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#1. CHAPTER VII Geometrical Details. - Calculation of the Capacity of the Balloon. - The Double Receptacle. - The Covering. - The Car. - The Mysterious Apparatus. - The Provisions and Stores. - The Final Summing up. - Author: Jules Verne
Car Ponies quotes by Jules Verne
#2. I sing in the car if I'm in LA, because you're like soundproofed. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
Car Ponies quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#3. I want students to engage the way a clutch on a car gets engaged: an engine can be running, making appropriate noises, burning fuel and creating exhaust fumes, but unless the clutch is engaged, nothing moves. It's all sound and smoke, and nobody gets anywhere. - Author: Robert L. Fried
Car Ponies quotes by Robert L. Fried
#4. can. "New York City, huh?" "Yup." She rolled up her sleeves and dipped down into the water. And that was when I noticed the scar. "Jeez. What's that?" It started just inside her left elbow and ran down to the wrist like a long pink twisted worm. She saw where I was looking. "Accident," she said. "We were in a car." Then she looked back into the water where you could see her reflection shimmering. "Jeez." But then she didn't seem to want to talk much after that. "Got any more of 'em?" I don't know why scars are always so fascinating to boys, but they are, it's a fact of life, and I just couldn't help it. I couldn't shut up about it yet. Even though I knew she wanted me to, even though - Author: Jack Ketchum
Car Ponies quotes by Jack Ketchum
#5. Tristan started the car, pulling carefully out onto the street now that the snow had begun to fall.
"You seemed so happy this last quarter," P.K. prompted.
"I was. I fell in love."
"It didn't work out
isn't working out." Tristan shook his head. "I'm not ready."
"Ah," said P.K. They drove the rest of the way in silence. Tristan thought then that he was lucky; Jonathon and Daniel didn't know how to value a silence, but P.K. made it comfortable. He was glad he was here with P.K. and not alone in the unbearable silence of snow. - Author: Z.A. Maxfield
Car Ponies quotes by Z.A. Maxfield
#6. What Musk had done that the rival automakers missed or didn't have the means to combat was turn Tesla into a lifestyle. It did not just sell someone a car. It sold them an image, a feeling they were tapping into the future, a relationship. Apple did the same thing decades ago with the Mac and then again with the iPod and iPhone. Even those who were not religious about their affiliation to Apple were sucked into its universe once they bought the hardware and downloaded software like iTunes. This - Author: Ashlee Vance
Car Ponies quotes by Ashlee Vance
#7. Pray when you're alone. Pray when you're with a lot of people. Pray when you're in small groups. Pray on your way in; pray on your way out. Pray in your closet, in your car, at your desk. Pray morning prayers, pray mealtime prayers, pray in between mealtimes. Pray fervently, expectantly, and unself-consciously. Pray when you're burdened, worried, sick, or brokenhearted. Pray when you're soaring, setting records, or dancing on a mountaintop. Pray when you're up, and pray when you're down. Pray when you're healthy, when you're sick, when you feel like it, and when you don't. (Especially when you don't.) - Author: Bill Hybels
Car Ponies quotes by Bill Hybels
#8. Frank Sinatra stopped his car. The light was red. Pedestrians passed quickly across his windshield but, as usual, one did not. It was a girl in her twenties. She remained at the curb staring at him. Through the corner of his left eye he could see her, and he knew, because it happens almost every day, that she was thinking, It looks like him, but is it?
Just before the light turned green, Sinatra turned toward her, looked directly into her eyes waiting for the reaction he knew would come. It came and he smiled. She smiled and he was gone. - Author: Gay Talese
Car Ponies quotes by Gay Talese
#9. Driving a stock car does not require much handling ability, at least not as compared to Grand Prix racing, because the tracks are simple banked ovals and there is almost no shifting of gears. So, qualifying becomes a test of raw nerve - of how fast a man is willing to take a curve. - Author: Tom Wolfe
Car Ponies quotes by Tom Wolfe
#10. They know your name, address, telephone number, credit card numbers, who ELSE is driving the car "for insurance", ... your driver's license number. In the state of Massachusetts, this is the same number as that used for Social Security, unless you object to such use. In THAT case, you are ASSIGNED a number and you reside forever more on the list of "weird people who don't give out their Social Security Number in Massachusetts." - Author: Arthur Miller
Car Ponies quotes by Arthur Miller
#11. Pragmatism is cold comfort when millions of lives are in the balance," conceded Boucher. "It's a little like saying, 'Sorry, I can't rescue you from drowning until I finish waxing my car.'" The president chuckled - Author: Jeremy Robinson
Car Ponies quotes by Jeremy Robinson
#12. I also think of those daily slaughters along the highways, of that death that is as horrible as it is banal and that bears no resemblance to cancer or AIDS because, as the work not of nature but of man, it is an almost voluntary death. How can it be that such a death fails to dumbfound us, to turn our lives upside down, to incite us to vast reforms? No, it does not dumbfound us, because like Pasenow, we have a poor sense of the real, and in the sur-real sphere of symbols, this death in the guise of a handsome car actually represents life; this smiling death is con-fused with modernity, freedom, adventure, just as Elisabeth was con-fused with the Virgin. This death of a man condemned to capital punishment, though infinitely rarer, much more readily draws our attention, rouses passions: confounded with the image of the executioner, it has a symbolic voltage that is far stronger, far darker and more repellent. Et cetera.

