night before they go to bed. There's very little private time with the children in the early years. Actually, there's much more private time with the children in the 20s. ~ Blanche Wiesen Cook
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
Believe me," Dr. Tamalet summed up, "if you wanted that operation in France, you could get it"

Which is, of course, the boon and the bane of France's health care system. It offers a maximum of free choice among skillful doctors and well-equipped hospitals, with little or not waiting, at bargain-basement prices [in out-of-pocket terms to the consumer]. It's a system that enables the French to live longer and healthier lives, with zero risk of financial loss due to illness. But somebody has to pay for all that high-quality, ready-when-you-need-it care--and the patients, so far, have not been willing to do so. As a result, the major health insurance funds are all operating at a deficit, and the costs of the health care system are increasing significantly faster than the economy as a whole. That's why the doctors keep striking and the sickness funds keep negotiating and the government keeps going back to the drawing board, with a new 'major health care reform' every few years. So far, the saving grace for France's system has been the high level of efficiency, as exemplified by the 'carte vitale,' that keeps administrative costs low--much lower than in the United States. ~ T.R. Reid
Carte Blanche quotes by T.R. Reid
Why should it?" I shrugged. "I'm a Demon Princess, my father is Satan, most of my sisters are raging sluts, I have an invisible friend named Blanche and I've been in therapy for what feels like half of my life because I'm not evil enough. I'm not sure I'm such a great catch either. ~ Robyn Peterman
Carte Blanche quotes by Robyn Peterman
"America's Cold War veterans deserve every honor we can bestow upon them for their hard work and dedication to keeping our nation safe,". "The Cold War Service Medal would allow military service members, veterans, and their families to receive the recognition and honor they rightfully deserve. I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure our veterans receive the support and care they and their families need. It's the least we can do as a grateful nation." ~ Blanche Lincoln
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Lincoln
Blanche talks about aging, and why should she be considered poor, because physical beauty is transitory and fading and she has such richness of the soul. I think that speech is so beautiful, and so telling and so true. ~ Delta Burke
Carte Blanche quotes by Delta Burke
Truth walks towards us on the paths of our questions. [Dr. Maurice Blanche] ~ Jacqueline Winspear
Carte Blanche quotes by Jacqueline Winspear
Miss Blanche Heyward, opera dancer, would have made a superlative drill sergeant if she had just been a man. ~ Mary Balogh
Carte Blanche quotes by Mary Balogh
To celebrate freedom and democracy while forgetting American's origins in a slavery economy is patriotism à la carte. ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates
Carte Blanche quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
In 1970 I realized that the Sixties were passing me by. I had never even smoked a joint, or slept with anyone besides my husband. A year later I had left Nicky, changed my name from Ellen to Rain, and moved to a radical lesbian commune in California named Red Moon Rising, where I was playing the Ten of Hearts in an outdoor production of Alice in Wonderland when two FBI agents arrived to arrest the Red Queen . ~ Blanche McCrary Boyd
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche McCrary Boyd
Miss Blanche, having given through her tears a complete account of this event, assured me that, to maintain our own parental love and enjoy our beautiful family life, we, the cat-race, must engage in total war upon all humans. We have no choice but to exterminate them. I think it is a very reasonable proposition. ~ Soseki Natsume
Carte Blanche quotes by Soseki Natsume
Delicate piece she is.
She is. She was. You didn't know Blanche as a girl. Nobody, nobody, was tender and trusting as she was. But people like you abused her, and forced her to change. ~ Tennessee Williams
Carte Blanche quotes by Tennessee Williams
Nash's lifelong quest for meaning, control, and recognition in the context of a continuing struggle, not just in society, but in the warring impulses of his paradoxical self, was now reduced to a caricature. Just as the overconcreteness of a dream is related to the intangible themes of waking life, Nash's search for a piece of paper, a carte d'identité, mirrored his former pursuit of mathematical insights. Yet the gulf between the two recognizably related Nashes was as great as that between Kafka, the controlling creative genius, struggling between the demands of his self-chosen vocation and ordinary life, and K, a caricature of Kafka, the helpless seeker of a piece of paper that will validate his existence, rights, and duties. Delusion is not just fantasy but compulsion. Survival, both of the self and the world, appears to be at stake. Where once he had ordered his thoughts and modulated them, he was now subject to their peremptory and insistent commands. ~ Sylvia Nasar
Carte Blanche quotes by Sylvia Nasar
And even when success comes, as I am sure it will, bear in mind that there are more quiet and enviable joys than to be among the most sought after women at a ball ... ~ Blanche Wiesen Cook
