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#1. There are 60 million generators in Nigeria. The generator owners and distributors have a strong incentive to not encourage the distribution of solar and other alternative energies, even though it's better for the country, it's better for people. As a world, we've got to get more serious about confronting those obstacles. This knows no culture, no race, no ethnicity. - Author: Jacqueline Novogratz
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Jacqueline Novogratz
#2. No, my profile has leaped over recent years, so has my life experience, and I look forward to the next 30 years being even more rewarding and satisfying than the previous 60! - Author: Jonathan King
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Jonathan King
#3. The first big long-form work I did in comics was 'Scalped' for Vertigo, which ran for 60 issues. - Author: Jason Aaron
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Jason Aaron
#4. There has been no progress in 60,000 years in reducing the psychedelic experience to a known quantity. It is as terrifying, as awesome, as ecstatic, as irreducible to us as it was to them. - Author: Terence McKenna
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Terence McKenna
#5. After playing now for 60 years, it's still very challenging for me to play a simple melody and have it clean and touch the reed at the proper time in the proper way. - Author: Lee Konitz
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Lee Konitz
#6. Polls show that Americans significantly overestimate the percentage of the federal budget allocated to foreign aid. In November 2013, a Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that, on average, Americans believe that 28 percent of the federal budget is spent on foreign assistance, and more than 60 percent of people say that's too much. But in reality we spend less than 1 percent of the budget on foreign aid. - Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#7. Chemical propulsion is obsolete to go anywhere other than the moon. Three days - that's acceptable. But for Mars, we need propulsion technologies to get us there in, say, 60 days - then spend whatever length of time we want to spend and return when we want to come home. - Author: Eugene Cernan
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Eugene Cernan
#8. I've been married to my wife for 60 years but it feels just like yesterday, and you know what a bloody awful day yesterday was. - Author: Frank Carson
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Frank Carson
#9. In Iraq, the U.S. military's whack-a-mole approach to killing Saddam Hussein may have finally paid off. The bombs destroyed the area and left behind a 60-foot crater, or as coalition forces prefer to call it: a freedom hole. - Author: Jon Stewart
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Jon Stewart
#10. But I do say that, if you will regularly devote 15 minutes a day, preferably before breakfast, for 60 days to the simple set of exercises that I devised for conditioning men in the navy, I guarantee that you will enjoy increased physical buoyancy and mental vigor. - Author: Gene Tunney
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Gene Tunney
#11. I also played with Jimi Hendrix. Jimi would come down and sit in with Retaliation and we would have a ball. He offered me the gig with him at 20 pounds a week, which at that point, was like 60 bucks. - Author: Aynsley Dunbar
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Aynsley Dunbar
#12. The first of America's 79 million baby boomers turned 60 this month. Time flies when you're growing old. - Author: Craig Wilson
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Craig Wilson
#13. There are no specific memories of the first time I used ketamine, which was around age 17 or 18. The strongest recollection of ketamine use regarded an instance when I was concurrently smoking marijuana and inhaling nitrous oxide. I was in an easy chair and the popular high school band Sublime was playing on the CD player. I was with a friend. We were snorting lines of ketamine and then smoking marijuana from a pipe and blowing the marijuana smoke into a nitrous-filled balloon and inhaling and exhaling the nitrous-filled balloon until there was no more nitrous oxide in the balloon to achieve acute sensations of pleasure, [adjective describing state in which one is unable to comprehend anything], disorientation, etc. The first time I attempted this process my vision behaved as a compact disc sound when it skips - a single frame of vision replacing itself repeatedly for over 60 seconds, I think. Everything was vibrating. Obviously I couldn't move. My friend was later vomiting in the bathroom a lot and I remember being particularly fascinated by the sound of it; it was like he was screaming at the same time as vomiting, which I found funny, and he was making, to a certain degree, demon-like noises. My time 'with' ketamine lasted three months at the most, but despite my attempts I never achieved a 'k-hole.' At a party, once, I saw a girl sitting in bushes and asked her what she was doing and she said "I'm in a 'k-hole.'" While I have since stopped doing ketamine because of availa - Author: Brandon Scott Gorrell
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Brandon Scott Gorrell
#14. What's a space elevator? Simply described, it's a thin ribbon, about 3 feet wide and 60 thousand miles long, stretching upwards from the surface of the Earth. The lower end is bolted to a heavy anchor (think of an oil drilling platform), and the top is capped with a counterweight. - Author: Seth Shostak
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Seth Shostak
#15. 'Good as Gone' goes from zero to 60 in under six seconds and never lets off the gas! If you like your thrillers filled with nonstop action in a race against time through Europe's underbelly, hop in and take a ride. - Author: Andrew Gross
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Andrew Gross
#16. In mind's special processes, a ten-mile run takes far longer than the 60 minutes reported by a grandfather clock. Such time, in fact, hardly exists at all in the real world; it is all out on the trail somewhere, and you only go back to it when you are out there. - Author: John L. Parker Jr.
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by John L. Parker Jr.