Man is a child wandering lost - to cite Baudelaire`s poem again - in the "forests of symbols."

(The criterion of maturity: the ability to resist symbols. But mankind grows younger all the time.) - Author: Milan Kundera
Car Ponies quotes by Milan Kundera
#13. If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work? - Author: Steven Wright
Car Ponies quotes by Steven Wright
#14. I drove 3,500 miles this summer on our family holiday, we drove across 10 countries. I have driven across the United States four times. I love cars, I love being in cars, I think so do most people. I want to help and support those people who have that same kind of enthusiasm for driving that I have. - Author: Geoff Hoon
Car Ponies quotes by Geoff Hoon
#15. She watched, smiling to herself, as he bleeped open the door of his car, got in and, without pausing, zoomed off down the street. Simon was always in a hurry. Always rushing off to do; to achieve. Like a puppy, he had to be out every day, either doing something constructive or determinedly enjoying himself. - Author: Madeleine Wickham
Car Ponies quotes by Madeleine Wickham
#16. Dan was heading for the blue car in the driveway. He tossed Amy the car keys. Don't drive like you! Make it fast! - Author: Peter Lerangis
Car Ponies quotes by Peter Lerangis
#17. Guys are so predictable. They can't seem to separate fantasy from reality, so I get a lot of bikers and race car drivers hitting on me. They're all just playboys, so they don't interest me. - Author: Michelle Rodriguez
Car Ponies quotes by Michelle Rodriguez
#18. It's just that I am selfish and gas is expensive and it's hard to tell the difference between wanting to die and just wanting to sink for a while. It's just that I knew a boy once who said those words to me only when he wanted my undivided attention and my legs spread in the back of his car. It's just that I thought it was one thing to want to die and another thing to pick up kitchen knives. - Author: Trista Mateer
Car Ponies quotes by Trista Mateer
#19. Computers get better faster than anything else ever. - Author: Erik Brynjolfsson
Car Ponies quotes by Erik Brynjolfsson
#20. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang again. This time, I answered it. It was my neighbor, an elderly woman I had exchanged no more than a dozen words with in the ten years I'd lived in Thomaston. She had pot holders on her hands, which held a pan of brownies still hot from the oven, and tears were rolling down her cheeks. "I just heard," she said.
That pan of brownies was, it later turned out, the leading edge of a tsunami of food that came to my children and me, a wave that did not recede for many months after Drew's death. I didn't know that my family and I would be fed three meals a day for weeks and weeks. I did not anticipate that neighborhood men would come to drywall the playroom, build bookshelves, mow the lawn, get the oil changed in my car. I did not know that my house would be cleaned and the laundry done, that I would have embraces and listening ears, that I would not be abandoned to do the labor of mourning alone. All I knew was that my neighbor was standing on the front stoop with her brownies and her tears: she was the Good News. - Author: Kate Braestrup
Car Ponies quotes by Kate Braestrup
#21. Often as I creep along in a traffic jam, someone inevitably tries to enter my lane from the side. Now here is the issue: If I let the car in, I feel good about it. But when I see others in front of me let someone in, I feel cheated, because I've been waiting longer than the car entering the lane, and I am upset with the driver who acted kindly at my expense. - Author: Dan Ariely
Car Ponies quotes by Dan Ariely
#22. Roppongi is now virtually a foreign neighborhood. Africans-I don't mean African-Americans-who don't speak English are there doing who knows what. This is leading to new forms of crime such as car theft. We should be letting in people who are intelligent. - Author: Shintaro Ishihara
Car Ponies quotes by Shintaro Ishihara
#23. You replaced me with a shaved poodle?"
"He's got mad skills."
Derek's eyebrows crept up.