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
The primary factor that enables our government to peddle economic snake oil is the dollar's unique role as the world's reserve currency, and our creditors' willingness to preserve its status. By buying up dollars and loaning them back to us through Treasury debt, productive countries give American politicians cart blanche to play Santa Claus. ~ Peter Schiff
Carte Blanche quotes by Peter Schiff
On international relations, Eleanor Roosevelt really takes a great shocking leadership position on the World Court. In fact, it amuses me. The very first entry in her FBI file begins in 1924, when Eleanor Roosevelt supports American's entrance into the World Court. And the World Court comes up again and again - '33, '35. In 1935, Eleanor Roosevelt goes on the air; she writes columns; she broadcast three, four times to say the US must join the World Court. ~ Blanche Wiesen Cook
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
Blanche, prosaic in a pale yellow sweater and blue jeans, was wondering again if anything mattered - -life, faith
specifically, finishing homework assignments. ~ Regina Doman
Carte Blanche quotes by Regina Doman
I promise not to step on you - I only look like a clodhopper," he was saying when Jo reached them. He winked at Ella, who glanced away and blinked, as if surprised that he'd come so close to guessing what she thought.
Jo slid up to the bar behind her sister, planted a stiff arm on the ledge, and raised an eyebrow at him.
He glanced up and saw her.
She expected him to blanche, or bristle, or pretend he'd just forgotten someplace else he had to be. A lot of men did that, when they realized that the girl they thought was alone had brought friends to look out for her.
But instead he only said, "Oh," softly, his smile so wide and earnest that crows'-feet appeared at the edges of his eyes; he smiled as though she was an old friend, as though he had been waiting for Jo a long time and was delighted to see her at last. ~ Genevieve Valentine
Carte Blanche quotes by Genevieve Valentine
I am hoping to film another ad in the summer for Carte Noire. ~ David Ginola
Carte Blanche quotes by David Ginola
How often I longed to lovingly administer release! ... to have the courage and the right, after the soul is fled, to stop the poor wretched machine, that exists only to suffer and cause suffering. ~ Blanche Willis Howard
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Willis Howard
I'd always been extremely fascinated by the French Nuit Blanche, which is a weekend that they have in Paris where they keep all the museums open until dawn. You can go and hang out in Versailles in the middle of the night and watch the sun come up. ~ Anna Wintour
Carte Blanche quotes by Anna Wintour
Eleanor Roosevelt never thought that she was attractive. She never thought that she was really sufficiently appealing. And I think her whole life was a response to her effort to get her mother to pay attention to her, to love her, and to love her as much as she loved her brothers. ~ Blanche Wiesen Cook
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
But she had the awful gift of omnipresence, of exercising her influence from a distance; so that while the old family friends and visitors at Longlands said, "It's wonderful, now tactful Blanche is - how she keeps out of the young people's way," every member of the household, from its master to the last boots and scullion and gardener's boy, knew that Her Grace's eyes was on them all. ~ Edith Wharton
Carte Blanche quotes by Edith Wharton
There's not a lot to do when you don't want to do anything. ~ Noelle Blanche
Carte Blanche quotes by Noelle Blanche
Unless you're honest, you won't know that the love is true. It's easy to say I love you, much harder to say I'd never lie to you. ~ Blanche Marriott
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Marriott
Women who love women, who choose women to nurture and support and to create a living environment in which to work creatively and independently, are lesbians. ~ Blanche Wiesen Cook
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
Eleanor Roosevelt doesn't ever do anything that is going to hurt her husband. She tries things out on him. She gets permission to do things. The amazing thing, I think, historically, is that he says, "Go do it. If you can make this happen, I'll follow you." ~ Blanche Wiesen Cook
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
Men tell us we are womanly when we love but once. Men! They have told us a lot of things to make life comfortable for themselves. ~ Blanche Willis Howard
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Willis Howard
I can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action. ~ Tennessee Williams
Carte Blanche quotes by Tennessee Williams
Late in the evening, someone in the White House decided to vent to Ben Smith: 'A senior White House official just called me with a very pointed message for the administration's sometime allies in organized labor, who invested heavily in beating Blanche Lincoln, Obama's candidate, in Arkansas. "Organized labor just flushed $10 million of their members' money down the toilet on a pointless exercise," the official said. "If even half that total had been well-targeted and applied in key House races across this country, that could have made a real difference in November."'

