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As with most consensual crimes, this prohibition of hemp is both silly and sinister. ~ Peter McWilliams
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Peter McWilliams
The best hemp and the best tobacco grow on the same kind of soil. The former article is of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country. The latter, never useful. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Thomas Jefferson
The Anglo-Saxon farmers had scarce conquered foothold, stronghold, freehold in the Western wilderness before they became sowers of hemp
with remembrance of Virginia, with remembrance of dear ancestral Britain. ~ James Lane Allen
Cardiel Hemp quotes by James Lane Allen
I want people to get over the stigma about hemp. These seeds can't make you high, but they will make you feel good. ~ Ziggy Marley
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Ziggy Marley
When a private enterprise fails, it is closed down; when a government enterprise fails, it is expanded. Isn't that exactly what's been happening with drugs? ~ Milton Friedman
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Milton Friedman
We've got a national campaign by drug legalizers, in my view, to try and use medicinal uses of drugs and legalization of hemp as a stalking horse to get in under the radar screen. ~ Barry McCaffrey
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Barry McCaffrey
Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere. ~ George Washington
Cardiel Hemp quotes by George Washington
Surprisin' a li'l ol' five foot tumble would kill a healthy feller like Charley," opined Barstow.
"Well, Jim Ed, we have to remember that that hemp neckerchief he was a-wearin' at the time, had ten, twelve inches, maybe less, slack than that to it. ~ D.V. Pyle
Cardiel Hemp quotes by D.V. Pyle
I think pot should be legal. I don't smoke it, but I like the smell of it. ~ Andy Warhol
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Andy Warhol
Canzana CBD Oil is a wellbeing supplement which contains a range of phytocannabinoids. These phytocannabinoids are expelled from such a spice that does exclude THC, and is designated "hemp". Actually, CBD can be expelled from 2 different assets, especially hemp and furthermore cannabis. It is clinically demonstrated that CBD removed from weed blossoms is extra successful than that separated from hemp seeds. Biologists call this "Entrouge Impact." at the end of the day, it works perfect when utilized with peers, for example different cannabinoids. At the point when they are on the whole together on the full range and in their unadulterated structure, they work better, prompting a lot quicker outcomes. Canzana CBD Oil is 100% normal. Click on its official website to lot of discount: ~ Canzana CBD Oil Reviews – [CBD Hemp Oil] Tincture Components In UK.
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Canzana CBD Oil Reviews – [CBD Hemp Oil] Tincture Components In UK.
The older Kit gets, the less confident he feels judging other people as spouses or parents. These days, driving past the home of the Naked Hemp Society, he finds himself more curious than contemptuous about their easily ridiculed New Age ways. Why shouldn't they nurse their babies till age four? Why shouldn't they want to keep their children away from factory-farmed meats, from clothing soaked in fire-retardant chemicals, from dull-witted burned-out public school teachers whose tenure is all too easily approved? Why not frolic naked in the sprinkler
under the full moon, perhaps? Why not turn one's family into a small nurturing country protected by a virtual moat? ~ Julia Glass
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Julia Glass
Hemp is a part of the cannabis plant, and it is very useful. ~ Ziggy Marley
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Ziggy Marley
As we use our last reserves of petroleum and pollute our world drilling for oil in areas where an "accident" can quickly become an enormous ecological disaster; as our air becomes more and more polluted and unhealthy; as food, housing, energy, transportation, and clothing become less and less affordable; what can save the Earth and civilization? Hemp can! ~ Alan Archuleta
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Alan Archuleta
Since 1937, about half the forests in the world have been cut down to make paper. If hemp had not been outlawed, most would still be standing, oxygenating the planet. ~ Alan Bock
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Alan Bock
Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields? ~ Henry Ford
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Henry Ford
BREAKFAST BOWL (FROM MY MIKE DOLCE MEAL PLAN) 2 tbsp oat bran (dry measure) 2 tbsp chia seeds 2 tbsp hemp seeds 1/2 cup blueberries 4 chopped strawberries 1/4 cup raisins 1 tbsp almond butter 1 tbsp agave Cinnamon (to taste) Boil one cup of water and combine with bran, berries, and raisins. Mix in seeds and cinnamon. Add agave and almond butter. (You can add a little more water if it seems too thick.) ~ Ronda Rousey