#17. You can tell more about a person in 60 seconds on Twitter than you can by reading a one page bio, if you excite them. - Author: Joy Cook
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Joy Cook
#18. There is this idea that appealing to youth is the only way forward. But that is no longer the case. Youth is not everything. Now we have all the baby-boomers in their 60s, like me, who are actively engaged in life - we're not retiring, we're not just being put out to grass once we hit 60. - Author: Julie Walters
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Julie Walters
#19. Some of my colleagues want to be The Anchorman on the Mount. Others see themselves as the Ace Reporter. Because of 60 Minutes, there's a whole herd of them determined to be The Grand Inquisitor and a heady number want only to be The Friendliest Anchor on the Block. At least one wants to be Jesus. - Author: Linda Ellerbee
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Linda Ellerbee
#20. I wanted to show I had balls at age 60. Just because society says I'm old, doesn't mean that I am. I'm pursuing happiness, even if it makes the people around me unhappy. - Author: Sylvester Stallone
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Sylvester Stallone
#21. There were early mornings–"zero dark thirty," as they were called–when a special operations helicopter would appear, 300 feet from his quarters. These were UH-60 Blackhawks, which staged on the taxiway far from the rest of the camp. The crews waited in the middle of the night, engines and rotors engaged, until they were called in for a raid as part of a task force so secretive that even its designation was classified. - Author: Cate Folsom
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Cate Folsom
#22. At the end of the two years that I was the director [of the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health in Manhattan], we had done 60,000 abortions. [During my life] I myself, with my own hands, have done 5,000 abortions. I have supervised another 10,000 that residents have done under my direction. So I have 75,000 abortions in my life. Those are pretty good credentials to speak on the subject of abortion. - Author: Bernard Nathanson
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Bernard Nathanson
#23. People at .08 are too impaired to drive. Studies show that at .08, the ability to perform critical driving functions is decreased by as much as 60 percent. - Author: Frank Lautenberg
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Frank Lautenberg
#24. Pour the bulk of your time into action, not deciding. The state of indecision is a major time waster. Don't spend more than 60 seconds in that state if you can avoid it. Make a firm, immediate decision, and move from uncertainty to certainty to action. Let the world tell you when you're wrong, and you'll soon build enough experience to make accurate, intelligent decisions. - Author: Steve Pavlina
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Steve Pavlina
#25. The publisher Jeff Johnson, who has offered not a word of explanation to me, has privately told people that he hated every word that I wrote. I assume that mostly refers to my exposing the lies used by President Bush to justify the invasion of Iraq. Fortunately 60 percent of Americans now get the point but only after tens of thousand of Americans and Iraqis have been killed and maimed as the carnage spirals out of control. My only regret is that my pen was not sharper and my words tougher. - Author: Robert Scheer
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Robert Scheer
#26. There is no shortage of time. In fact, we are positively awash with it. We only make good use of 20 per cent of our time ... The 80/20 principle says that if we doubled our time on the top 20% of activities, we could work a two-day week and achieve 60 per cent more than now. - Author: Richard Koch
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Richard Koch
#27. We must make sure that there is recess and P.E. class in every school, getting kids outside for 60 minutes, every day. - Author: Darell Hammond
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Darell Hammond
#28. The idea that you can get everything you want in one person is destructive, and maybe when you accept that the number is closer to 50 or 60 or 70 percent, that's when you can start to make some progress in choosing the right person. - Author: Michelle Williams
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Michelle Williams
#29. People would rather earn 60 grand in an area where their neighbours earn 40, than earn 80 in an area where their neighbours earn a hundred. - Author: John Lanchester
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by John Lanchester
#30. Arab sovereignty in Jerusalem just cannot be. This city will not be divided-not half and half, not 60-40, not 75-25, nothing. - Author: Golda Meir
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Golda Meir
#31. The questions I'm asking myself are, 'What makes me happy? Where do I want to be? What will make me happy at 50, 60 and 70?' - Author: Courteney Cox
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Courteney Cox
#32. In fact, that particular article of clothing has already completed its role in your life, and you are free to say, "Thank you for giving me joy when I bought you," or "Thank you for teaching me what doesn't suit me," and let it go.
Every object has a different role to play. Not all clothes have come to you to be worn threadbare. It is the same with people. Not every person you meet in your life will become a close friend or lover. Some you will find hard to get along with or impossible to like. But these people, too, teach you the precious lesson of who you DO like, so that you will appreciate those special people even more.
When you come across something that you cannot part with, think carefully about its true purpose in your life. You'll be surprised at how many of the things you possess have already fulfilled their role. By acknowledging their contribution and letting them go with gratitude, you will be able to truly put the things you own, and your life in order. In the end, all that will remain are the things that you really treasure..p 60-61 - Author: Marie Kondo
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Marie Kondo
#33. When I turned 50, I said to myself, well, if this is what it's like turning 50, I can't wait to turn 60 because I still felt very, very mentally and physically good, outside my back surgery. - Author: Greg Norman
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Greg Norman
#34. Only 1 percent of the homosexual population in America will die of old age. The average life expectancy for a homosexual in the United States of America is 43 years of age. A lesbian can only expect to live to be 45 years of age. Homosexuals represent 2 percent of the population, yet today they're carrying 60 percent of the known cases of syphilis. - Author: Rod Parsley
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Rod Parsley
#35. It is not enough to show that drug A is better than drug B on the average. One is invited to ask, 'For which people ("& why") is drug A better than drug B, and vice versa? If drug A cures 40% and drug B cures 60%, perhaps the right choice of drug for each person would result in 100% cures.' - Author: Lancelot Hogben
Carrucci Ks503 60 quotes by Lancelot Hogben

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