Boy, good thing for this source there's no member of Obama's staff who's known for blowing his stack and venting furiously at political defeats. I'll bet he was pounding the desk like a battering Rahm and that he threw out the E-manual on how to talk to the press when he did it. ~ Jim Geraghty
Carte Blanche quotes by Jim Geraghty
Nuit Blanche"

A music coaxed from humming strings would please;
Not plucked, but drawn in creeping cadences
Across a sunset wall where some Marquise
Picks a pale rose amid strange silences.

Ghostly and vaporous her gown sweeps by
The twilight dusking wall, I hear her feet
Delaying on the gravel, and a sigh,
Briefly permitted, touches the air like sleet

And it is dark, I hear her feet no more.
A red moon leers beyond the lily-tank.
A drunken moon ogling a sycamore,
Running long fingers down its shining flank.

A lurching moon, as nimble as a clown,
Cuddling the flowers and trees which burn like glass.
Red, kissing lips, I feel you on my gown -
Kiss me, red lips, and then pass - pass.

Music, you are pitiless to-night.
And I so old, so cold, so languorously white. ~ Amy Lowell
Carte Blanche quotes by Amy Lowell
Don't expect to know your husband inside and out within a month of marriage. For a long time you will be making discoveries; file them for future reference. ~ Blanche Ebbutt
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Ebbutt
Don't set your husband up on a pedestal and then cry when you find that he is only an ordinary man, after all. ~ Blanche Ebbutt
Carte Blanche quotes by Blanche Ebbutt
This woman is Pocahontas. She is Athena and Hera. Lying in this messy, unmade bed, eyes closed, this is Juliet Capulet. Blanche DuBois. Scarlett O'Hara. With ministrations of lipstick and eyeliner I give birth to Ophelia. To Marie Antoinette. Over the next trip of the larger hand around the face of the bedside clock, I give form to Lucrezia Borgia. Taking shape at my fingertips, my touches of foundation and blush, here is Jocasta. Lying here, Lady Windermere. Opening her eyes, Cleopatra. Given flesh, a smile, swinging her sculpted legs off one side of the bed, this is Helen of Troy. Yawning and stretching, here is every beautiful woman across history. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Carte Blanche quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
And in the spring, it's touching to notice them making their first discovery of love! As if nobody had ever known it before! ~ Tennessee Williams
Carte Blanche quotes by Tennessee Williams
EMILY's List members are deeply committed to electing pro-choice Democratic women whom we trust to stand up for our rights, treat us honestly, and make us proud. Our candidates fight for us every day. Blanche Lincoln failed to hold up her end of the bargain. ~ Ellen Malcolm
Carte Blanche quotes by Ellen Malcolm
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