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Ronda Rousey
Forty million Americans smoked marijuana; the only ones who didn't like it were Judge Ginsberg, Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton. ~ Jay Leno
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Jay Leno
It would be there - the eternal smell of the coffee the sugar the hemp sweating slow iron plates above the forked deliberate brown water and lost lost lost all ultimate blue of latitude and horizon; the hot rain gutterfull plaiting the eaten heads of shrimp; the ten thousand inescapable mornings wherein ten thousand airplants swinging stippleprop the soft scrofulous soaring of sweating brick and ten thousand pairs of splayed brown hired Leonorafeet tigerbarred by jaloused armistice with the invincible sun: the thin black coffee, the myriad fish stewed in a myriad oil - tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow; not only not to hope, not even to wait: just to endure. ~ William Faulkner
Cardiel Hemp quotes by William Faulkner
If hemp could supply the energy needs of the United States, its value would be inestimable. Now that the drug czar is in final retreat, America has an opportunity to, once and for all, say farewell to the Exxon Valdez, Saddam Hussein and a prohibitively expensive brinkmanship in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia. ~ Hugh Downs
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Hugh Downs
Consuming less is the fastest way to eco-fashion redemption - particularly if your preference is for leather, not hemp. ~ Sheherazade Goldsmith
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Sheherazade Goldsmith
When I was in England I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it. I didn't inhale. ~ Bill Clinton
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Bill Clinton
Hank Peters woke up in the early hours of the next morning from a dream of huge rats crawling out of an open grave, a grave which held the green and rotting body of Hubie Marsten, with a frayed length of manila hemp around his neck. Peters lay propped on his elbows, breathing heavily, naked torso slicked with sweat, and when his wife touched his arm he screamed aloud. EIGHT ~ Stephen King
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Stephen King
Freneuse is an oddball, an idler, without any aim in life! If you ask me, he has smoked too much opium in the East, and that explains his somnolence, his morbid lethargies. It's the hazardous legacy of bad habits! He has been comprehensively undone; the heavy influence of poisonous opiates never ceases to oppress him. Besides which, his steel-blue eyes are surely the eyes of a smoker of opium. He carries the drunken burden of hemp in his veins. Opium is like syphilis' - le Mazel released the word carelessly - 'it is a thing which stays for years and years in the blood, because the body is unable to purge itself. It must be absorbed, in the long run, by iodide. ~ Jean Lorrain
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Jean Lorrain
Scientists in Australia are working on making biodegradable car parts out of hemp. This might get confusing. When someone says, roll up the window, they might mean, roll up the window! ~ Jay Leno
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Jay Leno
There seems to be an unalterable contradiction between the human mind and its employments. How can a soul be a merchant? What relation to an immortal being have the price of linseed, the brokerage on hemp? Can an undying creature debit petty expenses and charge for carriage paid? The soul ties its shoes; the mind washes its hands in a basin. All is incongruous. ~ Walter Bagehot
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Walter Bagehot
Hemp happens to be one of the most useful, strongest, toughest, longest-lasting materials on your planet. ~ Neale Donald Walsch
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
If most people were to take a moment to picture in their minds the average, not-for-profit, save-the-world girl, they ... well, they probably wouldn't, because who wants to think about hemp, hairy legs, and Birkenstocks? But I'd rather eat a pair of Birkenstocks than put them on my feet, and I love, love, love my Christian Louboutins. ~ Nancy Lublin
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Nancy Lublin
An acre of the best ground for hemp, is to be selected and sewn in hemp and be kept for a permanent hemp patch. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Thomas Jefferson
Walking back across the St-Esprit bridge, to the ghetto I'd instinctively gravitated toward, I mentally erected a more appropriate statue on the square. It would depict an unknown Sephardic Jew, kneeling over a stone tripod covered with crushed cacao beans destined for a cup of chocolate for one of the gentiles of Bayonne.