"He can vomit and urinate at the same time and he doesn't make fun of my car. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Car Ponies quotes by Ilona Andrews
#24. Hello Kitty is an icon that doesn't stand for anything at all. Hello Kitty never has been, and never will be, anything. She's pure license; you can even get a Hello Kitty car! The branding thing is completely out of control, but it started as nothing and maintains its nothingness. It's not about the ego, and in that way it's very Japanese. - Author: Tom Sachs
Car Ponies quotes by Tom Sachs
#25. Or consider the fact that after people buy a new car, they often love to read advertisements that speak enthusiastically about the same car that they have just obtained. Those advertisements tend to be comforting because they confirm the wisdom of the decision to purchase that particular car. If you are a member of a particular political party or have strong convictions, you might want support, reinforcement, and ammunition, not criticism. - Author: Cass R. Sunstein
Car Ponies quotes by Cass R. Sunstein
#26. Small children can be startled by the most mundane of noises. A car door from a distance can sound like the sky falling down when heard for the very first time. - Author: Ulysses Brave
Car Ponies quotes by Ulysses Brave
#27. I never go to the Grammys. I just never go. I don't know if I care enough, and I went because my son wanted to go, and they asked us to present Best Hip Hop Group of the Year. You know, we had two records from Compton in there, and it was just like a cool thing to do, and to do with your son, and it was just cool. But we was the first award up, so after I did my thing I just jumped in the car and came on back home. - Author: Ice Cube
Car Ponies quotes by Ice Cube
#28. Arthur shook his head. 'I've always been terrible at colors,' he said, 'It comes from having grown up with the single-row box of crayons instead of the big box. If I'd had the big box I would now know taupe and cerise and ecru. Instead, all I know is burnt sienna. And what good does it do me? Never once I have I heard anything described as burnt sienna. Never once have I heard anyone say, "Follow that burnt sienna car. - Author: Nora Ephron
Car Ponies quotes by Nora Ephron
#29. The literary experience extends impression into discourse. It flowers to thought with nouns, verbs, objects. It thinks. Film implodes discourse, it deliterates thought, it shrinks it to the compacted meaning of the preverbal impression or intuition or understanding. You receive what you see, you don't have to think it out ... Fiction goes everywhere, inside, outside, it stops, it goes, its action can be mental. Nor is it time-driven. Film is time-driven, it never ruminates, it shows the outside of life, it shows behavior. It tends to the simplest moral reasoning. Films out of Hollywood are linear. The narrative simplification of complex morally consequential reality is always the drift of a film inspired by a book. Novels can do anything in the dark horrors of consciousness. Films do close-ups, car drive-ups, places, chases and explosions. - Author: E.L. Doctorow
Car Ponies quotes by E.L. Doctorow
#30. Like a ship, a car should be named after a girl as it's sexy. My original car was called Kate. But then it got smashed at the opening race in Australia. So we called this one Kate's Dirty Sister because it is more aggressive and faster. - Author: Sebastian Vettel
Car Ponies quotes by Sebastian Vettel
#31. When Americans are asked to rank professions in terms of honesty and ethics, insurance agents routinely end up near the bottom of the list - somewhere between politicians and car salesmen. Generally, insurers are seen as clever hucksters who prey on insecurity and ignorance to sell people what they don't need at prices they shouldn't have to pay. - Author: James Surowiecki
Car Ponies quotes by James Surowiecki
#32. Research shows that women do judge status by the car men drive. Luxury cars convey high status. When a woman drives a sports car, it is perceived as a slightly aggressive show of independence and can be intimidating to a man. - Author: Glen Wilson
Car Ponies quotes by Glen Wilson
#33. How many cars out there look like Corvettes? You want something nobody else has. You don't want an old look-alike thing, and that's why Corvettes have the reputation of being one of the fastest cars. I've always had good cars, and a Corvette is one of the best cars I've had. I've had Lamborghinis, I've had Ferraris, I've had Stutz Blackhawks. You name it, I've had them. For the money, Corvette is tops. - Author: Jack LaLanne
Car Ponies quotes by Jack LaLanne
#34. Sam just told me to tell you that the most important thing
is to not do what you did to them on the episode."
"That won't happen," I replied, "because I doubt they'll
leave the keys in the car again. Wish me luck. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Car Ponies quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#35. Where are you? Have you arrived yet?" she asked eagerly.
"I have. I'm here and it's great. I love it."
"I knew you would!" cried Hannah. "So are you coming down? Help me pull a pint or two?"
"Yeah, sure. Give me half an hour or so, and I'll be there."
"Brilliant. See you soon."
"Bye," replied Layla, hanging up.
No time for eating then, she'd better unpack the car, sort out the bedraggled mess that she was, and get down to the pub. Start learning the ropes.
Hauling one of the bags upstairs, she went into her bedroom and plonked it on the bed. Before doing anything else, however, she couldn't resist peering out of the window again, having to imagine Gull Rock this time as the deepening night had hidden it completely. A year, she thought. That's all I've got, a year. Enough time to get over anyone, surely?
Taking in a deep breath then letting it slowly out, she bloody hoped so. - Author: Shani Struthers
Car Ponies quotes by Shani Struthers
#36. Yeah, we could strap a small car to Lassiter's back and make him run around by the pool - - Author: J.R. Ward
Car Ponies quotes by J.R. Ward
#37. People in cars cause accidents and accidents in cars cause people. - Author: Garrison Keillor
Car Ponies quotes by Garrison Keillor
#38. A protected bicycle lane in the city in a developing country is a powerful symbol, showing that a citizen on the $30 bicycle is as important as one in a $30,000 car - Author: Enrique Penalosa
Car Ponies quotes by Enrique Penalosa
#39. I don't like new cars; I'm into vintage cars - there's a Jaguar E-Type in the 'Goldie' video. - Author: ASAP Rocky
Car Ponies quotes by ASAP Rocky

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