It would be a symbolic piece, executed in smooth, chocolate-hued marble, and dedicated to all the other forgotten heroes--coffee-drinking Sufi dervishes, peyote-eating Native Americans, Mexican hemp-smokers--who, throughout history, have faced the wrath of all the sultans, drug czars, and Vatican clerics who have resorted to any spurious pretext to squelch one of the most venerable and misunderstood of human drives: the desire to escape, however briefly, everyday consciousness. ~ Taras Grescoe
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Taras Grescoe
Some Southerners effectively applied slave labor to the cultivation of corn, grain, and hemp (for making rope and twine), to mining and lumbering, to building canals and railroads, and even to the manufacture of textiles, iron, and other industrial products. Nevertheless, no other American region contained so many white farmers who merely subsisted on their own produce. The "typical" white Southerner was not a slaveholding planter but a small farmer who tried, often without success, to achieve both relative self-sufficiency and a steady income from marketable cash crops. ~ David Brion Davis
Cardiel Hemp quotes by David Brion Davis
Joshua said nothing, for his mind was even now limning the vacancy. Lincoln would no more be seated on the far side of the dining table. He would no more ride his horse into town or let his huge hands rove through the library of stroll past the hemp house or listen to Eliza gabble or applaud Mary's nocturnes or argue some abstruse point of law with James or scratch behind Growler's ears as the dog lay stretched around his feet. From henceforth, there would be only space where Lincoln used to be.
And in Joshua's mind, that space began to expand and deepen until it became a vast nullity, blanketing everything around him until it seemed the night itself had been swallowed up by it. ~ Louis Bayard
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Louis Bayard
The number one reason why marijuana is illegal is because the Pharma Cartel does not want you to grow your own medicine. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. The first car ever made ran on hemp oil. Hemp seeds are also the healthiest food on the planet with the highest protein content out of any plant. ~ Joe Rogan
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Joe Rogan
If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on. ~ Terence McKenna
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Terence McKenna
Jeffrey woke up, tied to the high-backed chair in his bedroom, nude. He could hear his wife giggling in the hallway, the hardwood floors creaking with her footsteps with what must have been someone else too. He was gagged, a tight cloth wrapped around his mouth, hurting his jaw when he tried to call for help. He looked down at his body, seeing that he was tied with an intricate rope pattern - a pentagram - on his chest, the hemp fibers tight. He could breathe fine, and he recognized his wife's rigging skills instantly. They'd practiced Kinbaku, a rope bondage before, on multiple occasions, but this rigging was different. It seemed to be tighter than normal, and he knew that something new was being introduced tonight. ~ Todd Misura
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Todd Misura
When the nettle is young, the leaves make excellent greens; when it grows old it has filaments and fibers like hemp and flax. Cloth made from the nettle is as good as that made from hemp. Chopped up, the nettle is good for poultry; pounded, it is good for horned cattle. The seed of the nettle mixed with the fodder of animals gives a luster to their skin; the root, mixed with salt, produces a beautiful yellow dye. It makes, however, excellent hay, as it can be cut twice in a season. And what does the nettle need? very little soil, no care, no culture; except that the seeds fall as fast as they ripen, and it is difficult to gather them; that is all. If we would take a little pains, the nettle would be useful; we neglect it, and it becomes harmful. Then we kill it. How much men are like the nettle! My friends, remember this, that there are no weeds, and no worthless men, there are only bad farmers. ~ Victor Hugo
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Victor Hugo
Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation ~ Thomas Jefferson
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Thomas Jefferson
Nikhilananda's birthday. Maybe we'd Morris dance, naked, around the base of an old-growth California redwood, its branches lavishly festooned with the soiled hammocks and poop buckets of crunchy-granola tree sitters mentoring spotted owls in passive-resistance protest techniques. You get the picture. In place of Santa Claus, my mom and dad said Maya Angelou kept tabs on whether little children were naughty or nice. Dr. Angelou, they warned me, did her accounting on a long hemp scroll of names, and if I failed to turn my compost I'd be sent to bed with no algae. Me, I just wanted to know that someone wise and carbon neutral - Dr. Maya or Shirley Chisholm or Sean Penn - was paying attention. But none of that was really Christmas. And none of that Earth First! baloney helps out once you're dead and you discover that the snake-handling, ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
The ... office was decorated in early American Earth Mother, with spider plants, hemp wall tapestries, and beeswax candles. ~ Karen Neches
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Karen Neches
That's one thing people don't know about me - I eat in my sleep. I can't keep things in the house; I literally have in my refrigerator water, coconut water, orange juice, hemp milk and like, tea bags. And that's really it. Because I eat in my sleep. ~ Denise Vasi
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Denise Vasi
Hope, though; now there's a real pest. Hope doesn't just nibble your cheese and chew holes in your skirting boards. Hope keeps you plodding on when it really is time to call it quits. Hope drags you to sixteen auditions in a single day, when there's a nice job in your brother-in-law's tannery just waiting for you. Hope keeps you going in Old Stairs or Paradise, even though there's no money and nothing to eat and the landlord just took your chair and your chamber pot. Personally, I can see no great merit in simply being alive if you're miserable and in pain, but Hope won't let you go. She's a tease, like bad children teasing a dumb animal, and I've made a point of avoiding her whenever I can. Still, sometimes she runs you down and there's nowhere left for you to go. You can turn and fight her and lose, or let her scoop you up and turn your brain to mush.

Hope against hope. We had human chains shifting those blocks with levers and rollers, through the narrow alleys where carts couldn't go. We had shifts digging the ditch by lamplight, in the rain. And in every working party there was at least one man who cheerfully announced that it wasn't going to work, the whole idea was stupid, the enemy'll find a way round this in two shakes, just you see; and even he didn't really believe it, because of Hope. Hope turns a hundred men and women ripping the skin off their hands on a coarse hemp rope into a street party. Someone tells a joke, or clowns around, or starts singing a f ~ K.J. Parker
Cardiel Hemp quotes by K.J. Parker
Growing hemp as nature designed it is vital to our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure the survival of our planet. ~ Jack Herer
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Jack Herer
I experimented with marijuana a time or two. ~ William J. Clinton
Cardiel Hemp quotes by William J. Clinton
I offered her the flowers, which she took with a delightful laugh. She pulled my head down and kissed me on the cheek. She smelled of cigars and new car seats, horses and furniture polish, Stilton, Belgian chocolate and, behind it all, the hemp and the crowd and the last drop into oblivion." (Tyburn) ~ Ben Aaronovitch
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
Did you know hemp is a natural fiber' ~ Tia Carrere
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Tia Carrere
The covers are rugged hand-laid paper of rice chaff, bamboo tailings, free-range hemp, and crystalline glacial meltwater made by wizened artisans operating out of a mist-shrouded temple hewn from living volcanic rock on some island known only to aerobically gifted, Spandex-sheathed Left Coast travel bores. An ~ Neal Stephenson
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Neal Stephenson
Hemp will be the future of all mankind, or there won't be a future. ~ Jack Herer
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Jack Herer
How generous is your mistress,' said the light, mocking voice of Prince Dmitri Ivanovich Vishnevetsky, 'who said that as your guest I might hunt where I pleased.'

Half veiled by the blossom, he leaned against the opposite wall: a man strongly made with cleft chin and soft chestnut hair and moustache, and all the arts of a courtier. In his hands was a small Turkish bow; and across the spangled silk of his shirt hung a quiver. He smiled as he ceased speaking, and bending the bow, took aim, lightly, at a fluttering host of birds calling from the cherry tree over his head.

The Voevoda smiled. 'I am more generous still,' he said, and drew back his arm, the fingers brushing his girdle. A flick of silver, arching through the air, touched Vishnevetsky's bow with a click, and the Prince made a sound, cut off at once, as he stumbled off-balance, the sliced wood and hemp whipping about him: his arms flung involuntarily apart. Lymond's knife, its chased hilt gold in the lamplight, lay on the cracked tiles at his feet. Lymond said, 'I give you both weapon and quarry. ~ Dorothy Dunnett
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
Hemp is Earth's number-one biomass resource; it is capable of producing 10 tons per acre in four months. ~ Jack Herer
Cardiel Hemp quotes by Jack Herer
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